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West Palm Beach Attorney Michelle Suskauer Elected Florida Bar President

West Palm Beach attorney Michelle Suskauer has been chosen as president-elect designate of The Florida Bar.
Suskauer will be sworn in as president-elect at the Bar's annual convention in Boca Raton June 23, when current President-elect Michael J. Higer of Miami becomes president. Suskauer will begin her term as Bar president in June 2018.
Also decided in the voting, which ended March 21, were contested elections for The Florida Bar Board of Governors in the 8th Circuit, Stephanie Marusak Marchman, Gainesville; 13th Circuit, Amy S. Farrior, Tampa; and 20th Circuit, Marcy L. Shaw, Fort Myers.
Suskauer, 50, is a criminal defense attorney in a two-lawyer office in West Palm Beach. She is married to Judge Scott Suskauer of the 15th Circuit in Palm Beach County.
After graduating from Boston University in 1988 with a degree in communications, Suskauer received her law degree from The American University in 1991 and went to work that year at the Office of the 15th Circuit Public Defender. Three years later, she joined Schuler, Wilkerson, Halvorson & Williams. In 1997, she launched her own firm, Suskauer Law Firm, P.A., now Suskauer Feuer LLC.

Among her honors are the Serving Justice Award from the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County; the Justice Barbara Pariente Award from the Palm Beach County Chapter of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers; and the Women in Power Award from the National Conference of Jewish Women.

Suskauer’s service with The Florida Bar includes chair of the Disciplinary Review Committee, the Communications Committee and the Annual Convention Committee. She also was on the Strategic Planning Committee, Criminal Law Certification Committee and Program Evaluation Committee. Among her special appointments were chairing the Fourth District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission Screening Committee and serving on the Special Committee on the Constitution Revision Commission.


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