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What? Mitt and Ann Romney Don't Even Have a Maid?

Now the news is out that, not only did Ann Romney stay at home to care for her five boys, she didn't get a lick of help from maids or nannies.

Read all about it on the website Politicker.

The Romneys' youngest boy Ben, 31, wrote this on his Facebook page: Growing up, we never had a nanny or a mommys helper. Never went to daycare."

Now, you would think, wouldn't you, that the Romneys would get all sorts of kudos for keeping their home life "real" and wholesome for their children. But you just wait. The Democrats will find a way to demonize even this news. I can just hear them now: "Any man as wealthy as Romney, who can't get his wife a little help with the dishes and the dusting, well ... he's treating her worse than a war on women. He's committing a war crime. Wife torture, even."

When you hear it, mark my words.

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