When Is Ideology Not Ideology? When It's Liberal, of Course

This is unintentionally funny.

A USA Today article Friday profiles the Obama administration's solicitor general who will argue the government's side in the upcoming Supreme Court case over Obamacare.

Donald Verrilli is a career lawyer who spent 30 years in private practice -- though he took some time to do pro bono work defending death row inmates -- before having a Road to Damascus moment after the 2008 election.

When Obama became president, he says in the article, "I took the attitude if they wanted me to sweep the floors at the Justice Department, I would be happy to do that … If there was ever a time for public service, this was it."

The interview takes place in Verrilli's office, which, the article says, is "dominated" by a portrait of Thurgood Marshall.

Then there's the howler. "Verrilli's style is modest and non-ideological."

So, he defends murderers for free. Would be happy to perform menial labor because Obama tells him to, and apparently has a fetish for possibly the most liberal justice in the Supreme Court's history.

And he's "non-ideological."

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.
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3:27PM FEB 18TH 2012
This page looks like an echo chamber for Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and all the other Right wing, paid by the Koch brothers, conservative smear organizations. Liberal means intelligent; conservative means "stupid." get used to it.

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