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Speaking at his Nevada caucus victory party at the Red Rocks Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Saturday night, Mitt Romney sounded every bit a winner.

While thanking the Silver State for giving him his second consecutive win and the largest share of the state's 28 delegates, the GOP presidential front-runner traveled the high road all the way. He mentioned not a single one of his opponents by name and stayed focused on President Barack Obama's record.

He repeated his oft-made promise to repeal the federal health-care law, grow jobs and increase military spending.
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During an interview Saturday night with Dave Feherty, host of the Golf Channel's "Feherty Live," Denver Broncos quarterback and former Florida Gator star Tim Tebow said he could one day explore politics "if it's something I care about."

"I don't know -- it could be something in my future," Tebow said. "If it's something I care about, possibly."
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Watch as 2012 becomes the most moneyed presidential campaign on record.

Last quarter, President Barack Obama raised $68 million, unprecedented for a sitting president a full year before his re-election bid. Now David and Charles Koch, billionaire businessmen known for their donations to conservative causes, have together pledged $60 million to defeat Obama. Plus, their friends kicked in another $40 million.
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Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, on Friday filed to run for the office of supervisor of elections of Manatee County.

The sometimes controversial Bennett, term-limited in the Florida Legislature in 2012, will run in a primary against at least five Republicans. Only one Democrat has registered so far to run for the office. Annual salary for the job is $112,851.
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What a surprise. Another deep-pockets eco-hypocrite.

We've identified Everglades Foundation benefactor Paul Tudor Jones and Nathaniel Reed here in Florida as hypocrites of the highest order; now joining that exclusive club of environmental giants is another name generally only whispered in reverent tones -- the Sierra Club.
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In the "in case you didn't know" department ...

Charter school champion Frank Biden is pushing education reform that promotes the growth of public charter schools -- a bipartisan initiative that has advanced in recent years in the GOP-led Florida Legislature.

And, yes, this is the brother of  Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden works with Maverick Schools, whose public charter schools cater to disadvantaged and special needs students.

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If you're waiting for another Newt Gingrich comeback, don't hold your breath. Women have this one covered, and they're not -- repeat, not -- hot for the Newtster.

Women voters proved in Florida they don't want him. Period. Exit polls in Tuesday's GOP primary revealed a landslide victory among women for family man Mitt Romney over thrice-married Gingrich -- 52 percent to 28 percent. Obviously, when they got to the polls, women voters didn't forget his philandering. They don't admire it, they don't forgive it and they don't want it in their president.
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Gov. Rick Scott Thursday delivered a thank-you message to the House Appropriations Committee for approving $1 billion for education. His written statement is as follows:

“On behalf of Florida’s students, I thank Speaker Cannon and members of the House Appropriations Committee for focusing on my proposal to place an additional $1 billion into K-12 education.
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After the winner-take-all Florida primary, it comes as no surprise that Romney has a commanding lead in the delegate count, according to AP methodology. The next prize the presidential hopefuls are eagerly racing to capture comes in three days with the Nevada caucuses. On the Feb. 4 craps table waiting to be shifted to candidates' piles sit 28 delegates.

Thus far, the 2012 GOP presidential primary has revealed:

1.  Romney is sitting pretty (literally) with 87 delegates.

2.  Gingrich trails in second with 26 delegates.
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In what could ring as a bit of deja vu for Floridians, former Attorney General Bill McCollum chalked up Newt Gingrich's Florida primary loss to a disadvantage in his campaign war chest. Gingrich’s Florida co-chairman told MSNBC's Chuck Todd this morning that Gingrich has the ideas, but he couldn't match up to the Romney camp's spending spree and flurry of negative advertising. Wait, have I heard this before?
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