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PolitiJax Curry campaign adds more than $150,000 in October donations

The political action committee supporting Republican Lenny Curry's mayoral campaign added $124,250 in donations last month, while Mayor Alvin Brown's committee had a bit of a slower October, posting $21,000, according to the latest financial records filings. 

Direct donations to Curry's campaign in October totaled $29,395. Brown's numbers were not updated by Tuesday morning.

Naked Politics Movers & Shakers

Dominguez takes over as regional director of external affairs in Miami

Alex Dominguez has been named the new regional director of external affairs for the city of Miami and South Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Domingues previously served as the director of the Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation. 

Naked Politics Simmons named new Senate Rules Committee chair

Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamone Springs, has been named by Senate President-Designate Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, as the new chair of the Senate Committee on Rules. 

Naked Politics Report: Law firm exploits public records law to make profit


OS Political Pulse Grayson to give flags to high schools

By the end of his re-election campaign, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson's TV-watching constituents might have concluded he's all about American flags, because the only TV ad he ran was about his effort to support American-made flags.

Naked Politics Raquel Regalado: I'm "considering" a run for Miami-Dade mayor


School board member Raquel Regalado confirmed the speculation on Monday by saying in a radio interview she is "considering" a run for Miami-Dade mayor in 2016. 

OS Political Pulse Daytona Beach Democrat challenges party leadership in Florida House

TALLAHASSEE  --  A rebellion against leadership by some Florida House Democrats has  burst into the open days after the party lost six seats in the midterm elections and gave Republicans a supermajority in the chamber.

Naked Politics Daughter of attorney Pat Gleason dies in car crash

The daughter of prominent Tallahassee attorney Pat Gleason, Erika Marie Kubik, died Friday night in a one-car accident on Florida's Turnpike in Sumter County. Kubik, 33, was a third-grade teacher in Tallahassee and was on her way to meet her mother and brother in Orlando.

Naked Politics Perspective: Why Democrats are in trouble heading into 2016

The single biggest benefactor of Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign also was crucial in clinching races from Maine to Michigan, bringing the number of Republicans in governor's mansions to a nearly two-decade peak.

The Republican Governors Association contributed $18.5 million to Scott, a record amount from the Washington, D.C., fundraising organization, but a fraction of the $130 million it spent nationwide.

Naked Politics Report: Energy drink company wanted to avoid lawsuit so worked relationship with Bondi

From the New York Times: 

Attorney General Pam Bondi of Florida, after taking a free ride on a chartered jet last year to a resort island far from her home state, made an unusual offer to one of the corporate lawyers from Washington who helped foot the bill: an invitation to stay at her Tampa home while recuperating from surgery.

Naked Politics Termed-out Seth McKeel lands a gig as Southern Strategy lobbyist

What do Florida lawmakers do when they are termed out? Well, if you're Seth McKeel of Lakeland, who served as House appropriations chair under House Speaker Will Weatherford, you become a lobbyist with one of the most powerful firms in the state.

Naked Politics The takeaways and lessons of Florida's 2014 election


Those who ignore history are condemned to look like Florida Democrats in a midterm election.

Before Tuesday’s Republican drubbing of Democrats at the polls, there were warning signs — lessons that should have been learned or heeded — that were either ignored or downplayed by Democrat Charlie Crist, his campaign or his supporters.

Naked Politics Scott's weak victory strengthens clout of GOP's powerful legislature

The biggest winner in Tuesday’s election in Florida was the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature. It coasted to victory with little effort, broke fundraising records and came away with enough political power to control the agenda — even that of Gov. Rick Scott’s.

Naked Politics PunditFact checks Leonard Pitts' claim about Rush Limbaugh and Fox News

Many words have been said and many numbers crunched to explain political polarization in America. One theory is that liberals and conservatives swim in different waters when it comes to news and information. Liberal columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. offered a new spin on this theme. In a Nov.1 op-ed, Pitt said most of the fault lies on the right end of the spectrum.

Naked Politics After election massacre, House Democrats search for answers

Florida House Democrats are still grappling with a disastrous Election Day that saw them lose six seats, subjugating them to further backbench oblivion.

Now on the wrong end of a 39-81 split of the House with Republicans, the blame game is starting just in time for the Nov. 18 organizational session.

Naked Politics Cause of Broward voter ID machine problems still unkown


The Nov. 4 election feels like eons ago. But the cause of a high-profile complication with voter identification systems in some Broward precincts remains unknown.

Naked Politics Truth-O-Meter weighs in on Jeb Bush claims about high school dropouts, and the lack of economic mobility in U.S.

With the 2014 elections in the rear-view mirror and 2016 coming up fast, the political world has begun speculating about whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush -- son of one president and brother of a second -- could seek the White House himself.

Naked Politics Tampa Bay region liked Libertarian Wyllie the most

Florida's Libertarian streak appears to run right through the heart of Tampa Bay.

Voters from Tierra Verde to Wesley Chapel must love their craft beers, because Libertarian candidate for governor Adrian Wyllie performed better in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties than elsewhere.

Naked Politics Breaking down the media-market wins of Rick Scott and Charlie Crist


Whenever a statewide political race is decided by a percentage point or so, it can be argued that every little thing played a major role in a campaign's win or loss.

Naked Politics Don Peebles joins the list of executives seeking Miami-Dade grant dollars


Add Don Peebles to the still-growing list of prominent business executives pursuing economic-grant dollars funded by Miami-Dade property taxes.

Naked Politics Bipartisan coalition to push for ban against anti-gay and LGBT discrimination in the workplace

Looking ahead to the 2015 legislative session, Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce has hired a team of bipartisan political operatives to push for a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Florida Politics Rep. Patrick Murphy: "Moderation" is key to success


OS Political Pulse Rep. Patrick Murphy: "Moderation" is key to success


Naked Politics Florida's exit polls (from CNN)

Interested in a deeper dive who voted in Florida during this year's election. CNN has an online graphic based on exit polls from voters on Tuesday.

Click here for the CNN graphics 


Naked Politics Which side spent more on the midterms?

Rare was the recent commercial break not dominated by negative TV ads this cycle, a nasty byproduct of record piles of money thrown at competitive races across the country.

Naked Politics Cuban-American lawyers: 'Troubling' that Miami-Dade judge said she defeated 'nondescript Hispanic'


The Cuban American Bar Association is not happy with Miami-Dade County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz.

Naked Politics Broward Dem chair tries to point to some wins

After Florida Democrats took a beating on election day, Broward Democratic chairman Mitch Ceasar posted a message on Facebook trying to find some silver linings.

Naked Politics More Herald post-election analysis on Florida, national politics via video

The Herald offers some more post-election analysis - florida and nationall -- via video ...

Naked Politics Judges keeps same-sex marriage ban in Florida until Jan. 5


Same sex couples in Florida will have to wait until next year to wed in the state after U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle on Wednesday ruled he would keep his stay in place until Jan. 5.

(That day also happens to be the day the state's top opponents to lifting the ban, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott, are inaugurated to their second terms.)

Naked Politics After 'shellacking,' Democrats say they will 'retool'

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant stated the obvious: "We took a shellacking." But she said the party will pick up the pieces from Tuesday's drubbing and keep working to restore a semblance of a two-party system in Florida.

"We're going to retool and move forward," she said.