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Naked Politics Manzano-Plaza takes paid role in Gimenez reelection effort


Jesse Manzano-Plaza, who ran Mayor Carlos Gimenez's 2012 reelection campaign, has signed on as spokesman and senior consultant for the candidate's political committee.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush courts evangelical Christians in faith speech

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LYNCHBURG, Va. -- Looking to win over skeptical evangelical voters, Jeb Bush pushed back Saturday against what he said are modern intrusions on religion as he lauded graduates and their families at Liberty University, a Christian college popular on the path to the Republican presidential nomination.

Naked Politics NYT: Norman Braman funded Marco Rubio's FIU gig

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The New York Times takes a look at Marco Rubio’s relationship with Norman Braman, the Miami billionaire who has vowed to plow millions into a Super PAC. One nugget stands out:

Naked Politics First attack ad lands in Miami Beach commission race

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Miami Beach politics are heating up early this campaign season. With three seats up for grabs and 10 candidates having declared their candidacy for the November election, the race for Ed Tobin's spot on the dais has seen its first attack ad.

Post on Politics Like baseball? Or USSR? Scott wants hospitals to share wealth

Gov. Scott wants Florida hospitals to profit share

In a letter to Florida hospital officials, Gov. Rick Scott urged Friday that they begin working together on sharing what he said are $3.7 billion in profits to offset the possible loss of federal aid.

Naked Politics Gov. Rick Scott asks hospitals to consider profit sharing

Gov. Rick Scott is pitching a new idea to help Florida hospitals handle the potential loss of federal funds: profit sharing.

OS Political Pulse Scott to hospitals: Share your profits


Post on Politics Scott signs order seeking prison changes

Gov. Scott signs order to bring changes to Florida prisons.

Gov. Rick Scott signed an executive order Friday aimed at bringing changes to Florida’s troubled prison system, a week after lawmakers concluded the legislative session without agreeing on an overhaul.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush's planned commencement speech will hit Obama on religious freedom

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LYNCHBURG, VA — Jeb Bush will deliver the commencement address Saturday at Liberty University, criticizing the Obama administration for being “small minded and intolerant” of religious freedom.

Naked Politics Rick Perry to travel to Florida next week


Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who's flirting with making another White House run in 2016, has scheduled three Florida events next week. None are in South Florida. Perry ran in the 2012 Republican presidential primary.

Naked Politics Gov. Rick Scott signs executive order to reform Florida prisons

From Gov. Rick Scott's office on Friday afternoon ....

Governor Rick Scott today signed Executive Order 15-102 which makes significant reforms in Florida’s prison system to improve safety, transparency and accountability. The measures included in Executive Order 15-102 were recommended by Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones and various stakeholders. Many of the included reforms are currently being implemented by the FDOC to increase safety.

Naked Politics Miami Democrats, Jackson hospital workers rally for Medicaid expansion

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Democratic state representatives and Jackson Health System nurses and doctors on Friday called for Republicans, including Gov. Rick Scott and House leaders, to expand Medicaid healthcare coverage for more low-income Floridians and also preserve a federal program that funds hospitals that treat large numbers of uninsured patients.

Naked Politics Has there only been one banked formed since Dodd-Frank as Jeb Bush says?

At an appearance in Concord in mid-April, former Florida governor Jeb Bush talked banking -- and the legislation meant to reform it.

Post on Politics Scott gets help from two GOP governors in his fight with White House

Gov. Scott gets legal support from fellow Republican governors.

Fellow Republican governors in Texas and Kansas weighed in on Rick Scott’s side Friday, filing a brief supporting the Florida executive’s lawsuit against the federal government over hospital funding.

Naked Politics Kansas, Texas say Florida lawsuit is "more than an isolated dispute"

For those of you following Republican Gov. Rick Scott's lawsuit against the Obama Administration, here's a copy of the amicus brief filed by Texas and Kansas.

Post on Politics Pro-Verdenia Baker group: If she’s passed for Palm Beach County post, maybe it’s because she’s black

If Verdenia Baker is passed over for the job of Palm Beach County Administrator, will it be because she’s black?

Shannon LaRocque (left) and Verdenia Baker

Post on Politics 150 House Democrats — but none from Palm Beach County — back Obama’s Iran nukes approach

Iranian nuke deal: What could possibly go wrong?

President Barack Obama‘s framework for a nuclear deal with Iran got a boost Thursday when 150 House Democrats signed a letter expressing support for the president’s approach.


Naked Politics Democrat Martin O'Malley makes Miami pit stop for private fundraiser


Martin O'Malley, a relative unknown in the 2016 Democratic presidential race, will remain that way for a while -- by his own choosing.

O'Malley, the former Maryland governor who wants to mount an underdog challenge to juggernaut candidate Hillary Clinton, spent Friday morning in blue, voter-rich Miami. But though he made little effort to connect with many average voters.

Naked Politics Police camera advocates to push for state funding in 2016

In the wake of nationwide protests over police violence in the past year — most recently in Baltimore — some lawmakers set out this session with the goal of increasing the number of Florida police officers wearing body cameras.

The fruits of their labor: A bill passed by the House and Senate will make some videos captured on camera exempt from public disclosure.

Naked Politics Miami-Dade judge who told store owner 'Go f--- yourself' agrees to stiffer sanction


Miami-Dade County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz has accepted a 30-day unpaid suspension and $10,000 fine as part of her punishment for cussing out a Coconut Grove convenience store owner last year.

Naked Politics Hillary Clinton's claim about GOPers and pathway to citizenship

During a visit to a school in Nevada, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton positioned herself as an uncompromising advocate for immigration -- and in the process, she took a shot at the Republican presidential field for not joining her.

Post on Politics Lawmakers send dozens of bills to Scott; Let’s get to work

Gov. Scott gets 68 bills from lawmakers to consider by May 22.

Post on Politics ‘Safety concerns’ lead Boca West Country Club to cancel GOP’s dinner with Islam foe

Boca West Country Club, citing safety concerns, has canceled a Republican dinner featuring Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The Palm Beach County Republican Party will have to find another venue to host Dutch politician and prominent Islam critic Geert Wilders for a fundraising dinner.


Post on Politics Water district to rebuff U.S. Sugar land deal…again

The governing board of the South Florida Water Management District will take another swing at explaining why it is against the U.S. Sugar land deal at its monthly meeting on May 14.

Post on Politics Day after “good conversation” with feds, Scott seeks injunction against them

Gov. Scott filed legal motion against federal officials.

A day after saying he had a “good conversation” with federal officials about Florida hospital funding, Gov. Rick Scott filed a legal motion Thursday seeking to bar the Obama administration from stopping $1.3 billion flowing to the state.

Naked Politics The Daily Show: Cubans are 'snooty subset,' and Jeb 'El Jebe' Bush is really Hispanic


Some laughs, because we've got a long way to go until November 2016:

Post on Politics Palm Beach County mentoring task force meets May 26

The Palm Beach County My Brother’s Keeper Task Force meets from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., on May 26  in the 6th floor chambers of the County Governmental Center, 301 North Olive Ave., West Palm Beach.

The group hopes to establish a coalition of public and private entities to improve life for African-American boys and young men by promoting education and employment opportunities and mentoring.

Naked Politics Mickey, meet the Senate Democrats

In the lead-up to a special session with the budget on the table, Senate Democrats will head to Disney World to court donors.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush says poverty rate higher now than in the 1970s

When asked about the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died following an April 12 arrest in Baltimore, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush turned the subject to poverty.

OS Political Pulse Gov. Scott files injunction to get federal hospital funds

TALLAHASSEE – After striking out with federal officials, Gov.