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Naked Politics About 2m in FL have voted; GOP raw-vote lead grows over Dems, but relative margin shrinks


More than 1.9 million Floridians had cast pre-Election Day ballots as of Tuesday morning as Republicans slightly increased their raw-vote margin over Democrats while the GOP's proportional lead ticked down a notch.

Total GOP lead over Democrats in ballots cast: 142,908, or 7.2 percentage points. Yesterday morning, Republicans were up 138,572, or 7.6 percentage points.

Naked Politics Miami-Dade mayor lays more groundwork for possible GOP departure


A day after causing a political stir by revealing he may leave the Republican Party to become independent, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez joined a popular radio show to explain why it would be a good idea.

Naked Politics For election home stretch, Carlos Curbelo releases TV ad that makes no mention of Joe Garcia


Republican Carlos Curbelo released a new television ad a week before Election Day, and it's not an attack piece.

OS Political Pulse Candidates urge reform of school reform

If the tide hasn't turned in Tallahassee on the education reform movements of the past 15 years — such as testing, accountability and choice — it surely appeared Monday night to have turned among seven candidates for the Florida Legislature in Orange County-based districts.

OS Political Pulse Video, Photos: Christie returns to Florida for Scott

New Jersey governor Chris Christie made a return visit to Florida, Sunday and Monday, on a statewide campaign swing with Gov. Rick Scott, for Scott's reelection campaign. The two governors arrived Monday afternoon to a cheering crowd in Ormond Beach, the final stop of the tour.

Naked Politics South Florida's early voting Monday is a warning sign for Rick Scott


Yesterday, something weird happened: early voting was lower Sunday than on Saturday in South Florida's three biggest counties. Miami-Dade saw 6,109 (lower than Tuesday and Wednesday) early voters; Broward was 5,912 (the lowest of the week); Palm Beach 3,377 (the lowest of the week).

Naked Politics 0ptimus FL poll: Rick Scott 42%, Charlie Crist 39%


The new Republican data analytics firm, 0ptimus, has released another mega-robopoll with some good news for Gov. Rick Scott: He's narrowly leading Democrat Charlie Crist.

The race is still technically a tie but Scott's lead of 2.4 percentage points (41.9-39.4 percent) is almost outside the poll's error margin.

OS Political Pulse In Florida, Christie answers questions on NJ Ebola policy

While campaigning with Rick Scott in Ormond Beach, Fla., Monday, New Jersey governor Chris Christie answered questions about the controversial quarantine of a patient at a Newark hospital suspected of possibly having the Ebola virus.

Naked Politics Rick Scott ahead, but Charlie Crist gaining, in FL's early vote war

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The race for Florida governor is tied in the polls, but the past week has brought more good numbers for Democrat Charlie Crist than Gov. Rick Scott.

After the first full week of in-person early voting, Democrats have started to eat into Republicans’ lead in casting pre-Election Day ballots — a margin in the GOP’s favor of 138,000 of more than 1.8 million cast statewide.

Naked Politics Rick Scott's veto of rape-crisis centers featured in new Charlie Crist ad


Gov. Rick Scott attacked Charlie Crist's "war on women" today in an ad over the Democrat'sreceipt of $90,000 in strip-club contributions.

Naked Politics Crist chases history, and possibly political oblivion

Charlie Crist is courting political history in next week's election.

If he wins, he'll be the first governor of Florida elected as both a Republican and a Democrat -- and only the sixth in the U.S. since 1900.

Naked Politics The Money Race: In final week, Crist campaign has more to spend


For the first time since he announced he was running for governor, Charlie Crist’s campaign has more cash to spend than Gov. Rick Scott.

Through Oct. 25, Crist had $3.2 million. Scott dipped to $2.9 million.

Naked Politics Report: Florida leads nation in disenfranchising offenders released from prison

The Sentencing Project has released a report showing that Florida has the highest felony disenfranchisement rate in the country, another issue dividing Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist.

OS Political Pulse Researcher: veterans with PTSD need med pot study

An Arizona doctor said in Orlando that her research into medical marijuana's effects on veterans with PTSD has been stymied by federal red tape.

Naked Politics Movers & Shakers

New leadership for Senate Democratic Office: David Cox, previously a senior legislative analyst for House Democrats and a former newspaper reporter, will be jumping into a new role as staff director of the Florida Senate Democratic Office on Nov. 1st.

Naked Politics Rick Scott's distortion about Charlie Crist's record on restoring voting rights to felons

As part of his appeal to black voters, Charlie Crist has defended his record on making it easier for nonviolent felons to regain the right to vote.

Naked Politics The politics of porn: Crist takes industry $; Scott invests in company sued for 'enabling' sex predators

Sex and porn sells, perhaps even in the final week of a close political campaign.

Gov. Rick Scott is up with a new ad that echoes a claim his campaign has been pushing for weeks: that Charlie Crist has a "war on women" because he accepted $90,000 from three different Broward companies that operate strip clubs.

Naked Politics Gov. Scott's appearance on WPLG's 'This Week'

In his four years as governor, Rick Scott has rarely sat for lengthy interviews. His campaign has declined repeated requests from Tallahassee reporters and from most Florida editorial boards. But with time running out and polls showing a neck-and-neck race with Charlie Crist, Scott has begun finding increasing amounts of time on free media to augment his saturation TV ad campaign.

Naked Politics Will perceived peer pressure push Miami-Dade Hispanics to vote for Charlie Crist?


Catching our eye amid the piles of political fliers in the Florida governor's race was one by Democrat Charlie Crist geared at Spanish-speaking voters.

"Hundreds of your friends and neighbors have already voted. Have you?" the flier asks.

Naked Politics Medical marijuana group to TV stations: stop running 'false' ad by opponents

From a press release:

OS Political Pulse Gravis Poll: Fan helps Crist; med pot losing

A new poll from Gravis Marketing finds that Charlie Crist's fan has blown the wind of momentum his way and Amendment 2, the medical marijuana initiative, continues to slide away from the 60 percent needed for adoption.

Naked Politics 1.8m in FL have voted; Dems win early voting, continue to eat into GOP ballot lead


South Florida in-person early voting turnout might have been relatively lighter than expected this weekend, but Democrats for the first time this election still topped Republicans in pre-Election Day ballot casting at the polls in the entire state.

Naked Politics Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez hints at dropping GOP affiliation


Is the Republican Party about to lose its top elected official in Miami-Dade County? On Monday, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez strongly hinted he was thinking of switching his registration from Republican to independent. 

In a radio interview, Gimenez confirmed he "may be" changing his party affiliation. "I'm a registered Republican right now," he told the Gray Zone politics show on 880AM, a Miami station.

Naked Politics Democratic poll: Fresen race is a "statistical draw"

Some South Florida political observers have said they doubt Democrats can flip Florida House District 114. But a new poll conducted by the left-leaning firm SEA Polling & Strategic Design says the race is a dead heat.

The survey has incumbent Republican Rep. Erik Fresen leading Democratic candidate Daisy Baez, 37-35 percent.

Naked Politics South Florida's early voting weekend is a warning sign for Charlie Crist


Saturday and Sunday marked the first chance for voters to head to the early voting polls on a weekend, a time when Democrats could really show in force and put a big dent in Republicans’ lead in casting pre-Election Day ballots.

Naked Politics Annette Taddeo's 'no free rides' for Miami GOP could be costing her, Charlie Crist


About a month before she became Charlie Crist’s running mate, Annette Taddeo announced she helped recruit seven new candidates to ensure that every GOP-held state House seat was under challenge in Miami-Dade County.

“It’s time that Miami-Dade Republicans got the message: No more free rides,” Taddeo, then the county Democrats’ party chairwoman, said at the time.

But now it looks as if the no-free-rides policy could be costing her and Crist.

Naked Politics 1.75m FL ballots already cast; GOP lead strong -- but slightly slipping to Dems


Nearly 1.75 million Floridians have cast absentee and in-person early votes as of Sunday morning with Republicans still well in front of Democrats when it comes to pre-Election Day voting.

Total GOP lead over Democrats: 147,162, or 8.4 percentage points.

Yesterday's GOP lead was ever-so-slightly larger: 147,186, or about 9.2 percentage points.

Naked Politics What would a second term look like -- for Crist? For Scott?

Charlie Crist may be the Democratic Party’s best hope to regaining the governor’s mansion after a 16-year drought, but those who know him well say that if he gets his former job back, the newly-minted Democrat will govern much like the Republican he was four years ago.

Naked Politics Vote on medical marijuana will decide whether some families stay -- or leave Florida

 Nicolas Peruyero was 8 years old, blind and unable to walk or talk when his mother saw a documentary about the benefits of medical marijuana and its promise to reduce seizures.

Naked Politics Crist rally turns into shouting match at African-American library in Fort Lauderdale

What began Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale as an early voting rally for Charlie Crist turned into a shouting match, featuring the former governor’s supporters squaring off against those backing his opponent Rick Scott.