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David Jolly Drops Senate Bid, Will Run for Re-Election in CD13

June 17, 2016 - 1:30pm
David Jolly
David Jolly

U.S. Rep. David Jolly, R-Fla., will forego his Senate bid to replace Marco Rubio and instead will run for re-election in CD 13, Jolly announced Friday. 

"I have unfinished business," Jolly told reporters in St. Petersburg. 

"I believe the opportunity to serve Pinellas County is just as right [as Senate bid]" said Jolly. 

Now the Republican congressman will face off against former Gov. Charlie Crist for the seat. Crist announced his campaign last year. 

A recent St. Pete Polls survey found Jolly would be very competitive in his re-election bid, holding a slight lead over Crist. Jolly carried 44.3 percent to Crist’s 43.7 percent in that poll. 

Jolly's announcement focused heavily on his time serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. VA reforms, the Stop Act and serving the local community were all talking points for the Pinellas County congressman, who has served since 2014. 

Jolly was elected to the House for the first time two years ago in a special election where he faced off against former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. He was reelected to the position later that year. 

This week has been an especially uncertain time in the Florida Senate race, with Rubio mulling over the possibility to run for re-election after all. That possibility opened up after a Sunday shooting in Orlando which left 50 dead and dozens wounded.

Now the field is getting smaller. 

Next Friday is the deadline to file to run for office, which means the clock is ticking if Rubio wants to jump in the race. 

Last year, Rubio said he would not run for another term in the Senate in order to run for president, but dropped out of the Republican primary in March after losing to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in Florida. 

Republicans are telling Rubio he should reconsider his original decision to leave politics behind and become a private citizen instead.

With Jolly out of the race, it is only a matter of time before Rubio makes his own announcement. Jolly said he anticipated Rubio would make an announcement Monday, but said he had not spoken to the Senator about his intentions. 

Lieutenant Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera said he would also drop out of the Senate race if Rubio wanted back in. 

"I am still in this race and nothing has changed. However, if Marco decides to enter this race, I will not be filing the paperwork to run for the U.S. Senate,” he said. 

This is a breaking story. Check back for updates. 


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Too bad as I like Jolly as one of tthe better repubs. But Crist will be better for our economy as it'll take power from the do nothings that have kept the economy down and the corporate welfare side that put the world into depression in 2008 taking a g$250b surplus and turn it into a $1.1t deficit in just 8 yrs, why would anyone vote for them that wasn't stupid? Why haven't they passed tax reform? Obama has been trying to get repubs to pass the grand bargain and on to tax reform to balande the budget , fix the tax code but repubs blocked it because they don't want it done under Obama. Yet you all vote for them.

I love the way everyone running calls themselves 'conservatives' yet, if you look at their individual spending, especially guys like little Marco, you'll see there's no shortages of their willingness to spend OUR money! GO TRUMP!!

IF any of these so-called candidates truly wanted to be elected, they'd NOT drop out, but step up their campaigns. It's obvious none want it as badly as the ones remaining! How embarrassing my Republican Party has become!

Not a big fan of Jolly but I would like to see him beat Crist who is a serial politician! !! VOTE FOR RON DESANTIS! ! This is a true conservative & patriot

I'm glad. David Jolly is NOT a conservative Republican. He votes with whoever pays him the most. We need to vote him out - of everything. Take a look at his voting record - especially on the bathroom thing...

It is so sad to see all the GOP candidates acting like puppets. Two drop out and mumble under their breathe: "Never mind that I wanted to desert my constituents three minutes ago." Hillary and Alan Grayson for US Senate will easily win Florida!

Grayson--NO WAY. Hillary--that would be a travesty and detrimental for America.

These guys run for whatever is easier to win...smh. They don't really care about the constituents of Florida.

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