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Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis Bring Out Term Limits Amendment Proposal

January 4, 2017 - 8:00am
Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz
Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz

Following through on their announcement last month, U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., teamed up with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to introduce a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution imposing congressional term limits. 

The proposed amendment limits members of the U.S. House to three two-year terms and members of the U.S. Senate to two six-year terms. 
“D.C. is broken,” Cruz said on Tuesday as he brought out the proposal. “The American people resoundingly agreed on Election Day, and President-elect Donald Trump has committed to putting government back to work for the American people. It is well past time to put an end to the cronyism and deceit that has transformed Washington into a graveyard of good intentions.” 

“The time is now for Congress, with the overwhelming support of the American people, to submit this constitutional amendment to the states for speedy ratification,” Cruz added. “With control of a decisive majority of the states, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, we have a responsibility to answer the voters’ call-to-action. We must deliver.” 

“Term limits are the first step towards reforming Capitol Hill,” said DeSantis. “Eliminating the political elite and infusing Washington with new blood will restore the citizen legislature that our Founding Fathers envisioned. The American people have called for increased accountability and we must deliver. Senator Cruz has been instrumental in efforts to hold Congress accountable, and I look forward to working with him to implement term limits.”

The proposal has the support of U.S. Term Limits. 

“President Trump, Speaker Ryan and huge majorities of the American people are demanding term limits,” said U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel. “Congress must listen and pass the Cruz-DeSantis amendment immediately."

Among the co-sponsors in the Senate was U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. 

For more than twenty years, some Republicans have attempted to bring a congressional term limits through Congress. Back in 1995, then U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum, R-Fla., led the charge for a similar amendment but he wasn’t able to get it across the finish line. 




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I'd like to point out again that we already have term limits. It's called voting, but no one wants to take that responsibility. I'm all for term limits, but it should be two 2-year terms for the House (not 3) and one 6-year term for Senate. 2. They need to limit the terms of leadership as well. McConnell, McCain, Shumer, Pelosi and the like are are poster children for term limits. This would allow more members to have a say in the action not just the chairman. 3. Next, no more salaries for life and free health care paid for by the taxpayers. Give them a small pension or something. Same goes for the President. Taxpayers should not be footing the bill for these people forever. And no special privileges for them. Hopefully the Pres elect who is not looking for a career can make a change none of the government bloodsuckers want to.

We want to find out what happened to the last law that only allowed 2 yr Pension for President and 2 yr Secret Service? We do not want to pay anyone any pensions.,insurance or any benefits. We want to show the Government is not a career . We want to remove all benefits going to Retired Presidents. Also Secret Service. We The People did not vote for this. Senators only 6 yr. House 2 2 yr Pres 2 4 yr 2 yr pension 2 yr Secret Service. Get own Insurance.This would be retroactive. No raises unless all American workers get one. Pay into social Security. Get own insurance. We

What do we do with the institutionalized bureaucrats who are left in the agencies and departments that create a legacy payroll. Mostly inefficient as they can't be fired.

Wow. Seems like the democrat run serpentine swamp is finally being drained.

I am squeamish about term limits for representatives. The role is to represent the will of the People. Term limits come between the will of the people in their ability to select their own representatives. A new representative is not necessarily a better representative than the one the law just termed out of office.

People like you are why washington is broken. Theae old crones arent at all acting in your best interest but rather only their own. Its high time they recieve the boot from the american people and its high time the democrats ousted the older members of the party as they have steered the party in a disturbing new pro anti white racism direction. It should go without saying that this is a very dangerous direction and has set up a bery hostile job market for anyone that isnt a minority. While we're at it we need to get rid of thos no voter id bullshit in areas that have it too so neither side cant get the votes of illegals or people voting twice

IF you can't see how the current 'elected' officials have abused their power YOU are part of the problem! you are correct different doesn't mean better BUT it is up to the PEOPLE to do diligent research BEFORE voting - too much power for too long is what got American into this mess!!

I think you will agree it is very hard, if not impossible, to get an incumbent out of office -- money, special interests, lobbyists keep them in power. Term limits is long overdue. Our House and Senate is like a roach motel -- they go in and never come out.

Term limits are a reasonable suggestion, though I've NEVER supported them...but if we're going to have term limits - and I doubt this goes anywhere - then the House should be equalized to the Senate, so 12 years for both chambers...

'Lizzy' is correct in her statement that term limits are already in play with actual VOTING! Unfortunately, a great amount of voters would rather sit back and watch, rather than actually voting and participating in the election process, other than their non voter whining. Because of this, term limits SHOULD be adopted and enforced to assure us the relief from politically connected career politicians who are more interested in making extra coins instead of representing the people of Florida!

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