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'Not My President's Day' Protests Erupt Across Florida

February 20, 2017 - 9:30am

Activists are turning Presidents Day into “Protest Day” across the state, using the federal holiday as an opportunity to say “no” to the country’s newest President, Donald Trump.

For months, the anti-Trump protesters have railed against Trump’s presidency, criticizing him for being “out of touch” with the American people and slamming his highly conservative policies.

In Florida, a state Trump calls home, those protesters have brought their opposition all the way to the president’s doorstep, vowing not to let up anytime soon.

Rallies are planned across the Sunshine State for Monday, with events planned in Miami, West Palm Beach, Venice and Gainesville, for starters.

A group responsible for the South Florida wing of the movement, South Florida Activism, will hold two rallies Monday -- one in Miami and one in Palm Beach, where Trump is currently staying. 

“Donald Trump stands against the progress we have worked hard to enact,” South Florida activism said. “He does not represent our interests.”

The group says they’re “honoring” previous presidents by exercising their constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest “everything Donald Trump stands for.”

“He was voted in by a minority of the American public but governs as if there's no resistance,” the group said. “But there is.”

In West Palm, protesters have no intentions of stopping or slowing down on their criticisms of Trump’s presidency. On Monday afternoon, protesters will line up along a major street where Trump travels to and from the Palm Beach International Airport.

The group does not plan to march this time. They have no plans to wave signs. They will not shout. Instead, their tactic will be simple. Their message of solidarity, they hope, will speak loud and clear to President Trump. 

When Trump’s motorcade speeds down Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach, they will turn their backs, revealing a singular message pinned to the backs of their shirts. 

“No 45.”

South Florida Activism organizer Star Fae said the “no” means a variety of things to protesters, but whatever their grievances may be, they are united under a similar goal.

“What’s important is that we realize we have a common enemy, and whatever our pet issue, we need to come together on these issues,” Fae told Sunshine State News.

Protests will also be held in cities nationwide, with thousands anticipated to march in New York, Washington and Los Angeles. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen.



Allispn is at it again. Very misleading article . How many protesters in all . . .. . I would bet less than a thousnd across the entire state. Trump had 15,000 at his rslly in Melbourne. Go Trump!

That is their right to protest. It's what Makes America unique and great. I chose to be cautiously optimistic. However, my optimism is waning... Trump said at his rally this has been the most historic 100 days in the history of the presidency, yet failed to give a single example of how that was so. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure he's done anything in the first 100 days, except have his travel ban overturned in the courts and travel to Florida. It's time to put up or shut up...classic.

Venice? Sarasota must have been too busy, too productive for snowflakes and stale cupcakes. Well done everyone on the comments.

Ah ha! Jerry is back! Your therapist tell you to find something to do with your free time? Why aren't you out protesting?

It seems to me, that when one protests, he or she does so with a goal in mind. Doing so implies that one is attempting to change something that needs to be changed. So what are these protestors' goals? What is it they would like to see changed? Well, since they are protesting the new president in general, one can only conclude that this is what they want changed. It all sounds so silly now, doesn't it?

Didn't know it was KKK Day.

Someone needs to learn how to read as it isn't, although it seems you want it to be KKK day Rod so you can get your sheets out and parade around like the anti-American traitor you are.

In a yrs time everyone will be fed up with this lying con man and no one will want him as president and will give many reasons to impeach as he thinks he is above the law.

But the people elected this lying con man over the arrogant, entitled, lying con woman who absolutely believed that she was above the law and behaved accordingly .It far more likely that in a years time everyone will be fed up with the whining from the people who are still bitter over Hillary's repudiation and an increasingly distrusted and irrelevant old school media.

Nice stock photo. Ah, the good old days. I remember marching in protest of Obama's election. We could barely move because of the lines of press coverage, jockeying to get the best angle to make the protest look as large as possible. And the tough questions the press peppered Obama with! OMG! It was like machine gun fire. The press was relentless. George Soros funded ACORN to get voters registered and garner votes for you. Doesn't that mean that foreign nationals disrupted our electoral process to get you elected instead of Hillary Clinton? Van Jones is a 9-11 truther. How could you not know this before you nominated him? Are your close advisors that clueless? Your nominees for ambassadorships know nothing about the countries they will be posted to. How can you insult our allies by posting unqualified and inept ambassadors? Forty three bureaucratic positions still remain unfilled a year after you took office. Are these things indicative of the ongoing disarray of your administration? Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and still has contacts there. Since she is the voice you most listen to, doesn't this mean the Iranians have undue influence over our government? Wait, none of that ever happened. Gangs of Republicans, unhappy about the election results, didn’t rove the cities, bashing in windows, setting limos on fire and shrieking down anyone they didn’t for being a (fill in the blank)-ist. The media's idea of fact-finding questions for Obama were fawning puff questions about what he found most "enchanting" about the White House.

Star... Donald Trump was elected President as the US Constitution enacted a President to be elected in the USA, allowing a parity of states and the prevention of cities developing with high concentrations of one form or another political views. Therefore, two or three major highly populated areas could control the entire country with their votes. The same principle as two senators for each state regardless of population. Apparently Hillary Clinton didn't do her homework and furthermore, if she had won Star, would you be pretesting? And what the hell are you protesting anyway? Who's paying you for this, are you a citizen of the USA, and what progress have you worked hard to enact? Please tell me, many of us would like to know exactly what that progress is in your own words. If you are alluding to the immigration issue, you obviously haven't done your homework either and will end up with the similar results as Hillary Clinton. President Trump is well within his Constitutional rights to enforce border security, Furthermore, no one is allowed in this country under any circumstances that you obviously are protesting in favor for. Past presidents were weak on their immigration stances then, but then and now are two different worlds and the rules of the game have changed. If a building is built on a faulty foundation it must be torn down and rebuilt the correct way or it will collapse on its own. That's exactly what's happening with the immigration laws. This is not about immigration, this is about the security of our country. After all the attacks on our country I am stunned at the obtuse attitude of many people in this country. Perhaps you should read about the Trojan Horse . Metaphorically a "Trojan Horse" has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place. Sound familiar?? Isn't that it exactly what ISIS has said Star?? The sophistry of your argument are as follows: No one is against immigration especially President Trump. His wife is an immigrant! Stick with me here Star, remember the Trojan Horse? Well, the only way we can assure maximum safety for our country is to know who is coming in, and they need to come the "right way." My father came through Ellis Island, he had a job, spoke two languages Italian & English and got his citizenship. All that without free housing, and up to $1800.00 a month of taxpayers money! That's how it works Star. So if you are protesting any other way of entering the USA. YOU and your cadre of uninformed are on the wrong side of the issue and are what I consider anarchist. I will give you this, your peaceful protesting is allowed however the cause is baseless.

They have aborted George Washington's birthday into "Presidents Day". It is not "Presidents Day" It is George Washington's birthday we are celebrating. The father of the country. One of the most remarkable men that ever lived. They (the gumment) morphed it into this so the gumment employees could have a 3 day weekend. If you have a job, you are at work. If you work for the city, county, state or feds, you have off. And your kids don't know who Washington was. Or the privations he and his rag tag army suffered. Or the magnificent victory they achieved against all odds. Some say there was Divine intervention. The fog rolling in as the army escaped from Brooklyn under cover of darkness with the British occupying New York City. This is George Washington's birthday we are celebrating. Not presidents day. It is a shame that half the damn country does not have a clue. But, they don't. And they are busy protesting. I can not say here what a truly low opinion I have of them.

"Presidents' Day"?!?!? I no longer will celebrate ANY day that has even a remote chance of including that niggler, Barak Hussein Obama !

Truth comes out Cbreeze and now want to show how racist you are......... What will you say when Trump runs the economy into the ground?...........

"Racist?"... What are you implying "jerry"?

The constant racist and anti-female bigot you show yourself to be on this site over and over again . . . . . . glad we can get under your skin . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

These people can't seem to be able to distinguish between the words Legal and Illegal Immigrants.

Protestors: Get "legal", get an education, get a job, get off your parents couch, throw away your Birkenstocks, stop blaming your ex-Husband for all your problems, stop dressing like a 'bag-lady', stop getting on Soro's busses for a "day-trip" (including meals and motel lodgings and a daily stipend.. I repeat: GET A REAL JOB, go save some turtles (your kids are already failures), If you can't finagle a "Date" at these demonstrations you attend, you are a REAL loser (maybe it's genetic..). If all else fails you, Get The Hell Out of the Country because you can't be saved...or supported.

Showing his stripes, not only does C Breeze demonize and attack a President because of his skin color in his comment later above, but here attacks women because of their sex . . . . . . . . . what a despicable human being from Santa Rosa County . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

We didn't know that Presidents day was Kindergarden Holiday with no class.

Where were the reports for the Trump Rally in Hernando yesterday, Feb 19th? It seems the news is busy reporting this trash, but manages to miss the Elephant in the room!

If the snowflakes keep up this baby behavior it will lead to a body count on their side!

If he is not your President - YOU are in the wrong Country... GET OUT

It's "our" country, not your subjective version of it. We can and will defend it's most basic values - try truth, and a relatively honest, open society for starters. Oh, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

The basic values of an open society depends upon tolerance and that tolerance must flow both ways. If someone is not comfortable with the idea of a crossdressing man being in the same bathroom with their young girls, it doesn't mean that they are intolerant. It means they are a concerned parent who deserves the respect of having those concerns listened to and taken seriously. If people believe that immigrants should only be allowed into this country after they have applied to and have been approved for entry by INS, they are not intolerant. They are people who believe in the rule of law and don't think that skipping the line is fair to the people who are waiting their turn to enter the country. If people think that some of Planned Parenthood's funding would be better spent supporting community health care centers that provide services for everyone instead of for clinics that focus care on a narrow, specific population, they are not intolerant. They are people who think that their tax money may be better spent in a way that provides healthcare benefits to the most people. Screaming, disrupting speakers, damaging private property, labeling people with whom you don't agree with degrading and insulting names and interfering with people's free access to buildings or areas is not tolerance and is a violation of the basic values and freedom of others to have options and beliefs that you don't share. Have a peaceful demonstration, fine. Have speakers in support of your views, fine. No problem. Shout down speakers you don't like, disrupt their events, demand that speakers be barred or disinvited to speak, block entrances or traffic or otherwise harass people exercising their own rights to free speech and assembly by attending an event or speech whose speaker or topic you disagree with or who just want to get by you so they can get to work is not truth, honest or open. It is the most blatant and dramatic expression of intolerance of the basic rights of your fellow citizens in an honest and open society.

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