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The Recount and Andrew Gillum as the Perfect Democratic Candidate

November 13, 2018 - 1:00pm
Lawyer observes a ballot recount in Riviera Beach
Lawyer observes a ballot recount in Riviera Beach

Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes of Broward County and Susan Bucher of Palm Beach County, a/k/a Abbot & Costello, are still trying to count the votes cast a week ago.

They were supposed to report them accurately to the Florida Division of elections on Tuesday night.

But Laurel & Hardy -- I mean, Snipes and Bucher -- are now trying to meet a third state deadline (the last one was on Saturday) that comes at 3 p.m. Thursday.

Bucher is already saying she can’t meet it.

So, why is she still the SOE?

Because she’s a Democrat and so is predominantly Palm Beach County.

The same can be said for Brenda Snipes, who is a colossal mistake as SOE.

Yet, these two SOEs have consistently screwed up just about every election they’ve overseen.

The truth be told is that the election outcomes, despite all of the posturing in the televised media and the handwringing to sell newspapers, is not in doubt.

To the Miami Herald’s credit, they published a story that shows what a Herculean challenge both Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum have in order to win.

The U.S. Senate race is the closest, and yes, under Florida law, when the margin of victory is less than .5 percent, there must be a machine recount. If less than .25 percent, there must be a hand recount.

God forbid there has to be a hand recount, because I don’t believe either South Florida SOE can count that high, even if they use both hands.

According to VoteFair, there have been a total of “4,687 statewide elections between 2000 and 2016, just 26 went to a recount.  Of those 26, just three recounts wound up changing the initial result of the race ...” and none were in Florida.

But Florida is so much bigger than all but two other states. Isn’t there a chance of more votes flipping the outcome?

Alas, the August 2018 report cites, “With a larger electorate, there is a lower probability that a shift in votes will be large enough to affect the outcome of the election.”

Thus, the posturing by Bill Nelson and to a lesser degree Andrew Gillum, is really for naught. Probably more so because Bill will have to leave office as a loser, and Andrew never really had a real job since he was only “ceremonial” mayor of Tallahassee -- you know, cutting ribbons, using shovels to pitch dirt at groundbreakings, etc.

What’s so interesting is that Andrew and his Antifa Far Left supporters claimed the Dems have consistently lost the governor’s race for the last 20 years because they didn’t have progressive candidates like him.

This time they claimed the sun, moon and stars had aligned, or so it seemed when Andrew became the Democratic nominee.

As far as the mainstream media were concerned, Andrew was the real thing, even though he had won through the back door, with little scrutiny about his character, background and job performance in Tallahassee.

Yet, he was admittedly a good-talker who could easily sell ice to Eskimos.

Every Florida newspaper endorsed him. Every one.

George Soros and Tom Steyer promised him -- and delivered -- tens of millions of dollars to ensure that he would win and turn their Socialist-centric platform to reality.

He won both debates and they weren’t really even close.

He spent an extraordinary amount of time working to get young and liberal voters to register and then to the polls.

He had hundreds of like-minded liberal organizations working in Florida to get out the vote.

Let me suggest now that the loss wasn’t about race, though I’m confident that issue will ultimately be raised by him, Bill Nelson, and their supporters.

It was about governing philosophy.

I guess you can’t fool all of the people after all, because enough citizens voted to keep our state in the hands of those leaders, Republicans, who have brought Florida to where we are now.

A state whose bond rating is Triple A, whose debt has been significantly paid down by over $2 billion under Gov. Rick Scott, whose budget is balanced and where there are enough reserves to help out if the economy were to go bust again.

Floridians don’t appear to be thinking like the folks in Connecticut who have consistently raised taxes on the wealthy and corporations to the extent that General Electric moved to Taxachussets (wow, what does that say!), and rich people are leaving the state.

That’s the pablum that Andrew and Bill were trying to sell us.

Once again, the Florida Democratic Party hasn’t learned the electoral lesson of 2016.

Despite having a registration edge among voters, they don’t get it that Florida voters don’t want a welfare state.  

Don’t want a sanctuary state, though they want to help those truly fleeing dictatorships.
Don’t want a free education for their children because they know insightfully that nothing is ever really free.
They don’t want gun control because it’s not about the guns, it's about the sick people who will use a car, a knife, anything to kill other people.

If Democrats ever want to have a chance at winning again, they’re going to have to speak to moderate, conservative and rural voters, because we’re tired of PC and we want everyone physically capable of helping themselves to not expect us to carry their burden.

Listen, Democrats, you’ve talked ad nauseam to your progressive voters, you’ve had your “best” candidate, and you’ve had all the money one could hope for.

You still lost.  

How can you become competitive again?

Barney Bishop III is a former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, the immediate past CEO of Associated Industries of Florida and the current CEO of Barney Bishop Consulting.


Can we get a recount on whether the people of Florida agree with Blarney? I don't. Blarney got a new lease on life with the election results. No depth - very superficial.

Judge Karen Gievers, who just ordered an extension of the Palm Beach County recount, in violation of Florida election law, neither recused herself or disclosed she worked for The Florida Democratic Party and VP Gore, filing motions to the Florida Supreme Court, in the November 2000 recount. She doesn't have jurisdiction over Palm Beach County. Additionally, the assignment of judges to cases in Leon County Court is random, by computer. Her assignment to the case with the motion for extension was not random. How was judge Gievers assigned this case and how did the Palm Beach elections supervisor know Gievers would rule in their favor? Otherwise, why would they drive 8 hours to file a motion in Leon County court other than forum shopping? Maybe the FDLE or US DOJ will look at "judge" Gievers emails and phone records. See Gievers name at the bottom of page 35.

ALL Elected County Voting Commissioners should follow the established (and agreed to) LAWS regarding "vote counting". The shameful left is trying to change the Law after they decided they didn't like the outcome. REPUBLICANS WON the top spots - Accept it. Or move to Kalifornia.

The people of Florida agree with Barney, otherwise the Dems wouldn't be trying to steal the election from legitimate voters. Even lifelong Democrats are abandoning their party because their recent actions make one believe they've gone have gone stark raving mad. It's embarrassing to tell people you're a Democrat. I'm one of those Democrats and I voted for DeSantis.

Good statistical based article regarding elections. The only correction I would make is that Florida has now paid down its debt by $10B not $2B. Florida debt was $28.2B when Rick Scott first took office. Governor Scott told us at the Republican Party of Pasco office when he visited there a couple of weeks ago that by the end of his second term $11B would be paid down. So, under Gov Scott's leadership 39% of State of Florida debt will have been paid down. Rep DeSantis has promised to continue Gov Scott's policies.

And does that include Scott's successful goal of ripping off the public in the then largest scam to steal our tax dollars? Do you really think this leopard changed his spots when he became governor????? History will tell us.

Florida is "shooting itself in the foot" once again... (from a dozen different directions !). Between the bureaucrats (think S.O.E. "Snipes" et al), "Power at any cost" Liberal Democrat politicians, and greedy, socialist "freebie entitlement seekers" (of the "SSN" commenter ilk regularly spewing their "2 cents" herein), Florida doesn't stand a chance and will be steadily drifting the way of "The Gulag of California" (where they deficate "curbside")... [Care for an orange anyone..?]

And, on the other side of the coin, up in Bay County, with 64.000 registered Republicans and 31,000 registered Democrats, Republican Supervisor of Elections Mark Anderson willfully violated state law and a direct executive order from Governor Scott, issued on October 18th, expressly prohibiting voting by fax or e-mail. But, Anderson accepted e-mailed votes anyway! How about that! And, that is DEFINITELY illegal! The Republican way ... "Do as I say, not as I do!" Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!


Blarney, great article, great job!!

Barney, Barney, Barney...What a fan club. I remember what your dad wanted for you politically

Geez Mr. Bishop it appears you struck a nerve. Good for you. When you have responding liberals sputtering nonsensical gibberish, using scatological terms, and incoherent with rage, you know you're singing on key and hitting all the high notes. Keep it up, it's music to my ears.

Well thought out and written article. I enjoyed reading it. Congratulations to your points which were very well presented.

There's a reason this fool was kicked out the Democratic party, and this is not giving them much credit either. At least you have one small thing right. The Dems definitely picked the wrong candidate. Had this been Gwen Graham, she would have won by double digits. To say they were not competitive though, just shows your idiocy, and frankly, the lack of intellect and candor that all of your pieces have...sad really.

I wasn't kicked out of the Party...I'm still a Democrat and will always be a conservative one...Gwen would have been a better candidate and she would have been very competitive...I should have said "winning" instead of competitive, so you're right, wrong word...thanks!

One more thing, loosely throwing out terms like "Antifa Far Left supporters" is no less a dog whistle than a Democrat throwing terms like "Neo-Nazi and KKK" type terms to describe Republicans. These terms are only used to insight passion and division. Most Americans, Republican and Democrat alike reject both far left and far right views and are offended when such terms are used to advance stereotyping and hatred. Once again, I believe Mr. Bishop can do better.

Barney Bishop continues to disappoint. With his vast political skills and knowledge that he could apply to bringing people together over common concerns, he instead repeats all the standard divisive tropes. You don't have to be a Republican to be embarrassed by the problems with Broward and Palm Beach election administration. That doesn't mean it's necessary to assume there is fraud afoot. Some positions of prior administrations (both Republican and Democrat) in Florida have been for the general good and some have failed. Broad sweeping suggestions that Democrats, including Progressive Democrats, want to whole cloth change everything is simply not truthful and misleading. Mr. Bishops's declaration that Florida Voters have rejected the Democratic vision of Florida's future is a serious overstatement. Clearly voters are divided on that vision or otherwise we would not be having recounts as Florida law requires. It never ceases to amaze me that elected officials conclude their squeaker victories are a mandate when in reality they are the voters' clear statement that the voters expect their elected officials to fully consider and work for all the voters. That should be the focus. You can do better, Mr. Bishop and should.

Good points, Barbara...I will endeavor to be better next time!

We know your "opinion", Barney. The people of Florida reject you, the machinations of the Florida "Tea Party" GOP, and "your opinion". One person, one vote. And we will make a difference.

Where is your head? The people of Florida don't reject Barney or his opinion, otherwise the Dems wouldn't be trying to steal the election from legitimate voters. Even lifelong Democrats are abandoning their party because their recent actions make one believe they've gone have gone stark raving mad. It's embarrassing to tell people you're a Democrat.

Barney....Evidently you hit a the nail on the head. Good Job.


Geez! If anyone wants a confirmation of what modern day Republican racism ... along with a very healthy dose of fascism thrown in ... looks like ... just take a gander at the above by "ORC". A clear-cut example of how American public education, the family, and religion have been failing over the last three or four decades. Wow!

Look here Florida - i won twice. You gave me your vote. Whqat is wrong with this picture. I ghave you the Affordable Care act. heck =- Bill Nelson practically guaranteed you would join us in support of the law! And now you vote against Bill? If i had a son - Andrew would be him! He is educated, speaks well and understands socialism. Andrew is the prototype of the Democrat future. How can Florida vote for me and not Andrew. At this time - all we can hope for is our dear sisters - Brenda and Susan - to carry the ball over the goal line for us. They have a bunch of uncounted votes. Votes that MUST BE COUNTED, I am confident that once ALL votes in Brenda and Susan's possession are counted - we will wake up to Bill and Andrew taking their respective places in government.

"Pretend Africans" are as despicable as "Posturing French Frogs"!

Blah, blah, blah, Blarney! The Supervisors of Election in Palm Beach and Broward counties are elected by the voters in those counties ... and anybody else's opinion on the work of those two elected SOEs is irrelevant ... most especially when it's coming from a wingnut partisan outsider just carping, harping, whining, and crying. Shut up already and let the votes be counted!

They were counted and the winner's are Ron DeSantis for Governor and Ric Scott for Senator. This whole recount is total B.S.BTW I am not an outsider,native born Floridian.A conservative for sure,wingnut partisan,not!

Look, we know what republicans are all about - I was one! They will make sure to pathetically cry about not winning and then will get over it. You are right - they have zero to say here. This is the Brenda and Susan show!!! So the girls will do their job - you know - and Andy and Bill will be at work in no time! Besides, we have the genius lawyer on our side - Mark Elias. If he could keep Hillary from even being investigated let alone jail - you know we are in good hands. A special shout out to all our new friends from Puerto Rico. We were happy to continue the $$ they are so accustomed to. Hang in their folks - new money and homes are just this election ending away!

Charlie, you're still a cheap prostitute: "Two dollah, can do??"

these idiots can't properly count. It's been proven that Brenda Snipes can't follow the law in past elections, so why would you trust her now? Only an idiot, AKA a Democrat, would trust anything with these two partisan idiots.


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