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While Screwing Up Homestead Facts, Frederica Wilson Proposes Jailing Her Critics

July 6, 2019 - 7:00am
Rep. Frederica Wilson on her portable pulpit
Rep. Frederica Wilson on her portable pulpit

It's one thing to suggest Democratic leaders like to position themselves either as royalty or exalted leaders above reproach -- but it's even better when they prove that theory to be correct. Enter U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson. 

At yet another event staged by Democrats at the Homestead immigrant facility, this one on our nation's birthday, it was Miami Gardens Democrat Wilson -- she of the bedazzled chapeaux -- who made the bold declaration. While fielding reporters' questions, the congresswoman talked about her critics, stating emphatically that anyone who would dare mock members of Congress should be shut down. And arrested.

Wilson arrived in Homestead with her portable bully pulpit decorated for the holiday: a podium with a personalized, engraved backdrop -- perfect for the cameras which just happened to show up. Delivering her shrill (and misspoken) rebuke to the microphones in a tone about as soothing as a truck's back-up alarm, the Rhinestone Cowgirl had tough words. 

Frederica Wilson, in pink
Frederica Wilson, in pink
“Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace and there’s no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable,” Wilson said. “We’re going to shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down and they should be prosecuted. You cannot intimidate members of Congress, threaten members of Congress. It is against the law, and it’s a shame in this United States of America.”

Just a reminder to Frederica "Oakley": When you took office, you made a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. That happens to include the First Amendment, which actually forbids the very action you are promoting. Something about arresting critics sure seems to sound like abridging the Freedom of Speech.

There does seem to be a reason behind Frederica’s rodeo-clown words. She, and a passel of other Democratic leaders managed to tour the facility and when they emerged, judging by the invective and dramatics they employed before the tour, they had changed their tune. Could it be they deliberately employed their political bias in their descriptions of the location? I will risk Wilson's wrath and threat of arrest an say yes, that's exactly what they did.

The Homestead immigrant facility, the second-largest in the nation housing minors who have come across the border illegally, has been a Democratic Party focus for weeks. The location was a prime centerpiece for the candidates on the debate stage, and they managed to exaggerate/misrepresent/lie about the facility freely (circle any which apply). Just look at how many times the candidates referenced “cages” during the the two debates, when no such cages exist in the dormitory facility.

After touring the buildings Wilson had this to say: “While these children seem to be looked after, in a clean environment, their physical appearance is not always a gauge for mental health.” In other words, we did not find the horrific conditions we hoped we’d find, but we are still outraged. Congressman Bennie Thompson, Democrat from Mississippi, said, “It’s what I didn’t see that bothers me the most.” So, let's see: Wilson and Thompson and presumably other Democrats didn't see caged children, didn't see them sleeping on the floor, but this is bothersome? 

As I detailed last year, when former Sen. Bill Nelson and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempted a similar grandstanding ploy at this facility, what was contained therein did not match their hysterical theories. But these are the Democrats, remember. And they can't let go of a good accusatory and demonizing narrative. Perhaps they're hoping it will stick with enough voters to make the lies worthwhile. So, even when met with the good news that children are not being mistreated, these Dems will continue to wail about what is NOT taking place.

Meanwhile, be warned: Anyone suggesting these members of Congress are acting in ill-faith run the risk of arrest. Otherwise, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson will lasso up a bunch of trouble, and that kind of stress could impact the creases in her designer pink rodeo togs. We have to show the utmost respect to those who dress up like a candy-colored extra in a square dance routine from a 1970s-era variety show -- they are above our criticism.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


Should Everyone over the age of 60 should be taken out of congress? Is it me or is there A lot of old senile chumps waiting on there pensions? Is there going to be a time when we all had enough of old skeletons running the country? Will there be a time when the generation that is living in the now going to take control of the future? Just Questions.

Should Everyone over the age of 60 should be taken out of congress? Is it me or is there A lot of old senile chumps waiting on there pensions? Is there going to be a time when we all had enough of old skeletons running the country? Will there be a time when the generation that is living in the now going to take control of the future? Just Questions.

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Why does she look like she is about to tell me to step into a slim Jim?

Folks, this is what a racist pig looks like. And naturally is a Democrat too.

No different than Trump and his TumpNutz screaming "Lock her up!" at his juvenile pep rallies.

BIG difference. He wasn't suggesting Hillary be locked up for things she said. He was suggesting she be locked up for all the laws she's broken. Nutty hey, why let facts get in the way of your hatred of trump....

wow, what a dog and pony show...

Are these the same people that told everyone to harass the republicans at the stores, out at dinner, etc?

One and the same

SHE is not even worthy of my keystrokes to comment on. The folks I blaim are the numnuts that with their votes put her in office. You are the true idiots responsable for every word which drools out of her nasty mouth. Yeah I'm talking about you Mr./Ms. voter you are the idiots. IDIOTS

The "women" in Congress have a unique, but frequently comical ability towards self-demonization... They are like a "Knitting Club" run amok, that is unfortunately occurring far too often in the "public eye", demeaning Florida before the rest of America's population... (Glitzy "Brokeback Mountain" cowboy hats??.. ANYONE?!?... of course not,... else they would make YOU look like a "Clown" too ! And this sad image is what represents us in Congress??????? Florida can do better,..MUCH BETTER !!!)

Unfortunately these congresswomen you speak of are voted in by ghetto mentality type people.

What a mess. You can't fault people young and old from trying to get away from a living hell that these people are escaping, yet how are Americans going to feed and cloth all these people. In a perfect world I could see warm heart-ad Americans opening their doors, maybe they could be harnessed to become caretakers of the old and in-firmed, cleanup the house, do some chores, in this way they would be earning a place in America. Who knows, maybe one of them might become a doctor who finds a cure or artist to compete with Beethoven. One thing is for sure it will take people with great moral fiber to help all of us get through this mess.

What is it you dont understand about the word ILLEGAL you dont understand????

Illegal like the Underground Railroad.

Not even a close - unless you can find gas ovens with humans in them in the detention centers.

I see you missed my point Fred, let me phrase it another way, as a law abiding citizen, when is it good to follow a bad law?

Bill sit your misinformed self home and relax the next several election cycles because your version of facts and feelings wont make a hoot of difference for the foreseeable future. MAGA Bill MAGA

I sense your strength, I am a tired old man who hopes you have the answers.

Epitome of a pimp. Victimhood pimp. She is a glaring reason DemocRATS continue to be ushered out of Florida politics. For that, I thank her.

Well stated ! Until the Democrats stop trying to use false outrage and stop trying to appease any and everyone by offering “free “ this and “free “ that , people who work and sacrifice everyday to provide for themselves and their loved ones will continue to choose another path . If everything is “ free” , then it o longer has any real value , and as history has shown , the slices of “ free” cheese will get thinner and thinner , until there is nothing there . No thank you !

Both sides are promising free. Now we have the biggest deceit in history even though taxes were raised 25% tarriff. Free money with the GOP goes to the richest 4%

It's blow them up or starve them with no middle ground.

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