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Nancy Smith

Ron DeSantis Stands Tall for President Trump

September 27, 2019 - 6:00am
Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump
Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump

Sometimes it isn't about the money. Gov. Ron DeSantis' announcement Thursday that he is raising money to back President Donald Trump against an impeachment coup is more about the Florida governor's vote of confidence in the president than it is about any amount of cash he can raise. Trust me on that.

DeSantis, only nine months in office, is riding high right now. His popularity has never been greater. He told the world Thursday morning he was getting involved on behalf of the Republican Party of Florida. That's a message for Republicans to follow his lead. And a message to Republicans  "wussing" over where to stand going into an election year.

The point is, there's probably no one in Florida right now more capable than DeSantis of stopping the bleeding in the public arena or in the president's reelection campaign.

“As governor of Florida, I want the president to know that we have his back in this fight 100 percent, so today I’m issuing the Presidential Protection Fund to fight back against this disgusting attempt to overturn a legitimate U.S. election,” DeSantis wrote in an email Thursday.

Trump faces allegations he tried to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to help in the 2020 election. It all follows a complaint filed by an intelligence officer, who alleges Trump asked Zelensky in a telephone call to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“When I served in Congress, I fought back against the Democrats’ witch hunts every single day. I REFUSE to let them overturn the 2016 election and erase your vote from history,” wrote DeSantis to the people of Florida. “Now that Democrats are officially moving to impeach our duly elected president, my duty to protect him isn’t over.”

DeSantis said Democrats are trying to avoid an election

Trump's support for DeSantis' gubernatorial candidacy in 2018 was crucial. But until Thursday, the day the full Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint was released, the governor had kept a low profile in the president's re-election.

Immediately upon release of the complaint, national Democrats were summarizing their chances of impeachment with these allegations:

  • "Donald Trump weaponized his office to convince the president of Ukraine to investigate a political opponent – in other words, he attempted to recruit foreign interference in our elections."

  • "Trump attempted to extort Ukraine by threatening to withhold aid unless they complied."

  • "The White House tried to cover up this crime by hiding the records."

Allegations, even gossip/hearsay -- nowhere near statements of fact, say White House officials. But in the meantime, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' strong response on Trump's behalf -- his Presidential Protection Fund -- is getting extensive play in the media across the state and around the country. It was a loud statement. And it has meaning.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


Ubble gibble gobble gubble bluk glup

Both times, you missed the last 'glup'.

Ubble gibble gobble gubble bluk glup

Very erudite, Slick!

Just like the post preceding it.

I can't believe any Republican would support Trump at this point. What's wrong with you? He's a *** grabbing, piece of shit. He's a criminal and a moron. He has the intelligence and maturity of a child. He lies, cheats and steals. And if you think he's sent by God, you'll rot in hell with him!

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

I did not collude with any Russians, including Vlady.

That isn't true as Chump has been Putin's Puppet!!………It is disgusting how he fawns over him, other dictators.…..And soon their ph calls, meeting notes that have been hidden will be opened and we'll see just what a traitor Chump is...…...…. He can't even speak anymore without telling easily provable lies but I'm guessing most repubs are allergic to honest facts, fact checker groups...…And for his obstruction crimes at least he'll be charged right after losing the election….. Well over 12k lies so far and repubs obviously love being lied to...….What's up with that? ...……...….What does it say about those supporting him?

...but I did

Friggin' awesome! Best post here in a long time! Tellin' it like it is! LOL


I am in President Trump's corner and intend to give him my full support, even though I am only on a very low income and can't afford to give monetary support, he is in my prayers!

Some day I may ask you to do me a small favor.

Two great guys that all of us are proud of.

Excellent story by a distinguished journalist, Nancy Smith. This is a prime example why the citizen voters elected Governor Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis is a natural born leader and is helping Florida every day.

FYI -- Ron DeSantis: 49.7% 4,052,546 votes vs Andrew Gillum: 49.0% 3,997,008 votes with 99% of the final vote counted for that race

Beginning of the end for them both. No one is above the law.

Yes, Joe Biden and his son Hunter must go to prison for their numerous crimes.


Got any evidence, Slick?


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