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Hillary Clinton Is Not The Second Coming Of Harriet Tubman

January 23, 2016 - 3:00pm

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, right?

How many times are black people going to place their eggs in a Clinton basket and expect something different?

Other than play the saxophone and have an office in Harlem, why do we love Bill, and other than being married to Bill, why do we love Hillary?

As much as we all loved to call Bill Clinton the “First Black President,” my good friend, prominent Tallahassee attorney Chuck Hobbs broke it down rather well when he wrote this:

“Don’t get me wrong, I respected some aspects of Clinton’s presidency, but his legacy with respect to race included not only advocating causes that gutted high-paying blue collar jobs in the Midwest (NAFTA) and others that imprisoned more black men than ever. He and his wife also joined in lock step with Newt Gingrich in promulgating “welfare reform” that made black mothers who were already catching hell to raise their kids catch even more hell.”

You can read Chuck Hobbs’ article in its entirety here

During Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary race against Barack Obama, her true colors, as well as Bill’s, started to show. They are all for black people as long as we are asking how high when they say jump.

When the issue came up of Florida and Michigan breaking the rules and being punished for it, Hillary Clinton kept quiet. She allowed her surrogates to advocate for cheating. Even Donna Brazile famously said that when you want to change the rules in the middle of the game, it’s called cheating. Hillary Clinton wanted to win at all costs, and she didn’t care who she had to roll over to do it. Even her supporters got downright rabid. Remember Harriet Christian and her “inadequate black man” rant

There are still those who say Hillary and her camp were the source of the Jeremiah Wright scandal. She wanted to damage Obama however she could.

They say Hillary and her camp helped fuel the birth certificate issue, even though she knew it was a non-issue, she wanted to damage Obama anyway she could.

The infamous 3 a.m. ad she ran was a thinly veiled racist swipe at Obama, because while your little white children are sleeping, this black man couldn’t possibly protect them.

Bill Clinton, who hilariously enough was jealous that Obama was going to be the REAL first black president, tried to demean him as only a black candidate in South Carolina and tried to brush him off as nothing.

When Bill Clinton thought Rep. James Clyburn was “pulling strings” behind the scenes in South Carolina, where Hillary Clinton lost to Obama, he said to Clyburn, “If you bastards want a fight, you damn well will get one”.

Don’t believe me, hear it from Clyburn’s own lips here.

Black people need to realize when they are appreciated, and when they are being used.

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t whipping/nae-naeing, dabbing, and whatnot before, why do it now?

Hillary knows that what is saving her butt now is the African-American community.

The only reason THAT is the case is because her NAME is familiar. I want her GAME to be familiar as well. It isn’t as fun as y’all think it is.

We talk about how our African-American men are disproportionately behind bars, and here Hillary Clinton is, taking large sums of money from the private prison industry.

She talks a lot about her advocacy for children -- black children, Latino children, etc., but at the same time, she supports policies that send the parents of those children to jail.

Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist, 1822-1913
Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist, 1822-1913

I guess that makes the private prison industry folks who line her pockets happy, right?

What irks me most of all are the endorsements of the families of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Eric Garner. These families have become OUR families in a way. Clinton knows that. I feel she is using that to get our votes via our empathy and sympathy for those families and the tragedies they suffered.

What is Hillary going to do next? Find the family of Emmett Till and send out an endorsement letter from them? I think if it were not for the fact that Sandra Bland’s family KNOWS the sincerity of Bernie Sanders -- he did what he did with them outside the public eye -- Hillary Clinton would have tried to get HER family to send out an endorsement letter.

I would imagine if Bernie Sanders asked that family to endorse him, they would. But it appears as though he is above using tragedy for personal gain.

Not Hillary Clinton.

The Latino community had it right when they told her that she was not their abuela.

Black folks, she ain’t your Madea, Harriet Tubman, Sista Souljah, Ride-or-die, or none of that.

I’m beginning to think she isn’t even your friend.

Leslie Wimes is president and founder of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, She lives in Palm Beach County. This commentary is reprinted from Wimes' Women on the Move website with the author's permission.


Your "progressive dreams" are a NIGHTMARE to anyone who loves freedom. As a former liberal/Democrat, I know where you're coming from and it's not a good place to foster intellectual honesty. I hope you, too, can one day remove the blinders you've placed on yourself -- good luck!

I think that was satire.

She might not be Harriet Tubman but she is tubby!

On a related note, I just read a short mention of a "democratic town hall debate" scheduled for Jan 25 at 8pm central on CNN. Does anyone know if this will be live streamed for everyone to watch? I'm surprised DWS let Sanders, Clinton and O'Malley speak again so soon.

wake up black people: vote Trump 2016!

Ever since the Great Society programs, blacks have been living in a permanent cycle of out of wedlock single parenthood, perpetual union run failed education, and lifelong affirmative action. Blacks are either dependent on welfare/food stamps and government employment or part of the criminal justice system. Even if Blacks are to wake up, they have no choice but to vote Democrat, since they are pretty much totally dependent on the government.

...because dems want to keep them that way! "You darkies can't make it on your own - we;'ll take care of you. Vote for us!!"

Black mothers who are "catching hell" to raise their kids shouldn't be having kids without also having a responsible husband as a way of making a living via Welfare and by getting the rest of us to pay for it. (You see? Morals really are practical.)

Very well said. They should "catch hell" for being so irresponsible for bringing a child into this world with no means to support it. They instead rely on the government and OUR taxes to do all the work for them.

I'm glad that someone addressed that line.

For crying out loud....WAKE UP!

Where's Bernie's Whitewater? Where's Bernie's Vincent Foster? Where's Bernie's TravelGate? Where's Bernie's selling of missile technology to ChiComs for illegal cash? Where's Bernie's Ron Brown? Where's Bernie's harassment of his spouses sexual victims? Where's Bernie's theft of whitehouse furniture and forcing him to return it? Where's Bernie's Benghazi? Where's Bernie's home-brew server used to avoid FOIA requests? Where's Bernie's harddrive that he had to wipe clean trying to hide crimes? Where's Bernie's investigation by the FBI into his cover-ups and illegal use of top secret classified information? Hillary is the worst friend black lives can have! That woman plays us all for fools.

Run, Mrs. Stainmaker, run! (from your husband's victims you trashed)

Frankly, I'm baffled that a people that voted Republican 9-to-1 for nearly a hundred years (because Republicans were the abolition party), suddenly started to flip toward the end of the 1960s and vote Democrat 9-to-1, given that the Democrat party supported slavery, formed the KKK when slavery was abolished by the Republicans, enacted Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, segregation, and re-segregated the military and other parts of society previously desegregated by Republicans. And if you pull out the "southern strategy" card, I would remind you that only one politician changed parties to Republican when the Republicans tried to woo evangelical Christians: Strom Thurmond.

The shift actually started with Elinore. She was the first to address the issue. Then with LBJ's War on Poverty and his statement "now the n16634s will vote Democrat for the next 200 years" sealed it. Does anyone believe BHO's statement that race relations have improved over the past 8 yrs?

The Republicans were taken over by the Christian right, now we have the right and the extreme right. not much difference between the two now

Catch up-the moral majority disbanded in 1990. There is no influential 'extreme Christian right' in either party. You watch too much TV. The left has its extreme left, namely those supporting Bernie Sanders, a Socialist.

I think we could use some old Christian common sense, after all this muslim loving, gay marriage having, abortions killing all our babies nonsense. No practicing Christian ever called me n***a.


It really is an odd article. Blacks have homicide rates nearly 10X other people. What does the author want? To let murderers, thieves and thugs out on the street? Not that I disagree with her essential point, Hillary is manipulative, but seriously. Get your men to have jobs, stay at home and raise the kids. Don't have kids without a man who is going to support your. Why should I support you? I have to support my own kids.

I'm proud to be black and voting for Bernie. Sanders is a social democrat, not a socialist, not a communist and sure as hell not a Clinton. He is real, and will improve all of our lives, for real! Everyone FEEL THE BERN! Tell your friends, neighbors, family. It's time!

Bernie has done nothing in his entire life other than cash government checks. While he doesn't appear to be a thief in the same vane as the Clintons, he nevertheless feels it is proper/legal and desirous to steal from one group to buy votes from another. Yours has obviously been sold.

You are definitely speaking out from a utopian foundation of thought. Bernie is a bonafide socialist . He will soon as he gets into office command the Agricultural Department to GM trees that will produce money for all the free stuff he promises. But those scientist wont be able to GM we will disintegrate like the EU.

Bernie is an everyday communist, American hating disgusting slob. Have you no shame?

If the government is used to steal from your neighbor to give to you it makes you a thief.

He only started to use the term "social democrat" very recently to describe himself. And if you go back and look at voter ballots in which he was on, his political party was in fact listed as Socialist. And it might interest you to know that in the 1980 he attended anti-US rallies in communist Nicaragua, a client state of the former Soviet Union at the time.

Not only Bernie but Comrade Bill Duh Blasio the mayor of the City of New York.

Hillary is an ADVOCATE OF RAPE and RAPISTS. Look what she did to that 11 year old rape victim, or Bill's victims.

The Democrats this time seem to want to "throw it all away" on a woman who is likely to be prosecuted for many serious felonies involving national security as Obama's Secretary of State. Or, maybe her plan is to be elected President and thereby defer prosecution. Or maybe Obama will pardon her on the way out, which would be disgusting, but which might cover his own complicity in those crimes.

Harriet Tubman was a pro-2nd Amendment Republican, anyway. Hillary couldn't hope to aspire that high.


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