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Hillary Clinton Is Not The Second Coming Of Harriet Tubman

January 23, 2016 - 3:00pm

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, right?

How many times are black people going to place their eggs in a Clinton basket and expect something different?

Other than play the saxophone and have an office in Harlem, why do we love Bill, and other than being married to Bill, why do we love Hillary?

As much as we all loved to call Bill Clinton the “First Black President,” my good friend, prominent Tallahassee attorney Chuck Hobbs broke it down rather well when he wrote this:

“Don’t get me wrong, I respected some aspects of Clinton’s presidency, but his legacy with respect to race included not only advocating causes that gutted high-paying blue collar jobs in the Midwest (NAFTA) and others that imprisoned more black men than ever. He and his wife also joined in lock step with Newt Gingrich in promulgating “welfare reform” that made black mothers who were already catching hell to raise their kids catch even more hell.”

You can read Chuck Hobbs’ article in its entirety here

During Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary race against Barack Obama, her true colors, as well as Bill’s, started to show. They are all for black people as long as we are asking how high when they say jump.

When the issue came up of Florida and Michigan breaking the rules and being punished for it, Hillary Clinton kept quiet. She allowed her surrogates to advocate for cheating. Even Donna Brazile famously said that when you want to change the rules in the middle of the game, it’s called cheating. Hillary Clinton wanted to win at all costs, and she didn’t care who she had to roll over to do it. Even her supporters got downright rabid. Remember Harriet Christian and her “inadequate black man” rant

There are still those who say Hillary and her camp were the source of the Jeremiah Wright scandal. She wanted to damage Obama however she could.

They say Hillary and her camp helped fuel the birth certificate issue, even though she knew it was a non-issue, she wanted to damage Obama anyway she could.

The infamous 3 a.m. ad she ran was a thinly veiled racist swipe at Obama, because while your little white children are sleeping, this black man couldn’t possibly protect them.

Bill Clinton, who hilariously enough was jealous that Obama was going to be the REAL first black president, tried to demean him as only a black candidate in South Carolina and tried to brush him off as nothing.

When Bill Clinton thought Rep. James Clyburn was “pulling strings” behind the scenes in South Carolina, where Hillary Clinton lost to Obama, he said to Clyburn, “If you bastards want a fight, you damn well will get one”.

Don’t believe me, hear it from Clyburn’s own lips here.

Black people need to realize when they are appreciated, and when they are being used.

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t whipping/nae-naeing, dabbing, and whatnot before, why do it now?

Hillary knows that what is saving her butt now is the African-American community.

The only reason THAT is the case is because her NAME is familiar. I want her GAME to be familiar as well. It isn’t as fun as y’all think it is.

We talk about how our African-American men are disproportionately behind bars, and here Hillary Clinton is, taking large sums of money from the private prison industry.

She talks a lot about her advocacy for children -- black children, Latino children, etc., but at the same time, she supports policies that send the parents of those children to jail.

Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist, 1822-1913
Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist, 1822-1913

I guess that makes the private prison industry folks who line her pockets happy, right?

What irks me most of all are the endorsements of the families of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Eric Garner. These families have become OUR families in a way. Clinton knows that. I feel she is using that to get our votes via our empathy and sympathy for those families and the tragedies they suffered.

What is Hillary going to do next? Find the family of Emmett Till and send out an endorsement letter from them? I think if it were not for the fact that Sandra Bland’s family KNOWS the sincerity of Bernie Sanders -- he did what he did with them outside the public eye -- Hillary Clinton would have tried to get HER family to send out an endorsement letter.

I would imagine if Bernie Sanders asked that family to endorse him, they would. But it appears as though he is above using tragedy for personal gain.

Not Hillary Clinton.

The Latino community had it right when they told her that she was not their abuela.

Black folks, she ain’t your Madea, Harriet Tubman, Sista Souljah, Ride-or-die, or none of that.

I’m beginning to think she isn’t even your friend.

Leslie Wimes is president and founder of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, She lives in Palm Beach County. This commentary is reprinted from Wimes' Women on the Move website with the author's permission.


But you make our argument William. It is true that Obama didn't do very much for blacks. Neither did Bill Clinton. Only one President ever garnered enough appreciation for what he did for those poor living in section 8 housing (where drugs were rampant), under Reagan housing laws were changed so that if anyone was caught selling or even using drugs, they would be gone from those apts. after only one year, the drug and violence problem was cut by 70%. Such a dramatic change that a life long black female democrat actually was interviewed on Sixty Minites stating "even though I always voted for a democrat, I have to admit that under President Reagan was when I saw real change". So I ask again, why do so many like you continue to vote for the same old tired failures just because they are from the Democratic Party?" It doesn't make sense!! And if you check back further, Nixon did More for blacks and others in poverty with so many programs initiated during his tenure, yet you guys continue to disparage republicans while voting for the same failed policies over and over again. That truly IS sanity.

Because during the early 1970s the Democrats learned something Joseph Goebbels figured out forty years prior: repeat a lie often enough and it will eventually become the truth.

Listen to this Clinton shill arrogantly ignoring Bernie. It ain't about the Republicans yet. Didn't y'all act the same way about Obama back when?

When Trump gets elected he's going to focus on creating policies that encourage job growth in THIS country, the USA, not China, Mexico. This will be a 180 degree turn from the past administrations that pushed for policies that accelerated offshoring. That will benefit black people and all Americans. We don't need a race-oriented job policy, we need policies that put America first, that will benefit everyone. We're all in this together, black and white, who cares, what matters is the people, not the color!

Trump is not getting elected my friend. Nobody wants a foul mouthed billionaire for president.

Are you sure the Dems are better for blacks? Surely if someone like Trump comes in and sets policies in motion that create more good income paying jobs and blacks get a lot of these jobs.........I don't know. In my books that sounds a lot better than the same old same old Dem stuff. But hey, that just me. Seems to me whether you are white or black or whatever self respect comes through earning a decent living. That has not happened under Obama. Blacks have gone backwards. That you have to admit whether you love Obama or not.

The debt came down because Reagan defeated the Soviet Union and Bill got to decrease defense spending, so really not Bill's doing. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates, not Bill Clinton. Do you think he brought "peace" to the Middle East? And the towers in New York were bombed first on his watch, and then he let Al Quaeda go largely unmolested while they planned the airplane attack. In fact Syria had Bin Laden in custody, offered to extradite him to the U.S., and Bill turned them down. Just keeping it real, brotha!!!

And debt isn't the fault of the President. Every penny of money spent/borrowed has to originate in the House of Representatives.

.....and be passed by the Senate and signed by the president.

What a short memory you have. If the GOP refuses to fund everything obama and the dems want, he closes down the government and somehow it is the 'obstructionalist' Republicans. Odd that.

Yet somehow Obamacare spending originated in the Senate.

let's be clear. Obamacare is a Democrat Initiative. DemoCrat Affordable Care Act. DCACA. Not that the R's are much better, but get someone in there that wants to put a stop to this insanity. Meanwhile, Blacks lost more than Whites in since Obama. They lost their wealth and income at higher rates than whites. To achieve this feat, Obama stopped exporting illegals from this country, and made it harder for black people to earn a legitimate wage.

Here we are trying to prevent race from interfering with job placement, educational placement, etc. etc. Yet blacks are pushing to use their race as a tool for job placement, education, social programs costing ALL Americans untold dollars, and they use race to define there political thinking. It is not who is better for browns, or whites, or blacks, or yellows not who is better democrats, repulicans, it should be WHO is better FOR AMERICA! Wake up forcing costly programs on the nation, voting based on who does more for a certain group, will break this country. I read the man who foretasted the break up of the soviet union, is now forecasting the splitting of America into 3 geographical portions, and yes, the muslim world gets 1 third.

You bring up what Clinton did for blacks by first stating welfare reform....2 things: 1. You, yes YOU, just made a connection between welfare and blacks.....a racist statement, which I am sure you would point out it a republican said it. You did not mention jobs for blacks, not better education for want a democrat and wanted them in the past to help with welfare for blacks. So, I ask you, who is the racist here? 2. All you did was verify what the column was about.....that blacks become hostages to help and do not get real help.

the government is created to protect your rights not provide for you. If they provide for you you are a slave.

When in the course of human events has any government in the known universe protected anyone or anything other than itself? It is up to the people to not vote for scum, regardless of race, color, gender, etc, etc, etc.

While I agree with you that Hillary would be better than any of the many Republican candidates, Bernie will do more to help all the people - black, white, and any other race. He is honest and wants to do what is right, not cater to whoever donates the most money to his campaign. Getting young people into colleges and universities so that they can make a decent living, providing a single payer healthcare system and reining in the excessive cost of the medicines we all have to take, getting rid of the for-profit prisons, repairing our aging roads and bridges thereby creating more jobs, and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour...these are all things that will help everyone, no matter their race. He is a compassionate, honest, hardworking man who I feel would move our country forward.

Do you have any comprehension about what Socialism does to the middle class? Any clue? It further widens the gap between rich and poor and lowers the middle class into poor status. Socialism destroys the middle class. It's called "for every action there is an equal reaction" - give more to the poor and they'll continue to TAKE. There is not enough money in this country to pay for all the poor people we already have. If every penny were taken from every billionaire, it still would not be enough to maintain a middle class in this country. Why do you want to destroy this country's middle class? What do you have against us?

Kim, there you go again, believing that Hillary would do better for blacks than the republican party. WAKE UP!!! The democrats have failed you time and time again and you FAIL to see the connection! What has the democrat party done but bring misery to the cause? What ever happened to self-suffincy and being promoted on merit and not race? Where did that go? It left when the democrat party decided to enslave people in other ways than the plantation. Give it up girl. Time to try something different. Give the other party a try. Maybe you can learn something other than who is best suited to give you more handouts.

Nicely put

I don't have to take meds, and don't want y'all to pay for it when/if I ever do. Nor do I want to pay for the meds for all the smokers, overeaters, lazy people, sexaholics, drug addicts/alcholics, and the rest of the irresponsible people who comprise almost all of the very, very few people who actually receive more in benefits from health insurance than they pay in premiums. And those "lucky" people aren't the real intended "beneficiaries" of health insurance - it's the insurance companies, huge medical companies, huge drug companies, and the huge government bureaucracy that wants control over our lives. Saying government jobs is good for the economy is like saying that paying your son to mow the yard increases your families income. Stupidity. Minimum wages are nothing but wealth redistribution. Whatever amount of that wage is above the marketplace value of that job is passed through to all of us as consumers in the form of higher prices for the goods and services. You want burger flippers to make $15/hour, then you also want to pay more for that burger and fries. The stupidity of socialists is that they insanely think that extra money is going to come out of corporate profits. It doesn't. Those companies will make the same amount of profit as before. Bernie is one of those feel-good, idealistic, fantasizing socialists with pie-in-the-sky dreams.

What would make a democrat better than any republican? The fact that they concentrate of "gimme" programs like planned parenthood (even the title is a lie (planned no kids to parent) there are already numerous programs to provide health help to women. Did you ever think that the reason many jobs go overseas is due to the cost of production? That a high minimum wage means higher cost of living? Not a war monger, but I do fear the loss of this country to a foreign and/or domestic enemy. Our primary concern should be a strong defense of this country. What good are more jobs, more social programs, etc., if a foreign government controls us? Hillary said one thing I'll take out of context and support NO one is too big to fail, America is not too big to fail, and sorry rev. wright but GOD bless this country.

I'd hardly called abortion a "gimme" program. It saves everyone else a lot of money. I am one conservative who is willing to let other people abort their babies they cannot care for -- because I don't want to care for their babies myself either.

Wrong about Hillary and the Democrats. Republicans will treat you as an equal human being expected to stand on your own two feet. Democrats treat black people as inferior pets, to be given a treat, patted on the head, and sent on their way. Honest and aware blacks know this to be true.

This is a joke. Hillary may not be Harriet Tubman, but she is definitely better for blacks then any of the Republican candidates. If we are going to keep it real, Barack didn't do a lot for the average African American. Welfare reform was necessary, so that the program could be viable for those that really need it. The informed voter has to look at the whole candidate, not just the good and not just the bad. Bill Clinton reduced the national debt, reduced unemployment and lowered interest rates. He brought forward the first peace in the mideast. And the towers in New York were still standing during his Presidency. If his wife can do half as good we will be better off than we were under either of the George Bushes. Just keeping it real, sista!!!

1. Bill Clinton did not reduce the national debt. No president has. 2. Bill Clinton did not reduce interest rates. Rates are set by the Federal Reserve. 3. Bill Clinton did not bring the first peace in the Mideast. I don't even know where to begin on this one. Read more William. 4. The towers were still standing but only because the not because the terrorist didn't try. The World Trade Center was attacked under Clinton. Clinton also passed on getting Osama Bin Laden.

I don't know where to start. The national debt is made up of unpaid loans needed to balance our annual national budget. During the Clinton administration is the last time we had a surplus. As such other than interest there was no increase in the national debt. Unlike his predecessor Bill Clinton didn't hurt the American people or their children with actions that added to the debt. 2. Although the federal reserve does set interest rate, good administrations work in conjunction with the President of the board of governors to make sure that their actions help to grow the economy. During his Presidency Bill Clinton met with Alan Greenspan on a regular basis making sure that interest rates helped the economy grow. 3. As for peace in the mideast, maybe it is you who needs to read more. Bill Clinton hosted and witnessed the agreement signed by the Palestinians and Israel September 1993 on the White House lawn. Look it up. 4. Attacked and completely destroyed are two different things. Those responsible for the attack on the towers were caught and brought to justice. As for passing on Osama Bin Laden , Bill didn't want to start a war that he knew would cost billions and not achieve the goal. ie Desert Shield and Desert Storm.. Please remember President Obama caught Bin Laden not the President that started the chase, changed who he was after, spent billions of dollars with his friends and daddy's golf buddies and ended up with nothing to show for it, but the creation of Isis. Again I don't profess that Hillary is the answer, I am just not seeing anything impressive from any candidate right now.

This is a joke. Hillary may not be Harriet Tubman, but she is definitely better for blacks then any of the Republican candidates. If we are going to keep it real, Barack didn't do a lot for the average African American. Welfare reform was necessary, so that the program could be viable for those that really need it. The informed voter has to look at the whole candidate, not just the good and not just the bad. Bill Clinton reduced the national debt, reduced unemployment and lowered interest rates. He brought forward the first peace in the mideast. And the towers in New York were still standing during his Presidency. If his wife can do half as good we will be better off than we were under either of the George Bushes. Just keeping it real, sista!!!

Just remember you democrats gave us the Fugitve Slave Law, the Jim Crow laws, and the KKK. The democrats also voted against the 13th & 14th amendments. Think about that the next time you walk into the voting booth!

It wasn't Clinton that did all those things it was the Republican Congress. You're either unaware how our government works or just blindly following the liberal line. If you can't get past that there's no hope to change anything.


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