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Naked Politics Miami-Dade property appraiser's race goes to runoff between former incumbent and state rep


Former Miami-Dade property appraiser Pedro J. Garcia is set to face state Rep. Eddy González in a Nov. 4 runoff for Miami-Dade Property Appraiser after they emerged as the top vote-getters in a crowded five-man field.

The race will be one of sharp contrasts: Garcia, 76, is a professional real estate appraiser with 38 years’ experience. He was the property appraiser from 2009-2012, then narrowly lost reelection.

Naked Politics Miami voters endorse SkyRise tower


Miami voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly endorsed SkyRise Miami, a swooping observation tower and tourist attraction proposed on a spit of land behind Bayside Marketplace.

Naked Politics Primary marked by low turnout in South Florida

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Without any marquee races to excite them, South Florida voters trickled in to the polls Tuesday in a primary election marked by a turnout that was light even by the low standards of off-year voting.

Though large numbers of voters and balky technology have turned some recent South Florida election days into marathons of endless, sweaty lines, Tuesday’s low turnout meant minimal problems at the polls. And zero waiting to vote.

Naked Politics Charlie Crist crushes Nan Rich. But race against Rick Scott is far tougher


Florida Democrats started to make it official Tuesday: They want a former Republican governor to beat the current Republican governor.

Heading into Tuesday’s Democratic primary election, Charlie Crist’s win over longtime Democrat Nan Rich was never in doubt. Only the size of his double-digit margin — where he led Rich by about 75-25 percent when the Associated Press called the election two minutes after the polls closed  — was in question.

OS Political Pulse Mica: ISIS intel worst since 9/11

In letters to U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., and Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa. R-Calif., U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, blasted the U.S.

Naked Politics Poll workers had to verify voters' ID over the phone during power outage at Plantation precinct

Plantation High School, which has two voting precincts, had a power outage this morning as voters first started to trickle in to cast ballots in the governor’s race.

OS Political Pulse Voting slow, steady not hampered by power outage

Tuesday's primary vote began slow and steady.

Naked Politics Primary voting in Florida slow but smooth, state says

Polls across Florida opened smoothly Tuesday, and more than 1.1 million ballots had been cast by the time precincts opened for the statewide primary election. Secretary of State Ken Detzner, the state's chief elections officer, said absentee or mail ballots totaled 856,378 and that another 296,902 Floridians had cast ballots at early voting sites.

Naked Politics Exemptions from the Affordable Care Act includes millions in bill-sharing groups

When she was eight weeks old, Ashlyn Whitney suffered a severe respiratory-tract infection that put her in an intensive care unit for 12 days.

“Because she was so young, she couldn’t handle it,” Ashlyn’s mother, Nicole Whitney, recalled. “They had to give her oxygen.”

Naked Politics Ex-Lt. Gov. Carroll rips Scott, others in new book

In a new book, former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll describes the misery of being in a “boys’ club” led by Gov. Rick Scott, who showed no interest in her ideas to reach out to black and Hispanic voters and whose staff members treated her shabbily.

Naked Politics Tom Steyer's NextGen group targets Rick Scott for "hiding" Duke Energy ties


First there was an ad. Then there was a response ad. Now there's a reply to the response.

Naked Politics Fact-check of RPOF's ad about Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein buying Charlie Crist's judicial picks

lorida’s famous Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein now lives in a federal prison, but Republicans hope that he can help smear the reputation of former Gov. Charlie Crist.

Back when Crist was a Republican, Rothstein and his Fort Lauderdale law firm donated generously to Crist and the Republican Party of Florida, as well as several other politicians.

Naked Politics Rick Scott's progress on 700,000 jobs promise

Careering into the August primary, Gov. Rick Scott's promise to create more than 700,000 jobs in seven years has either suffered a hiccup or continues unabated, depending on your point of view.

Naked Politics Scott campaign, GOP have paid $227K for use of jet

Gov. Rick Scott's campaign and the Republican Party of Florida have paid more than $227,000 for use of the private jet that Scott also uses for official state travel. The Cessna Citation is owned by a Naples business whose only officer is First Lady Ann Scott. The jet tail number ends with the first lady's initials.

Naked Politics Scott calls for review of new education standards, state assessments

Late last week, an election-minded Gov. Rick Scott released a plan to increase per-pupil spending.

On Monday, he followed up with a proposal to review the state's new education benchmarks and assessments, and increase investments into digital learning, school safety and both reading and math instruction. 

Naked Politics Ex-Rep. David Rivera: A parent's nightmare


David Rivera isn’t just a scandal-plagued ex-lawmaker and current congressional candidate.

Rivera is also a parent’s nightmare.

Last week, that awful truth came home to the parents of Ana Alliegro, a 44-year-old political operative who has been sitting in jail for almost six months over a campaign-finance conspiracy that, she admitted Tuesday, was hatched by Rivera.

Naked Politics Dems plan unity rally





It took weeks for Rod Smith to endorse Jim Davis for governor after their bruising 2006 Democratic primary, and in 2002 Janet Reno did not even concede the gubernatorial primary to Bill McBride for a week. Voting problems in south Florida had left the outcome in doubt.

Naked Politics 'Souls to the polls' returns to Miami-Dade early voting

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On Sunday morning, Rev. Steven Caldwell urged his parishioners to do their “godly duty” and vote in the primary election, warning them that “if you think your vote doesn’t count, the Devil has lied to you.”

If Caldwell’s booming words weren’t enough to move his flock, he had a coach bus waiting outside to drive them to an early-voting site after the service.

Naked Politics David Rivera was named co-conspirator, but his Miami congressional rivals have moved on


Although the mysterious name behind “Co-conspirator A” was already known, the timing of its disclosure in a Miami courtroom last week could not have been worse for David Rivera.

Naked Politics The Charlie Crist-Nan Rich campaign that wasn't

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Charlie Crist has ignored his Democratic opponent for nearly a year, and now voters will decide the soundness of his strategy Tuesday in the party’s primary race for governor.

Crist is expected to roll up a big double-digit victory over Nan Rich, a former state Senate Democratic leader whose lack of name identification was matched by her inability to mount an effective campaign that excited voters or garnered media attention.

Naked Politics Records show governor’s office put up barriers to public records

Gov. Rick Scott launched Project Sunburst two years ago to give the public easy access to his emails and those of his staff and promised it would become a “unprecedented, transparent window into how state government works.”

Naked Politics In Miami congressional race, GOP rivals spar over key issues


With four days left until Tuesday’s election, differences over key policy issues emerged Friday among Republicans running for Florida’s 26th congressional district primary, as the candidates made their final pitches to primary voters.

OS Political Pulse Candidates reactions mixed over Lewis's ruling

Elections, redistricting, lawsuits over redistricting, and judge's orders about redistricting theoretically are all about voters.

Florida Politics Judge upholds new congressional map

A judge signed off on the Florida Legislature's second-stab at drawing a non-partisan congressional map Friday, describing the tweaks made to the sprawling Jacksonville-to-Orlando seat of Rep.

OS Political Pulse Judge upholds new congressional map

A judge signed off on the Florida Legislature's second-stab at drawing a non-partisan congressional map Friday, describing the tweaks make to the sprawling Jacksonville-to-Orlando seat of Rep.

Naked Politics Judge approves legislature's fix for congressional maps, calls no special election

Florida's flawed congressional districts may remain in place for two more years and newly drawn congressional boundaries don't have to take effect until 2016, a Tallahassee circuirt court judge ruled late Friday.

Naked Politics Pup patrol among the politicos



Politicians easily out-numbered pets at Friday's "ground-breaking" ceremony of Miami-Dade's new animal shelter, which is set to open in the fall of 2015. But there were a handful of four-legged guests that naturally stole the show from camera-loving elected officials. 

OS Political Pulse Webster sets up legal defense fund

U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster has set up a legal defense fund, presumably for use of fighting for his seat in case the redistricting ruling from Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis jeopardizes the two-term congressman's ability to win re-election in November, according to a D.C.

Naked Politics After $300K campaign, SkyRise polling 'very positive'


With just days to go until Miami voters consider a proposal to build a 1,000-foot tower behind Bayside, the marketplace’s operator and developer Jeff Berkowitz have unleased a campaign blitz.

Together, they’ve invested more than $300,000 into a committee that has poured most of those funds into radio spots, mailers and robocalls. The cash has gone to Friends of Bayside, which is also polling voters.

Naked Politics Happy Birthday to PolitiFact

On Aug. 22, 2007, we launched an experiment in accountability journalism just because we thought American politics could use more fact-checking. We called it PolitiFact.