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Naked Politics Legislators asks prison secretary Michael Crews to turn over files on cover-up

A state senator is asking the Department of Corrections to turn over documents regarding the cover-up and investigation of suspicious inmate deaths at Florida prisons, warning that the use excessive force may have violated the constitutional ban on "cruel and unusual punishment."

OS Political Pulse Krulick: I'm "only alternative" to Mica

Independent congressional candidate Al Krulick, once described as a "tilter at windmills," is trying to appeal to Democrats in District 7 now that the party's candidate has essentially ended his challenge Republican U.S. Rep.

Naked Politics Dems accuse GOP, Scott of 'bully' tactics in photographing car tags

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant said Friday that Republicans and Gov. Rick Scott tried to "bully, harass and intimidate" people by photographing the license plates of cars belonging to people at a Charlie Crist fund-raiser at her home Tuesday.

Naked Politics NRCC ad: Joe Garcia -- "another corruption scandal"


Political ads come with a who-paid disclaimer. But they also should bear a viewer-beware warning.

So there are some caveats with the National Republican Campaign Committee's latest ad bashing Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia.

Naked Politics Another state board, another campaign-year message lauding Rick Scott


Thousands of parents of kids with Florida prepaid tuition accounts got some welcome news this month that their monthly payments would be reduced --- and Gov. Rick Scott made sure to pen a campaign-style message along with the notification from the Florida Prepaid College Board.

Naked Politics Former Rep. David Rivera's 'co-conspirator' wants indictments in Rep. Joe Garcia's camp

From the Facebook page of Ana Sol Alliegro, admitted 'co-conspirator' of former U.S. Rep David Rivera, in regards to potential criminal activity in the former campaign of U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia:

OS Political Pulse Photos: Scott, Bondi & Co. sweep Fla. Ag's straw poll

While the latest polls in recent days may have the Scott-Crist gubernatorial campaigns pretty much at a dead heat, the straw poll voters at the Farm Credit/Florida Ag Institute’s Candidates Forum in Orlando, Thursday, went all in for Scott & Co., giving all of the GOP candidates big...

Naked Politics Gov. Scott's investigator and DOC inspector were told of cover-up but failed to act

Gov. Rick Scott’s chief troubleshooter was warned nearly two years ago about the possible cover-up of two suspicious prison deaths, but did nothing other than forward the letter to the very people accused of hiding the deaths, documents obtained by the Miami Herald show.

Naked Politics Before DWS said Scott Walker gave "back of his hand," she said it about Rick Scott


You remember a few weeks ago when DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz caused an uproar in saying Wisconsin Gov "“Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand"? Turns out the overheated rhetoric was not entirely new. The south Florida congresswoman said the something similar about Gov.

OS Political Pulse Scott, Crist add to field office chain


Naked Politics South Florida members of Congress object to including Venezuela in UN Security Council


Naked Politics Miami-Dade, Florida lobbyist faces prison in FBI bribery case


The lobbyist who flipped for the feds in an FBI sting operation that led to the conviction of one mayor and the acquittal of another will learn his punishment Thursday in Miami federal court.

Naked Politics Republicans set aside $2.6 million for ads in Miami congressional race


The National Republican Congressional Committee said this week that it plans to spend $2.6 million in advertising in the contested race for Florida's 26th district.

Naked Politics Delayed teacher debit cards carried 'inappropriate' message boosting Rick Scott


The delay in getting his classroom-supply debit card was expected, but what gave chemistry teacher Shawn Beightol a case of the eye-rolls was what he called the "inappropriate political message" attached to the bank statement that arrived in the mail.

Naked Politics Herald columnist Fred Grimm: John Thrasher gets cushy university spot he once fought against

Miami Herald columnist Fred Grimm opines on state Sen. John Thrasher landing the president's job at Florida State University ...


Here's a sample:

OS Political Pulse Neuman: "not actively campaigning"

Wesley Neuman, the Democrats' missing-in-action congressional candidate challenging U.S. Rep.

Naked Politics John Thrasher's next goal at FSU is reconciliation


State Sen. John Thrasher says he knows he faces a tough job winning over Florida State University students and faculty that opposed him becoming the school's next president.

Naked Politics Carlos Curbelo, Joe Garcia spar in Key West debate


Incumbent U.S. Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia and Republican challenger Carlos Curbelo, who have attacked each other during a nasty congressional campaign, continued Wednesday when they sat side-by-side during their first debate in Key West.

Naked Politics Dems catch RPOF trackers videotaping license plates at Crist fundraiser

Gotcha campaigning in Florida has moved to a new dimension -- the political fundraiser. As AP reporter Brendan Farrington details below, the Republican Party of Florida and the Rick Scott campaign had trackers videotaping license plates at a Democratic Party fundraiser for Charlie Crist at a private home in Tallahassee Tuesday.

What's next? Governor's Club, home to the Tallahassee fundraiser for candidates of all stripes, beware?

Naked Politics Citizens removes emergency insurance assessment a year early


Florida property owners will stop paying a 1 percent emergency assessment on their insurance bills two years earlier than planned under a recommendation approved Wednesday by the board of Citizens Property Insurance.

For the average homeowner, that translates into a total savings of about $40 over two years.

Florida Politics Judge tosses lawsuit challenging school-voucher expansion

TALLAHASSEE -- A Leon County judge dismissed a lawsuit filed last July that challenged a wide-reaching school-voucher expansion state lawmakers passed in the final day of session.

OS Political Pulse Judge tosses lawsuit challenging school-voucher expansion

TALLAHASSEE -- A Leon County judge dismissed a lawsuit filed last July that challenged a wide-reaching school-voucher expansion state lawmakers passed in the final day of session.

Naked Politics Judge: Lee County teacher can't bring school voucher lawsuit

A judge on Wednesday dismissed one of two legal challenges to the state school voucher program.

The lawsuit, filed by the statewide teachers union, targeted a controversial law that both expanded the voucher program and created new scholarships for children with disabilities.

The union said the Florida Legislature had violated the state Constitution by rolling multiple policies into one law.

OS Political Pulse Thrasher quits Gov. Scott's re-election campaign

Sen. John Thrasher resigned as chairman of Gov.

Naked Politics Candidates for Florida House District 114 take to TV

In a year with only a handful of competitive statehouse races, observers are paying close attention to House District 114.

The incumbent, Republican Rep. Erik Fresen, has drawn two challengers: Democrat Daisy Baez and independent Ross Hancock.

Fresen is a well-known lawmaker with a strong base of support in West Miami and Coral Gables. He has served as chairman of the House Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

Naked Politics John Thrasher steps down from Rick Scott campaign


In his first official action since being named Florida State University's next president, state Sen. John Thrasher fulfilled a promise and stepped down as chairman of Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign.

Naked Politics Q-poll trend shows how Rick Scott's negative ads have dragged Charlie Crist down

Today's Quinnipiac Poll showing Gov. Rick Scott leading Democrat Charlie Crist for the first time in the survey's history is a testament to the Republican's ads and their go-for-the-throat negative messaging.

But don't just look at Scott's inside-the-error margin lead of 2 points (44-42 percent). Check out the favorability of both men since the summer of 2010 in Quinnipiac's surveys.

Naked Politics Curbelo's False claim that Social Security and Medicare are a Ponzi scheme

Congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo sided with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s depiction of Social Security and Medicare as a "Ponzi scheme" in a talk with college Republicans.

Naked Politics Libertarian Wyllie launches 'third choice' TV ad

Libertarian candidate for governor Adrian Wyllie is about to start running his first TV ad of the campaign on stations in Tampa Bay.  His low-budget campaign relies on advertisers who support him, such as a Tampa dry cleaning company, to donate TV ad time as in-kind contributions on cable channels. In the 30-second spot, Wyllie tells voters they have an alternative to Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. The video is not yet available, but here's the script:

Naked Politics Debit card dust-up miffs Miami-Dade teachers

State lawmakers took action this year to ensure teachers would have money for classroom supplies before the school year started.

In Miami-Dade County, however, teachers are still waiting for the funds more than a month into the semester.