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Naked Politics WASH POST: GOP presidential candidates face delicate balancing act

Washington Post's Dan Balz and Robert Costa, writing from Iowa on Saturday:

 The most wide-open Republican presidential nomination campaign in memory had its unofficial opening here on Saturday at a gathering that highlighted anew the thorny path ahead for candidates as they try to attract support from the party's conservative base without compromising their hopes of winning a general election.

Post on Politics Playground injuries targeted by bill

In response to the more than 200,000 children who end up in the hospital every year after an injury on a playground, the chair of the Senate Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs has filed a bill that would require inspections of all playgrounds open to the public. 

Naked Politics Vanity Fair's David Margolick's revisits Jeb Bush's Andover days

Vanity Fair's David Margolick writes in Vanity Fair ...

Andover back then was a thoroughly cliquish place, divided neatly into “jocks,” “nerds,” “freaks,” and “zeroes.” [Jeb] Bush was hard to pigeonhole—he was captain of the tennis team and was friendly with several black students—but was also, improbably (as one classmate called him) “a budding hippie.”

Naked Politics The InnoVida scandal, with Jeb Bush now the lead character


As the InnoVida scandal unfolded in the Miami media, Jeb Bush was part of the supporting cast.

Naked Politics Scott avoids reporters amid calls for investigations into FDLE

As Gov. Rick Scott on Friday continued to brush off questions about allegations of political meddling made by the state's former top law enforcement officer, pressure mounted elsewhere in Florida to get answers.

A Land O'Lakes man filed a formal complaint with the FBI asking for an investigation into a series of claims made last week by Gerald Bailey, whom Scott ousted as commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

OS Political Pulse Brummer, Fernandez named to Charter Review Commission

The members of Orange County's 2016 Charter Review Commission have been revealed, and some of the names on the list are raising eyebrows among open-government advocates.

Naked Politics Senator conducts surprise inspections at two prisons with troubled history

The chairman of a key legislative committee and an entourage of Senate staff dropped in for an evening of surprise inspections at two of North Florida’s troubled prisons late Thursday.

PolitiJax District 4 City Council candidate receives endorsements from former Mayor Delaney, Sheriff Rutherford

Scott Wilson, a Republican candidate for District 4 on the City Council, received endorsements this week from Tax Collector Michael Corrigan, Sheriff John Rutherford and former Mayor John Delaney.

He said he met with Corrigan last Saturday, Rutherford on Tuesday and Delaney on Friday.

Wilson has worked as the assistant for City Councilman Don Redman since Redman took office in 2007. Redman has also endorsed him.

Naked Politics Olenick to join state Board of Education

Gov. Rick Scott has appointed Michael Olenick to the state Board of Education.

Olenick, 62, is a former general counsel for the state Department of Education. He currently chairs the Florida Virtual School Board of Trustees.

OS Political Pulse Jeb Bush hosting education education summit in Tallahassee

Former Gov. Jeb Bush, considering a run for president in 2016, looks to be returning to his political roots -- and a place of political influence -- by helping to host an education conference next month in Tallahassee.

Naked Politics This time in Winter Park, Scott sidesteps more questions on FDLE


OS Political Pulse Plan for 1.2-million-square-foot facility near homes withdrawn

Homeowners cite traffic, safety concerns

OS Political Pulse Proposed intimate-apparel law aims to combat Ebola

A proposed Florida law against trying on intimate apparel is designed to prevent the spread of Ebola, its sponsor, state Sen.

Naked Politics Police body camera bill loses its teeth

A South Florida lawmaker proposed legislation last month that would require every police officer in the state to wear a body camera while on duty. 

The cameras became central to the debate about law enforcement accountability following the police-involved deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in New York City.  

Naked Politics Scott's proposed budget will include more money for people with disabilities

Another day, another budget recommendation.

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday unveiled new additional of his budget proposal, including $8 million to enroll all individuals "with critical needs" from the waiting list to the Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver Program.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush headlines fundraiser, education summit in Tallahassee


Jeb Bush used to jokingly call the state capital "Mount Tallahassee" and on Feb. 10 he's making the treck back there to raise money for his (likely) presidential campaign and to talk education.

The $1,000-per-head fundraiser is closed to the press. The education forum, which could feature Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner and Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, is open to reporters.

Here's the press release for that:

Post on Politics Got undies? Bill bans trying-on intimate apparel in the buff

An Orlando lawmaker has introduced a bill, SB 494, that would ban the #1 dressing room no-no: trying on bathing-suit bottom, lingerie and “lower-body undergarments” without underwear or a “disposable shield.”

Naked Politics 'Daddy,' womanizing assistant warden, axed at troubled prison


Each day, the female inmates at Lowell Correctional Institution would line up at the back gate waiting to talk to "Daddy."

In the afternoons, the prisoners would take turns visiting his office, passing him slips of paper and asking for favors like special bunk assignments, chocolates or time to liaison with their female partners.

Naked Politics The big news out of Miami-Dade: a new procurement chief is coming


Bill Johnson, Miami-Dade's former ports chief, got tapped for a big, high-profile state job on Thursday: the top corporate recruiter for Gov. Rick Scott as the new CEO of Enterprise Florida. 

But among the insiders in Miami-Dade County, the bigger news was the reset of leadership in the county's lucrative contracting system. 

Post on Politics Rubio looks like presidential candidate as ‘Team Marco 2016′ meets


As “Team Marco 2016″ gathers at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach today and tomorrow to talk strategy and finance for Sen. Marco Rubio, it looks like the 2016 race in question will be for president rather than for a second term in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.


Naked Politics More avoidance from Scott on FDLE questions

Since revelations surfaced on Jan.

Post on Politics Could State Road 7 issue put a wrinkle in baseball talks between county and city?

People inside West Palm Beach City Hall are scratching their heads this morning about the timing of a recent vote by the Palm Beach County Commission affecting a controversial road project.

The city and county have often been at odds over the years on a variety of topics, but perhaps none as contentious as the extension of State Road 7 to Northlake Boulevard.

Naked Politics Is online voter registration the 'more secure' method?

Florida lawmakers have overhauled many aspects of our elections laws in recent years, but one aspect has remained untouched: Voters can’t register online.

Naked Politics Scott plan doesn't address disparities in Bright Futures scholarship program

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday proposed spending $23.5 million to expand Bright Futures scholarships, but did not address recent criticism of the program — namely, that new eligibility standards put in place to control costs have kept thousands of low-income and minority students from receiving the awards.

Naked Politics Zogby online GOP-voter poll: Bush and Rubio tied at 13%, trail Romney at 16%


Zogby Analytics, which conducts online surveys (note: they're controversial/experimental), is out with a new poll. From its website: 

Naked Politics At South Beach pow-wow, Marco Rubio's team looks like White House campaign-in-waiting


In another sign of his White House ambitions, Sen. Marco Rubio hosts an election-strategy powwow today at the Delano Hotel with a finance team that looks like a presidential campaign-in-waiting.

Naked Politics A Hialeah ZIP code leads nation in Obamacare enrollment

@chabelih @NickNehamas @dchangmiami

In one Hialeah ZIP Code, where signs selling “Obamacare” are plastered across storefronts and cover freeway billboards, more people have selected a plan on the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange than in any spot in the country, according to the data release by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday.

Post on Politics No dog dies alone under animal shelter bill

No shelter dog – or cat – would die alone or be allowed to see the bodies of other euthanized animals under an animal rights bill that regulates animal shelters from the moment an animal arrives to its death.

Naked Politics Upon further review, Scott's response to FDLE questions raises more questions


Post on Politics Scott’s office calls ousted FDLE boss’ claims “ridiculous,” as pressure mounts for probe

Gov. Rick Scott

Florida Cabinet members said Thursday they were not ready to go along with Gov. Rick Scott’s push for new bosses at three state agencies and called for an investigation into the recent ouster of a top state law enforcement official.