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Florida Politics Senate scraps major springs bill

TALLAHASSEE -- Mired in a spat between property owners, the business lobby and local governments, a Senate panel on Tuesday gutted a proposal once hailed as a major step to protect Florida's dying springs.

Naked Politics Bipartisan House vote restores local control of e-cigarette regulations


Over the objection of Republican leaders, a bi-partisan coalition in the House approved changes to an e-cigarettes regulation bill to addresses concerns from anti-smoking groups.

Naked Politics Former Lt. Gov. Carroll admits to receiving Allied Veterans cash

From the Associated Press:

Newly released records show that former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll changed her income tax filings after investigators asked about money she received from a purported veterans charity accused of running an illegal gambling operation.

Naked Politics Senate's final committee clears medical pot bill as governor remains noncommittal

Despite concerns from the governor’s surgeon general, a bill to legalize a limited strain of marijuana extract to help children with intractable epilepsy cleared its final Senate committee on Tuesday.

Florida Politics Medical marijuana bill poised for Senate, House floor votes

State Senators on Tuesday sent a bill that would allow the medical use of a low-THC level of marijuana known as “Charlotte’s Web” to the floor for a vote.

Florida Politics Legislators agree on Central Florida bike trail, other hometown projects

TALLAHASSEE -- In a $75 billion budget stuffed with hometown goodies, lawmakers Tuesday agreed to fund the expansion of a bike trail through Central Florida, a gun range in Brevard County, and a raft of other pet projects.

Post on Politics Abruzzo hits pause on revamp of local ethics panels, summit to follow

An effort to revamp how the Palm Beach County Ethics Commission and similar local panels operate will be postponed for a year while organizations which have dueled over the proposal take part in a planned August summit, Sen. Joe Abruzzo said Tuesday.

Abruzzo, sponsor of the ethics rewrite, will be joined Wednesday at a Capitol news conference by representatives of government watchdog groups and officials from the Palm Beach, Jacksonville and Miami-Dade County ethics panel.

Florida Politics Senate re-kindles school voucher debate

TALLAHASSEE -- With just days left before calling it quits, the Florida Senate is reviving debate over whether to allow the state's main school-voucher program to grow its enrollment base in exchange for stronger accountability of students and administrators.

Post on Politics Allen West rips ‘cowards’ who walked out on his Middle East speech in Chicago

Allen West at a Palm Beach County GOP dinner this year (BRUCE r. BENNETT / PALM BEACH POST)

Post on Politics Bill giving charter schools more firepower clears House

Charter schools, already growing explosively in Florida, could gain even more firepower under legislation approved Tuesday by the House in a mostly partyline vote.

Democrats sided with school districts, including Palm Beach County, which oppose the measure. It would make it easier for out-of-state “high-performing” charter school companies to enter Florida and force districts to use a standard contract which they say will hurt their ability to negotiate.

Naked Politics Rubio calls Snowden scandal 'most damaging' espionage case in U.S. History. Is it?

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio makes it clear where he stands on Edward Snowden’s exposure of the National Security Agency’s spying programs: The situation couldn’t be more dire.

"The single most damaging revelation of American secrets in our history," Rubio said when asked about the matter after a foreign policy speech at the University of Texas on April 15.

Post on Politics Amendment would gut sober house bill

Regulations of sober homes in a bill SB-582 proposed by Sen. Jeff Clemons, D-Lake Worth would be eliminated in an amendment filed on Monday.

Naked Politics Dane Eagle arrested for DUI


Rep. Dane Eagle, R-Cape Coral, was arrested Monday morning and charged with DUI by Tallahassee police, according to the Tallahassee police.

Download arrest/probable cause affidavit: Dane Eagle 

Naked Politics House and Senate settle on $47 million in new money for child welfare

With breakneck speed, House and Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations conference committees met Tuesday morning and agreed to $47 million in new money for child welfare services, far below what child advocates had hoped for but more money for treatment services than either chamber had originally sought.

Post on Politics Today in Florida: Special GOP primary that has drawn Sarah Palin, Rand Paul endorsements

State Senate Majority Leader Lizbeth Benacquisto campaigning this month in congressional District 19.

Naked Politics Rick Scott's team outlines "most robust 'Hispanic Outreach' seen yet"


Gov. Rick Scott's earlier-than-usual Spanish-language TV ad (background here) is just the start of what his team promises is the "most robust 'Hispanic Outreach' seen yet." Here's the memo:

Naked Politics Will latest gambit save Weatherford's pension reform?

An Easter Miracle resurrected Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford’s efforts to reform the state’s Florida Retirement System.

On Easter Sunday, the House State Affairs Committee filed a bill that would combine HB 7173, which already passed the Appropriations Committee 16-10 and awaited a floor vote, and HB 7179, which hadn’t passed or been assigned a committee.

Naked Politics Advocates raise new doubts about House child safety overhaul

Children’s advocates showed the first sign Monday that they might not support the Florida House’s sweeping rewrite of the state’s child-welfare laws, saying the proposal may produce only superficial reforms and not result in substantial changes that protect children.

Naked Politics Governor's inspector general opposes marijuana bill

Efforts to legalize a specific strain of marijuana to help children with intractable epilepsy faced a new hurdle Monday as the governor’s chief medical advisor said he opposed the bill because it will allow untested drugs into the market, raising the specter that the governor may veto the bill.

Naked Politics Voucher provision could be back in play

The immigrant tuition bill isn't the only bill that will get a second chance in Tuesday's Senate Appropriations Committee meeting.

Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, has filed an amendment to SB 1512 that would put the controversial school voucher proposal back in play. 

Naked Politics Legislature decides to stay out of juvenile justice funding spat


Counties had hoped a last-minute budget deal would end their lengthy battle with state over juvenile justice costs. But the House and the Senate have not added the topic to their growing budget negotiations list, and time is running out.

Naked Politics Not much ground to cover in House and Senate budget negotiations

It’s a magical time for the budget season, when projects suddenly appear in the proposed budget, or, just as easily, vanish with nary an explanation.

Monday was the first day when the House and Senate officially met to negotiate their proposed budgets, and they’re already pretty close. (Makes it hard to believe they haven’t already been meeting, amirite?)

Naked Politics Florida senator hopes to keep immigration tuition bill alive

A procedural maneuver could save a bill that would grant in-state college tuition rates to certain undocumented immigrants.

Last week, Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Joe Negron, R-Stuart, announced that his committee would not hear the proposal, which weakened its chance of becoming law.

Naked Politics Budget negotiations have begun


 The House and Senate have agreed on overall budget figures and negotiations began tonight with remarks from Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford. Smaller budget conference subcommittees are now negotiating on various aspects of the budget.

Post on Politics Budget talks open, with Gaetz calling for “businesslike schedule”

House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senate President Don Gaetz kicked off budget negotiations between the two sides Monday, predicting mostly smooth and swift-running talks toward completing a roughly $75 billion election-year spending plan.

Naked Politics The DGA’s big money FL investment: $500,000 for Charlie Crist


The Democratic Governor’s Association is all in for Charlie Crist, cutting a single $500,000 check that showed national Democrats believe the Florida Governor’s mansion is in their reach.

The donation is the largest contribution to Crist’s political committee, Charlie Crist for Florida. And it’s one of the largest given this campaign cycle.

Post on Politics House Republicans turn back Dem attempts to scuttle charter school bill

House Republicans beat back efforts Monday by Democrats looking to scuttle a proposal that would further fuel the already explosive growth of charter schools in Florida.

The legislation (CS/HB 7083) is opposed by Palm Beach County and other school districts. It would make it easier for “high-performing” charter school companies operating out-of-state to enter Florida.

Florida Politics Senate bucks 'Vinny' and sheds 'shakedown' language from its beer growler bill

TALLAHASSEE -- State lawmakers are backing off some controversial provisions of a beer bill that critics had called a mob-like shakedown of Florida's exploding craft breweries.

Post on Politics Charlotte’s Web marijuana bill reignited in the House

The House jump-started legislation Monday aimed at decriminalizing the possession of low-grade marijuana for use in treating seizures.

Florida Politics House toughens penalties for docs who fraudulantly prescribe 'buzz free' marijuana

TALLAHASSEE – Florida doctors prescribing a form of medicinal marijuana could face jail time and fines if they fraudulently hand out the low-THC version known as “Charlotte’s Web.”