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Naked Politics DOC scrubs testimony from prison whistle-blower for allegedly violating HIPAA

The Department of Corrections concluded that the name of an inmate should be erased from the video testimony of an whistle-blower at a Senate committee because of federal HIPAA privacy laws, an agency spokesman told the Herald/Times.

Post on Politics Legislature heads into strange territory — session homestretch with no budget work

No budget work makes for strange session homestretch

A standoff over health insurance is forcing Florida lawmakers into strange territory — the final two weeks of a legislative session without work on a state budget, the only bill they must pass each year.

Naked Politics Floridians can't believe Jeb Bush is being called moderate, according to Jeb Bush


NASHUA, N.H. -- Florida remembers Jeb Bush as governor. And Bush knows it.

So the fact that he now has to defend his Tallahassee record across the country as a likely 2016 presidential candidate is amusing, he told Republican activists gathered Friday in New Hampshire. 

Naked Politics The Onion riffs on Marco Rubio

From The Onion satirical website:

Naked Politics Professor Marco Rubio makes New Hampshire appearance


MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Professor Marco Rubio knows his way in front of a classroom full of college students.

Naked Politics In 1960, CIA stopped Miami Herald scoop about Bay of Pigs invasion

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There were a lot of bad days during the Cold War, but 54 years ago this weekend was one of the worst, at least for the United States. President John F. Kennedy sent an army of anti-Castro exiles backed by the CIA onto the beach at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs to suffer bloody, catastrophic defeat. It was “the beating of our lives,” the despondent Kennedy would say a few days later as he wondered aloud why nobody had talked him out of it.

Naked Politics Miami Herald special report: Life in Florida without Medicaid expansion

For two years, Florida legislators have refused to expand Medicaid as envisioned under the Affordable Care Act. Their decision left an estimated 850,000 Floridians without healthcare insurance in the "coverage gap." Those caught in the gap earn too much to receive Medicaid, but not enough to qualify for subsidies to buy a plan through the federal marketplace. The Miami Herald looks at how these Floridians are coping and what other states are doing to close the gap.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush wrestles with family shadow in New Hampshire

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MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The shadow of his brother and father followed Jeb Bush on the campaign trail Friday, leaving him torn whether to follow them or inch away.

Naked Politics Marco Rubio tries to raise candidacy's profile in New Hampshire


MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Seven years ago, Marco Rubio trekked to New Hampshire so invested in another politician’s presidential campaign that a cop almost wrote him a ticket for darting through traffic as he shoved Florida oranges into bewildered drivers’ hands.

Naked Politics Obama to visit Everglades to speak about climate change


President Obama will travel Wednesday -- Earth Day -- to the Florida Everglades to speak about the threat of climate change.

In his weekly radio address Saturday, the president said, "there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change."

Post on Politics President Barack Obama coming to Florida to visit Everglades on Wednesday

Obama: “There’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.”

President Barack Obama is coming to South Florida on Wednesday to visit the Everglades and highlight concerns about climate change on Earth Day.


PolitiJax Rep. Corrine Brown criticizes Gov. Rick Scott's health care lawsuit threat

Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday he will take legal action against the federal government on the grounds that he believes Florida is being illegally coerced into expanding Medicaid by threats of a reduction in the Low Income Pool program.

Naked Politics PolitiFact looks at Hillary Clinton's claim about her grandparents

Hillary Clinton this week became the latest example of a politician flubbing her family’s ancestry while making the case for her presidency.

PolitiJax Former Bill Bishop staffers, now working for mayor, apologize for erroneous endorsement email

Former staffers of Republican City Councilman Bill Bishop's mayoral campaign — who now work for Mayor Alvin Brown's re-election — quickly apologized Friday for sending an email out to supporters that Duval County's top election official said could have confused voters into believing Bishop was endorsing Brown in the mayoral election.

Bishop, who finished third in the March first election, reiterated Friday that he is, at least for now, remaining neutral in the mayor's race.

Naked Politics Miami-Dade transportation board under siege for being too large


A county transportation board is the subject of a Tallahassee fight over how many people should get to run it. 

Miami-Dade's 23-member Metropolitan Planning Organization can be controlled by the County Commission, since the 13 elected commissioners make up a majority of MPO's membership.

Naked Politics Gift ban anything but in Tallahassee


The chief advocate of a 2005 gift ban prohibiting Florida lawmakers from having meals, drinks and trips paid by special interests now has meals, drinks and trips indirectly paid by special interests.

Sen. Tom Lee, who vowed that his ban would change the behavior of legislators, has received more in personal reimbursements from his political committee than any other state senator since 2013.

Naked Politics AFP releases new anti-Medicaid expansion ad


As the gridlock over Medicaid expansion continues in Tallahassee, the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is making its position known with a new ad.

OS Political Pulse Scott compares feds to 'Sopranos' in health-care tiff


Naked Politics PolitiFact looks at Marco Rubio's record on federal marriage amendment

Sen. Marco Rubio’s fledging 2016 campaign got a lesson in presidential politics when he drew fire for potentially contradicting himself on whether he had ever supported a nationwide ban on gay marriage.

"I’ve never supported a federal constitutional amendment on marriage," Rubio told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt during an April 11 interview.

Naked Politics Commission approves $58K in fines for former state representative David Rivera

Without any debate, members of the state ethics commission on Friday agreed that former U.S. Rep. David Rivera should pay $57,821.96 for improperly accepting state money for travel when he served as a state representative.

It will now be up to the Florida House to decide whether to penalize its former member.

Naked Politics 'It is what it is,' Jeb Bush says of Marco Rubio's candidacy


MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Jeb Bush isn't thrilled that Marco Rubio is running for president.

"It is what it is," Bush said Friday in New Hampshire, after scrunching up his face at a reporter's question about Rubio's campaign launch earlier this week.

Naked Politics Could a Marco Rubio/Jeb Bush ticket happen?

The links between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have some talking about a Bush/Rubio ticket in 2016. But is it even possible?

The day after Rubio announced he was running for president, liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell was already looking ahead to what happens if Rubio’s campaign falls short.

PolitiJax Sheriff's candidate Mike Williams takes a swipe at opponent Ken Jefferson's career

In his new 30-second television spot, Sheriff's candidate Mike Williams takes a swipe at opponent Ken Jefferson saying Jacksonville doesn't need a television spokesman for the job.

Jefferson was the agency's public information officer late in his career with the Sheriff's Office then after retiring was a crime analyst for WJXT TV 4 in Jacksonville.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush treats himself in New Hampshire


CONCORD, N.H. -- He's said no to pizza. He's turned down barbecue sauce. But Jeb Bush couldn't resist a slice of blueberry pie Thursday.

He couldn't, really, not at an event titled "Politics and Pie" where he had shown up with two key lime pies to contribute to the table.

Naked Politics Three guards plead guilty in federal court to abusing inmates


Three of the “Chipley Five,’’ a group of corrections officers accused of beating and kicking a handcuffed inmate at the Northwest Florida Reception Center in Chipley, have pleaded guilty to civil rights violations, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush: Feds, Tallahassee should 'try to forge a compromise' on Medicaid expansion, hospital funding


CONCORD, N.H. -- He's been traversing the country building the foundations a juggernaut 2016 presidential campaign, but former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush still keeps an eye on Tallahassee.

Naked Politics GOP infighting and the partial-blind selection of leaders eight years out

Imagine electing one of the three most powerful people in the state based on a resume, a handshake and promise.

There’s no audition for the job. You don’t get a chance to see how the prospective leader performs under stress, how he resolves conflicts, or even how he feels about many issues. But you do know his political pedigree and which lobbyists and fundraisers back him.

Naked Politics Jackson employees push for Medicaid expansion

Several dozen nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals from Jackson Health System made the case for Medicaid expansion Thursday in a creative way.

They said it with shoes.

Post on Politics Scott administration wary of online voter registration

Gov. Scott’s administration wary of letting Floridians register to vote online.

Lawmakers are ready to let Floridians register to vote online — a move that supporters say will bring the state into the 21st Century, save money and add more people to the rolls.