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Naked Politics Charlie Crist ad goes after Rick Scott's jet, mansion and K-12 spending again

From a press release:

Naked Politics Scott: Feds need to monitor Ebola volunteers

Gov. Rick Scott is once again calling on the federal government to step up its Ebola-prevention efforts. 

Scott made his latest remarks Friday, after Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for the virus in New York.

Naked Politics Cook Political Report: Miami Rep. Joe Garcia one of 'most vulnerable Democrats'


South Florida voters used to competitive political races -- this is the nation's largest purple state, after all -- may not realize just how important the tossup congressional contest between U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia and Carlos Curbelo is nationally.

On Friday, 11 days before the election, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report in Washington D.C. released its analysis of vulnerable Democratic incumbents. And Garcia is on it.

Naked Politics 1.5m votes cast, GOP still leads but Dems have cut advantage-rate in half since Oct. 6


About 1.5 million pre-Election Day ballots had been cast as of Friday morning and the Republican advantage over Democrats is slowly eroding in terms of a percentage advantage.

Yesterday morning, Democrats were down 10.8 percentage points compared to Republican ballots cast. Now, Democrats are down 9.8 percentage points.

Naked Politics Scott campaign memo: The Obama turnout model is a 'pile of rubble' for Charlie Crist


The war of the memos continues. Yesterday, a Charlie Crist advisor made the case that the campaign is on track to turn out pre-Election Day voters. Now its Rick Scott's campaign that's deep-diving the numbers and arguing that it's winning the turnout war on multiple fronts. The memo:

Naked Politics Marco Rubio becomes Rick Scott's latest Spanish-language TV ad spokesman


First there was Jeb Bush. Then Luis Fortuño and Maurice Ferre. Now Marco Rubio takes the mic for Gov. Rick Scott in his latest Spanish-language spot.

The translation:

Naked Politics We watched way too many campaign ads so you wouldn't have to


It's no secret that Florida is essentially several different states in one. How one area of Florida views the world - and votes--  is often quite different than how another does. The Times/Herald tried a little experiment today, monitoring the political commercials that aired in four distinct TV markets/political territories during the 6 p.m. local news.

Naked Politics Could Charlie Crist have expanded Medicaid?

To hear Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist tell it, the 2014 gubernatorial campaign isn’t about policy positions, but more about which candidate did less as governor.  

Take the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. No, really, someone should take it, because neither governor did. Now each is berating the other for it.

Naked Politics Gubernatorial candidates make overtures to female voters

From the sound of things, Florida's gubernatorial candidates consider female voters key to the Nov. 4 election.

Naked Politics With eye on 2016, Chris Christie heads back to FL to stump, fundraise with Rick Scott

From a press release:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – RGA Chairman Chris Christie will travel to Nebraska this Saturday to attend events for GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Pete Ricketts. Governor Christie will then travel to Iowa to attend events for Congressman Steve King and Governor Terry Branstad. On Sunday, Governor Christie will travel to Florida to attend events for Governor Rick Scott.....

Sunday, October 26

Naked Politics Bill Clinton heads to FL to help Charlie Crist, Gwen Graham

via @adamsmithtimes

Barack Obama won't make it to Sunshine State before the election, it appears, but former President Bill Clinton is expected to headline an early vote rally in Tampa on 5 pm Sunday. It will be at Cyrus Greene Park.

Clinton will be campaigning with Congressional candidate Gwen Graham earlier in the day in north Florida.

Naked Politics Police union in Miami-Dade launches own "racy" radio show


John Rivera, head of Miami-Dade's police union and a leading foe of county Mayor Carlos Gimenez, has secured his own radio show

The union is buying time for a twice-a-month radio show on 880 AM, and the premiere hour-long episode airs tonight at  9 p.m.

Naked Politics Yes, Charlie Crist once agreed he took a position for 'political expediency'


During one of many sharp exchanges during Tuesday night's CNN debate, Gov. Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist had this exchange:

SCOTT: Sure. Well, one things that should all concern us is Charlie said that he is taking positions for political expediency meaning to get elected --

CRIST: That is not true.

It basically is true.

Naked Politics So much for that 'final' debate? Carlos Curbelo, Joe Garcia could face off again


Looks like the final debate held between Carlos Curbelo and U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia on Tuesday night may not have been so final after all.

The two camps say they have agreed to another debate next week -- except each side refers to a different debate.

Naked Politics As Dems lag behind GOP voters, Crist goes to speak to his base at the senior condos in Broward

As Democrats lag behind Republicans in voting so far, Charlie Crist went to the heart of a loyal but waning lefty voting bloc Thursday: condos in Broward County.

Speaking to about 80 seniors at the Century Village Democratic Club in Deerfield Beach Thursday, Crist reiterated familiar promises about raising the minimum wage, appointing women and minorities as judges and lowering utility bills.

Naked Politics Judge Jacqueline Schwartz's dishonest mailer


Remember the story of how Judge Jacqueline Schwartz allegedly bullied a Kwik Stop worker over a rival's campaign sign, swore at the man and then sicced code enforcement on him?

Naked Politics Miami-Dade film office issues casting call... for campaign volunteers


Miami-Dade's film office on Thursday sent out a message from a production trade group seeking volunteers to help elect their slate of candidates for the Florida legislature.

The county agency sent out to its mailing list a message from the president of Film Florida asking for "a few hours of your time to volunteer for a campaign in your district."

Naked Politics Two days, two Rick Scott ads bashing Charlie Crist as 'Helpless' and a 'Puzzle'


Here's why Gov. Rick Scott is pumping some of his own millions into the Florida governor's race:


Naked Politics Steve Schale makes the case that things ain't so bad for Charlie Crist

With Republicans significantly edging Democrats in early and absentee ballots (background here), Charlie Crist adviser Steve Schale is again making the case that Democrats are in a pretty good place:

Naked Politics Scott planning to be no-show in Friday deposition over public records lawsuit he filed

Gov. Rick Scott is planning to be a no-show Friday for a deposition in a lawsuit he filed in California to block the release of information about Google email accounts used by him and his executive staff. 

Naked Politics SkyRise, courthouse feuds fuel rumors of a Regalado run at Gimenez


Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado’s opposition to county Mayor Carlos Gimenez's push for public subsidies for SkyRise Miami is fueling rumors that his daughter is planning a run against Gimenez in 2016.

Naked Politics 1.3m ballots in; GOP lead grows to 142k -- but Dems make small percentage gains


More than 1.3 million Floridians have cast absentee and in-person early-vote ballots and Florida Republicans continue to have a strong lead over Democratic ballots cast: 142,000.

Yesterday morning, the GOP lead was almost 138,000.

There’s a sliver of good news in here for Democrat Charlie Crist: the GOP’s advantage in terms of percentages has fallen slightly from 11.7 percent to 10.8 percent.

Naked Politics Female Miami-Dade judges to NBC: Yank 'Bad Judge'


via @MoniqueOMadan

A group of female lawyers in Miami-Dade really, really, really hate a new sitcom, saying that the show depicts a female judge as "unethical, lazy, crude, hyper-sexualized and unfit to hold such an esteemed position of power."

And those are some of the kinder things.

Their ruling: They want NBC to pull the plug.

Naked Politics 1.2m early votes, self-funding and deadlocked polls. The day that was in FL gov's race


Florida’s high-dollar mean-spirited race for governor remained exactly tied in a new poll Wednesday, with 1.2 million voters already casting ballots and Gov. Rick Scott finally admitting he’ll spend some of his personal millions to win.

Scott has spent the past few days ducking questions about whether he’ll spend his own money — and now he won’t say how much he has or will spend against Democrat Charlie Crist.

Naked Politics Unions, pro-immigrant groups rally women voters

Thousands of women across Florida took place in a telephone town hall Wednesday night aimed at getting out the vote.

Speakers included Sybrina Fulton, the mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin; Jeanette Wynn, president of AFSCME Florida Council 79; Monica Russo, president of the SEIU Florida State Council; and Maria Rodriguez, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Naked Politics Hospitals battle state over emergency care for undocumented immigrants

A coalition of Florida hospitals is challenging a state policy on emergency care for undocumented immigrants.

The coalition, which includes Broward Health and Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, says the state Agency for Health Care Administration has been unlawfully limiting payments to hospitals that provide emergency services to undocumented immigrants.

Naked Politics Video: Crist stops by Jacksonville campaign office, says Obama visit unlikely

Crist and his wife, Carole, stopped by a campaign field office in Jacksonville on Wednesday, where he greeted volunteers and sat down to talk about issues with five college students.

Naked Politics Koch brothers mentioned in latest Joe Garcia ad


OS Political Pulse Report: Grayson now 17th richest congressman

The latest annual report on Congressional wealth from CQ Roll Call shows U.S. Rep.

Naked Politics Doral mayor praises Rick Scott as fellow "Christian"


Doral Mayor Luigi Boria greeted Florida Gov. Rick Scott at a campaign bus stop in his city Wednesday. But Boria, an ordained minister at Alpha and Omega Church, sounded at one point more like a religious figure than a city mayor.