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OS Political Pulse Q Poll: Crist pulling independents

TALLAHASSEE -- A new Quinnipiac University poll finds Democrat Charlie Crist with a slight edge over incumbent Gov.

Naked Politics Q Poll: Charlie Crist, fueled by independents, leads Rick Scott 43-40 percent overall


Charlie Crist has slightly nudged ahead of Gov. Rick Scott in Quinnipiac University's latest poll that shows the Democrat picks up 43 percent support from likely voters to the incumbent's 40 percent.

That apparent 3 percentage point lead for Crist is essentially a tie because it's within the poll's margin of error, however the poll of 800 likely voters indicates Crist has some momentum on his side.

Florida Politics Q Poll: Crist pulling independents

TALLAHASSEE -- A new Quinnipiac University poll finds Democrat Charlie Crist with a slight edge over incumbent Gov.

OS Political Pulse Crist: Clinton is greatest American ever, and should resign

TALLAHASSEE -- Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist digs him some Bill Clinton these days.

Naked Politics Amendment 3: Will Florida voters expand powers of governors leaving office?

Florida voters are being asked to approve a little-noticed amendment to the state Constitution that would rewrite the way judges are appointed to the state’s highest courts and strengthen the powers of governors who are leaving office.

Proponents say it is needed to avert a constitutional crisis, but opponents say it is a manufactured problem and a partisan power grab that could have ominous consequences.   

Naked Politics Lobbying of Bondi may have broken law

Partners with a powerful Washington, D.C., law firm aren't registered as Florida lobbyists, but that hasn't stopped them from wining and dining Attorney General Pam Bondi the past four years to discuss clients.

Bondi dropped suits or declined to investigate cases after numerous behind-the-scenes interactions with the firm, Dickstein Shapiro, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Naked Politics State surgeon general: Florida will ensure officers stay safe

State officials are considering the health and safety law enforcement officers as they respond to the threat of Ebola, Surgeon General John Armstrong wrote in a letter to Miami Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz on Wednesday.

Naked Politics Marijuana supporters blast latest web ad from opponents

With less than a week until the election, supporters and opponents of Amendment 2, which would allow marijuana for medical use, are still waging a fierce battle to sway voters.

Naked Politics Rothenberg Report says FL-26 race now tilting GOP


Ten days ago, the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report said Florida's 26th congressional district was no longer tilting in incumbent Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia's direction, and switched the race to "Pure Tossup."

Naked Politics Has Rick Scott invested in $350 million to combat sea level rise? Not really, concludes PolitiFact Florida

Gov. Rick Scott has drawn criticism from environmentalists for denying in 2011 that man contributes to climate change and now dodging questions with the reply of "I’m not a scientist."

Naked Politics U.S. Chamber hits Joe Garcia over Obamacare support


A new television advertisement by the conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce goes after Miami Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia for backing the Affordable Care Act.

"Despite promises, premiums are still going up," the ad says, calling Obamacare "a big-government disaster that Congressman Joe Garcia still supports today."

Naked Politics Rubio, back in Iowa, celebrates Reagan and stumps for Senate candidate Ernst


U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Miami and potential 2016 presidential candidate, was back in Iowa Tuesday, speaking at an event honoring the legacy of former President Ronald Reagan and lending support to a candidate in one of the hottest Senate races in the nation.

Naked Politics SEA (Dem) poll: Rick Scott 45 percent; Charlie Crist 43 percent


Florida’s race for governor is as tight as ever, with Gov. Rick Scott getting 45 percent support and Democrat Charlie Crist 43 percent from likely voters, according to a new poll from Democratic-leaning polling firm Schroth Eldon & Associates.

The Republican’s 2 percentage-point lead is well within the 800 voter survey’s 3.5 percentage-point margin of error – like every other recent major poll in this race.

Naked Politics National teachers union president to travel to Broward before election

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten will travel to Fort Lauderdale Thursday to "highlight the stark differences on education between the two Florida gubernatorial candidates," according to a press release.

Expect to hear support for the AFT's candidate of choice, Democrat Charlie Crist.

The national teachers union, through its political committee, has pumped at least $750,000 into Crist's campaign.

Naked Politics Feds asking public to report any voting irregularities

The U.S. Department of Justice says it will be on the lookout for voting irregularities in Florida and is publicizing a Tampa telephone line so people who suspect voting rights abuses can report it to federal prosecutors.

Naked Politics New RPOF ad namechecks Bill Clinton

Here's the latest TV ad from the Republican Party of Florida in support of Gov. Rick Scott.

It comes one day after Democrat Charlie Crist released this ad featuring former President Bill Clinton.


Naked Politics Recount redux? Lawyers for Scott, Crist on alert

The race for governor between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist is so close that it raises the mathematical possibility of a recount -- something neither side wants, not to mention the nearly 12 million voters in Florida.

Naked Politics Miami FOP: Police need help preparing for Ebola

Gov. Rick Scott has taken steps in recent weeks to protect Florida health care workers who may come into contact with Ebola patients. 

But in a stinging letter to Scott on Tuesday, Miami Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz said the Republican governor had practically ignored law enforcement agencies.

Naked Politics 2m+ ballots cast in FL; GOP lead over Dems still strong, but still slipping slightly


There's a good chance that more than one-third of the likely Florida voters in this year's midterms have already voted now that more than 2 million have cast mail-in absentee and in-person early ballots.

Republicans still hold a sizable lead over Democrats in total pre-Election Day ballots cast: about 142,000, or 6.7 percentage-points more.

Yesterday morning, the GOP lead by nearly 143,000 or 7.2 percentage points.

Naked Politics Anti human-trafficking advocates blast Crist for strip-club contributions

Gov. Rick Scott isn't letting go of the fact that his Democratic opponent accepted $90,000 in campaign contributions from strip club owners.

Naked Politics NY Times: Records show lobbyists have sway over Bondi

Naked Politics Cuba talk unexpectedly dominates last debate in Miami congressional race


The hard-fought Miami campaign between U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia and challenger Carlos Curbelo had been noteworthy in part because of how rarely the candidates had brought up the issue of Cuba.

Until Tuesday, that is.

OS Political Pulse Video: Nelson demands action on airbags

During a demonstration of a car airbag deployment, Florida's senior senator, Bill Nelson talked to reporters and met with a central Florida family injured in an airbag malfunction, in Orlando, Tuesday.  Nelson is demanding more action by federal safety regulators and several Japanese...

Naked Politics Report: Florida's elections system has improved, but problems remain

In a hotly contested gubernatorial race that could come down to the wire, what could go wrong in Florida on Election Day?

Many things, says Common Cause, the non-profit, liberal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.

The group released a report that looks at how 10 swing states, including Florida, adopted recommendations from a presidential commission after long voting lines plagued the 2012 election.

OS Political Pulse Researcher: veterans with PTSD need med pot study

An Arizona doctor said in Orlando that her research into medical marijuana's effects on veterans with PTSD has been stymied by federal red tape.

Naked Politics Crist's Mostly False attack on Scott's rape crisis veto

In the homestretch, Charlie Crist is pushing hard for the women’s vote in his battle against Gov. Rick Scott.

Crist has vowed to protect abortion rights and fight for equal pay for women for months. Scott has attacked Crist for taking money from strip club owners.

Naked Politics New York Times/CBS poll: Scott 46%, Crist 45%

A poll by the New York Times/CBS News/YouGov has Gov. Rick Scott holding a 1 percentage point lead over Charlie Crist, 46 percent to 45 percent.

The poll was conducted the week of Oct. 16-23 with a margin of error of 2 percentage points. Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie was not included in the survey.   

Naked Politics New ads feature old attacks in Crist vs. Scott race

With a week to go until Election Day, you probably feel like you’ve heard every attack in the Florida gubernatorial campaign before.

That’s because you have.

With millions being poured into TV commercials, Gov. Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist (and the Republican and Democratic parties backing them) keep recycling the same talking points over and over. Many of them have been used so many times, PolitiFact Florida has already checked them more than once.

Naked Politics Crist blocked TV crew's pictures of private plane

In the race for governor of Florida, transparency takes another hit.

Over the weekend, Democrat Charlie Crist did a campaign fly-around to Jacksonville, Sanford and Miami on Saturday. The only reporter invited aboard, Troy Kinsey of Bay News 9, found out after he got on board that pictures of the private plane were off limits.

Naked Politics Just another friendly reminder from Scott on Florida's (non) Ebola outbreak

In a brief conference call to Florida lawmakers Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott led with the only update that mattered.
“We have no confirmed cases of Ebola in Florida, and we hope we never will,” Scott told lawmakers.
But it gave Scott another opportunity to repeat the precautions taken in case of a possible Ebola outbreak.