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Naked Politics Cabinet hires RPOF's lawyer for Sunshine Law suit

Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet voted Tuesday morning to hire Daniel Nordby and law firm Shutts & Bowen to represent them in a case alleging Sunshine Law violations — the same legal representation as the Republican Party of Florida.

Naked Politics BuzzFeed: The political education of Ted Cruz's father, who was once a pro-Fidel Castro student activist

From BuzzFeed:

Long before his son would run for president, or he himself would become a popular political speaker, Rafael Cruz was something else for a brief period: a pro-Castro student activist.

Naked Politics Hialeah mayor pleads 5th more than 30 times in ethics deposition, calling it a 'circus'

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Accused of lying to the public about his high-interest loans, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez told Miami-Dade County ethics officials in a recent deposition that their case against him was a “political witch hunt.”

OS Political Pulse Q Poll: Email flap has made Clinton vulnerable

A new poll from Quinnipiac University finds that Democratic presidential prospect Hillary Clinton has lost support among voters in Florida and two other swing states.

Post on Politics Who is behind the petition against U.S. Sugar land deal?

Another protest is scheduled this Thursday at the South Florida Water Management District but the Mermaid of Death is not expected among the tea party activists and others who intend to urge the district not to purchase 46,800 acres of land south of Lake Okeechobee from U.S. Sugar.

Post on Politics Email flap hurts Hillary Clinton in Florida; Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio gain in poll

By a 50-to-41 margin, Florida voters say Clinton is not “honest and trustworthy.”

Naked Politics Quinnipiac poll: Hillary Clinton less popular than she used to be in Florida


Hillary Clinton remains a formidable presidential candidate in Florida, but the Democrat's popularity has dropped in the nation's largest swing state after a controversy over her email use as U.S. secretary of state, a new poll found.

Naked Politics Florida House moves to reduce youth arrests

A Florida House panel on Monday gave its overwhelming support to a proposal seeking to reduce youth arrests by expanding civil citation programs.

"It appears to me that all across this state, people are realizing we should not criminalize, we should not have knee-jerk reactions and make arrests when there are more appropriate consequences," said state Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg.

Naked Politics Legislators want for-profit HMOs to compete with non-profits for mental health

The data on Florida’s mental health problem tells the story: People whose mental illness goes untreated are more likely to be addicted to drugs, have children in the state’s child welfare system, draw unemployment checks, and land in prison.

The total cost to taxpayers is unknown but, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Florida ranks 49th in terms of per capita spending on mental health.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio back contentious Indiana law

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Republican presidential hopefuls are lining up behind a controversial Indiana law that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers by invoking religious freedom.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence did “the right thing” -- despite calls from some businesses to boycott the state over the law.

Post on Politics Powdered alcohol gets another thumbs down

Efforts to ban powdered alcohol before the first pouch is sold in Florida gained more support on Monday when a measure, SB 998, won unanimous support from the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee – the second of three committees assigned to vet the bill.

Naked Politics Marco Rubio confirms 'big' April 13 announcement in Miami


Marco Rubio took another step Monday in the carefully planned roll-out of his apparent presidential campaign when he confirmed on national television that he will make a formal political announcement in two weeks.

Post on Politics FDLE visits liberal Boca blogger who used Beatles lyric to rip Gov. Rick Scott

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement admits it “could have better evaluated” Boca Raton blogger Daniel Tilson‘s use of a Beatles lyric to criticize Gov. Rick Scott, which prompted an FDLE agent to visit Tilson’s home to investigate a potential threat.


Post on Politics Is Florida ready for slungshots?

Maybe coming to a pocketbook near you: Slungshots

Is Florida ready for a new concealed weapon?

PolitiJax Foley & Lardner among 3 firms vying to represent Scott, Cabinet in Sunshine lawsuit

Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet recently realized they never got around to hiring a firm to represent them collectively in the Sunshine Lawsuit filed against them over the firing of a state official.

Naked Politics Conservative group targets senators who voted for Medicaid expansion plan

The conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity Florida sent out mailers Monday targeting the 23 senators who have approved the proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion.

OS Political Pulse Mayor Grant defends letters of resignation in Eatonville

Grant also says town buildings are "in shambles"

Naked Politics Ted Cruz says half of born-again Christians aren't voting

Declaring for president, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told a crowd at Liberty University, the Virginia institution founded by evangelist Jerry Falwell: "Today roughly half of born-again Christians aren’t voting. They’re staying home. Imagine instead millions of people of faith all across America coming out to the polls and voting our values."

Naked Politics That time Marco Rubio fought for state funding for the Freedom Tower, and Jeb Bush threatened to veto it

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Naked Politics FDLE admits missteps in sending agent to liberal blogger's home

Daniel Tilson, a liberal South Florida blogger, was just trying to be funny and witty at Gov. Rick Scott's expense.

Post on Politics Land use bill opposed by PBC moves forward in Tallahassee

The House version of a land use bill opposed by Palm Beach County has passed the Economic Development and Tourism Subcommittee but must go through a couple more committees before reaching the floor.

Naked Politics Marco Rubio's claim about the drop in defense spending

Even with combat in Iraq and Afghanistan officially over, potential presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio is calling for a reversal of a shrinking defense budget.

On March 24, 2015, Rubio and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., introduced a budget amendment that would raise the Pentagon’s budget despite legislative limitations and an end to two wars. The defense budget already has gone down too much, Rubio said in a speech on the Senate floor.

OS Political Pulse Koch brothers group attacks Gardiner, Senate over Medicaid expansion

TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity, the free-market advocacy group financed by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, is going on the attack.

Post on Politics Squeezing Alan Grayson? Palm Beach County liberals endorse Murphy 2016 Senate bid

According to this Sunlight Foundation analysis, Rep. Alan Grayson votes with Democrats 97 percent of the time while Rep. Patrick Murphy sticks with his party 83 percent of the time.

Post on Politics Kratom bill amended: Research – not ban – proposed

An attempt in the House to place Kratom on Florida’s list of Schedule I controlled substances has been amended to require the attorney general to gather information about the drug and make a recommendation by the end of 2015 as to whether it should be added to the list.

Post on Politics Enviros face new campaign convincing Legislature where to spend money

Environmentalists face new campaign to convince legislators.

After leading a ballot measure last fall directing millions of state dollars toward environmental efforts, conservation groups now find themselves waging a new campaign to convince lawmakers how to spend the money.

Naked Politics MDX overhaul plan gains ground

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority’s recent pledge not to hike tolls hasn't stopped state lawmakers from attempting to restructure the agency and impose tougher ethics regulations.

Naked Politics Tragedy drives father to change law to prevent pool electrocutions

On a warm day last April, exactly one week after his seventh birthday, Calder Sloan plunged into the pool behind his North Miami home.

Post on Politics Fake service dog bill passes House

A bill that makes it a misdemeanor to pass your pooch off as a service dog passed the House on Friday and has its first committee stop in the Senate this afternoon.

HB 71 received a unanimous vote on the House floor on Friday, after breezing through three committees with unanimous votes.

Post on Politics State Rep. Kerner, Commissioner Vana could run for each other’s seats in 2016

Palm Beach County Mayor Shelley Vana (left) and state Rep. Dave Kerner.