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Naked Politics Jeb Bush does South Beach: Eats burger created by semi-retired drag queen


After he had worked a 12-hour shift Saturday working at Burger & Beer Joint on Miami Beach, Tommy Strangie, waiter and semi-retired drag queen, got a special request from his boss: Design a burger to serve Sunday to an important guest who's on the Paleo diet, which shuns dairy, starch and refined sugar.

Naked Politics Marco Rubio talks same-sex marriage before conservatives in Iowa on Saturday

From the Associated Press:

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is speaking up for traditional marriage. But in remarks to social conservatives, he isn’t weighing in explicitly on whether gay marriage should be allowed.

The Republican presidential candidate won a standing ovation at a meeting of the conservative Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition on Saturday night when he declared that marriage between a man and woman has existed as an institution before governments or laws came to be.

Naked Politics Marco Rubio: Governors Aren't Ready for Presidency on Day One

From Bloomberg's John McCormick:

Governors running for the presidency including, potentially, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are inherently inferior because they lack the foreign policy experience held by members of Congress, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said Saturday in Iowa.

Post on Politics Senate ready to OK compromise prison overhaul — without independent watchdog

Prison changes won’t include independent commission

After months of talking tough on Florida’s troubled prisons, the Senate is poised to take up a compromise package that drops plans for an independent oversight commission to guide the nation’s third largest system of lockups.

Naked Politics Former Miami Commissioner Dunn cleared in ethics probe

via @NewsbySmiley

An ethics probe into the 2013 campaign of former Miami City Commissioner Richard P. Dunn II has been closed without charges.

Post on Politics Public meeting for administrator candidates set

The six candidates for Palm Beach County administrator will participate in a public meet and greet on May 11 with a tentative start time of 4 p.m.

The meet and greet, which follows candidate interviews with the Selection Advisory Committee, will be held in the sixth floor atrium area of the Palm Beach County government center at 301 N. Olive Ave. in West Palm Beach.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush's South Beach confab to draw more than 350 donors


Jeb Bush will spend Sunday and Monday on South Beach mingling with more than 350 financial backers, who will get a chance to get to know each other -- and the presidential candidate-in-waiting and his team -- before a formal campaign begins.

Post on Politics Flurry of budget offers, but no budging by House or Senate

The clock is a factor, for Florida lawmakers

With exactly one week left in the 60-day regular session, the two sides showed no sign of bridging the $4.2 billion difference between them in the lone bill they have to approve each year – a budget.

Naked Politics Despite $600 million offer from House, Florida Senate refuses to back off Medicaid expansion

It was intended to be an offer the Florida Senate couldn’t refuse: Give up the quest to expand Medicaid and the Florida House would set aside $600 million in state money to protect hospitals and county health departments facing extreme budget cuts.

But the Senate did refuse the offer late Friday, thrusting the 2015 legislative session into near chaos with just one week to go before its scheduled end.

Post on Politics Democratic House leader says Republicans looking to dance on Medicaid issue

With the Florida budget held hostage by a rift within the state GOP over Medicaid expansion, the House Democratic leader says Republicans in the lower chamber appear to be looking for a way to get back on the dance floor.

Post on Politics Google this: Florida House passes Internet regulations

The Florida House, ignoring opposition from Google and other big on-line companies, passed a bill to impose state-level regulations on the internet. It now heads to Gov. Rick Scott for consideration.

Post on Politics Patient consent-abortion bill heading to Gov. Scott

As expected, the Republican-controlled Senate on Friday passed a patient-consent bill that will require women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion after initial consultation. The bill – SB 724 now goes to Gov. Rick Scott to be signed.

Naked Politics Feds charge ex-chief of staff to former Rep. Joe Garcia with secretly financing ringer candidate

@PatriciaMazzei @jayhweaver

Federal prosecutors on Friday accused former Miami Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia’s ex-chief of staff of secretly financing a ringer tea-party candidate in 2010 to draw votes away from a Republican rival.

OS Political Pulse Lawmakers approve limits on police videos

TALLAHASSEE  — Florida may soon place limits on who is allowed to access video taken by body cameras worn by law enforcement officers.

Post on Politics Marco Rubio fundraiser not ‘working against the Bushes…just working for the future’

Gay Gaines

PALM BEACH — Although she helped Republican Sen. Marco Rubio raise campaign cash today for his 2016 presidential bid, Gay Gaines says she remains a big fan of Rubio’s Florida mentor-turned-rival Jeb Bush.


OS Political Pulse Senate makes offer but health care stalemate remains

TALLAHASSEE – With billions in taxpayer funds on the line, Central Florida hospitals and the working poor and uninsured remain stuck in limbo as lawmakers continue to haggle over health care coverage for the poor.

Naked Politics The careful line Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush walk on immigration reform


NASHUA, N.H. -- Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have turned explaining their similar positions on immigration reform into a political art form.

Naked Politics Xavier Suarez building war chest for possible 2016 mayoral bid


For someone still deciding on a run for county mayor, Xavier Suarez isn't wavering on raising money.

Naked Politics Republican feud has shades of Democrat's dissension of two decades ago

Republicans in the Florida Legislature have met the enemy, and it is them.

They can’t agree on using federal money for people with no health care and as a result, budget negotiations are in disarray in a year with a $1 billion surplus. Unable to resolve their differences after months of refusing to compromise, Republican lawmakers will end the regular session next Friday without completing the one task they are required to do: passing a state budget.

Naked Politics Senate counter-offer: Expand health care coverage

The Senate doubled-down on its Medicaid expansion plan Friday, rejecting a proposal from the House to use $200 million in state money to help safety-net hospitals absorb a potential loss of $1.3 billion in federal health care funding.

Post on Politics Senate ties Scott school cash to expanding health coverage

Senate President Andy Gardiner ties big school cash to FHIX

Post on Politics Florida Senate sends patient-consent abortion bill to governor

As expected, the Republican-controlled Florida Senate on Friday passed a patient-consent bill requiring a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion.

The law, which was approved 26-13 in a mostly party-line vote, provides an exemption for victims of rape, domestic violence, incest and trafficking if they have documentation. The bill now goes to Gov. Rick Scott’s office where it is expected to be signed.

PolitiJax Senate digs in on Medicaid expansion, offers to extend session to June 30

The Florida Senate rejected the House's offer to end the budget stalemate now, saying there are still unanswered health care funding questions that must be addressed first.

Naked Politics House poised to overhaul prison inspections, impose new requirements at troubled agency

The investigative staff at the Department of Corrections would face an overhaul, officers who injure inmates could be subject to felonies, and the state would start a pilot project to put body cameras on prison guards, under a bill set to be given preliminary approval today in the Florida House.

Naked Politics Lawmakers extend statute of limitations on rape cases

Lawmakers have voted to extend to six years the statute of limitations for rapes to be reported and prosecuted.

Dubbed the 43 Days Initiative Act in honor of Danielle Sullivan, who reported a rape 43 days too late, the bill (SB 133) will double the amount of time after a crime is committed that victims can report a rape and see the state take action.

PolitiJax Growler bill ready for Gov. Scott's signature

The Florida House unanimously approved a bill legalizing 64 oz. beer growlers, sending the measure to Gov. Rick Scott's office for ratification. The Senate signed off on SB 186 earlier this month, also with a unanimous vote.

Florida is expected to become the last state in the country to legalize this sized growler, the most popular for craft beer aficionados.

Naked Politics Party-line Senate vote sends abortion waiting period to Gov. Scott

After the most emotionally-charged debate of the session, the Florida Senate on Friday passed a requirement for a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can undergo an abortion. The bill now goes to Gov. Rick Scott, who is expected to sign it.

The vote was 26-13, as every Republican voted for it and every Democrat present voted against it. Sen. Bill Montford, D-Tallahassee, was excused Friday to attend a funeral.

Naked Politics PolitiFact looks at claims by Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders

While Hillary Clinton has the Democratic field to herself right now, there are other Democrats making waves that they might run for president too -- and PolitiFact is keeping an eye on them. We have been busy fact-checking claims by Clinton, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Post on Politics Rewrite of Jeb!-era pension deal OK’d by Legislature, sent to Scott

Legislature turns back the clock on pension sweetener pushed by ex-Gov. Jeb Bush.

The House approved a pension overhaul Friday intended to end years of combat between Florida cities and their police and firefighter unions — dating to when former Gov. Jeb Bush led the state.

OS Political Pulse Growlers, beer regulations bill heads to Gov. Scott

TALLAHASSEE – Beer lovers, raise a glass. Legislation to allow 64-oz. containers known as “growlers” and relaxing regulations for craft beer brewers is headed to Gov.