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Naked Politics Nine reasons why Sheldon didn't come close to beating Pam Bondi

Although his campaign had raised nearly $1 million and his opponent, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi got some last-minute bad publicity, Democratic George Sheldon managed to get only 42 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

Florida Politics An emboldened Scott and enlarged GOP majority will get to work in Tally


OS Political Pulse An emboldened Scott and enlarged GOP majority will get to work in Tally


OS Political Pulse Charlie Crist's last day, in photos

Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor of Florida turned-independent-turned-Democrat, campaigned to the very end --with a visit to a hair salon in Tampa-- before heading to the Vinoy hotel in downtown St. Petersburg to await the voters' verdict, Tuesday.

Naked Politics NextGen Florida director: the fight against climate change in FL is just beginning

NextGen Florida spent $19.8 million in Florida between Aug. 7 and Oct. 22 this year with the influsion of cash coming from California billionaire and former hedge fund investor Tom Steyer. Their goals: to defeat Gov. Rick Scott,  raise awareness about climate change and bring young people to the polls. They failed on the first, succeeded on the second, and the report card on the third goal appears to be mixed.

Naked Politics Crist reflects on losing to Scott in governor's race

In his victory speech to supporters Tuesday night, Gov. Rick Scott described his defeated rival Charlie Crist as "very gracious."

On Wednesday, Crist added some details to that brief phone call, including a push to expand the Medicaid program in Florida.

Naked Politics Legislative leadership takes shape: Gardiner names Galvano as majority leader

Incoming Senate President Andy Gardiner named Sen. Bill Galvano of Bradenton as his majority leader Wednesday, as he starts crafting his Republican leadership team. 

Naked Politics Republicans win super-majority in Florida House

Florida Republicans reclaimed a super-majority in the state House of Representatives, flipping six seats Tuesday night.

To capture a veto-proof majority, the GOP needed to oust at least five Democratic incumbents.

Naked Politics Sachs, Rodriguez hold off strong Republican challengers

Democrat Maria Sachs held onto her seat in the Florida Senate Tuesday, surviving a bare-knuckle challenge from former Republican Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff that cost the candidates a combined $1 million.

The race, a rematch of the 2012 election, was the closest watched contest in the Senate. The attack ads were attention grabbing, the stakes sky high.

Naked Politics GOP picks up South Florida seat: Carlos Curbelo defeats Miami Rep. Joe Garcia


Carlos Curbelo flipped a South Florida congressional seat for the Republican Party on Tuesday, besting Miami Rep. Joe Garcia in a midterm election dominated by the GOP.

Garcia, a freshman Democrat, was undone in part by scandals, much like the Republican he defeated two years ago.

Naked Politics After courthouse-tax plan fails, what's next for the fix?


Even before the polls opened Tuesday, Miami-Dade's legal industry was preparing for the next steps after losing a fight to raise property taxes to build a new county courthouse. 

Naked Politics Secretary of State: We are proving that Florida knows how to run elections

Secretary of State Ken Detzner was the first to declare victory Tuesday in Florida's general election, telling reporters 30 minutes after the polls closed on the state's west coast that "it has been a great Election Day in Florida."

Naked Politics 1 point ahead, Rick Scott appears on way to winning second term

@MarcACaputo @stevebousquet

BONITA SPRINGS – Fueled with $100 million, Gov. Rick Scott appeared to overcome his own political liabilities and a fierce challenge from Democrat Charlie Crist on Tuesday to win a second term that will solidify Republican control of the state for two decades.

Naked Politics Gelber: It's not the wait in Broward, it's confused voters


Charlie Crist adviser Dan Gelber told reporters tonight that it is not the waits in various polling places in Broward County that prompted Crist to filed an emergency motion to extend polling hours for two-hours in Broward County, it is the confusion voters faced because precincts were changed as a result of redistricting.

Naked Politics With early voting slow in Broward, Crist asks judge to extend hours, citing 'breakdowns'

The Crist for Governor campaign said at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday that it is filing an emergency motion with the Circuit Court for the 17th Judicial Circuit to extend voting hours in Broward County from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. citing "individual and systemic breakdowns that made it difficult for voters to cast regular ballots."

Naked Politics South Florida's light voting great for Rick Scott, bad for Charlie Crist. But indies might save the Dem


As the polls are about to close, Gov. Rick Scott's team should be feeling a little more confident because Democrat-rich South Florida is doing what it does in midterms: not voting in strong numbers.

Miami-Dade is reporting that 183,000 people had voted as of 6 p.m. on Election Day. Add that to the 293,000 who had absentee and early voted, and the county's turnout was just under 37 percent with one hour to go. 

Naked Politics Miami Rep. Joe Garcia talks policy -- and gives driving directions -- to West Kendall voters


Miami Rep. Joe Garcia spent part of Election Day afternoon giving directions to would-be voters who were confused about where to vote.

Naked Politics Carlos Curbelo greets string of Republican voters in Miami's West Kendall


Carlos Curbelo greeted mostly Republican voters Tuesday afternoon at a West Kendall polling place where the sky was blue, the wind was blowing and people were arriving at a slow but consistent clip.

"This morning we have a little rush, but that's it," Curbelo said. 

Naked Politics David Rivera hits Election Day polls in Miami -- even though he's not on the ballot


Never mind that he lost his Miami congressional seat two years ago, and placed fourth out of five in this year's Republican primary to try to get it back.

Florida Politics Florida's gubernatorial campaign is almost over -- or is it?

TAMPA – Charlie Crist dropped in on a cramped East Tampa hair salon that helped elect Barack Obama president, and thanked the volunteers sitting in hair-curling chairs and using smart phones to call voters who still hadn’t cast ballots.

OS Political Pulse Florida's gubernatorial campaign is almost over -- or is it?

TAMPA – Charlie Crist dropped in on a cramped East Tampa hair salon that helped elect Barack Obama president, and thanked the volunteers sitting in hair-curling chairs and using smart phones to call voters who still hadn’t cast ballots.

Naked Politics New poll on Latino attitudes shows Florida more focused on economy than immigration reform


Latinos in Florida said the most important issue facing the Latino community that politicians should address is the economy -- a slight difference from respondents in other states, who put immigration reform tops, according to a new poll.

Naked Politics Amid an agonizing wait, time for second-guessing

On Election Day, hours seem like decades for candidates and campaign operatives. They can't resist obsessing about what they might have done differently, or better. With a close result expected between Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, the losing side is likely to form a circular firing squad, and what follows is an orgy of second-guessing and scapegoating.

Naked Politics Ken Detzner: Voting going "very smoothly"

Voting is going "very smoothly" this morning, with all polls opening on time in the state's 6,222 precincts, Secretary of State Ken Detzner said at an elections briefing in Tallahassee.

Naked Politics Poll averages: Race deadlocked, Scott could lead Crist by 0.6% pre-Election Day ballots


Heading into Election Day, Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are tied at 42 percent each, according to the averages of 20 public polls released in October, when absentee-ballot and then in-person early voting began.*

Naked Politics The show goes on in House District 64

The House District 64 election will go forward -- for now, at least.

An appellate court on Tuesday denied state Rep. Jamie Grant's emergency request that the votes not be tabulated.

Naked Politics Fact-checks about voting rights in Florida

On Tuesday, millions of Florida voters will head to the polls to elect a governor, members of Congress and settle amendment questions including whether to allow medical marijuana.

Naked Politics Obama cuts last-minute radio ad for Charlie Crist


An ad for Democrat Charlie Crist for Florida governor featuring President Barack Obama has been airing since at least Monday on a Miami radio station with a predominantly African-American audience.

"This is it, Florida," the ad begins. "This is Barack Obama."

A female narrator explains how voters can find their polling place. Then it's Obama again:

Naked Politics As polls open, 3.1m already voted; Dems cut GOP early ballot lead to 98k, 3.3%


Regardless of who wins or loses or if there's a recount, this is the last tally of pre-Election Day ballots and, like the others, it's good news bad news for both sides.

First the overall picture: as of Election Day morning, more than 3.1 million people had voted. That's probably more than half of the likely voters in this election (assuming a turnout of 49 or 50 percent).

Naked Politics Follow Election Day news on Miami Herald's live blog all day, all night

The Miami Herald has reporters at more than a dozen polling locations in Broward and Miami-Dade counties on Election Day.

We will be monitoring wait times and any other problems at polling locations. We will be interviewing voters to ask about the following: