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Naked Politics Southerland and Graham debate the issues, politely

You call this a debate? The candidates hugged each other at the beginning -- and at the end.

Naked Politics We raised $600K in 3rd quarter, Joe Garcia campaign says


From a press release:

Naked Politics Press Association pushes back on Adrian Wyllie's claims

The Florida Press Association on Wednesday refuted claims by the Libertarian party candidate for governor Adrian Wyllie after he lost a legal bid to be included in the governor's debate in Broward County.

Naked Politics Tampa Bay Times/Graham Center poll: Crist, Scott tied at 40%

Via @adamsmithtimes

Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist are locked in a dead heat race for governor in the final weeks of the campaign, and a new Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/UF Bob Graham Center poll shows Florida voters think very little of either candidate.

The exclusive poll finds 40 percent of likely voters supporting Crist, 40 percent backing Scott, and 6 percent for Libertarian nominee Adrian Wyllie.

OS Political Pulse Scott asks CDC to brief Florida hospitals on Ebola

Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Department of Health have asked the U.S.

Naked Politics 535,000 absentees already cast, Dems lagging but gaining


More than 535,000 absentee ballots have already been cast as of Tuesday night and, as in prior mid-term elections, Republicans have a solid lead in returns.

Naked Politics Rick Scott asks feds for advice on Ebola preparedness, prevention

From a press release: 

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that the Florida Department of Health (DOH) asked the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to instruct Florida hospitals on best practices and what lessons have been learned from their experience in Dallas to best protect Florida healthcare workers in the event that Florida has an Ebola patient.

Naked Politics Crist's attack on Scott's job promise faces Truth-O-Meter

What’s 700,000 jobs give or take … 1 million? That’s the question a new ad from the Charlie Crist campaign hopes to answer for Florida voters.

"He made a promise," the ad says, showing video of Gov. Rick Scott from the 2010 campaign for governor. "Hold me accountable for delivering on the campaign promises I make," Scott says.

Naked Politics A preview of falsehoods and half truths in Scott vs. Crist debate Take 2

Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist will debate Wednesday night with polls showing the Florida governor’s race as too close to call.

Naked Politics Joe Garcia, Carlos Curbelo and the politics of the Cuban Adjustment Act


Could the law that gives Cubans special immigration privileges survive a political debate to change it?

Miami Republican Carlos Curbelo says yes. The man he's trying to unseat, Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia, says no.

Naked Politics Deep-pocketed super PAC releases second attack ad against Joe Garcia


"We can do better than Joe Garcia," says a new television advertisement from Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC that now has two spots running against the Miami Democratic congressman.

Naked Politics Ethics take center stage at Miami congressional debate


Bickering over ethics, U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia and challenger Carlos Curbelo spent half of their first debate in Miami-Dade County on Tuesday arguing over which one of them has cleaner hands to represent Florida’s 26th congressional district.

The first half of the free-flowing Spanish-language debate focused on policy issues. The candidates highlighted differences over the Affordable Care Act, the minimum wage and Cuba.

Naked Politics Report: Lower budget surplus will make campaign promises hard to reach

As Florida's governor's candidates face-off tonight for their second highly-anticipated debate in Broward County tonight, Florida TaxWatch is out with a sobering reminder.

Naked Politics Hatchetman: Everything you wanted to know about Roger Stone

From @glenngarvin

Everything you know is wrong. At least when it comes to two of the most notorious chapters of 20th century American history — the Kennedy assassination and Watergate.

President Kennedy was murdered not by Lee Harvey Oswald but a serial killer — his own vice president, Lyndon Johnson. And the Watergate scandal was not about President Nixon’s dirty political tricks, but, umm, hookers.

Naked Politics Scott now agrees to pay his own legal fees in fighting release of his Gmail documents

From the Associated Press and Herald/Times:

A bitter public records dispute is now forcing Florida Gov. Rick Scott to dip into his own pocket, and may force him to testify on his own behalf before next month's election.

Naked Politics Crist campaign adds Michelle Obama event in Miami Gardens Friday

From the Charlie Crist campaign:

Naked Politics Federal court: Libertarian Adrian Wyllie can be excluded from debate


A federal judge denied Libertarian Adrian Wyllie’s emergency motion seeking access to Wednesday night’s gubernatorial debate.

U.S. District Judge James I. Cohn said Wyllie did not meet the requirements for gaining access to the debate hosted by the Florida Press Association and Leadership Florida. Cohn said the private nonprofit debate sponsors did not change the access rules by increasing the polling threshold required for a qualified candidate, 15 percent.

Naked Politics Oct. 15 is tax day for late filers like Gov. Rick Scott -- will he release his or not?


Gov. Rick Scott has touted the fact that he and his wife have released an unprecedented amount of financial data -- more than their opponent -- this election cycle. But that is not quite true.

Naked Politics FSU trustees expected to approve Thrasher contract, $430K base salary on Monday


A draft version of the contract between state Sen. John Thrasher and Florida State University shows that they have negotiated a five-year term starting Nov. 10.

Naked Politics Report: Lopez Cantera's family profited from his legislative campaign

By Francisco Alvarado of the

Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera is a generous big brother.

On October 09, 2008, about a month before then-state Rep. Lopez-Cantera won re-election by nearly 20 percentage points, his sister and her husband, a Miami-Dade police lieutenant, got into the electioneering business, forming High Ridge Consultants.

Naked Politics Steroid testing looms for Miami PD amid new abuse allegations


With allegations emerging Tuesday that some members of the Miami police force were clients of the infamous Biogenesis steroid clinic, city and police officials can say they’re already moving to include the anabolic drugs on the list of banned substances for which officers will be tested.

But one has nothing to do with the other, apparently.

“There’s no correlation between the two,” said Major Delrish Moss.

OS Political Pulse Round 2 of Scott-Crist debates is Wednesday night

The second of three televised debates between Florida Gov.

Florida Politics Polls: Governor's race is close

TALLAHASSEE -- Another day, another couple of polls showing the battle between Republican Gov.

OS Political Pulse Polls: Governor's race is close

TALLAHASSEE -- Another day, another couple of polls showing the battle between Republican Gov.

Florida Politics With his jobs record under assault, Team Scott summons Jeb

TALLAHASSEE -- With Florida Democrats launching a potentially damaging new front by attacking Gov. Rick Scott's jobs record, Republicans are hitting back with their biggest star: former Gov.

OS Political Pulse With his jobs record under assault, Team Scott summons Jeb

TALLAHASSEE -- With Florida Democrats launching a potentially damaging new front by attacking Gov. Rick Scott's jobs record, Republicans are hitting back with their biggest star: former Gov.

Naked Politics SurveyUSA/WFLA: Charlie Crist 45%, Rick Scott 41% (still a basic tie)


SurveyUSA's poll tracking for WFLA-TV shows that Charlie Crist is still marginally topping Gov. Rick Scott, 45-41 percent. Libertarian Adrian Wyllie is at 7 percent

But, like all other polls, that Crist lead is inside the error margin. So it's basically a tie.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush's new TV ad for Rick Scott: "The choice for me is easy." (Spanish-version next?)


Gov. Rick Scott's campaign features a not-so-new but pretty-effective spokesman in a new ad: Former Gov. Jeb Bush.

"In my experience as governor, I've found that there are two kinds of politicians," Bush says. "Those that are driven by personal ambition. And those that deliver results."

Naked Politics Mike Fasano endorses Charlie Crist in new TV ad

It was inevitable, but it's still going to infuriate Republicans.

It's a new TV ad that features Republican Mike Fasano, the former state legislator from Pasco County who was appointed tax collector by Gov. Rick Scott, explaining why he supports Democrat Charlie Crist for governor.

In the 30-second spot, Fasano describes Scott's campaign for re-election as being all about "tearing people down."