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OS Political Pulse Scott, Crist to debate Oct. 15 at Broward College

TALLAHASSEE  -- It's official: Gov. Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist (presuming he wins the Democratic primary next week) will square off in a debate Oct.

Florida Politics LWV: Maps still stink

TALLAHASSEE -- The voting-rights groups that sued to block Florida's congressional maps in 2012 are once again arguing lawmakers thwarted the will of the people.

OS Political Pulse LWV: Maps still stink

TALLAHASSEE -- The voting-rights groups that sued to block Florida's congressional maps in 2012 are once again arguing lawmakers thwarted the will of the people.

Naked Politics Plaintiffs oppose redrawn congressional map, ask the court to draw districts

 Arguing that a newly drawn District 5 will establish a benchmark district "further entrenching the Republican Party in its position of power" the voters groups that brought the lawsuit against the Legislature are asking a judge to draw new congressional districts that would take effect this elections cycle in documents filed today.

Naked Politics Charlie Crist voted for Charlie Crist

With Barack Obama's approval ratings lately barely cracking 40 percent, plenty of Democrats will keep their distance from the president heading into the midterms, just as Alex Sink did she when ran for governor in 2006. Not Charlie Crist, who said today he hopes to be campaigning side by side with the president.

"I hope so," he said when asked about campaigning with Obama. "I hope everybody does."

Naked Politics Scott campaign pulls TV ad with convicted smuggler

Gov. Rick Scott's campaign on Monday pulled off the air a campaign ad touting support from small business owners, including a Tampa man convicted of human smuggling four years ago on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

Naked Politics Rick Scott leads Charlie Crist in Chamber poll


A newl poll of likely Florida voters for the Republican-leaning Florida Chamber of Commerce finds Floridians increasingly bullish on the direction of the state, and Republican Gov. Rick Scott leading likely Democratic nominee Charlie Crist 44 percent to 41 percent. When Libertarian nominee Adrian Wyllie is thrown into the mix, Gov. Scott leads 41 percent to 35 percent for Crist with 4 percent for the little-known Wyllie.

Naked Politics Crist boards school bus to tout his education record, bash Scott's

Traveling on a yellow school bus, Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist toured the state last week to tell Floridians that public schools would fare better under his watch than that of Gov. Rick Scott.

Along the way, Crist battled the weather, competed with Scott supporters at several campaign stops and repeated his attacks on Scott’s education budgets.

Naked Politics Dissecting the changes in Florida's redrawn congressional districts

What has changed in the new congressional map? Linda Qiu And Derek Tsang of the Tampa Bay Times took a look. See map and more details here:


Naked Politics The trial lawyer who has haunted Rick Scott for four years

Rick Scott stepped to the podium to start a Tallahassee press conference when a man approached him with a handshake.

“Mr. Scott,” the man said. “I have a subpoena here for you.”

Scott’s brief smile fell from his face as he grabbed the subpoena.

Naked Politics "Shady" Rick Scott and "For Sale" Charlie Crist punch, counterpunch in new round of mean ads


It's getting meaner. And it won't get any better.

In a punch-counterpunch round of ads, Gov. Rick Scott's team is going after former Gov. Charlie Crist's ties to a convicted Ponzi schemer and Crist's camp is responding with a broadside against the incumbent for everything from his "lies" about education funding to his pleading the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a deposition.

Scott''s ad, paid through the Republican Party of Florida, fired first.

Naked Politics FL-26 Republicans tussle in TV faceoff


Five Republicans jostling for their party’s nomination to run against Congressman Joe Garcia, a Miami Democrat, faced off Sunday perhaps for the last time before the Aug. 26 primary election.

Naked Politics The human side of the big money behind the marijuana amendment

Here's a must-read from the Tampa Bay Times' Stephen Nohlgren on the unlikely relationship between John Morgan and Sheldon Adelson, the two big-money sources behind the Amendment 2 medical marijuana campaigns:

Naked Politics Of buds and brews, Adrian Wyllie stakes out the Libertarian space between Scott, Crist


The relaxed crowd of happy hour craft beer drinkers Thursday night seemed totally turned off by politics as usual in Florida — the ideal audience for Adrian Wyllie.

The Libertarian Party candidate for governor, Wyllie is running in a year when polls show voters are starved for an alternative to Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, the likely Democratic nominee.

Naked Politics At Florida International University, Miami-Dade lawmakers are graduation mainstays


No, that wasn’t an official meeting of the Miami-Dade legislative delegation at FIU earlier this month — it was just graduation ceremonies. But there certainly were a lot of lawmakers there.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush conflicted over feds role in medical-marijuana enforcement


Former Gov. Jeb Bush opposes Florida’s medical-marijuana initiative, but the potential GOP presidential candidate said he’s not sure if the federal government should enforce federal cannabis laws if the Sunshine State proposal passes.

Naked Politics Crist blasts Scott for plan to use a lottery to select marijuana producers

The growing tensions between prospective producers of medical marijuana and state regulators have now become political fodder as former Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday blasted the Gov. Rick Scott for a plan to use a lottery to select the companies that will develop legalized pot in Florida.

Naked Politics False ad by RPOF pins blame on Crist for Duke fiasco

Failed nuclear projects by utility provider Duke Energy have suddenly electrified both sides of this year’s gubernatorial campaign.

Florida Politics Florida Secretary of State: New congressional elections can't happen until 2015, and are 'illegal'

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner told a judge Friday that the state couldn't organize special elections to fill seven newly drawn congressional seats until later Spring 2015 at the earliest.

OS Political Pulse Florida Secretary of State: New congressional elections can't happen until 2015, and are 'illegal'

TALLAHASSEE -- Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner told a judge Friday that the state couldn't organize special elections to fill seven newly drawn congressional seats until later Spring 2015 at the earliest.

Naked Politics Supervisors say special congressional elections could be held in March and May

Florida's congressional districts won't change by November and new elections can't be held until next year, the the state's top elections officials told the court on Friday.

Naked Politics Gov. Rick Scott says he doesn't plan to reinstate acquitted Miami Lakes mayor


Michael Pizzi returned triumphantly to Miami Lakes Town Hall on Thursday after a federal jury found him not guilty of corruption charges.

But he remains suspended from his mayoral office -- and Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday he doesn't intend to put Pizzi back in office.

Naked Politics Fact-checking Charlie Crist's private jet ride

Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign has focused on painting the Republican incumbent as a friend of the environment, which means attempting to show Democratic challenger Charlie Crist isn’t.

A Republican Party of Florida commercial released Aug. 7, 2014, lambasts Crist for taking a supporter’s personal aircraft to a press event.

Naked Politics Truth-O-Meter tackles NextGen's oil drilling attack on Scott

California billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate group unleashed an ad that accuses Gov. Rick Scott of being cozy with a polluter.

Naked Politics Twisted web is weaving in Sheldon case


Even by the up-is-down, dogs-and-cats-living-together nature of Florida politics, George Sheldon has got to be shaking his head at the irony of today’s 1:30 p.m. hearing before Leon County Circuit Judge James Hankinson.

Naked Politics Mitt Romney to campaign with Miami congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo next week


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to campaign Monday in Miami with congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo.

Romney lost the vote in Florida's 26th congressional district to President Barack Obama by 7 percentage points in 2012. The district extends from Westchester to Key West.

Naked Politics The Rick Scott-Jeb Bush Tour heads to Homestead


Gov. Rick Scott heads to Homestead Friday with a not-so-secret newsmaking weapon: former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Remember back when Democrat Charlie Crist was a Republican running for governor in 2006? He called himself a "Jeb Bush Republican" at the time. There's a reason for it. Bush helped build the GOP, first in Miami-Dade and then in Florida where he was the first Republican governor in the modern era to serve with a Republican-held House and Senate.

Naked Politics The one about Jeb Bush, Terry Schiavo, the ACLU and medical marijuana

Gov. Jeb Bush came out in opposition to Amendment 2 today and his suggestion that people should vote against the amendment to legalize marijuana provoked some harsh criticism from the ACLU of Florida.  

Bush joined the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other business groups to denounce the proposed amendment on the November ballot that will allow patients with a list of debilitating conditions to get a doctor's permission to treat the condition with marijuana. 

Naked Politics Secretary says he's on track to meet noon deadline for congressional elections plan

Florida’s top elections official said Thursday he is prepared to meet the noon deadline Friday to present a proposed special election schedule for the new congressional districts passed by the Florida Legislature this week. 

Secretary of State Ken Detzner told supervisors of elections on a conference call Thursday that he was preparing “to give the court our definition of what it would take to run an election with regard the new maps.”

Naked Politics Suspended Miami Lakes mayor acquitted of federal corruption charges


Suspended Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi is not guilty of accepting payoffs during an undercover FBI sting, a jury ruled Thursday.

The verdict was handed down after more than a month of trial in which federal prosecutors portrayed Pizzi as a greedy politican who took accepted thousands in illegal cash in a smoky pool hall, a Starbucks and the closet of his city office.