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Naked Politics Marco Rubio's claims about Cuba face Truth-O-Meter

PolitiFact checked two claims this week by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, related to Cuba:

"The president said that the people of Cuba do not have access to advanced, 21st century modern technology for communications and telecommunications because of the U.S. embargo. That is false," Rubio said. "The reason why they don't have access to 21st century telecommunications — like smart phones, like access to the Internet — is because it is illegal in Cuba."

Post on Politics With a little historical rewrite, Scott declares victory on jobs

Scott says he’s beaten deadline for job growth

Rick Scott declared victory Friday in his job-creating pledge from the 2010 campaign, even though Florida’s economy remains well below its peak employment and questions linger about whether the governor has really fulfilled his promise.

Naked Politics Marco Rubio and Rand Paul trade shots on TV, Twitter and Facebook over Cuba


As they jockey for possible presidential bids, Republican senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are taking aim at each other on TV and Twitter over Cuba policy.

Paul "doesn't know what he's talking about," Rubio says.

And Rubio should explain why the US won't engage with Cuba but will with China and Vietnam, Paul says.

Post on Politics Scott doesn’t travel far in naming new transportation chief

Florida Gov. Rick Scott didn’t look far Friday when naming a new head of the state’s $10.1 billion Department of Transportation, one of the state’s largest agencies.

Naked Politics Fact-checking Ana Navarro's claim about Cuba, Venezuela and oil

President Barack Obama’s historic decision to open full diplomatic relations with Cuba has appalled many opponents of the Castro regime. Among their biggest complaints is that Cuba got huge concessions from the United States without being required to make fundamental changes to its political system.

Naked Politics Rick Scott appoints Jim Boxold as FDOT secretary

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday appointed Jim Boxold to be Florida’s next transportation secretary.
Boxold, who since 2013 has been former Secretary Ananth Prasad’s chief of staff and director of legislative affairs, was one of three finalists recommended Thursday by the Florida Transportation Commission

Naked Politics Campaigning on Cuba issues is no longer so straightforward in Florida


Talking about U.S. policy toward Cuba used to be relatively easy for politicians in Florida: say “Cuba libre” or “Cuba sí, Castro no.”

Support for sanctions and the embargo was a given.

But no longer.

Post on Politics Scott campaign promise on schools getting pricier

Florida enrollment next year — going up.

State economists are forecasting that Florida classrooms could have close to 30,000 more students next year — making a little tougher a signature campaign promise made by Gov. Rick Scott.

Naked Politics Regulators give FPL approval to charge customers to invest in fracking

The Public Service Commission gave unanimous approval to Florida Power & Light Thursday to charge customers for its exploration of natural gas using fracking technologies.

Naked Politics Scott to pick from three finalists to replace FDOT's Prasad

The Florida Transportation Commission recommended three men to Gov. Rick Scott for the replacement of outgoing FDOT Secretary Ananth Prasad on Thursday.

OS Political Pulse Time set for Gov. Rick Scott's swearing-in ceremony

TALLAHASSEE --  Gov. Rick Scott's inauguration program will start at 11:20 a.m. Jan.

Naked Politics From penniless Cuban exile to billionaire GOP moneyman, Mike Fernandez says Obama's Cuba action 'long overdue'


Mike Fernandez arrived in the United States as a 12-year-old penniless immigrant in 1964 after his family fled Cuba. Today, he's one of Miami's most-respected and influential businessmen, a health-insurance billionaire and a GOP moneyman who dutifully supports fellow Republicans in the area.

Except on one issue today: President Obama's decision to restore diplomatic ties with the regime in Cuba.

Post on Politics Florida government technology as up-to-date as a Walkman, analysts say

Florida TaxWatch’s annual report on potential cost-savings released Thursday may underscore how state government is still plagued by wholesale technical woes.

The business-backed policy group is recommending state leaders take steps toward fully implementing the newly created Agency for State Technology, which replaced an earlier office that existed for a mere five years before lawmakers pulled the plug.

PolitiJax Veterans of high-profile La. Senate race join Curry campaign

Staffers who helped propel Louisiana Republican Sen.-elect Bill Cassidy to a high-profile victory over an entrenched Democratic incumbent are joining Lenny Curry's campaign to defeat Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown next year.

Brian Swensen, who was Cassidy's political director, will be Curry's campaign manager. Swensen was also the political director for the Republican Party of Florida.

Post on Politics Florida House Democrats: Fewer seats but plenty of titles

House Democratic Leader Mark Pafford

The number of Florida House Democrats has shrunk, but that hasn’t stopped the caucus’s new leader, Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach, from handing out plenty of titles.

Naked Politics For outgoing Miami-Dade commission chair, a legacy of early adjournments


When Rebeca Sosa took over as chairwoman of the Miami-Dade County Commission two years ago, she 'eliminated the lunch break and bumped employee-appreciation ceremonies off the main agend.

The result: Commission meetings that once reliably stretched to the dinner hour and beyond instead finished by the afternoon under Sosa.

OS Political Pulse SpaceX launch postponed again; it's too sunny up there

Concerns over the International Space Station's angles and exposure to sunlight during late December and early January have helped lead SpaceX to again postpone the launch of their Dragon capsule to resupply the station. Next target date is Jan.

Post on Politics Report finds ways to tighten the state government’s belt

Florida TaxWatch to highlight government savings

A report on how state government can belt-tighten through policy changes and general efficiencies is slated to be released today by Florida TaxWatch, the business-backed oversight organization.

Naked Politics


As a


As a young boy in Cuba, Carlos Gimenez often woke up to the caretaker's voice rousing his father for a day's work on the family ranch.

"I would get dressed. and my horse would be ready," the 60-year-old recalled. "Those were good times."

Naked Politics Miami, heart of Cuban exile community, stunned by U.S. policy shift

@PatriciaMazzei @cveiga

The hard line dividing Miami and Havana, drawn more than half a century ago by Cuban exiles who shunned the dictatorship they left behind, suddenly softened Wednesday, leaving two stunned generations of Cuban Americans to grapple with what the future may hold.

Naked Politics Before Jeb Bush worked at Barclays, bank was fined $300m over Cuba sanctions

From BuzzFeed:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush blasted the Obama administration’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba in a Facebook post Wednesday, but in an example of why Bush’s ties to private equity and Barclays could provide fodder for opponents and critics, Barclays (which reportedly pays Bush more than a million dollars a year) had to settle criminal charges for violating sanctions that included Cuba.

Naked Politics On Cuba, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is out of step with DNC, Obama


Nearly all politicians who support longstanding hardline U.S. policy toward Cuba tend to be Cuban-American, Republican or both.

Naked Politics Jeb Bush loves 'The U Part 2,' says NCAA looked like 'complete idiots'


A day after indicating that a presidential bid was likelier than ever, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made his annual appearance Wednesday at the Camacol Christmas Basket charity event to help pass food out to the needy, but he made it clear he wasn’t giving the press any statement about campaigning for the White House.

Naked Politics Gardiner lays out session priorities and weighs in on broad issues

Senate President Andy Gardiner laid out his priorities in an information meeting with reporters Wednesday and said he will be focused on implementing Amendment 1, bringing more tax relief to Floridians and finding ways to help special needs students get broader employment opportunities.

OS Political Pulse Bill seeks $950K for woman raped, impregnated at Orlando group home

TALLAHASSEE  --  A Central Florida lawmaker this week filed a proposal that would lead to the state paying $950,000 to a developmentally disabled woman who was raped and became impregnated at an Orlando group home.

Naked Politics Obama and Castro reach historic accord to release prisoners, normalize relations

@MarcACaputo and @MiamiHerald staff

In the biggest change to U.S.-Cuba relations in more than five decades, President Barack Obama and Raúl Castro each announced Wednesday that the Cold War-era enemies are trying to normalize relations and have engaged in a prisoner swap involving two jailed Americans and three Cuban spies.

Naked Politics Obama's Half True claim about U.S. Rep. Yoho's immigration bill

House Republicans are so displeased with President Barack Obama’s executive action granting amnesty to undocumented immigrants, they voted to strip White House authority over the matter altogether.

Naked Politics Fact-checking climate change claims by Sen. Marco Rubio, Rush Limbaugh and more

Climate change was in the news this year, starting with the polar vortex at the beginning of 2014 and continuing with the Keystone XL pipeline and proposed carbon-cutting regulations on power plants.

Naked Politics Miami mayor opposes a Cuban consulate in his city


Will liberalized relations with Havana put a Cuban consulate in Miami?

Naked Politics Gardiner: First bill to pass will be injury reporting for greyhound tracks

Senate President Andy Gardiner said Wednesday he will revive the bill to require the greyhound racing industry to report animal injuries and have the measure sent to the House during the first week of the 2015 session.