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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Wants to Change HIV/AIDS Laws

A South Florida Republican congresswoman is urging the federal government, the states and local governments to “modernize laws and policies to eliminate discrimination against those living with HIV/AIDS.”

March 29, 2017 - 9:45am


A Florida couple lost their successful franchise business after a large international corporation abruptly shut them down in 2011. After investing tens of thousands of dollars into their franchise business and becoming one of the most successful in the Tampa area, the couple was stripped of their business and left with no recourse against the giant international corporation.
Mel and Betty Sembler, couple shown right
Apparently there are still people in Florida -- including leaders in the Florida Legislature, of all places -- who are perfectly happy to give Mel and Betty Sembler's drug policy the time of day.
Gov. Rick Scott wasted no time in replacing Aramis Ayala as the prosecutor in the Markeith Loyd murder case after she announced that she would seek life without the chance of parole instead of the death penalty.
The Florida Legislature is continuing to grapple with the issue of implementing Amendment 2 on medical marijuana.
This month marks seven long and daunting years since Obamacare was signed into the law. 
The attempt by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other powerful Republicans to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) has run into a buzz saw of opposition from both sides.
Florida’s current Agency for Healthcare Administrations (AHCA) rules state managed care plans can limit the number of pharmacies allowed to participate in their Medicaid Managed Care networks based on meeting the federal Medicare network adequacy standards. ACHA adopted these standards, which only require plans to have one pharmacy within a 30-minute travel time for patients in urban areas and a 60-minute travel time for patients in rural areas.
An ironic thing happened on the way to the Democratic nomination for governor for Tallahassee’s “ceremonial” Mayor Andrew Gillum.
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but for governments it's not that easy. Once something is given -- say, health insurance coverage to 20 million Americans -- you take it away at your peril. This is true for any government benefit, but especially for health care. There's a reason not one Western democracy with some system of national health care has ever abolished it.
When I entered office in 1999, the greatest environmental challenge facing Florida was the rapidly deteriorating state of America’s Everglades. For years, the sensitive subtropical ecological system had suffered the side effects of a massive manmade drainage system and rapid regional development that harmed the water supply, diverted water from the natural habitat and threatened the many species that call these unique wetlands home.


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