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By: Gov. Rick Scott | Posted: December 9, 2013 2:05 PM

The Tampa Bay Times’ Dec. 7 editorial focused on one of the most important subjects to all Floridians -- jobs. But, the challenges facing our growing state won’t end when we reach a certain number of jobs created or a certain unemployment rate. We are working to build an opportunity economy that will create jobs for generations to come.

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By: John Legg | Posted: October 23, 2013 3:55 AM

During the White House’s much-maligned Affordable Care Act rollout, President Barack Obama suggested purchasing health care insurance would be as easy as ordering “a TV from Amazon.”

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By: Pam Stewart | Posted: August 15, 2013 3:55 AM

By almost every measure from national rankings to our economic climate, Florida’s teachers and parents have many reasons to be proud. But we also know that success is never final. 

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