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By: Sunshine State News | Posted: November 21, 2012 10:00 PM

Decades before the Pilgrims gathered around a table in Massachusetts in 1621, Florida had seen at least two separate Thanksgiving celebrations and, as in the more familiar tale from New England, they involved native Americans and religious liberty.

The first one took place in 1564 on the southern bank of the St. Johns River in modern-day Jacksonville.
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By: Nancy Smith | Posted: July 11, 2011 3:55 AM

All animals are equal except for some animals ... that's a theme in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and it's certainly the major theme of Rep. Pat Rooney's elitist and unnecessary funeral bill.

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By: Michael Peltier News Service of Florida | Posted: September 13, 2010 4:05 AM
Palm Beach County is generally associated with Democratic politics, but the coastal slice of a coastal county that makes up state House District 83 leans Republican, and over the past 20 years it has elected Republicans, but may be leaning to the middle.
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By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 10, 2010 4:05 AM

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County hosted “Lobster Fest” on Thursday and a number of high-profile GOP candidates appeared to pitch their campaigns. Health care executive Rick Scott, running against Attorney General Bill McCollum for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, was in attendance. So were U.S. Rep.

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