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By: Nancy Smith | Posted: July 29, 2013 3:55 AM

What started out for many students as a protest against racial injustice is becoming exactly what its puppet-handlers intended -- an opportunity to publicly embarrass re-election-minded Gov. Rick Scott. 

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By: Nancy Smith | Posted: July 18, 2013 3:55 AM


Who are these No Casinos people and where have they been living all these years? They need to gallop across the castle moat, get as far away from Fantasyland as they can and spend a little time in Florida reality.

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By: Kevin Derby | Posted: March 17, 2011 3:55 AM

The Legislature sent its first bill of the year to Gov. Rick Scott Wednesday, when the House joined the Senate in passing the hotly contested SB 736, a measure basing teacher pay on performance and assessments instead of seniority and tenure.

Flanked by legislative leaders at a press conference after the vote was taken, Scott praised the passage of the bill. “This will help attract and retain the best teachers,” said Scott, adding that it was part of his plan to increase jobs in the Sunshine State.

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By: Nancy Smith | Posted: January 14, 2013 3:55 AM

Sorry, anthropology defenders, but Gov. Rick Scott was right 15 months ago about the college degrees needed in the 21st century marketplace. And he's so right today. 
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