Should Gov. Rick Scott fire his chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, for lying on his resume?


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Shaunel Thomas
11:21AM DEC 26TH 2013
Rick Scott didn't get the memo. Why not? Hollingsworth, the master of shuffling documents like a shell game kept the information from the governor. Hollingsworth is a proven liar but he does a very expert job at running the governor. Anybody who's seen Rick Scott's motorcade going down the Turnpike knows that somebody planned every step to a
"T" and this is of course the devious Hollingsworth. The real news is leaking out about Hollingsworth's debauchery and it is only a matter of time before the very insulated and controlled governor Scott picks up a newspaper and reads it of his own accord and sees how his own Chief of Staff has been manipulating him. Being a governor is a different sort of art from running a huge healthcare company and Scott has had numerous bumps in the road during his tenure including the hiring and firing of various Chiefs of Staff. Hollingsworth will not be the first one to go but go he must. He is dragging Rick Scott down on a daily basis as Hollingsworth's deceptions are coming to light. All in all, Scott can run
on his own record which is decent and win. With dead-weight guys like Hollingsworth (that make up their own college credentials) on board, Scott is a dead duck. The last thing Florida needs is a return to power of chain-gang Charlie Crist who's only claim to fame as governor was to heap oppressive penalties on African-Americans and other minorities in an effort to curry-favor the white vote in Florida.
1:45PM DEC 12TH 2013
Ethics should be the top consideration. Hollingsworth has proved he lacks what is required of someone in a position of trust.

He said he wasn't fired by CSX. Maybe not. Did he quit when he was confronted? When will he explain exactly what happened?

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