What aspects of the Stand Your Ground law should be reviewed?

None. Just abolish this bad law, and fast
None. Don't change this good law
Define the law regarding the initiation of contact
I’d like to see the aspects of reasonable, perceived threat expanded

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3:22PM JUL 22ND 2013
No agressor, or viglante, and Z was both, should be able to claim SYG or self defense. Z put himself at risk and killed TM. If he had stayed in his car, no murder.
David Lane
2:40PM JUL 22ND 2013
This law could lead to people feeling justified in murdering someone. Three people in an isolated place one shoots another one and convices the other to be the witness who says the other man threatened. This could lead to many more murders and murderers getting of Scott free and withouth a question ever being raised.
8:58AM JUL 22ND 2013
This law keeps minorities out of prison at a disproportionally high rate. People who live in mean circumstances should be able to face the aggression around them without fear of th e state.
8:55AM JUL 22ND 2013
Our state, as well as others, have a good "stand your ground law". We should not be intimidated by those who ranting and raving right now based on race and not the facts. Look at the statistics of who has used this law more in our state, and who has won more cases based on this law, percentage wise....the black community. i think the Jesse Jackson's and the Al Sharpton's of this nation are simply trying to keep racial tensions alive and well, though they are out of touch with reality. Florida should not bow to others who are yelling, but do not know the facts. The thing that should be reviewed, or the person, is Angel Corey....possible misconduct there, even in her speech to the press after the trial. She was not the best representative this state has, and her position should be thoroughly investigated. People in power tend to abuse that power.
11:32AM JUL 22ND 2013
I was going to post a comment until I saw yours. I couldn't have said it any better !
Steve Canty
8:36AM JUL 22ND 2013
It is working. Leave alone until we have enough experience with it that we can truly and intelligently evaluate it's effectiveness. Public opinion always is an over-reaction and over-statement. Allow dust to settle and for true examples of the law enforcement to emerge. Then you can start the conversation.
Joanna Lindsey
8:28AM JUL 22ND 2013
Having a gun is our right as an American. Defending ourselves is just common sense. Nothing should be changed in this regard.
2:24AM JUL 22ND 2013
It is a great law that shouldn't need to even be there...a person has a right to defend him/herself......... HOWEVER, since it is a law, perhaps defining the boundries of each case scenerio would help in the future..

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