What should be the United States' next move in Syria?

Take out all of Syria's military installations, virtually leaving Assad's forces toothless
Only bomb limited targets to punish Syria's leaders for the use of chemical weapons
Nothing; America has no business in a foreign civil war

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William Lake
5:41PM SEP 7TH 2013
I realize that American's have the attention span of a Gnat when it comes to history,but there is a reason we are hated and distrusted in the region. I present a short History: After World War I the Ottoman Empire was divided up, and the British Mandate of Mesopotamia was established by League of Nations mandate. Britain imposed a Hāshimite monarchy on Iraq and defined the territorial limits of Iraq without taking into account the politics of the different ethnic and religious groups in the country, in particular those of the Kurds and the Assyrians to the north. During the British occupation, the Shi'ites and Kurds fought for independence. Iraq also became an oligarchy government at this time.

After World War I, the British invalidated the Anglo-Ottoman Convention, declaring Kuwait to be an independent sheikhdom under British protectorate. In 1923 The British made a decision to limit Iraq's access to the Persian Gulf as this would make it difficult for Iraq to become a naval power, the Iraqi King Faisal I (whom the British installed as a puppet king in Iraq) did not agree to the plan. However, as his country was under British mandate, he had little say in the matter.

Jordan did not exist until 1921 when Winston Churchill invented it. For the next 25 years, Britain dominated the nation’s affairs. Britain also created, trained, and led one of the region’s most effective armies, the Arab Legion. This force captured the eastern half of Jerusalem in the 1948 war, and much of what the United Nations had partitioned to be the Arab state. In 1946, Transjordan formally became independent, and Abdullah, who the British had installed as the nation’s ruler, assumed the title of king. One of Abdullah’s goals was to create a Greater Syria. Toward that end, he annexed the area of Palestine he controlled and shortly thereafter renamed his country the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The modern Syrian state was established after the First World War as a French mandate, and represented the largest Arab state to emerge from the formerly Ottoman-ruled Arab Levant. It gained independence in April 1946, as a parliamentary republic. In 1949, Syria's national government was overthrown by a military coup d'état led by Hussni al-Zaimy thus ending democratic rule in a coup likely sponsored by the United States CIA, with the help of agents Miles Copeland and Stephen Meade.

The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup, was the overthrow of the Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name 'Operation Boot') and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project)>
The Chicken's have come Home to Roost
2:47PM SEP 3RD 2013
Delbert Lawson
11:08AM SEP 3RD 2013
Syria is the middle of a Sunni - Shiite civil war. The Sunni's and the Shiite's well NEVER live together in peace. Leave them alone and help the refugees. Help the one's that wish to escape the madness.
William Lake
11:04AM SEP 3RD 2013
Syria is a artificial conglomeration created by the British and the French. "They" created colonies of people that hate one another. " They" need to propose and pay for a partition of Syria into 2 or 3 nations allowing the Allawites, Christians and Shia to merge with Lebanon. Also we need to support the establishment of Kurdistan through the UN to undo the deliberate partition of their country by the Sykes- Picot agreement of 1916. This is not our war and we need to stop getting involved in every European colonial mess out there. Our so-called prestige as the worlds policeman and conscience is pure hubris. Facts not patriotic pablum.
Lawrence and Patricia Siebold
9:42AM SEP 3RD 2013
We're only supposed to go to war when there is a direct threat to our nation. I see no direct threat to our nation when Syria is having a civil war. We can't tell the good guys from the bad guys so stay out of it.
8:51AM SEP 3RD 2013
Doing nothing emboldens our "friend" Iran. If we play the same stupid games that Europe did during the Holocaust, then we deserve what we get from Iran.
7:39AM SEP 3RD 2013
Since both Syria and Iran have threatened to go after us and Israel if we interfere, let's just tell them and the world that instead of bombing Syria, we are going to beef up arming israel and stand by our real ally there. Oh, and we are going to cut off any more aid to Syria or iran or Egypt. Why we keep giving hard-to-come-by American tax-payer dollars to countries that burn our flag, spit in our faces, and kill our people, is beyond me! Money does not solve the inherent middle East problems!
7:11AM SEP 3RD 2013
Have no trust in our current president and also wonder about McCain's view. Just not in favor of war...have had enough loss of our armed forces and do not think they are being taken care of the way we should.

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