What type of lobbying firm is most effective?

Large-scale firms with lobbyists blanketing the Capitol
Small shops with a handful of hard workers

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C Breeze
10:16AM JUN 7TH 2014
The lobbying firms that are LEAST effective are the ones that hire failed or disgraced politicians in need of a new "day job"; that "field" is full of puffed up pontificators who "didn't get it" when they actually "sat on the Hill". We (America) knew these failures when they were in Congress (or Tallahassee), and we certainly know them when they are "drafted" by lobbys to gain some sort of political access to the legislative "back offices" in order to drain ever more taxpayer monies,.. A disgraceful process peopled by "sharks" for their own undeserved, and excessive, wealth...(ALL in Taxpayer dollars, by the way...).
C Breeze
10:11AM JUN 6TH 2014
Lobbys and legislative committees,...We need FAR LESS of both; they "rob" the electorate of their voices and transfer those "voices" to the wealthy, the bought & paid for Lobbys, and other "special interest" manipulators.

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