Miami Herald Reviewing the record of Charlie Crist, Gov. Rick Scott on education

As Florida’s students return to school this month, we thought it was a good time to review PolitiFact Florida’s fact-checks.

Miami Herald Florida auto tag fees drop on Sept. 1

The reduction in vehicle-registration fees, one of two new laws going into effect Monday, is expected to save motorists $17 to $25 a year depending on the size of the vehicles.

Miami Herald Marc Caputo: Florida Democrats’ biggest problem is ... Florida Democrats

Look in the mirror, Democrats.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel `Everglades quarter' highlights Florida ecology

New coin expected to be popular

Coin collectors, nature lovers and anyone with change in their pockets soon will discover a new quarter featuring a long-necked anhinga spreading its wings in semitropical splendor in the heart of the Everglades.

Miami Herald Here is Charlie Crist's path to becoming Florida governor again

Working on the Charlie Crist campaign for governor are a number of senior data crunchers who helped Obama for America implement the most sophisticated and successful voter targeting operation.

Miami Herald Aides to Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen travel to China on trip sponsored by Chinese government

The trips are a popular perk on Capitol Hill and come with luxury hotel stays and visits to top tourist sites, including the Great Wall. The cost can exceed $10,000 a person.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Player, not pawn, Rothstein associate gets five years

Sun Sentinel

Miami Herald Florida Democrats plan rallies in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale

Florida Democrats have planned a pair of rallies on Thursday — in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale — to promote Charlie Crist and other Democrats running for public office in November.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Rosenthal wins, Feren loses; runoffs in two Broward judicial races

Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal held onto her job with a comfortable win in Tuesday's primary over challenger Frantz "Jahra" McLawrence.

Miami Herald South Florida voters send fresh faces, incumbents to Tallahassee

The primary election on Tuesday decided several of South Florida’s legislative races.

Miami Herald Republican hopes for election much higher than Democrats

Republicans are far more optimistic about their prospects this election year than Democrats.

Miami Herald Former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll rips Gov. Rick Scott, others in new book

In a new book, former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll describes the misery of working in a “boys’ club” led by Gov. Rick Scott, who showed no interest in her ideas to reach out to black and Hispanic voters.

Miami Herald Primaries today in four states, with Arizona, Florida most closely watched

Voters in four states go to the polls Tuesday, with Arizona likely to provide the most drama.

Miami Herald Primary will test Crist's support among Democrats

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for his old job with his new party.

Miami Herald With pre-election Sunday voting back, ‘souls to the polls’ marks a revival in Miami-Dade

African-American churches urged congregations to vote early Sunday, offering buses, barbecue and Gospel music as extras for the turnout effort.

Miami Herald Marc Caputo: Ex-Rep. David Rivera — a parent's nightmare

David Rivera isn’t just a scandal-plagued ex-lawmaker and current congressional candidate.

Miami Herald Florida Polytechnic survives controversy to enroll its first STEM students

Florida Polytechnic University defied its doubters by managing to open for business just two years after its controversial creation by the state Legislature.

Miami Herald U.S. 26th District hopefuls move on as Rivera is officially named in campaign rigging

David Rivera’s four opponents in the Republican congressional primary have largely ignored the once-influential politician, preferring instead to focusing on Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Judges: Broward unjustly firing teachers

Broward County schools have been firing and suspending teachers for reasons that state administrative law judges increasingly say are baseless.

Miami Herald Miami GOP congressional candidates spar over key issues

In a TV show to be aired Sunday, four of the five contenders revealed disagreements over gay marriage, immigration and sea-level rise.

Miami Herald Judge approves Legislature's fix for congressional maps, calls no special election

State lawmakers altered seven of 27 congressional districts after Circuit Judge Terry Lewis ruled that two districts had been illegally drawn to benefit Republicans.

Miami Herald Democrats mount low-key campaigns for Florida AG

Two relatively unknown Democrats head into next week's primary for attorney general with the hope that their low-profile campaigns will be enough to win them the right to challenge Republican incumbent Pam Bondi.

Miami Herald As campaign heats up, Gov. Rick Scott calls for boost to education spending

Gov. Rick Scott announced plans to increase per-student education spending — a move his critics called an election-year gimmick.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Campaign workers at City Hall fuming over Hollywood rule

With Election Day fast approaching, there’s much ado about campaign signs outside City Hall, at least the ones held by volunteers. 

Miami Herald Florida Republicans ‘scrambling’ to protect state Senate incumbents

The Republican Party of Florida, which declined to discuss its strategy, spent $40,357 the first week of August in four of the five Senate contests in which sitting members have drawn GOP opponents.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Immigration activists arrested during protest at Broward facility

Nestor Ruiz paced the parking lot of the Humane Society, waiting to march next door to the Broward Transitional Facility, where hundreds who entered the country illegally await deportation.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Accusations fly in Broward judge's race

A candidate for a Broward Circuit Court judgeship is accusing his opponent's husband of trying to intimidate campaign workers.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Wasserman Schultz visits Hobby Lobby store - to urge a boycott

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, stopped at a Hobby Lobby store in her district on Wednesday – not to pick up some craft supplies for one of her kid’s school projects, but to alert people to the store’s existence and urge people not to shop there.

Miami Herald Florida and feds in a showdown over when to test students still learning English

State legislators, supported by educators and advocates, changed the law in the spring to reflect that students still learning English should not be expected to immediately excel on Florida’s annual tests.

Miami Herald Gov. Rick Scott and Adam Putnam disclose a few more details on King Ranch trips

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam still won’t answer key questions about his trips to King Ranch, where he and other top Florida Republican elected officials have visited.

Miami Herald Auto insurance political committee flexes muscle in Miami judicial races

The group was founded and is funded by United Auto Insurance, which appears frequently in court cases against personal injury lawyers.