By: Kevin Derby | Posted: February 15, 2014 3:55 AM
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Miami Herald GOP campaign committee has $31M to hold House

The House Republican campaign committee raised almost $10 million in March and has $31.2 million banked to defend the party's majority, according to financial reports filed Sunday.

Miami Herald MARC CAPUTO: The politics of Charlie Crist's debate dodge

Charlie Crist never leaves a TV camera without a comment or campaign talk unspoken.

Miami Herald Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gas

Biofuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term, a study shows, challenging the Obama administration's conclusions that they are a much cleaner oil alternative and will help combat climate change.

Miami Herald Legislative candidates owe past taxes, other bills

Public records show some candidates for the state Legislature owe thousands of dollars in back taxes or other debt.

Miami Herald Democratic chairwoman offers optimism for her party's prospects

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz offered an optimistic assessment of her party's chances in this year's midterm elections--an assessment at odds with what many analysts predict.

Miami Herald Florida charter school management company under federal scrutiny

As lawmakers consider revisions to the state charter school law, the U.S. Department of Education is auditing a South-Miami based charter school management company.

Miami Herald Hialeah mayor’s testimony highlights own involvement in lending schemes

The testimony of Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez’s in federal court opened a window into the city’s years-long shadow banking industry.

Miami Herald Delay won't quell 2014 wrangling over Keystone XL

Democrats sweating this year's elections may be hoping that the Obama administration's latest delay to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline takes a politically fraught issue off the table for the midterms.

Miami Herald Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

Miami Herald Senators want public to help pay for legal battle between car dealers and makers

The dispute is over a 2008 Florida law which allows dealers to charge a higher retail rate for repairs in warranty and recall work.

Miami Herald DNC raises $10.3M in March, has $14M in debt

The Democratic National Committee raised $10.3 million last month but still has more than $14 million in debt.

Miami Herald RNC team examines Las Vegas as convention site

A Republican National Committee team has paid a visit to Las Vegas to explore the logistics for staging the GOP's 2016 national convention.

Miami Herald Obama Administration delays Keystone Pipeline decision

The Obama Administration is again delaying a decision on approving the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, likely putting off any action until after the November midterm elections.

Miami Herald Trouble for Democrats: More Senate seats are at risk

Democrats are finding that their path to keeping control of the U.S. Senate this year is getting bumpier.

Miami Herald Investigator wants tougher legislative ethics laws

The Illinois General Assembly's top ethics officer is again recommending stronger rules to govern lawmakers — including open records about when they recommend a constituent for a job or university admission.

Miami Herald Unemployment rates fall in 21 US states last month

More than two-thirds of the states reported job gains in March, as hiring improves for much of the country during what has been a sluggish but sustained 4 1/2-year recovery.

Miami Herald Advice to Democrats: Don't say 'recovery'

Election-year memo to Democratic candidates: Don't talk about the economic recovery. It's a political loser.

Miami Herald Trouble looms for immigrant tuition bill in Fla. Legislature

The Senate delivered a blow to a bill seeking to extend in-state tuition rates to undocumented students.

Miami Herald South Florida lawmakers ramp up push for needle-exchange bill

South Florida lawmakers are hoping to push a controversial needle-exchange proposal over a final hurdle.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Medical marijuana referendum supporters mobilize

One of the hottest political campaigns of 2014 will kick into high gear this weekend as proponents of legalizing medical marijuana mobilize for a day of political organizing.

Miami Herald Health care enrollment hits 8 million, Obama says

More than 8 million Americans have signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, a triumphant President Barack Obama announced Thursday.

Miami Herald Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Bill Nelson try to keep U.S. attention on Venezuelan political unrest

In a joint appearance in Doral, Florida’s senators endorsed U.S. sanctions against Venezuelan government officials and their allies.

Miami Herald Court: Fla. discrimination law covers pregnancy

In a 6-to-1 opinion, the Florida Supreme Court overturned a lower court in the case of a woman who worked for a South Florida property developer.

Miami Herald CBO: Minimum wage boost would cost firms $15B

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a Senate Democratic proposal gradually boosting the minimum wage to $10.10 hourly would force businesses to spend $15 billion more in salaries in 2017.

Miami Herald FDA warns of risks with fibroid removal procedure

The Food and Drug Administration is warning women that a device-assisted procedure for treating growths in the uterus could inadvertently spread cancer to other parts of the body.

Miami Herald Prop 8 lawyer's views on gay marriage evolving

The lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in favor of upholding California's ban on gay marriage learned while he was handling the case that one of his children is gay and now is helping her plan her wedding with another woman.

Miami Herald CBO on Obama budget: Higher deficits than claimed

A report by the Congressional Budget Office says the president's budget request would result in significantly larger deficits than he claims.

Miami Herald Average US 30-year mortgage rate falls to 4.27 pct

Average U.S. rates on fixed mortgages fell this week for the second straight week as the spring home-buying season begins.

Miami Herald Applications for US jobless aid up 2K to 304,000

The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment benefits last week rose 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 304,000. Jobless claims continue to be near pre-recession levels despite the slight increase.

Miami Herald Clinton way ahead among 2016 Democrats; Republican field scrambled

Hillary Clinton's way ahead in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and the Republican field is scrambled with no clear front-runner, according to a new Fox News poll.