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St. Petersburg Times With Senate redistricting lawsuit pending, court releases disputed documents

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Supreme Court on Monday thrust into the limelight yet another secret email that reveals the role of political consultants in the redistricting process that could have bearing on the pending lawsuit over Senate redistricting.

St. Petersburg Times Judge allows allegations that Gov. Scott intentionally violated records law

TALLAHASSEE — A judge on Monday opened the door for a new complaint against Gov. Rick Scott that alleges he intentionally withheld public records in violation of state law, a charge that could result in sanctions against the governor after months of delay in the case.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida: Will too many tattoos keep you out of military? Jeb Bush says yes

Since March, nearly 3,000 applicants could not join the Army because of their inkwork.

St. Petersburg Times Republican Florida House newcomers shows diversity

Although minorities and women trend to Democrats, the other party is mixed, too.

St. Petersburg Times Florida GOP chairwoman has competition in upcoming election

Three will challenge Gov. Scott's pick for state GOP chairman.

St. Petersburg Times Romano: Florida lawmakers out of excuses for Medicaid expansion

In retrospect, compassion was never the way to go. How do you appeal to someone's better nature when it is in such short supply?

St. Petersburg Times Is Jan. 6 Florida's day for gay marriage, or will issue stay confused, unsettled?

Come Jan. 6, Florida may become the 36th state in which same-sex couples can go to their local county clerk's office and get a marriage license.

St. Petersburg Times Adam C. Smith: Jeb Bush, a moderate squish? Florida knows different

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St. Petersburg Times U.S. Rep. David Jolly heads for plum assignment on appropriations committee

WASHINGTON — On the night he won the Pinellas County special election that captured national attention, David Jolly got a call from House Speaker John Boehner.

St. Petersburg Times Florida joins GOP-state lawsuit to stop Obama's immigration action

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced late Friday that the Sunshine State would join a federal lawsuit to block President Barack Obama's executive action sparing as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation.

St. Petersburg Times Census, demographers on the rocks over proposal to stop marriage questions

Asked to discuss marriage on a swing through London in 2003, then-New York Sen. Hillary Clinton offered the following appraisal: "Every marriage is a mystery to me, even the one I'm in. So I'm no expert on it."

St. Petersburg Times Hanisee ousted as Pinellas County Democratic Party chairman

Democrats for the first time in decades hold a majority of Pinellas County Commission seats as well as the mayor's office in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Scott visits USAA to tout jobs

NEW TAMPA — Gov. Rick Scott strode into the courtyard at USAA to thunderous applause from about 200 employees of the financial services company Wednesday night.

St. Petersburg Times Florida GOP lawmakers could go for Medicaid expansion — by any other name

TALLAHASSEE — A coalition of business interests and private citizens, including some prominent Republicans, unveiled a plan on Wednesday to accept federal dollars to extend health-care coverage to nearly a million Floridians — without calling it "Medicaid expansion.''

St. Petersburg Times Hillsborough commissioners move forward on amateur sports complex

TAMPA — Hillsborough County is moving ahead with plans to build an amateur multisport complex, a $15 million project commissioners hope will increase tourism and act as an economic boon for the area.

St. Petersburg Times Jeb Bush sets out foreign policy vision as he mulls presidential bid

MIAMI — The Bush Doctrine is on the verge of making a comeback.

St. Petersburg Times Florida DOT chief announces resignation

Gov. Rick Scott accepted the resignation Tuesday of state transportation secretary Ananth Prasad, whose departure has been expected for weeks. His last day on the job will be Friday, Jan. 2, 2015. The Florida Transportation Commission will convene after the new year to seek applicants for the post.

St. Petersburg Times Grant, Steinberg file papers for Florida House District 64 special election

Both James Grant and Miriam Steinberg have filed papers with the Florida Division of Elections to run in the special election for the Florida House District 64 seat. Grant, the incumbent, filed on Nov. 26 and Steinberg did so on Monday.

St. Petersburg Times Becky Rubright says, 'We're done,' ends campaign for mayor of Tampa

TAMPA — Acknowledging that "campaigns don't run on good intentions," Becky Rubright says she has decided to drop out of Tampa's race for mayor.

St. Petersburg Times Supreme Court challenge to tax credits under Obamacare casts cloud over program's future

Nearly 900,000 Floridians could lose Obamacare tax subsidies under a new U.S. Supreme Court case, but state political leaders say they're making no plans to deal with the potential fallout.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida's Buck-O-Meter: Buckhorn kept most campaign promises

Though his approach sometimes changed, he came through for parks, USF and more.

St. Petersburg Times Former attorney general's contact with Pam Bondi's office raises questions

The former attorney general says he's acting as a lawyer and doesn't need to register as a lobbyist.

St. Petersburg Times Stung by low turnout, Democrats eye shifting Florida's statewide election schedule

TALLAHASSEE -- After yet another defeat blamed on low voter turnout, some Florida Democrats want to change the rules and elect the governor in the same year voters pick the president — when turnout is always much higher.

St. Petersburg Times Gay rights gaining support in conservative Panhandle

For a variety of reasons, gay rights supporters say attitudes seem to be shifting.

St. Petersburg Times Unusual election could yield benefits for Tampa Rep. Jamie Grant

TALLAHASSEE — It has been an unusually long and complicated election cycle for state Rep. Jamie Grant. A primary election scheduled for August didn't happen until November, and even then, the results were thrown out.

St. Petersburg Times DEP chief resigns at critical time for Florida environment

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott's top environmental adviser, Herschel Vinyard Jr., resigned Wednesday, ending a four-year run of controversy over protecting Florida's fragile water and land resources.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact's guide to harmony and accuracy at Thanksgiving dinner

You just sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, famished from a game of touch football in the backyard with all the cousins. The mashed potatoes are steaming. Your family is going around the table to say what they're thankful for — love, each other and good health aplenty.

St. Petersburg Times Florida medical marijuana supporters will try again on 2016 ballot

The group that put medical marijuana on the Florida ballot this year — and fell just short of passing it — intends to launch a new constitutional amendment campaign shortly.

St. Petersburg Times Supreme Court unseals documents about redrawing of voter districts

TALLAHASSEE — The extent that Republican consultants went to influence Florida's redrawing of congressional and legislative districts was placed into public view on Tuesday by the Florida Supreme Court.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Scott admits using private email for public business

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott exchanged emails dealing with vetoes, the state budget and his speeches from a private email account, according to records turned over to the Associated Press on Tuesday.