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St. Petersburg Times Florida's medical marijuana proposal: Five things to know about Amendment 2

Floridians will vote Nov. 4 on whether to legalize medical marijuana. What could it mean for patients, the health care industry and the burgeoning pot industry if the required 60 percent of voters say yes to pot? Here are some key facts to keep in mind:

St. Petersburg Times Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich visits Pinellas, calls on Charlie Crist to debate

Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich spoke with Pinellas County Democratic Party supporters in a St. Petersburg hotel conference room Thursdsay night to remind them that she is the only lifelong Democrat running for the office.

St. Petersburg Times Sen. Marco Rubio wants to 'wind down' deferred action program for immigrant youth

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio called Thursday for an end to President Barack Obama's deferred action program granting legal status to immigrant youth brought to the United States by their parents.

St. Petersburg Times Back-and-forth slugfest between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist intensifies

In Florida's bareknuckle governor's race, it's as if the 2010 campaign season never ended.

St. Petersburg Times New poll: Jeb Bush leads GOP presidential field in Florida; Hillary Clinton beats them all

Jeb Bush leads a field of prospective GOP presidential candidates in Florida, topping Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz and others. But Hillary Clinton beats them all in head-to-head matchups, according to a poll released Thursday.

St. Petersburg Times Hooper: Nothing 'progressive' about these misleading mailers

The other day, a slick, expensive political mailer arrived from a group called Progressive Choice Florida. The message caught my attention. Here's what it said (sort of):

St. Petersburg Times Politics of gay marriage snare Marco Rubio, David Jolly

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St. Petersburg Times Key West bartenders take gay marriage plea to Florida's Third District Court of Appeal

Two Key West bartenders who last week won permission from a Monroe circuit judge to marry despite Florida's constitutional gay-marriage ban, have asked an appeals court to let them wed immediately.

St. Petersburg Times Charlie Crist's bid for governor will get big cash infusion from state matching program

TALLAHASSEE — Democrat Charlie Crist says he can't raise as much money as Republican Gov. Rick Scott, but he can close the gap thanks to a big subsidy from Florida taxpayers.

St. Petersburg Times Republican U.S. Rep. David Jolly supports same-sex marriage ruling

U.S. Rep. David Jolly on Monday said that though he's a Christian who believes in traditional marriage, he supports a judge's recent decision striking down Florida's gay marriage ban.

St. Petersburg Times Rep. Castor rallies for bill overriding court's contraception ruling

TAMPA -- U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor joined about a dozen women's rights advocates Monday in downtown Tampa to rally support for a bill overriding the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last month allowing some companies to opt out of providing insurance for contraception on the basis of religious freedom.

St. Petersburg Times Gay Key West bartenders ask judge to lift stay and allow them to marry Tuesday

Key West bartenders Aaron Huntsman and William Lee Jones, who last week won the right to marry despite Florida's gay marriage ban, on Monday asked Monroe Chief Circuit Judge Luis Garcia to lift an automatic legal stay and allow them to wed Tuesday.

St. Petersburg Times CFO Jeff Atwater blasts N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo as 'huckster' over ad campaign

Florida's top finance official, CFO Jeff Atwater, is accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of running a deceptive TV ad campaign designed to lure businesses to the Empire State.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida: Charlie Crist touts per-pupil spending vs. Rick Scott

The per-pupil figures offer a clearer comparison only when dollars are adjusted for inflation.

The per-pupil figures offer a better comparison only when dollars are adjusted for inflation.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact: Fact-checking John Kerry on the Sunday shows

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on all five major Sunday news shows making a strong case that Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists were responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and that Russia is complicit in the separatists' actions.

St. Petersburg Times A closer look at Annette Taddeo, Charlie Crist's running mate

The Miami-Dade County Republican Party leader quickly summed up the opposition's greatest strength.

St. Petersburg Times In Hillsborough judge's race, legendary lawyer's son squares off against appointed incumbent

Family influence and an incumbent make this a different race.

St. Petersburg Times The Buzz: Latvala, Negron face off for 2016 Senate presidency

Locked in a fight for future control of the Florida Senate, Republicans Jack Latvala and Joe Negron both claim to have the inside track to clinch the presidency for 2016.

St. Petersburg Times Florida judge: Write-in candidates don't have to live in district where they run for office

TALLAHASSEE — It just got easier to be a write-in candidate in Florida.

St. Petersburg Times Keys clerk's office: We're ready for same-sex marriages

KEY WEST — In the hours after a Keys judge threw out Florida's ban on same-sex marriage Thursday, gay couples from all around the state inundated the Monroe County Clerk's office with calls about when they could tie the knot — and some even began making plans to fly down for a wedding.

St. Petersburg Times Florida health official asks if immigrant children are danger to public

TALLAHASSEE — With thousands of refugee children seeking shelter in a growing humanitarian crisis, Florida's surgeon general on Friday raised the specter that they could pose a threat to public health.

St. Petersburg Times Climate war on: Charlie Crist agrees to meet with scientists, so Gov. Rick Scott follows suit

TALLAHASSEE — Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist fueled the climate wars Friday and called Florida State University oceanography professor Jeff Chanton offering to meet with the scientists who asked to meet with Gov. Rick Scott.

St. Petersburg Times Meet three super Pacs at work in Florida

American Sunrise One of the most talked about and controversial ads in Florida in recent years came from a little-known super PAC innocuously named American Sunrise.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact: Does light rail reduce congestion?

The statement "Light rail does not reduce congestion." No Tax For Tracks, in a website post at RailTaxFacts.com The ruling

St. Petersburg Times More than $200 million in outside money floods Florida elections since 'Citizens United'

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St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott says his staff will meet with climate change scientists

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott deflected calls to meet with climate scientists Wednesday and told reporters that his staff "would be happy to meet" with the state's top climate experts about the impact human-induced global warming is having on Florida.

St. Petersburg Times Arguments on redrawing contested Florida districts will be heard next week

TALLAHASSEE — With time running out, the judge who invalidated Florida's congressional redistricting maps ordered a hearing for next week to hear the last-chance argument by voters groups that the maps should be redrawn before the November elections.

St. Petersburg Times Democratic fundraiser set for July 26

The West Pasco Democratic Club is taking reservations for its annual summer barbecue fundraiser.

St. Petersburg Times Pinellas settles lawsuit with flooded Hillsborough residents

A property settlement relieves neighbors who have been fighting a perennially overflowing lake.

St. Petersburg Times Charlie Crist calls Scott administration incompetent, says he's ready to change Florida's course

Former Gov. Charlie Crist wants his old job back because he wants Florida back. And it shouldn't be a surprise he switched parties to try to do it, he says.