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St. Petersburg Times FDLE charges ex-GOP candidate Yinka Adeshina with 2 counts of fraud

TALLAHASSEE — Yinka Adeshina's invisible campaign for governor never did catch on with Florida voters, but it drew attention from state law enforcement agents.

St. Petersburg Times Romano: In governor's debate, the questions don't really matter

Scenes from third grade, circa 1961:

St. Petersburg Times Bousquet column: Adrian Wyllie deserves a forum

In the race for governor, Adrian Wyllie is the mandate-killer. That alone makes him too important to ignore.

St. Petersburg Times Scott, Crist split on Medicaid expansion

Whether to accept federal dollars to expand the program grows increasingly pertinent.

St. Petersburg Times Despite rhetoric in marijuana debate, Legislature controls its safety

Even if Amendment 2 passes, the Legislature gets to decide how and when it's implemented and has the power to overhaul rules.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida: Fact-checking Charlie Crist's abortion attack ad against Rick Scott<br /><br />

Crist's TV spot blasts Scott on signing laws about ultrasounds and limiting access.

St. Petersburg Times PunditFact: Fact-checking the Oct. 12 news shows

News that a Texas hospital worker has Ebola dominated the news shows Sunday, with networks stoking fears that the virus could continue to spread in the United States.

St. Petersburg Times Democrats Kemp, Belcher hope for surprise results on Election Day

If two candidates win, they would have a 4-3 edge on the Commission.

St. Petersburg Times The Buzz: Despite slow start, Charlie Crist might be front-runner

First, a confession: For most of the past year, my gut has told me that Rick Scott likely would win a second term and there was a reasonable likelihood it wouldn't even be close. Near the start of October, as Charlie Crist was not only still standing but actually neck-and-neck with, or ahead of, the incumbent governor, it became …

St. Petersburg Times Crist, Scott try to make case that other is worse for Florida

MIRAMAR — Charlie Crist is the "zero-wage governor." Rick Scott raised special-interest "Rick Taxes."

St. Petersburg Times Barnstorming by bus, John Morgan tours Florida to tout medical marijuana

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St. Petersburg Times In Pinellas House race, it's the son of a senator versus a union man

The Clearwater-Largo state House race offers voters plenty of contrast and controversy.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Scott's incentive-based jobs program still falling short of promises

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St. Petersburg Times Hispanic buzzwords abound in first televised debate between Charlie Crist, Rick Scott

MIRAMAR — Few people may watch the first televised debate between the candidates for Florida governor. Taped Friday morning, it airs tonight, and only on Spanish-language Telemundo network affiliates.

St. Petersburg Times Adam C. Smith: 5 things to watch in the debates for Florida governor

In 25 days, Florida elects a governor. We've reached that phase of Florida's neck-and-neck governor's race where the voting is underway, the millions of dollars in nasty TV ads make less and less difference and barring an October surprise, there is probably one real opportunity to shift the overall narrative of the campaign: debates.

St. Petersburg Times Poll: Hispanic voters strongly back Charlie Crist, Medicaid expansion

Democrat Charlie Crist holds a sizable 53-29 percent lead over Gov. Rick Scott among Hispanic voters, according to a new poll that indicates this fastest growing segment of the electorate doesn't like Republican positions on immigration, Medicaid and the minimum wage.

St. Petersburg Times Romano: The curious case of Pam Bondi vs. Common Sense


St. Petersburg Times As anniversary of Florida unemployment site approaches, benefits still lag

TALLAHASSEE — Despite promises from Gov. Rick Scott's administration that the state's new online unemployment system is fixed, unpaid claims keep mounting and Florida now ranks last in the nation at providing timely relief for jobless workers.

St. Petersburg Times Adrian Wyllie files suit to participate in Fla. governor's race debate with Gov. Rick Scott, Charlie Crist

Shut out of televised debates, Libertarian candidate for governor Adrian Wyllie filed a federal lawsuit Thursday that seeks to force the Florida Press Association and Leadership Florida to allow him on stage with Gov. Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist next week.

St. Petersburg Times Tarpon Springs catches decades-old mistake in charter

A rule limiting tax increases was never valid, as state law overrides it.

St. Petersburg Times Greenlight Pinellas divides Largo City Commission candidates

The three Largo City Commission races each feature hopefuls on opposite sides of the issue.

St. Petersburg Times Brooksville City Council candidates push for similar goals

Three first-timers are vying for Kevin Hohn's Seat 4 spot on the City Council.

St. Petersburg Times Rep. Richard Nugent's talk at odds with his record

If you're fed up with our brick wall of a Congress — and polls say about 85 percent of you are — hearing this from a lawmaker might make you want to cheer:

St. Petersburg Times Doctor tells Rotary Club that marijuana is not medicinal

TAMPA -- If Floridians vote to legalize medical marijuana Nov. 4, pill mill-style pot shops and increased use of the drug won't be far behind, a prominent local doctor told a crowd of Rotary Club members Wednesday.

St. Petersburg Times Lawsuit: Gov. Rick Scott shields more than $200 million in assets

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott has failed to report more than $200 million in assets on his state financial disclosure form in violation of the Florida Constitution, Democratic attorney general candidate George Sheldon alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

St. Petersburg Times Scott campaign defends his financial disclosures

TALLAHASSEE Gov. Rick Scott's campaign defended his financial disclosures as fully transparent Tuesday, but answers to specific questions about the details of his investments — or even when he'll release his 2013 taxes — remain unanswered.

St. Petersburg Times USF students favor Crist over Scott in straw poll

TAMPA — Chris Del Rio didn't have to wait in line Tuesday to cast his vote for governor. He didn't even have to enter a voting booth.

St. Petersburg Times ACLU asks judge to end Florida's gay marriage ban

TALLAHASSEE — Wasting little time after the U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to take up a gay marriage case, the ACLU of Florida asked a federal judge Tuesday to end Florida's ban on same-sex marriage.

St. Petersburg Times Brandes, McLauchlan squaring off in Senate District 22 race

Voters in the competitive senate District 22 have been known to swing from left to right when it comes to representation.

St. Petersburg Times Morgan rallies USF students to support medical marijuana amendment

TAMPA — With just a month to go before Florida voters decide whether to legalize medical marijuana, attorney John Morgan told an audience of about 100 college students Tuesday that he needs them to get supporters to the polls.