$15 Million State Property Sale Will Benefit Florida Forever

By: Sunshine State News | Posted: September 2, 2014 2:30 PM
A.G. Holley and Rick Scott

A.G. Holley State Hospital and Gov. Rick Scott

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of State Lands closed Tuesday on the sale of a nearly 80-acre improved, state-owned land parcel in Palm Beach County.

The A.G. Holley parcel is nonconservation land, site of a state hospital that closed in 2012. Gov. Rick Scott and the board of trustees voted to approve the sale of the Holley property on March 6, to Southeast Legacy Investments LLC for $15.6 million.

In a written statement issued at lunchtime Tuesday, DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. said, “The closing of the A.G. Holley sale is a significant achievement in our endeavor to purchase high-priority conservation land. The substantial revenue coming from this sale alone will allow the department to fund crucial Florida Forever projects.”

The department is in the process of selling many state-owned, surplus, nonconservation lands to increase the budget for future purchases of environmentally sensitive conservation lands.

The 2014-2015 Florida Legislature gave DEP spending authority to utilize up to $40 million of the proceeds of nonconservation land sales to acquire valuable land needed for conservation and public recreation.

“It is exciting to see this sale come to fruition knowing how the sale of nonconservation lands will benefit Florida’s precious resources and will assist the town of Lantana in developing a new public sports complex,” said Kelley Boree, director of DEP’s Division of State Lands. “This closing, along with additional imminent sales, will amplify our ability to acquire environmentally sensitive lands.”

Multiple land sales are anticipated to close over the next several months for a total of approximately $43 million.

Approximately $22 million will be collected from the sale of four correctional institutes located in Hendry, Broward, Hillsborough and Palm Beach counties. The facilities were closed due to correctional institute consolidations.

“I am delighted to know that the sale of the A.G. Holley property will be used to preserve Florida’s natural beauty as well as promote physical activity with a new sports complex,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong. “This milestone demonstrates the collaboration and responsiveness of partners across our state who are committed to the health of Florida’s families and the preservation of our environment.”

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6:36PM SEP 2ND 2014
I guess some people can not read or understand the meaning of a closed prison, hospital, etc. If it is closed, it is not of any value or use to anyone. The prisons will be demolished and the land will be used for some better use. Same thing for the hospital.

An example from the private sector. In 1999 in the five Pints area of Jacksonville, there was a vacant/closed 7 story hospital sitting on 1 city block. The site was put under contract by a developer. the land use and zoning was changed. Now it is the Riverside Publix and retail complex. The one block of vacant hospital was rezoned for 50,000 SF of retail with street level parking. This spurred other retail and multifamiy development around what had been the closed run down hospital.

This is taking revenue from vacant/idle/closed real estate and selling it to someone who can redevelop the SITE for something that is more appropriate than a CLOSED whatever.
5:57PM SEP 2ND 2014
Selling properties and improvements that likely cost the citizens of Florida $100 million or more for $40 million or so .
Guess that is more gumment like a bizness that the Florida Republican Party is so good at.
Just like the Florida alternmative healthcare website that has gotten 30 sign upos for $900,000 in expense. And the organizer will be receiving a bonus.
Hoorah! Snark.
Tom Reynolds
5:49PM SEP 2ND 2014
Who bought the four prisons and what are they going to do with them?

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