2012 Election Results Won't Alter How Rick Scott Looks to 2014

By: Jim Turner | Posted: November 9, 2012 3:55 AM

Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott said he’s willing to review if improvements can be made to the voting process in Florida.

But don’t expect him to diverge from a mantra of jobs, education and affordable-living conditions as the focus shifts to his own re-election.

“In two years my goal is to make sure all Floridians know that I’m focused on the three things that are most important to them,” Scott said at Tallahassee Regional Airport on Wednesday, in reference to the 2014 contest.

Otherwise, the governor deflected questions about what Tuesday’s results could mean to his own re-election efforts by saying he wants to “make sure we unite and focus on the things Americans need.”

Florida’s presidential outcome remains undetermined while Democrats have made slight inroads into the Republican majority in the state’s congressional delegation and broken the supermajority in both chambers of the state Legislature.

Hoping to capitalize on Scott’s low approval ratings, and taking delight in Tuesday’s election results, the Florida Democratic Party took aim at the governor while highlighting election victories as the results came out.

“Tonight, the people of South Florida sent a strong message to Gov. Rick Scott and the Republicans in Tallahassee,” Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith declared in media releases accompanying Democratic wins.

“Floridians are ready to put an end to the GOP’s failed policies that have moved our state in the wrong direction in favor of a fresh approach aimed at strengthening middle-class families and ending the corruption and waste in government.”

As for complaints raised about long lines during early voting and on Election Day, Scott said the state government should do the same thing any business does after finishing any project: review to see what can be done better.

“Let’s go back and look what went right, what can we improve, and how can we improve things for you as citizens of the state and how can we do it cost-effectively,” he said.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner had said Tuesday there may be some tweaks to the process, and that they want to involve county supervisors of elections into any proposals, but otherwise the process is “just about right.”

Neither Scott nor Detzner mentioned what specifically they have discussed that may be reviewed.

In 2011, the Republican-dominated state Legislature extended the maximum hours allowed per day for early voting to 12 while cutting down the voting period from 14 to eight days. The change maintained the number of early voting hours at 96, while letting supervisors open offices for people before and after normal work hours.

The change didn't stop the Florida Democratic Party from filing a lawsuit seeking to extend the early voting period this year.

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Roger Bennett
4:20PM NOV 10TH 2012
And why would Rick Scott do anything differently? Hasn't he been taught a lesson, that CEO's of companies who defraud the taxpayer (via false and inflated medical care billings to Medicare) and get caught, still can get elected by a dumbed-down citizenry, who have no concern whatsoever about the true moral and ethical behavior of their governor? Rick Scott is in this office to serve those who are just like him. Greedy, selfish, and self-serving. Arrogance seems to win over voters who haven't bothered scrutinizing the true character of the man they chose to represent them. He's ours for four more years, so anything goes, as long as it benefits the select members of his social and financial class. That list includes only a handful of "us".
Betty Bunnell
10:40PM NOV 11TH 2012
Roger Bennett's observations about Rick Scott are right on. Scott is probably the worse governor the state of Florida has ever had. He has done a grave injustice to Floridians by defying the law of the land in the Affordable Health Care Act. Millions of dollars in government health care grants have been turned away by the legislature. What could have been a benefit to Floridians was given to other states. Florida has become known as "the donor state", thanks to Governor Scott.
kc thomas
11:36PM NOV 9TH 2012
He is right we need to do the same thing to get him out of office.
8:16PM NOV 9TH 2012
Ricky Scott knows exactly what he's doing. He is apart of the "GREAT TEA PARTY COALITION." If anyone thinks he's a good person and is focusing on trying to ensure Floridians has education, employment, and affordable living, you are all being BAMBOOZLED by the DEVIL.
Everyone loves to blame the President for jobs. You have to look at your Governor of that particular state who's plays a very big part in changing rules in your state. Many of them strip the citizens of their jobs by making complete turnarounds and changes stating, "they are saving on the budget." Only to find those savings are whats fattening their pockets and sending us to the unemployment lines. I don't know how he's creating jobs when he's closed many public sector companies and has decreased many teachers wages in some counties and or forced pink slips thousands of people. Florida has the most elderly people of any state and Florida rate of uninsured people rank fifth. Yet! Ricky is one of the handful of Governors that is refusing the OBAMA CARE. Are you serious come on Floridians. This man clearly needs to go. When the Government decide to hand down money. He probably will not take the money. Why? He's trying to make a point at the cost of the citizens. He knows the people doesn't like him. He's made many people unhappy with poor decisions, which has cost many people their jobs. I just don't understand how he's still a Florida Governor. After three months Floridian's thoughts were to get him out of the office. Now either he has to be impeached out by his cronies and the senate or we just have to deal with him until 2014. Either way I'd like to see him go.
8:09PM NOV 9TH 2012
I resent Slick Rick for the voting problems in Florida because I'm handicapped and standing in line for hours is not an possible for me. Shame on him.
8:10PM NOV 9TH 2012
*not an option
Linda falvo
7:05PM NOV 9TH 2012
Maybe turning elections over to professionals instead of party connected hacks who are elected would help Florida join the 21st century. Its like Tammany hall here.
Linda falvo
7:05PM NOV 9TH 2012
Maybe turning elections over to professionals instead of party connected hacks who are elected would help Florida join the 21st century. Its like Tammany hall here.
5:40PM NOV 9TH 2012
I say yhrow him under the bus !!!
Carolyn Thompson
5:39PM NOV 9TH 2012
I think Scott is a nasty gov.of FL and is the worst one we have ever had. he will not ever be in office again...hes not a good leader he has evil eyes.
4:51PM NOV 9TH 2012
Idiot Idelologue.

Nothing new.

There are some running other states, too.

Their day is over.
1:08PM NOV 9TH 2012
Get lost Rick Scott!!!
8:56AM NOV 9TH 2012
rick scott needs to go. he doesn't even make sense anymore.
Tom Reynolds
7:36AM NOV 9TH 2012
Bye ... Bye .... Ricky ! Unless the Dems are stupid enough to let Charlie the Coward run as a Dem .
11:38PM NOV 9TH 2012
But charlie never did anything like this.
11:38PM NOV 9TH 2012
But charlie never did anything like this.

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