After Busy 2012 and 2013, Dorothy Hukill Set to Remain Force in the Senate

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: January 6, 2014 3:55 AM
Dorothy Hukill

Dorothy Hukill

Even though she has a new Democratic opponent, Dorothy Hukill is virtually on cruise control in 2014 as she runs for a second term in the Florida Senate.

Hukill drew a major Democratic foe in 2012 when she squared off against Frank Bruno who was well-regarded in the area for his time on the Volusia County Council. The stakes were high and both sides poured hundreds of thousands into the race while outside groups and the major parites ran TV and radio ads. But, despite Barack Obama’s and Bill Nelson’s coattails, Bruno couldn’t keep it close. Hukill won with 57 percent.

Despite 2013 being her freshman year in the Senate, Hukill was a leading figure in that chamber, especially in regard to pushing the manufacturing sales tax exemption. This ranked as one of Rick Scott’s chief legislative priorities in 2013. This also made Hukill the Manufacturers Association of Florida “Legislator of the Year” in 2013.

In the meantime, Hukill has drawn a familiar foe but not exactly one to cause her to lose sleep at nights. In recent days, Richard Paul Dembinsky announced he would end his bid for the Democratic nomination to challenge Jeff Atwater in order to run against Hukill.

Hukill has faced Dembinsky twice before. In 2004, when she ran for the Florida House for the first time, Hukill was the Republican candidate, Jim Ward was the Democratic nominee while Dembinsky ran as an independent. Hukill won with 50 percent while Ward took 47 percent and Dembinsky mustered almost 2.5 percent. In a rematch in 2010, Dembinksy ran as a write-in candidate and offered Hukill her only opposition in the general election. While Dembinsky got more than 100 write-in votes, Hukill won with almost 99.75 percent of votes counted. To his credit, Dembinsky is pretty irrepressible and clearly likes a good fight but, based on their previous clashes, Hukill will be next to impossible for him to defeat.

In the meantime, Hukill has been putting together an impressive war chest to use against Dembinsky or whoever else emerges to run against her in November. Between early January, when she filed to run again in 2014, and the end of November, Hukill brought in almost $270,900 in cash and spent less than $30,600. So far no other opposition besides Dembinksy has filed to run against her.

With this head start and her impressive win over Bruno last time out, Hukill should cruise to another term in 2014 even if she does represent a swing district. Hukill might be a little to the right of some of her voters but she does have deep ties to the area, rising up in Port Orange politics where she eventually served as mayor.

It’s tough to see Hukill setting her eyes on other political opportunities since she is 67 and fellow Republicans are blocking her way up to Congress. But it’s safe to say, based on her early performance in the Senate and her time in the House, that she should remain a conservative and pro-business force in the Legislature for sometime to come.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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Richard Paul Dembinsky
3:24PM JUN 16TH 2014
Still on this day June 16th; hoping a democrat comes to join the fun.

Dorothy Hukill qualified Can YOU guess what she is doing to do to Spend $334,000?

to beat a Qualified Line.

Now it does snow in Florida but it will take John Kerry's money to make this a Win for the Qualified WRI

Come ON democrats we need YOU and your John Kerry backing ...to win a few shocking races in State Senate and State House...Understand at least on candidate is getting help from John Kerry.

Too bad I don't believe a lottery win with the $1187.88 I saved by being a WRI could be turned into a Million?

Or Maybe Dr. Joe Smith will win his $100,000,000 lawsuit in Wellington and give me a little help with demonstrating that a Line can be elected it just takes lots of Money.

Have a Good Summer I am going to Tecumseh Michigan until after the election.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
6:10AM JUN 8TH 2014
Why has this site not been closed so these postings can be eliminated?

Okay, I will try to make a point.

I unsubscribed from Charlie Crist's emails which have gotten rather boring for money stuff.

I said the only way I would waste the time to vote for him was if California Chrome won the Belmont Race; I was expecting C.C. or (Charlie Crist) from not winning because everyone expected C.C. to be fast.

Wonder if my friend who has about 5 lawsuits going the same time if he wins his 25 percent of a very large company profits (he already is established as owner 25 percent)....he owes me money....unfortunately it is only 90 days until election so only if I get the MONEY he owes me and other owe me money....would I waste it on attempting to beat Dorothy Hukill.

At this point it would be a good example if Dorothy Hukill simply donated some of her cash to charities rather than wasting on TV and radio ads.

While my friend has a plan to win his N.P.A. State Senate race by advertising heavy.

I simply want to complete a mission to INFORM the voters that a line on the ballot means a qualified candidate is running.

The Division of Elections or news people have responsibility to INFORM voters...I am not worried about losing because this may be the last time I have to face in an Election Dorothy Hukill.

So Maybe I should work on attempting Dorothy Hukill to do what is RIGHT...and have her move to eliminate Republicans only from the TOP of the Ballot and finally study why Richard keeps running to prove that the Election laws and procedures are unfair and unconstitutional in many ways.

But then Who really cares....about stupid Richard's objective.

Life is so complex that I just don't know if ANYONE in Tallahassee can make much of a difference.

Enjoy YOUR DAY!!!!!!!
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:01PM JUN 6TH 2014
Hello again;

If anyone from sunshinestatenews.com
reads this...PLEASE advise

is Sunshinestatenews.com directly connected with the 4 year old company News Service of Florida????

I am having a very difficult time understanding why News Service of Florida still has a circulation manager.

I am awaiting an apology for the telephone call to my home and the message on my Machine..

I guess the incumbents are paying the News Service of Florida to cut up common caring candidates.

Enough is Enough

I am taking on News Service of Florida so whatever relationship sunshine state news has with NSF better look at whether or not it is worth the fee.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:19PM JUN 5TH 2014
The news reports on Charlie Crist today, seem to report that Charlie Crist has stepped on the toes of Cuban's wanting Cuba to be FREE and NOT a trading partner of the United States.

So NOW the report goes on to say it does NOT look good for Charlie Crist; while Charlie Crist is the democrats best out of the "box" candidate...it is just too bad that Nan Rich or some other democratic candidate does NOT have democratic support.

So as it happened with Janet Reno..Charlie Crist now runs the risk of losing to someone that is unknown.

NO one in Volusia County is campaigning for Charlie Crist I have NOT seen one sign or kind word spoken about Charlie Crist.

Now YOU may wish to quickly put YOUR name down as a democratic candidate...then I will vote.

I remember the 2000 election only Washington DC folks were working to get Gore Lieberman to win in Volusia county...at this point..

Charlie Crist must be running out of options....he could select his Lt. Governor candidate...offering it to Nan Rich if she does NOT win the democratic nomination.

Actually, I honestly believe Janet Reno or Alex Sink could do a better job collecting the limited number of Democratic votes.

Unfortunately Charlie Crist has crossed over to be a democrat so far that those Republicans who would consider him are running for the doors.

Why has Charlie Crist NOT purchased ONE television advertisement in the Orlando Daytona Market?

It seems who ever is running the Charlie Crist campaign needs to get out with the voters...NOW that most of the external national problems are temporarily off the table.

Charlie Crist YOU need to move NOW before summer vacations put Rick Scott so far ahead YOU have NO chance.

I will not spend a dime on State Senate District 8 unless I see Charlie Crist improving.

Charlie Crist should shock the WORLD and dye his white snow hair....BLACK or wear a rug. to Make HAIR the issue.

Charlie Crist is the candidate with hair....

If I were in Florida All summer I would beg Nan Rich to open a campaign headquarter's in Port Orange....Simple I would have staffed the office...but YOU NO longer have that Option...I guess TV and radio will be it....

I believe in Bounce Campaigning....for every person that would visit Daytona Beach "Charlie Crist or Nan Rich campaign headquarter there would be 5 bounce talking back in Orlando etc.

NOW Nan Rich 386 788 3885

Now Charlie Crist ...386 788 3885

call me 24/7 after qualifying week (June 16th to 20th) If I am still in Port Orange I will fill your New campaign office with people wanting a democrat to win.

Amazing NO one reads these typing lessons. Wonder why the computer has not closed this site to posting?
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:34AM JUN 5TH 2014
IF Janet Reno is out there someplace; Hello again........Please call Charlie Crist and tell HIM Richard KNOWS....as YOU remember when you approached me at the Daytona Beach Dickerson Center when I stool at the back wall (temporarily refusing to shake YOUR hand, then YOU made a very direct hand shake and listened to every word I spoke.....I was frank to Janet Reno Reno telling Honorable Janet Reno that SHE would NOT win the democratic nomination, and that was established on my personal opinion that Janet Reno had to apologize for what she did related to the Cuban Kid getting taken out with guns at 4 AM. See Charlie Crist YOU can have professional help with YOUR campaign and STILL lose. I eat at restaurants about 3 meals a day, and I know more common people that Governor Scott....but HOW do I get the word to Charlie Crist.....Janet Reno...tell Charlie Crist HE is in Trouble and may NOT get the democratic nomination...yet if he acts NOW he could ...I don't believe at this point anyone can beat the money of Governor Scott.

Please Janet Reno contact Charlie Crist and tell him if Richard says Charlie Crist will NOT win unless he takes action to show his connection to the common caring people ....he will not do very well.

As YOU Janet Reno know I was informally involved in the 2000 election in Volusia County and I saw Al Gore in trouble but the professional people running the campaign at head quarters on Palmetto Avenue just south of US 92 were from so far away it is amazing that Gore won Volusia. NOW a former Republican is doing NOTHING and yet expects to win the leaning democratic county of Volusia with little or NO physical presents. Janet Reno worked very hard to attempt to win Volusia County but even favorable democrats were few at the time and NO democrat is doing anything to Help Charlie Crist...

Look at the fact that NO democrat is running against Honorable Dorothy Hukill (Republican loved by Scott).....with a balance of $290,000 Dorothy Hukill will campaign to be sure she brings Republicans in Volusia County to the polls.

Janet Reno or anyone that is still a democrat better shake Charlie Crist or his going to waste $3,000,000 and not win.

Please we need a Democrat to be Governor in Florida so the unfair and unconstitutional election laws putting only REPUBLICANS at the top of the ballot is eliminated.

Please 386 788 3885 by June 16th

or call me after November 4, 2014 and laugh or say I was correct.

NO one is excited by Charlie Crist being Governor again. Yet as a democrat he may get Closer than the last democrat ....Adams? or Alex Sink....

If this is the best Charlie Crist has for a campaign.....the democratic party should close offices and decide NOT to campaign for any democrat.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:04AM JUN 5TH 2014
Charlie Crist Call me or for sure YOU will NOT win the Democratic Party nomination or if YOU simply pass Nan Rich....it will be a NO game against Honorable Rick L. Scott. on November 4, 2014.

Mr. Crist, I want YOU or a Democrat to win so in the future Democrats will be placed at the top of ALL Florida Ballots. (Republicans now)

386 788 3885 Florida

386 517 3028 Tecumseh, Michigan





Richard Paul Dembinsky
5:48PM JUN 4TH 2014
This seems to be the ONLY WAY to get Charlie Crist's attention; while it is a very long shot; Maybe Charlie Crist will take this fact; I rarely vote for the loser except myself; I ran against YOU as a Democrat I 2006; had 12,000 votes as NPA candidate....YOU are so far down NOW...It is my opinion even with MONEY I believe Nan Rich will do as good as YOU against Honorable Richard L. Scott...the money bags $$$$.

So he selected a unknown Lt. Governor ...YOU should do the same....I would be the perfect unknown.....except for onballot.com......see I would NOT campaign one time with YOU Charlie Crist....wonderful...therefore the WIN will be ALL YOURS.....the Lt. Governor candidate does little.

I will be in Michigan until at least November 4th, 2014...and I may NOT even vote even though I am a "candidate for State Senate District 8"

SEE the Republican created election laws are totally unfair....and my effort to run as a Republican for Governor when YOU had the ticket in your pocket was a two month hell...I am not saying YOU did not make a GREAT Governor but YOU need someone with actual governmental experience that could help YOU when YOU get elected a second time ...Democrats (I am one registered as Democrat)....Most of MY life voted for democrats including in 2000; but I did vote for Richard Nixon and other Republicans who gave me correspondence....in fact when I as a Republican for two months....I received this LARGE high quality poster...Naming me to the Republican inter circle and also receive invitation to have dinner With GWB. Amazing....NOW the world is upside down...YOU and the democrats have little chance of winning...so why don't YOU go CRAZY and simply put my name on the top ten qualified people for YOUR Lt. Governor running mate. I have a very clean record and my financial condition is like an open book.

YOU need a common person to be YOUR running Mat...

If YOU win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination....over Nan Rich etc.....I will NOT even come back to Florida until after the election ...and MY not even vote for YOU....

This means having voted for winners of the past....YOU have a problem...experienced democratic campaigners like me (informal)....at this point will NOT even vote for YOU ...my God that is bad....YOU need to win MY vote by selecting NOW a common caring person as YOUR running mate....or YOU will not get elected....REPEAT...YOU Charlie Crist have less opportunity to beat Honorable Rick Scott than I do as a write in running against Dorothy Hukill in State Senate District 8...

YOU need to select YOUR Lt. Governor NOW a common caring person...the person does not need to be on TV or in the debates...it is ALL about YOU Republican trained attempting to be a Democrat in ACTION in Florida. Florida is NOT Altoona Pennsylvania or my home county of Schuylkill in the Coat Region of Pennsylvania.

I am NOT joking I will refuse to vote for YOU unless YOU have a common caring life long democrat as YOUR running mate.

Get with it Charlie Crist YOU are losing democratic voters NOW...and my wife is an independent and she looks at Rick Scott's advertisements as untrue about YOU ...however, I say YOU were a Great Republican Governor ...it remains as to whether or NOT I can train YOU to be a GREAT Democrat....CALL Joe Lieberman...my friend and ask about Richard...or Janet RENO....YOU

Need ME.....Richard Paul Dembinsky to be excited about Charlie Crist or we will just shut the TV off and give the Republicans one more win in Florida... Crist for Governor; Dembinsky for Lt. Governor...that would show YOU are the bravest Democrat so far in Florida.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:43PM MAY 31ST 2014
Finally THE END
Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:37PM MAY 31ST 2014
Hi, Last day for decision; where are the Democrats? District 8 State Senate?

Consider an abandoned swing the type in old parks of the north; they were made with metal links about foot long; each link had an eye and it was connected to the previous; I guess this was before chains were made or pot ropes.

See District 8 is like an old swing; Those who know how to swing in this District cashing out just at the right time can keep the Swing in motion...but sooner or later ALL SWINGS (and Swing Districts STOP)..

So consider the old swing of Republicans pushing their ideas to the limit and sooner or later the swing rotates down to the bottom and who knows maybe an environmental party type democrat could some day push the swing to the left. ...but we really ALL know Dorothy Hukill has kept the Swing of District 8 so long and so high with the money she had those listed contributors pour into her campaign....sooner or later the Swing Will BE stopped.

The stop position of a SWING is N.P.A.

That is the NO PUSH Area

NO extreme dangerous pushing of environment over spending.

No extreme welfare for businesses or business organizations.

The NPA candidates with or without a win of Charlie Crist will finally be making progress stopping the Extreme Right or the Extreme Left.

The NPA....is the NO PUSH AREA....no hidden agenda....just a balance between government and its citizens

The NO PUSH AREA candidates do what ALL the Citizens are waiting for first; not big spending projects with Sales TAX dollars.

At this very moment Dorothy Hukill has it for another 4 years...but Caution....This Swing District is going back to the equal point not extreme democratic environmental area...just good Government.

In a few hours Dorothy Hukill will final know if someone is going to attempt to stop the SWING so an NPA candidate can better represent District 8.

Smile Dorothy...you being from NYC never saw the old Swing made of Chains sticks....so I guess I am not displeased that YOU don't want the back down slop to begin...but it will.

As a child will explain the over pushing by anyone can cause the swing to go out of control; and it does seem the contributors to Dorothy Hukill have pushed too far and grabbed the Swing and this time someone may fall off the Swing of District 8.

Enough is Enough.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:14PM MAY 29TH 2014
Good Evening or Good Morning; Find Flight MA Flight 370 and win 500 Gore Lieberman signs and one strong Bush sign.

I will get permission from the Queen on or before June 1, 2014; wonder how many people really want to spend time in Tallahassee?

The only reason to go to the east side of town will be to get Glaze Doughnuts for Dorothy Hukill surely she must be tired of Tallahassee; sitting next to the lake on the north end of town not far from Restaurant row. Maybe I could have Pete's Pizza deliver to the Lake some cool evening.

Dorothy Hukill is older than other challengers???

Dorothy Hukill has advantage she has lived so long in Tallahassee she may have learned how to cross the tracks on the way to FA&M campus

Nice hills but understand it snows in Tallahassee?

Dorothy Hukill Pete of Pete's Pizza may be selling the business to his workers...YOU may want to order YOUR favorite pizza from George who will guarantee YOU are respected for whatever YOU have done for Volusia County.

Now call your friends in Port Orange and organize YOU parade coming home on November 5th , 2014.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:01PM MAY 25TH 2014
WE are waiting for Democrat...or an Independent to give Dorothy Hukill a challenger...why in the world is the last democrat so afraid of Dorothy Hukill, Hey, you had 43 percent of the vote...surely YOU can improve on that number. Why leave it to a NPA light weight politically....

YOU need to again challenge Dorothy Hukill......Please.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
5:28PM MAY 23RD 2014
Okay it is May 23, 2014, its too hot in Florida for this time of Year 90 plus, dry; seems the election is turning in Rick Scott's direction, because the Republicans and the Chamber type organizations are keeping the challenger off the stage; typical basic for the Thailand Army to correct the corruption; just change the government with the Military; if Republican like Charlie Crist cannot beat Honorable Rick Scott; as is my view as of this date; who but Thrasher and Hukill should be required to fix the State budget they crashed for the past 2 years.

Give UP Charlie Crist, or find an outstanding rich former Republican to be your running mate. YOU only have 7 days before decision day.
June 1, 2014.

At this point I believe my wife cannot take the heat of Florida and me running for another wasted time position; without Charlie Crist in the Governor's office; NOTHING would get done in the legislature.

So Charlie Crist call me on YOUR latest polling; it does not look good. while most of the independents and even a few republicans said they were going to vote for Charlie Crist. It seems they are just holding their nose and voting against Scott.

Since organizations are so strong for Scott, it will be those with money (businesses) that will suffer when Scott gets in again.

Dorothy Hukill should order the pizza for Richard on June 16th, 2014.

Richard Paul Dembinsky
5:00PM MAY 21ST 2014
Find Richard's Errors before June 1, 2014 or all typos prior to June 1, 2014 are historic only.

Richard's personal goal shall be to secure more than 52.000 votes, which will exceed the 51,000 he was happy to receive against Honorable Evelyn Lynn in Senate District 7. The writers of articles about challengers of incumbents are quick to put out the write in campaigns or some personal defect but little is done to question any weakness that the incumbent may have. Like up date the dated red dress photo. WE are all getting older waiting for Dorothy Hukill to put her dress for sale on eBay; next to my 500 Gore Lieberman signs. Dorothy Hukill if she believes she is an outstanding Republican candidate should donate as much as Romney did to the Antique Car Club of California; don't waste $335,000 on a car elevator for Dorothy's Brown VW bug. This race should be only on Dorothy Hukill's good name and achievements. No need to cut Richard up he already admits he is STUPID and when it comes to voting for Obama; likely stupid or extremely unlucky.

Now the Race begins. Where are all the chicken Democrats???? Even House District 25 is a win for Republicans. This Florida should be sold to the Spanish for a land fill of old ships if voters do not at least consider the person spending HIS own money to challenge the incumbent.

I wish someone before June 1, 2014 becomes a democratic candidate to challenge Republican Dorothy Hukill, I rather donate my $1187.88 to Chris of Steak N. Shake because he cannot afford to correct the name change/mistake his mother created; now he only has a motorcycle I on the patio; no license cannot even drive to work at Steak N. Shake; All YOU wealthy democrats challenge Dorothy Hukill so I can give my $1187.88 to Christopher (server at Steak N. Shake) to pay the attorney fees to have the Florida records cleaned to allow him to have a driver's license again. His driver's license expired because the new stringent Florida laws do not consider this American Citizen living in Florida his complete life worthy of a driver's license. Dorothy Hukill, YOU and the Republicans caused people like Christopher to be a victim and YOU don't care.

Enough is Enough.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
4:48PM MAY 21ST 2014
Richard's personal goal shall be to secure more than 52.000 votes, which will exceed the 51,000 he was happy to receive against Honor Evelyn Lynn in Senate District 7. The writers of articles about challengers of incumbents are quick to put out the write in campaigns or some personal defect but little is done to question any weakness that the incumbent may have. Like up date the dated red dress photo. WE are all getting older waiting for Dorothy Hukill to but her dress for sale on eBay; next to my 500 Gore Lieberman signs.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:51AM MAY 19TH 2014
Time is running out for Richard L. Scott and Dorothy Hukill; especially based upon the great fund raising that former Pennsylvanian Charlie Crist and the FUN raising Richard Paul Dembinsky has planned. The November 4th 2014 election NOW appears a toss up for Rick Scott, he could win again but his money coupled with ALL the money Dorothy Hukill has should be better invested than those incomplete negative Charlie Crist advisements. See they show Charlie Crist Running to the MONEY in Washington....the cartoon shows Charlie Crist running to Florida NOT going away. (Watch the advertisement; it reminds me of the Gore falling star on his expensive signs) Conclusion: Rick Scott has a technical cartoon error showing Charlie Crist plus this talk about the State having to BORROW money? I thought the Republicans always in Florida had to have a balanced budget. This is something Republican Charlie Crist being allowed to "borrow money" and the State House and State Senate allowing the State of Florida NOT t have an annual balanced budget. These errors in advertising are a for shadow of the many errors that Scott and Dorothy Hukill are soon to be troubling for the Republicans.

Now count the minutes until the mail room in Tallahassee has more democratic candidates than needed to change the unfair election laws ...one simple win for Charlie Crist (democrat) will put democrats on the top of the ballot each year for the century. Enjoy!
Richard Paul Dembinsky
8:01PM MAY 17TH 2014

Enjoy Pharrell Williams as you send your paperwork to Tallahassee
Richard Paul Dembinsky
7:58PM MAY 17TH 2014
28,800 minutes to playing the "happiness song by W.P." YOU can be it...just send your money to Tallahassee and qualify for State Senate District 8...
Richard Paul Dembinsky
2:07PM MAY 16TH 2014




" guarantee equal civil and political rights for all>"

but the way the Division of Election is following the rules created after the Constitution clearly is questionable.

No run to the Bank and see if YOU can open a campaign account AFTER your name is listed at the website of the Division of Elections; seems this new Sunbiz website is another unwritten "law" that is protecting the incumbents.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
7:06PM MAY 13TH 2014
Okay, surely YOU did not miss me over the past few days while I drove my wife's cousin to Palm Beach Gardens for a major back operation..........HERE is the shock......driving back seems Florida South of Route 520 in Cocoa seems like I just returned from Almost "heaven" but then returned to Senate District 8 and I found the REAL ALMOST HEAVEN...Port Orange while it has some strange curve roads around the new BJ's and rough pavement....I would NOT want to trade it for the wonderful Hampton INN in PBG....EVERY road seemed to be paved with Gold...EVERY business is running great...people in PBG while a extremely expensive place to live were ALL happy...at times even the weather was better than I expected with a cool breeze around the Hospital on Burns Road. This Hospital Facility was so modern that I could not believe that Florida could afford such fully functioning effective health care and of course the dollars and staff were outstanding including Josh who provide security video record of everyone and in such a manner YOU knew YOU were treated like a real person or patient. Thanks to ALL at the Palm Beach Medical Center.

MY reason for this statement will be apparent in MY June 1, 2014 decision on challenging Honorable Dorothy Hukill who still unchallenged for District 8.

IF YOU only saw Florida south of Cocoa well YOU would be happy with the political leaders (Republicans) in Tallahassee.

Yet while I was sick with a bad cough for 3 days SEEING the GREAT economy south of Cocoa down to Palm Beach Gardens was something to save me. I believed after watching all those negative advertisement about "lousy republican Charlie Crist" (sponsored by SCOTT).....but actually PBG is an absolute Proof that the Republicans (I am a democrat) did a great job funding improvements like the PGA bridge in PBG over the railroad and AIA it is shocking beautiful. My point is the facilities in PBG were constructed years ago it appears during the period "Republican Governor Charlie Crist was in POWER" obviously...the construction while new was not just finished under Scott and Dorothy Hukill team Republican.

My point is Charlie Crist should get credit for the good he did as a Republican....maybe with a few bucks from Obama...

Point is NOW ...I am having a heated discussion since May 9th with a Henry who is an award winning newspaper writer who lost his DBNJ job and has credit an on line "headline"

While on May 9th (when I was under the pressure of pending issues)

I emailed Henry F. who ....

sooner or later I will help YOU and YOUR great newspaper website. Thanks

However...as I became ill (with this nasty cough)(now mostly gone)....I found this BBC article about how bias newspaper writers are ..

I forward the link to Henry F. and begin reading his web newspaper endorsements...." I was immediately sickened.....Yes supporting and spin doctor news for various candidates even Mitt Romney who lost by 74,000 votes...

MY youth experience came back with a flash....remembering how the Pottsville Republican Newspaper writers pushed the "Lakes to Sea Highway"....hold on not to be a tangent but a starting point....then comes the nasty more recent writing in this "web newspaper" fully supporting Honorable Dorothy Hukill while hitting me with a 2 by 4 to push me down on my Challenge of Dorothy Hukill.....well it may have worked when Mike Lafferty cut me up in a complete nasty article about me in the Orlando Newspaper in 2005. Or then the nasty articles of the Daytona Beach News Journal of 2002. Enough is Enough..

Newspaper writers have absolutely NO right to push and step down little common caring people that are attempt to give help to those of us north of Cocoa and surely not from Palm Beach Gardens...

Palm Beach Gardens has everything ...Interstate 95 north of PBG is having a major construction widening and upgrade.

So my point is Obama? the Federal Government along with "Republican Charlie Crist and Honorable Governor Richard L. Scott are obviously taking care of the Rich south of Cocoa

MY displeasure with Henry F. the web newspaper man is the same problem I have with Dorothy Hukill.

We cannot put the good on a pile and the bad on Charlie Crist....yet District 8 is NOW way economically able to recover from this bad recession.....I am extremely displeased with how Governor Scott has done very little for the businesses and citizens of the Titusville area....it is still very depressing even today.

SO Dorothy Hukill you can take credit for helping save the Rich in South Florida especially those in Palm Beach Gardens...but then Charlie Crist must get special credit for being an effective Governor if he had anything to do with Palm Beach Gardens.

Hospitals in Palm Beach Gardens, fire trucks, and ambulances all are state of the art/modern...4 door with every device they would need to save a life. After watching the emergency room of PBG Medical Center from 5:45 AM until 2PM on 5/12/12. I now know Florida is ready to be a wonderful place but I fear District 8 has suffered waiting for Dorothy Hukill political help.

So IF I decide NOT to challenge Dorothy Hukill, I am determined to see what she does with the $335,000 of political contributions from major businesses and a few citizens who are well connected.

Enough is Enough Dorothy Hukill, donate YOUR campaign money immediately after YOU qualify to Charities in District 8.

Maybe a free bus tour of Palm Beach Gardens for anyone that is currently depressed about Florida.....Some Rich folks and common folks in the Palm Beach Gardens (including Wellington etc.) have enough help for NOW....time is to Make the suffering of YOUR district feel happy.

Henry F. is not authorize to cut me up in little pieces but because ALL newspapers support the easy reach (incumbents)....I would expect to lose the next election...

or I could use my energy to demand that District 8 be given increased attention....and also Titusville and Cocoa.

Enough is Enough ...WE need to see if Democrat Charlie Crist could finish the northern half of Florida so ALL of the residents and visitors of Florida would feel "happy" as I do after visiting Palm Beach Gardens yesterday and today...

Republican Charlie Crist and whatever Dorothy Hukill did cannot be appreciated without a visit to Palm Beach Gardens.

PLEASE Dorothy Hukill donate your campaign money to Charity and run on your Good Name with filling the Tomoka Landfill again with your nasty type post cards about democrats.

NPA ..is and independent looks at the Good of Republicans and the steep climb for Democrats who are always listed second on the ballot.

Enough is Enough

Richard 386 788 3885
Richard Paul Dembinsky
3:20PM MAY 9TH 2014
Okay Democrats stop hiding ...become a Candidate District 8 PLEASE...help Dorothy Hukill spend (invest) her contributors money..

I simply want results not another 4 years of Santa Claus in the red dress.

Thanks....call me an I will contribute to YOUR effort
Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:26PM MAY 3RD 2014
Call me in Michigan 517 423 3028 after qualifying should my local Port Orange Phone be on vacation plan (386 788 3885)

I look forward to Dorothy Hukill finally being Challenged to what is Right.

Conservatives would NOT be giving State Money to companies...Companies cannot vote....ALL you Conservatives are being blinded by Conservative Liberal Dorothy Hukill.

Vote for the Line.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:22PM MAY 3RD 2014
Republicans....BE Happy and stay home on election day....Dorothy Hukill does not need YOUR vote she has a pile of money should even a former county council democrat runs....she will be standing on a pile of money...looking over Volusia County....Encourage Dorothy Hukill to donate 100 percent of the campaign money to Charity rather than take it to Tallahassee. Call it a Tax Refund....All contributions were collected from consumers given to companies then given to Dorothy Hukill, so it is only Fair that Dorothy Hukill give ALL consumers a tax refund rather than just the Speedway.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:15PM MAY 3RD 2014
Dorothy Hukill better plan on spending ALL of her money (over $335,000)....the local print shops need work and television stations need to improve programing so Dorothy Hukill's war chest should be totally spent so she cannot blame a loss on MONEY troubles.

Start spending Dorothy....why are you saving it ....For a rainy day in Tallahassee? Pizza parties for the office? Candidates can take the remaining contributions and add it to their "salary" or what they call office expenses.

Give it to Charity...Enough is Enough
Richard Paul Dembinsky
5:38PM MAY 1ST 2014
Wow, Charlie Crist and his democrats are on the move; so many emails and positive news about the front battle...seems Charlie Crist is going to make it very close on November 4th.

In fact this past weekend "no science survey at a pharmacy conference"

South Florida appears for Charlie Crist,

Even those from Sarasota were wanting to get Scott out.

I was given a positive feeling that Maybe Charlie Crist will make it very close. NO one spoke up for Scott?

They expressed disbelief that some of the advertisements have errors ..

Scott had a mother, then a step mother then something...the lady from Sarasota said people are likely seeing the Scott $9,000,000 of television advertisements against Charlie Crist as not be effective any more...

So....it appears...as for now the race it Charlie Crist by a white hair.

This will go well with my campaign for District 8 ...unless YOU want to challenge Dorothy Hukill...get going June 1 is approaching.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:01PM APR 28TH 2014
Sorry, Democrats it seems YOU don't have anyone to challenge Dorothy Hukill, MY question is WHY? Are YOU afraid of Dorothy Hukill? Are you expecting that the excessive contributions to Dorothy Hukill's campaign account will tie up the race for another NO chance to win?

Well YOU still have Until June 1, 2014; the process will require all 16 days of June to get qualified should YOU not invest in Florida's Elections NOW.

No one reads these almost daily posts but If by chance one person wants to challenge Dorothy Hukill call me 386 788 3885 I will contribute to YOUR effort.

Someone MUST stop Richard L. Scott and NOW maybe a long shot Nan Rich will confuse the pre made television advertisements of Scott?? Rich/Crist on the ballot November 4th, 2014?

NOW have a good day and start calling Obama about these excessive gasoline prices...Enough is Enough
Richard Paul Dembinsky
6:14PM APR 24TH 2014
Dorothy Hukill should be replaced before the State of Florida follows the City of Detroit ....giving Tax money to one group is like Dorothy acting like the Robin Hood of the State Senate....Oh, surely the manufacturer's associates has an important job for YOU after YOU are forced from the State Senate one way or the other.

Dorothy Hukill, uses 10 percent of her contributions to fund "office parties"????? Legally??? That means of the $350,000 she can take 10 percent each year for the office fund? Who is watching all incumbents with easy access to piles of money. Oh, I forgot Jeff Atwater another Republican that collects money from contributions from out side the State companies and individuals... Why? Does he fear William Rankin? or is he too having a large office.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
6:07PM APR 24TH 2014
Hey, Governor Scott, Why did YOU demand that YOUR mother had to work two jobs just to put you through college under the GI bill?

Comments to those watching Governor Scott's television political adds, ....why did Richard L. Scott, not support the G I bill for other veterans? ....why did Richard L. Scott never consider the stress his going to college put on his mother? Working two jobs for Richard L. Scott to become Governor of Florida....seems a waste of effort.

Governor Richard L. Scott should be replaced for his miss use of State Money enforcing Unfair and Unconstitutional Election Laws....Always putting Republican candidates at the top of the ballot or if there is NO republican incumbent well allow any republican to get a 10 percent advantage with top billing on the ballot.

Dorothy Hukill never surveyed her district's opinions on the last minute Senate Bills concerning various issues or if she did the results were not made part of the Senate's records. Why is the State of Florida writing more laws on a social issue that was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States.....to again force attorneys to have to protect the rights of doctors....the right to work state????? oh Right to Work as State Senate District 8 believes is the proper social standard in the 21st Century....Come on Dorothy Hukill RETIRE......
Richard Paul Dembinsky
5:55PM APR 24TH 2014
A Sales Tax Holiday that Stops only when the size of State Sales tax give away programs end or the budget requires the sales tax monies to finally fund ALL programs adequately including the various State Pension funds. The excessive paperwork for sales tax collections and auditing may just save more than the State is collecting only to give away to big businesses anyway.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:04AM APR 24TH 2014
Bill NO. 1
Elimination of All Sales TAXES in the State of Florida for items less than $100.00; and a strict new law that prohibits donations of States Tax to any business.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:38PM APR 21ST 2014
The count down clock is on a 45 day hold but the launch team has decided Absolutely a NO go to Challenge William Rankin, but as early as 5 minutes ago...I considered on last look at such an opportunity, even an NPA run for CFO is nothing challenging See Honorable Jeff Atwater had two NPA candidates challenge him last time. So nothing to gain; but really Mr. Atwater could you win and then appoint your replacement? 4 more years as Atwater watching the $$$ of Florida is a concern. Yet another 4 years of Dorothy Hukill is a much bigger problem for me ...seems she has a blank check book ready to make donations to every organization of Volusia County. Wow Mr. Atwater...YOU should donate the $1.7 million you collected to Detroit or to those investors that lost money with Riverside??? Oh, just another loser saying YOU Republicans are unbelievable collecting contributions but REALLY Does Richard L. Scott have a prayer unless Atwater and Scott are on the same advertisements.....I am getting tired of learning about Scott's past...I need to know the future.....Hey, Charlie is Marine land anything that YOU could save? Oh, too late? Maybe William Rankin will drag Charlie Crist down to looking for the exit speech writer.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
3:31PM APR 15TH 2014
Where are all the democrats????

District 8, State Senate needs a millionaire candidate.

District 25 State Representative needs anyone that can "challenge the honorable Republican now taking the place of David Hood"

Seems Charlie Crist has slipped in the mud? Even my friend Janet Reno could beat the new democrat. Nan Rich has not made much progress in the above districts.

45 days and we will see who finally will be challenging the Republicans who love to donate our future tax monies to businesses that may not be around the area 30 years from NOW. Gasoline is near $4.00 a gallon, what is Governor Scott done to lower gasoline taxes...oh, forgot just give more tax revenue to businesses.

The people have been forgotten by Dorothy Hulkill, sooner or later a NEW State Senator will work with the New Governor and things will start looking better. Oh, Democrats will soon be on the top of the ballot rather than only Republicans.

Richard Paul Dembinsky
6:20PM APR 6TH 2014
Today I visited the "District office of Senator Dorothy Hukill" I was totally surprised that the office was a blank glass YOU could not look in the unit number 17 at Dunlawton; seems incumbents hide behind closed doors and smoked glass yet collect money from Walmart and other major companies...So Sad America has become ...what it is in District 8.

Someone Rich should give Dorothy Hukill a real retirement party.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
8:32PM APR 3RD 2014
Like a bouncing ball....but very happy that democrats are coming out........to run for in most races except for some reason against Honorable Dorothy Hukill.

I will continue to hope that someone other than Me runs...for State Senate District 8.

Even the Dave Hood race (District 25 Representative) should give democrats a chance.

I am displeased that NO one is running against...William Rankin (democrat) for the CFO, he is not the strongest candidate for CFO against Honorable Jeff Atwater.

NO one reads these postings but in the future...it will be found and discovered how I ended up in a particular race.

I have a bank lined up so all I need to do is make the final decision on whether CFO, Senate or House then get ready to pay the required fee during qualifying week.

YOU should decide for me 386 788 3885....leave a smart or stupid statement anytime...I appreciate any opinions ...it is like giving me the winning numbers for the next power ball.
(or email me)

Richard Paul Dembinsky
2:56PM MAR 28TH 2014
Governor Scott is doing a great job SELLING his past....but it is his Future that is more important. Just hoping at night while your brain is waiting for your body to be repaired is NOT enough.

Dorothy Hukill could lose if someone other than Charlie Crist were the democratic candidate....but at this point....I am looking to make dust some place.

Enough is Enough with these Paid "GET to work advertisements" I will give Scott until April 15th, and should he still brag about his past well I will get in second gear to help the next gubernatorial race be much closer ...even with money ...Scott could lose.

If he does NOT immediately start "Get to Work" for people....citizens of Florida.

Looks like Dorothy Hukill must be so strong NO democrat would dare put a name on the ballot below Dorothy.

Seems that Dorothy Hukill has made some recent misstatements because people I have been in contact would consider other candidate..

David Wood should announce that he is no longer running rather than play chicken with a little candidate...this is a Republican trick to keep the seat...yet....maybe with David Woods moving on to be a judge...I could do better challenging my friend the other republican.

It is not fair the way Republicans control the ballot placement and other actions related to elections.

Okay, Democrats WAKE UP and challenge Dorothy Hukill....or David Wood
Richard Paul Dembinsky
4:38PM MAR 23RD 2014
WE need candidates NOW...only 60 days until decision June 1, 2014.

Please someone that wants to drive to Tallahassee Call Me

386 788 3885

Wonder where in Tallahassee does Dorothy Hukill find a replacement pizza as good as that created by Pete...and George of Nova/Beville.

How can Dorothy Hukill act normal not having Pete's Pizza at least once a week?????????
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:06PM MAR 15TH 2014
BE Happy Vote for Dorothy Hukill or vote for the loser:

Richard Paul Dembinsky

I will listen to the song "happy" rather than campaign....because on November 4, 2014 I will care LESS about Dorothy Hukill...she will sooner or later be toast.

Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:03PM MAR 15TH 2014
I will be watching and listening to the song "Happy" during 2014...maybe that way I will careless if Dorothy Hukill wins again.

Richard Paul Dembinsky
3:18PM MAR 11TH 2014
Will they put a new statute out in front of the Speedway? She is looking like the next bronze near the winner's circle. Daytona Rising? how high do they want her to Jump? Really 2 million a year for 30 years nice insurance policy for the Republicans in Volusia County, Rep. Thrasher may have a real challenger; who I called to volunteer in his campaign. Still waiting for District 8 Democratic Party Candidates, even House District 25 needs a democrat to challenge the new republican since Dave Hood is going to seek a judge position. WE NEED CANDIDATES DON'T ALL HIDE; OH, DOROTHY SHOULD BE MAYOR OF PORT ORANGE AGAIN....AT LEAST WE DID NOT HAVE TO BOIL WATER. DRAFT PARKER FOR MAYOR.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:33PM MAR 4TH 2014
"GOOD NEWS" Nova Road and US ! ....MAJOR protest against Rick Scott...etc. Wow, that is amazing energy...that could mean ....I could have a real chance of getting 1 percent of the vote against Honorable Dorothy Hukill; obviously, Rick Scott is NOT liked by about 50 people who waved signs, horns blowing ....it was exciting...I am now convinced MY $1187.88 to challenge Dorothy Hukill is necessary investment to give these people a voice.

If this energy can happen on a dark cool night (and day also) this means Rick Scott could be challenged by Charlie Crist...and if Charlie Crist brings out Democrats and Independents...I believe Dorothy Hukill better spend her campaign money at Pete's Pizza...because I am close to getting Pete's Republican vote and George too...But Dorothy Hukill is already working hard sending George a newspaper clipping of his newspaper article about him winning a motorcycle. So Dorothy Hukill, Pete's Pizza is ground zero for this election....If I can convince Pete and George to give a challenger a vote...I could make this at least as close as 98 percent to 2 percent. Oh, if the my new OPINION Writer friend at the News Journal gives me a chance without cutting me into pieces before June 1, 2014; well Dorothy Hukill, YOU better start reviewing YOUR campaign ....Charlie Crist without the troubled help of Pot pushing Morgan...could actually give Rick Scott a real challenger NOT like Alex Sink who just forgot where she was UCF not USF....that cost her the election....this time Charlie Crist will do really damage to Rick Scott. Dorothy Hukill, YOU better order Pete's Pizza NOW.....or my Promise to pay for the November 4th Retirement Party for Dorothy Hukill will really happen....I am willing to pay for 100 Pete's Pizza's to Enjoy YOUR retirement. Take the direction of Dave Hood and quit.....running for Senate. Enough is Enough
Richard Paul Dembinsky
11:08PM FEB 28TH 2014
Okay it is March 1, 2014, and still we have no democrats running against incumbent Republicans, and I am NOT even hearing that Charlie Crist is still a shoe in? So what are we going to do for the next 90 days....keep hoping someone challenges Dorothy Hukill, and Now it appears Dave Hood District 25 State Representative is moving into a Judge race....

I cannot find one person that even cares about anything in Tallahassee. What will Charlie Crist do if he is a little short again for a win? He could start running for President or buy a chocolate factory back in Altoona Pennsylvania.

Please talk to YOUR friends get them to run for these or other offices.



Thanks again 90 days and counting painfully.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
5:22PM FEB 19TH 2014
Here we are more candidates are dropping out; Even David Hood is going go for being a judge, yet NO candidates against Republicans...seems we ALL love Republicans except in Washington...

Maybe Dorothy Hukill would become a gubernatorial candidate surely she could beat my friend Janet Reno.

HOW else will State Senate District 8 have a chance of having an Independent.

NOW since NO one reads these postings I just inform others that Mr. Scott a democrat called me a few moments ago to announce he had a heart issue so even my friend Mr. Scott will not be running for Congress.

Wow, this is bad...maybe we should just call off the election of November 4, 2014 and demand that incumbents fix ALL the problems THEY caused.

The economy may be getting much worst; especially when a major hunting and fishing super store has a staff meeting at 5 AM to put in place major staff reductions. one department alone lost 3 people immediately. This hunting fishing super store while in Pennsylvania is a major chain....but being on the stock market they must deliver profits. So talk on the street today is the economy is already taking a hit from this bad weather. While the stock market is hanging in there; the extreme cost of heating oil especially propane and the pending major jump in gasoline prices couple this with the significant increase in Gold prices, the American dollar is dropping in exchange value; Japan is concerned that USA is meddling in Japan's economy, demanding actions way beyond normal suggestions. Could this mean the World is about to go into a Major Depression? Of course the do nothing President has only time on his side; soon he will be retired in Hawaii.

So democrats with YOUR POT legalizing campaign to defect from the economy may NOT work...Independents may just vote for Republicans and we will be in for at least another 2 years of HELL.

Florida is sick but I don't know how much of the down turn I can blame on Dorothy Hukill.

William Rankin the only brave democratic candidate for CFO is surely enjoying every day that NO other democrat or Independent announces a run for CFO.

Please someone run against these Incumbents or we will all have to stick our heads in the sand like President Obama.

My God HOW did I do so bad voting for Obama twice, why did I ever vote for Bill Nelson. Please forgive me.

Now I cannot vote for Dorothy Hukill even if she meets me at Pete's Pizza.

Dorothy Hukill please find a judge position so we can have the change of the guard in Tallahassee.

Enough is Enough Dorothy Hukill Please.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
2:47AM FEB 8TH 2014









Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:28PM FEB 5TH 2014
Spring is finally noticeable in Daytona Beach, leaves are coming out along South Nova Road, wonder if Dorothy Hukill has a memory of driving down South Nova Road near Big Tree Road and how this location is the very first sign that Spring is finally here. The leaves are out on several trees at least the size of your thumb.

Maybe 2014 will be a great Year for Dorothy Hukill, she gets to visit Pete's Pizza during the Spring and still have no official challenger for the November 4, 2014 election, for that matter democrats must still be in the Gore Cave...NO new candidates (see state website via visiting onballot.com click the menu to the left and go to the State Website and see for yourself ...how sad this Charlie Crist effort has been ...since A.T.R. backed Braswell for CFO she the chair of the Democratic Party has been out of view?

Has A.T.R been replaced by a computer? Why not?

William Rankin and all the other candidates for Governor are continue waiting for others to final the required financial reports for January (due no later than February 10th)

It is very interesting to see how high Dorothy Hukill's war chest is growing....wonder if she will invite me to one of her many pizza parties...maybe William Rankin (CFO)(democrat) and Dorothy could jointly write a book on how All the Pizza she and William consumed compares to that of Pete's Pizza.

NOW, Please someone officially become a candidate challenging Dorothy Hukill before she falls asleep next to her contribution money pile....give Dorothy Hukill an Obama backed Candidate so Obama's team and money get Dorothy Hukill down to zero dollars a month before November 4, 2014.

Wonder if Anyone cares what I write about Dorothy Hukill..........or for that matter who cares what they pass in Tallahassee or Washington....we are in the mud and both these Cities are like close to the edge of Hell, you like the heat but don't really want to be pulled into the Do NOTHING life style ..........Oh, MY "friend" Allen Grayson....don't you have an extra $3000 to give some democrat the filing fee and a few dollars for gasoline to challenge Honorable Dorothy Huklll, or better yet agree to pay the full $3000 for her retirement party on November 5 , 2014 at Pete's Pizza Noon.

Dorothy Hukill it is time you seriously find another Republican to fill YOUR big shoes....so Governor Charlie Crist knows that Dorothy Hukill just like Governor Rick Scott are on the last train to Pottsville or Clarksville as I believe the old song stated. Rick Scott and Dorothy Hukill should plan a vacation to New Jersey to see Chris Christie at the New Donald Trump wax museum of Republicans that no longer stop traffic on the Georgia Washington Bridge or the Buckman Bridge....in ..........fill in the blank..........or the Democratic bridge in Port Orange created and funded by the last democratic congressman that delivered $$$ to Port Orange.........I was there and saw how election timing and roadway funding cross.....5 people were standing on the old causeway thanking the Democrat..........wonder what bridge Rick Scott's name will be on? Maybe the bridge to nowhere in Alaska.

Now these crazy strange words are planted here for future generations to see how a person who cared less about wining than getting Dorothy Hukill to finally do something for the people.

Oh, the cost to put a lien on an auto loan is now over $78.....and the cost is directly caused by Rick Scott and Dorothy Hukill, someone needs to lien on Governor Charlie Crist the democrat and finally give the common caring people a government that is fair to consumers..

Enough is Enough
Richard Paul Dembinsky
9:53PM JAN 31ST 2014
"In the meantime, Hukill has been putting together an impressive war chest to use against Dembinsky or whoever else emerges to run against her in November. Between early January, when she filed to run again in 2014, and the end of November, Hukill brought in almost $270,900 in cash and spent less than $30,600. So far no other opposition besides Dembinksy has filed to run against her."

Now really actually what will Dorothy Hukill do if she did not have a "challenger"....would she ask Pete of Pete's Pizza Daytona to deliver a slice to each of her contributors. WELL, Richard will use HIS money to buy Pete' Pizza even though PETE, Georgia etc. will NOT even vote for Richard. In fact, Georgia Pete's son makes great pizza but he asked a few questions WHAT does Dorothy Hukill do in Tallahassee?

I guess my answer was that she is "" with the Governor and for reason maybe Rick Scott and Dorothy Hukill will continue controlling Pizza and barracks in Volusia County. However, now that it is starting to look like a Governor Charlie Crist in 2014, would it be something that a person who refuses to collect contributions to run for State Senate District 8................actually WINS..........wow..........MY book will have to be reprinted. whocareshalloffame.com onballot.com

Now come on Dorothy Hukill, meet me for a slice of Pizza at YOUR favorite Pizza Business in Daytona, YOU have not been around much since YOU became a Senator.

Now ask Georgia if he is still going to vote for YOU if YOU don't spend any money, but instead spend your $270,000 to buy Pizza for your office parties in Tallahassee. (Legally I guess per the law that allows 10 percent per year to go for office Pizza)

Now Dorothy Hukill, YOU have never met me but should I finally go to Tallahassee I will have Free Pete's Pizza for YOU.

Now donate the $270,000 to a local charity and run on YOUR incumbent record...Enough is Enough...stop buying the ......
Richard Paul Dembinsky
8:21PM JAN 28TH 2014
Okay, I have to talk tonight about Governor Rick Scott and his visit to Orlando talking or NOT talking about his appointees to the Toll Road Board....Ouch, he is in a tough shape...seems like a Chris Christie bridgegate to ME. Now I know why I am paying more tomorrow night to take the 417 south to UCF for a basketball game.....IT is all Governor Scott's fault. Enough is Enough ....come on Charlie Crist come out of the CAVE YOU ARE in and start campaigning.

Stand on a corner in Daytona Beach or Port Orange so we see if YOU still have your millionaire tan.

Dorothy Hukill needs YOU to be the Governor so at least one of Dorothy Hukill's past mistake passed bills are repealed....especially the one on Industry having sales tax break.


Richard Paul Dembinsky
12:34AM JAN 22ND 2014
Okay tomorrow NOON I will have the $2000 set aside to have fun running against Honorable Dorothy Hukill; should she want to spend $270,000 to stop my eventual win (now or later) it would be a poor investment on her part. Someday a democrat or NPA will represent the citizens of District 8. (Senate); so now with 4 more months to save money for who knows what campaign. If there is anyone that thinks they could challenge Dorothy Hukill please announce YOUR intension; also should Honorable Jeff Atwater still be planning on attempting to be the next CFO, well, as soon as I have the $5200 saved and NO other democrat or NPA candidate arrives before June 1, 2014; who knows what I will do; I did run State wide for Governor in 2006 getting votes in all 67 counties. NOW should only William Rankin be the candidate to challenge Honorable Jeff Atwater...well I will have to see if I could save the $5200 in the next 4 months. Please some rich democrat step up to the CFO race and oh, could someone convince William Rankin to do the Right thing and quickly become a republican? I cannot believe Dorothy Hukill's seat has not been challenged yet by anyone officially, even David Hood's seat in the House of Representative needs a democratic or NPA challenger;

I was impressed by the answer Bill Nelson gave about NOT legalizing POT in Florida. Morgan and Morgan tomorrow will have the Florida Court decide if Republicans opinion on this issue are stronger than Morgan and Morgan. Assume for a minute that Rick Scott is reelected and has opportunity to put 4 new judges at the high court; wow, I will never get the Court to review my opinion that having only republicans listed at the top of the ballot is unconstitutional.

Please democrats find $2000 and run for District 8 against Dorothy Hukill or against David Hood District 25 House...........I still want a chance to make a big splash by challenging Honorable Jeff Atwater...it is my personal mission to get State Farm reviewed.

NOW Please Florida help me by finding more candidates before JUNE 1, 2014.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:23PM JAN 15TH 2014
9:30 PM January 14, 2014, there must be a democrat willing to challenge Honorable David Hood, I would help another candidate Republican or Democratic that would challenge going with the incumbents. 386 788 3885 should YOU want to run for any political office in Florida (Senate, House, CFO and even Governor) ...my former Lt. Governor candidate in 2006 (we did challenge Charlie Crist and had votes in all 67 counties) Well, my friend in Wellington Florida is currently in court attempting to get his 25 percent share of a family business, that apparently brings in 15,000,000 a year, Should Doctor Joe Smith win the on going lawsuits his campaign account will be enough to take a few votes from Governor Rick Scott, See Joe is a Republican. I was truly shocked that someone from South Florida did not know Nan Rich (a democratic candidate for Governor); I need to learn were Weston Florida is to see if there are enough voters to "challenge Charlie Crist" ....Nan Rich please review your very liberal opinions especially on legalizing POT, because if Charlie Crist continues with the Morgan and Morgan legalizing POT plan...WELL, for sure Honorable Governor Rick Scott could win without spending a penny on channel 9 ABC Orlando. Now if only convince Governor Scott to give Dorothy Hukill (Senator District 8) a chance at the big league by appointing her Lt. Governor.....this is essential if others will ever have a chance to visit Tallahassee. onballot.com whocareshalloffame.com
Richard Paul Dembinsky
10:39AM JAN 14TH 2014
Good Morning Port Orange and Marion County etc.

It would be wonderful Dorothy Hukill would put her hand out and stop the Polar Vortex from hitting my wife's flowers in Port Orange.

Dorothy Hukill surely can do much more if only she challenged herself to look up the definition of Incumbent. (the plant version)
Richard Paul Dembinsky
11:24PM JAN 9TH 2014
I am so happy that someone else has written articles with spelling errors, but spelling Dembinsky has taken me 66 years of practice, but learning to spell Hukill is just as difficult for me.

I admit I am stupid and can prove it, but learning each time I run for a political office.

Newspaper people, writers have a job to make Florida Elections fun and exiting. But really having money creates a second class citizen; the Florida Constitution states: "guarantee equal civil and political rights for all"

So AS I have been blogging for years...citizens don't realize that ONLY republicans can be listed at the top of the ballot. A republican campaigner advised me that being at the top of the ballot is a 10 percent advantage. So when a republican gets 57 percent of the vote, ballot position and money created the win for Dorothy Hukill.

Now when YOU do the next version of your article about Dorothy Hukill and her democratic or independent challenge(s) realize that people are not happy with Honorable Governor Rick Scott, so you better go lite on repeating that Dorothy Hukill is caring the fight for Rick Scott, maybe she should be the next Lt. Governor....so I can finally win an election before my money runs out. Oh, I don't accept money from anyone so when I had 51,000 votes in a State Senate Race, well that is a good return.

Now maybe Ocala will be the answer to my dream to be in Tallahassee and right the wrongs of Florida Election Laws.

Maybe John Travolta will read my book that has a story about him ..........Uncensored Social Currency by A.O.K.

At least his "noisy" plane is not flying over my home every evening; but those Rich Republican pilots of Spruce Creek better be giving money to Dorothy Hukill; when 12 planes fly in formation over your home the Law of Diminishing Returns applies; my neck cannot handle it much longer. Well I do need a new roof should they want to make an emergency landing on my acre; oh, you can am for the Orange GMC Canyon Gator symbol truck too. Oh, is Dorothy Hukill going to do anything about the 4.1 million to the Coach of the National Champions FSU? absolutely NOT....but Richard would demand that those of us that had to wait until midnight for a win by FSU deserve a better State Senator in MY personal Opinion...Dorothy Hukill may actually win the vote of my wife of 41 years and has hugged my daughter in law, and is liked by 99 percent of the people who are residents of Port Orange, but sooner or later the lack of justification for the 4.1 million dollar coach pay off is something that must be addressed by a candidate challenging Dorothy Hukill.

Enough is Enough...

NO coach Florida Coach should be paid more than 10 times the salary of the Governor of Florida. This provision can be hidden in the next timber bill that is the source of such provisions that prevent a City to construct anything worth more than $100,000 (even in phases)...by law it must be bid for private contractors.

Now that run on sentence says something but I don't proof or change my words they come direct from my brain to this posting.

YOU as a voter have rights but I believe if YOU knew what I know YOU would not be able in good faith allow an incumbent like Dorothy Hukill to continue any longer. Please Republicans ask Governor Scott to make Dorothy Hukill Lt. Governor before the lawsuit filed demanding that he appoint someone.

Dorothy Hukill for Lt. Governor surely she can get all the barrack companies, attorneys, insurance companies to vote for Rick Scott.

Dorothy Hukill for Lt. Governor before June 1, 2014.

Laugh but is at least will make one Democrat happy.

Charlie Crist wrote the unfair election laws so I would encourage Charlie Crist to start campaigning with Richard in Senate District 8, apologizing for various unfair election laws that make challengers have to file forms that have no use. The division of elections is not allowed to review the math or submittal information on the 4 page Financial forms.....they can only touch the for corners of the required financial statement by each candidate.
The Division of Elections is promoting incumbents on the opening page of the State Website...unfair and likely unconstitutional....if after all these years someone does NOT know the life long incumbent Dorothy Hukill that would be shocking.

Now Dorothy Hukill did you every purchase a solar panel and verify that it will work in Volusia County....the State should not be paying for private solar panels with State Pension Funds.

Why are you cutting taxes when the State Pension fund is only funded to 86 % seems strange...that manufacturers get a break but yet YOU voted for the increase in home insurance costs.

Not Fair Dorothy Hukill, YOU have been in Tallahassee so long that YOUR name on the various buildings in Port Orange are being evaluated for historic protection.

Everyone loves Dorothy Hukill, but the challenger.
Richard Paul Dembinsky
8:47PM JAN 9TH 2014
Dec 26, 2012 - Lynn raised $352,140, while Dembinsky raised $1,564. ... Richard Paul Dembinsky (NPA), 50,797, 26.5% ...

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