Allen West Camp to Contest ‘Suspect Result’ on 'Behalf of all Voters in District 18’

By: Jim Turner | Posted: November 18, 2012 3:30 PM

Allen West

U.S. Rep. Allen West

As St. Lucie County has reportedly missed the noon Sunday deadline to certify new numbers after a weekend recount of the first five days of early voting, the campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Allen West says more questions have arisen about how the election was conducted.

“Today’s actions cast an even greater cloud of suspicion over the results of St. Lucie County than existed before,” Tim Edson, the campaign manager for the Palm Beach Gardens Republican, stated in a release.

“Consequently, the highly suspect results will be submitted to the secretary of state today -- even though the canvassing board has already admitted they may contain serious errors.

“Once again, Gertrude Walker has proven to be absolutely incapable of executing an accurate and fair election. This election is far from over. We will continue to fight on behalf of all voters in District 18 to ensure a fair and accurate count of their votes.”

Walker was hospitalized last week and didn’t attend the Friday night canvassing board meeting or the weekend refeeding of the five days of early voting through the tabulating machines at the election’s office headquarters in Fort Pierce.

No update has been made on her condition.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the weekend refeed increased Democrat Patrick Murphy’s margin of victory from the 0.58 percent reported by the county on Nov. 10 to 0.65 percent in the district that includes all of St. Lucie and Martin counties and northern Palm Beach County, which spurred Murphy to again declare victory.

“Today at noon, it became clear Patrick Murphy will be officially certified as the next congressman from the 18th Congressional District,” Anthony Kusich, Murphy’s campaign manager, stated in a release. “The voters have spoken and Patrick Murphy is once again the clear winner. It is beyond time to put this campaign behind us and put the interests of the people of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches first.”

Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers reported that preliminary results from the recount were forwarded to the state.

St. Lucie County elections supervisor's office had restarted the recount of the first five days of ballots from early voting in the Congressional District 18 contest at 8 a.m. on Sunday, after breaking just after 10 p.m. on Saturday.

The county canvassing board, which had narrowly ordered the recount in the contest between Murphy and U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, had halted the process of running the ballots through the tabulating machines late Saturday night to give county officials a rest.

Barring further court filings -- judges have advised West that he has 10 days to contest the contest once certified, while attorneys for his campaign have announced they would seek an emergency hearing on the deadline -- the results from St. Lucie County next head to the state.

According to state rules, “Emergency means any occurrence, or threat thereof, whether accidental, natural, or caused by human beings, in war or in peace, that results or may result in substantial injury or harm to the population or substantial damage to or loss of property to the extent it will prohibit an election officer’s ability to conduct a safe and orderly election.”

Florida’s Elections Canvassing Commission, comprised of Gov. Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, meet Tuesday.

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Doug Rando
4:14PM NOV 19TH 2012
A well none radio host, Hugh Hewitt wrote a book a few years ago. The title " If It's Not Close They Can't Steal It " The 'It" is an election, The " They" is the Democrats.
7:42PM NOV 19TH 2012
Of course, your shrillness must be right . . . . just like the almost 3 million more popular votes for Obama . . . . . . . all stolen without anyone noticing . . . . .more blatant far right politics of the "Big Lie" . . . one would have thought word would have gotten out by now that Republicans are realizing that lying is a losing strategy for Republicans . . . . oh, well, there will always be partisan minions that didn't get the memo . . . . .

Pathetic . . . . .
10:57AM NOV 26TH 2012
Just use google and voting irregularities. Also it was under 100k votes in each swing state. Lucie was less than 1/500th of the state and was off by over 2k votes. don't let common sense make you an idiot. Sometimes there are more granular truths.
1:53PM NOV 19TH 2012
west has little class, and even less sense.
Joanne Walczak
12:43PM NOV 19TH 2012
I never have in all my voting life-understood the acrimonious,hateful,
mean spirited Democrats.This opinion goes back to Goldwater/LBJ
I worked at the polls and was treated like I was a leper. .We Republicans disagree and until this right is taken away and we no longer
have our Constitutional right to our voice,I will StandUp and be counted
10:41AM NOV 21ST 2012
Could't be because you have an attitude towards minorities and put them down, right . . . . . or aren't you the Joanne Walczak who wrote on this site: "I wish the negro population would wake up and stop voting Color" . . . . . and other such nuggets of wisdom . . . .

Pathetic . . . . . .
10:03AM NOV 19TH 2012
I'm not really sure what Murphy is scared of, recount the ballots and make sure it's accurate. Winning by stealing an election is no way to move forward. If a recount shows Murphy wins then at least there is no question on the results, everybody's vote counts
10:42AM NOV 21ST 2012
How did that recount work out for you?

Thought so . . . .
2:38AM NOV 19TH 2012
Allen West, is an delusional idiot, and so is everyone that supports him. He, and his followers are white trash, and have absolutely no class, nor credibility, or honor. It won't make any difference, if there were 100 recounts, these delusional idiots will still cry foul. Loons, get over it, you lost, just like that lying, racist Mitt Romney. At least he had the decency to concede, not like your boy Allen West. Maybe your boy West, can now get a job cleaning the toilets at Fox news, along with Mitt the [filtered word].
4:14PM NOV 19TH 2012
And you're a cracker-hating "Knucklehead". The only thing you hate worse is a black man who has sense enough to not let his pants drag down around his @$$ and who works for an honest living without using Affirmative Action and Critical Race Theory to guide his philosophy, life-convictions, or actions. You're the real racists in American.
11:31PM NOV 18TH 2012
We will not concede. That is his nature. Maybe he's afraid of having to spend more time with his family. I think that he may end up being charged with domestic violence because of his explosive temper. That's just my opinion. I hope I'm wrong about that but.....
11:01PM NOV 18TH 2012
The longer Allen West protests the smaller in stature he becomes, like the incredibly shrinking man.

With his self respect and reputation in shambles, he's now losing his grip on reality.

It's about time for Fox News to offer him a contract.

He'll fit in perfectly there.
9:44PM NOV 18TH 2012
I no longer have any faith in the voting systems after seeing the following videos-

Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting Machines (Ohio) - 11:59

Urgent america......hacking democracy 9/9= Diebold voting machines are fraud! - 9:59

Hacking Democracy - Full Length - 1:21:58

Bev Harris of Black Box Voting did the last two, and they show that the memory cards containing the totals from the scanners are easily rigged by a competent programmer - Democrat OR Republican!

Without a full recount with *clean* machines there is NO valid winner here.
Brock L. Turner
8:59PM NOV 18TH 2012
I supported Al Gore's right in 2000 to ask for a recount and a hand count in the State of Florida. So in fairness, I supported the right of Congressman Allen West to have this weekend's recount in St. Lucie County, even though the official tallies had the Congressman outside of the State-mandated 0.5% threshold for a recount. When Congressman-Elect Patrick Murphy first stated today that since the St. Lucie County Elections Division had not reported their certified recount totals in time, the clock had run out and that the original count should be certified, I disagreed. However, Congressman Allen West got the full recount of St. Lucie County that he asked for, and the result is that Congressman-Elect Patrick Murphy gained 242 votes. Representative Allen West is further away from the State-mandated threshold of 0.5% for a district-wide recount, not closer. It is now time for Representative West to be an adult and concede the race to Representative-Elect Patrick Murphy and wish him well in representing the people of Florida's 18th Congressional District for the next two years.
8:08PM NOV 18TH 2012
No one would like to see West go into the footnotes of history more than me but my love of the Constitution trumps my personal desires. I believe there are substantial questions about the ballots in this county to warrant a total recount of the county's ballots.

No matter the results the integrity of the election must be preserved. I think it would be appropriate to fire the entire canvassing board. They have screwed up every election since 2000.
Doug Rando
4:17PM NOV 19TH 2012
A DEmocrat that loves the Constitution. That is precious!
Mune Shadowe
8:04PM NOV 18TH 2012
We all know what would have happened if this were a black democrat. Now how many counties / parishes did this happen in nationwide?
7:36PM NOV 18TH 2012
Hmmmm . . . "had halted the process of running the ballots through the tabulating machines late Saturday night to give county officials a rest" . . . . . . . this seems to directly conflict with other media accounts including this one from WPBF that noted:

"An alarm has gone off, forcing the officials to halt the election recount in the Allen West-Patrick Murphy race. Authorities stopped the count and cleared the abandoned mall location where the recount was going on at about 11 p.m. when the alarm sounded." . . . . . .

Now that puts a little different spin on things, now doesn't it . . . . .
12:46AM NOV 19TH 2012
I was at the Supervisors office last night. We were all called in at about 10:15 and told that the count was being stopped because the Mall's automated alarm system was going to go off at 10:45 if people were still in the mall. So all were politely asked to leave. No mention was made of tired workers. While most everyone there (D's and R's) were upset that the canvassing board would use such a flimsy reason to send everyone home, folks left quietly. The fact that the board was then unable to deliver its work in time for the deadline when it returned to work on Sunday (this morning), is another story that deserves investigation. The primary losers in this evolution were the voters, and as a veteran, that saddens me.
11:48AM NOV 19TH 2012
You realize the Canvassing Board is headed up by a Republican County Commissioner, correct? The Sunday reporting failure appears related to files that couldn't be read in time. The results were later reported at about 2pm by that same Republican County Commissioner, with Murphy gaining 242 votes in his lead.
7:36PM NOV 18TH 2012
7:07PM NOV 18TH 2012
It seems that St. Lucie county is subject to problems not experienced anywhere else.
6:55PM NOV 18TH 2012
Allen West is black. If he were a Democrat, the news media and Al Sharpton would be all over this story. The Democrats are committing THEFT from a black man yet the leftist media seems to be okay with that. Does anyone really believe Patrick Murphy won this election? HELL NO.
2:56AM NOV 19TH 2012
You are a delusional loon. I'm Black, and I wouldn't support Allen West, even if he ran for dog catcher. The only reason white trash like you voted for him, is because he is your black Sambo. and he hates his own people. You red necks, may bamboozle some people, but you sound stupid to me. You people first tried stopping us from voting with your bogus claims of voter I.D fraud. When that didn't work, you started eliminating early voting hours, and days. And now that didn't work, and you are claiming voter fraud again. You republican tea baggers, are the lowest scum, on the face of the earth. You would like to go back to your good old days, when you thought that you were superior. But I've got news for you, the south lost the war, and Jim Crow, is dead, and I'd gladly die before I'd let you red necks have any power over me. There's a new sheriff in town, and he doesn't look like you.
6:49PM NOV 19TH 2012
So Moonhead, how much do you get in welfare?
7:42PM NOV 18TH 2012
Guess that's why the Canvassing Board, including at least one Republican County Commissioner (Tod Mowrey), has been reported as continuing the 37,000 early vote count, which ended with Murphy adding to his lead . . . . . . . . . as WPTV put it:

"Results of recounting more than 37,000 St. Lucie County ballots were announced shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday and preliminary figures given by Canvassing Board member Tod Mowery placed Jupiter Democrat Patrick Murphy farther ahead of Republican Allen West than before the two-day effort began." (+242 votes for Murphy).

Pathetic . . . . .
6:47PM NOV 18TH 2012
" To give county officials a rest"?
I heard it was because the building alarm came on automatically and couldn't be reset or turned off. Which is it?
Just before the deadline we heard about a card that could not be read. Was that card ever working properly to begin with? Why is anyone supposed to have faith in anything the St.Lucie Elections Office releases?
7:53PM NOV 18TH 2012
Exactly, an alarm . . . .
6:24PM NOV 18TH 2012
“Emergency” means any occurrence that may result in substantial injury to the population to the extent it (the occurrence) will prohibit an election officer’s ability to conduct a safe and orderly election." Once approved the Gov and 2 of his cabinet members can extend the deadline.

So here is Congressman West's argument:

The failure of the chip this morning is an occurrence that clearly may result in substantial injury to the population's right to a representative government inasmuch as the occurrence prohibited the election officer from conducting orderly election.
8:23PM NOV 18TH 2012
No judge will interpret the law in that way.

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