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Amendment 13: Ends Dog Racing

October 15, 2018 - 6:00am

Ballot Language: Phases out commercial dog racing in connection with wagering by 2020. Other gaming activities are not affected.

How The Amendment Reached The Ballot: Constitution Revision Commission

What Your Vote Means: A Yes vote on this measure: establishes a constitutional prohibition on the racing of and gambling on greyhounds or other dogs. A No vote on this measure: maintains the status quo regarding commercial dog racingin Florida.

Pro: Those in favor of this measure highlight the costs associated with regulating the greyhound racing industry, and the numerous concerns regarding the ethical treatment of the animals used in the industry. Proponents claim that the necessary costs of regulation exceed the tax revenue generated by dog tracks. State reports show that the greyhound racing industry saw a 50 percent decrease in revenue from a decade ago. Aside from the economics, many view this purely as an ethical issue. The living conditions of these animals create a toxic environment that can lead to serious harm. For example, animals are often subjected to damaging drugs such as cocaine and opiates (over 400 documented cases in the last decade). For these reasons, advocates of the proposal view greyhound racing as a relic of the past. The amendment phases out dog racing by 2020, but still allows people to bet on races simulcast from other states. These tracks may continue to operate more lucrative revenue streams like poker rooms and slot machines.

Con: The arguments against the measure are varying. Some opponents question the constitutionality and economics associated with shutting down a private industry. There are currently 12 greyhound tracks in Florida which employ roughly 3,000 Floridians. If this measure were to pass, it could threaten the livelihood of many hard-working individuals. Those opposed to this measure would cite the economic consequence – that an approval of the measure would spell dire consequences for the industry. In addition, opponents would argue that the measure is something that does not belong in the constitution – this measure can be enacted legislatively, or the industry could be further regulated by the legislature. Many have compared the current measure to the infamous “Pregnant Pig” amendment from 2002. The Florida Greyhound Association filed a lawsuit against the state alleging that the ballot language misleads voters. The ballot would make betting on dog racing illegal, but these tracks could still theoreticallyrace dogs.

This amendment is reprinted with permission from the James Madison Institute's 2018 Florida Constitutional Amendment Guide. Click below to read more from our site!




Ammendments 3 and 13 go hand in hand its Seminole corporate greed plain and simple my dads the director of the PB kennel club our dogs are not abused Seminoles are pissed because we added gambling to our kennel club!! WE'RE VOTING NO ON 3 AND 13 NO MORE GOV CONTROL

These dogs live in squalid conditions and their training is suspect to say the least... I'm taking this chance while its there to try to end this injustice to the dogs...Vote YES

That's a lie!! My dad is the director of the kennel club Seminoles don't want competition as we added casino gambling so there screaming abuse! NO ON 3 AND 13 NO MORE GOV CONTROL OVER OUR STATE

ONCE AGAIN, Legislators look to0 ignore the duties and responsibilities of their ELECTED jobs... Tell me again,... WHY DO WE NEED Legislators???... To keep lucrative "quid pro quo" alive ?????

All breeds of dogs came from two that went aboard Noah's Ark. They were all bread for specific traits. Some to sit on your lap, some to hunt fox, some to track prey, and Greyhounds for speed. This amendment would be the end of the breed since they are not exactly a great house pet. Where is the Endangered Species Act on this?

greyhounds do make great pets and are made to run for the greed of people not because they are suppose to race .... they are kept in small cages for long hours stacked on top of each other and that's there home. anytime animals are "used" to make money there is cruelty involved. so yes greyhounds do make great pets many of the lucky ones have survived racing and are living in loving homes the way they should but the others suffer every day and are injured most every race, broken backs, legs, etc.... this is why I voted Yes on amendment 13 and its time tracks in Florida are closed

Greyhounds were bred for tracking prey, as hunting dogs, for thousands of years. Only in the last century have they been used as objects of gambling. They make excellent house pets, as hundreds of thousands of people will attest, who have adopted greyhounds after they have been discarded by the racing industry. There is no reason why passing this amendment would be the end of the breed. Did dachshunds disappear when they were no longer needed for hunting badgers? Besides, there are other greyhound racetracks outside of Florida that will be unaffected by this amendment. Greyhounds are not a species, and they are in no danger of gong extinct, so the Endangered Species Act has no bearing on this question. Greyhound racing does not exist for the benefit of greyhounds, nor for the benefit of the Florida taxpayer, who subsidizes this money-losing industry.

Greyhounds do make great pets. Many of my friends have adopted discarded greyhounds from the racing industry. They are mistreated and kept in caged until they are no longer of use Vote yes !!

Wrong so wrong! My dads the director or the PB kennel club we own greyhounds our dogs are not abused my dad traveled the globe to shut down tracks that abuse greyhounds! Seminoles are pissed because we added casino gambling to our club corporate greed is what 3 and 13 are basd on,false accusations and lies!

We know...Your dad is the director of thebPB Kennel club. That doesn’t mean the over 400 cases of dog abuse didn’t happen. People need to consider that.

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