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Amendment 2 on Medical Marijuana Looks Set to Pass

October 31, 2016 - 3:45pm

A new poll shows a proposed amendment to the state constitution expanding medical marijuana in Florida is in solid shape to pass in next week’s election.

St. Leo University released a poll on Monday showing Amendment 2 garners 71 percent support. Less than a quarter of those surveyed--22 percent--are opposed to Amendment 2 while 7 percent remain undecided. 

To pass next week, Amendment 2 needs to reach 60 percent at the ballot. 

Frank Orlando, who teaches political science at St. Leo University and serves as the director of the Saint Leo University Polling Institute, noted that Amendment 2 was in solid shape, polling well over the 60 percent of threshold through out the summer and gaining more steam in recent weeks. However, he also noted that a similar measure, also titled Amendment 2, polled well during most of the 2014 election cycle only to fall short in the general election. Back in 2014, Amendment 2 garnered 58 percent support. 

 “We've shown Amendment 2 to be consistently above the 60 percent threshold,” Orlando noted on Monday. “The only important question left there is turnout.  Can Amendment 2 backers get their voters to the polls in a way they couldn't in 2014?”

Two other proposed amendments to the state constitution are also in good shape, the poll shows. Amendment 3, which provides property tax exemptions to first responders injured in the line of duty, has the support of 75 percent of those surveyed while 13 percent are against it. Amendment 5, which locks the home values for seniors eligible for property tax cuts, gets the support of 72 percent of those surveyed while 11 percent are against it. 

The poll of 1,028 likely Florida voters was taken from Oct. 22 through Oct. 26 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent. 


this is a battle between good and evil. we must break free and take a step toward peaceful sensible living. too many families have been torn apart, lives lost, dreams deferred....... no more. vote yes on amendment 2 <3

Big Pharma is the only ones keeping it from being many companies would loose lots of $

I've seen what this plant can do first hand. Anyone who opposes this amendment is simply uneducated on the plant itself. "Candy pot for kids" give me a break.....Be responsible and keep your meds somewhere safe....

Support cannabis for the sick and dying!!!

if you vote NO on 2 then you are directly supporting the black market which not only sells cannabis, but cocaine, heroin and opioids. If Amendment 2 passes then the use of cannabis will be regulated and taxed. In turn hurting the black market criminals and helping the economy. Make the right decision and vote YES on 2



It's ok to goto Walmart and buy an assault rifle. It's ok to get liquored up at the local watering hole. It's ok to get your fix of morphine from the CVS pharmacy, get a carton of smokes from the gas station while you're up. With so many government approved methods of self-mutilation, why would you need another? Besides that, pot doesn't kill you so it'll take forever to kill yourself smoking pot!

Some Adults like to have the freedom to make the safer choice, Cannabis.

Amendment TWO is "the Camel's nose", and once it "gets into the tent", its entire infested body will follow... and that will be the "death knell" for Florida's ongoing "development"; this State will be "going the way" of California, Colorado, Illinois, New York and all the "contaminated 'Sanctuary Cities' included". Florida's healthy reputation will quickly become history (and NOT because of an "alleged magical, mystical drug", but because of the corruption and attendant unseen costs and problems this Amendment will create). "Constitutional Amendments" are a form of "Majority Rule" (which has no place in a Democratic REPUBLIC !...) That's what we USED TO HAVE when posse's voted, with raised hands, to hang cattle rustlers from the Old Oak Tree out on the trail. BEWARE VOTERS... the NEXT Amendment might even negatively affect, or even imprison, YOU ! VOTE NO ON TWO !

Oh your so funny. You have no clue what the world even looks like. Enjoy your loss

Good God, you're a throwback...are you Harry Anslinger reincarnated? Florida's **healthy** reputation?!?!? Florida is one of the most corrupt states in the union...get a freaking clue. Next you'll be regurgitating old Harry's lies (you're ignorant, so I'll tell you he was mainly responsible for marijuana's illegalization). "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.” Direct quote from Anslinger. It's racist and laughable and birthed stupid opinions like yours today. Why don't you at least try to relieve your sad state of drooling ignorance and do some scientific research?

Get real, alcohol and cigarettes cause more health problems by far. People are dying every and sucking the health care system dry due to illnesses caused by tobacc and alcohol. Pot is known to ease suffering and help people with illnesses caused by aging , alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. Try educating yourself before condemning something that improves the quality of life for so many!

Harry Anslinger? It was more like Harry's an insult slinger.....ya know? To our intelligence...s.... tsst tsst

Harry Anslinger? It was more like Harry's an insult slinger.....ya know? To our intelligence...s.... tsst tsst

Harry Anslinger? It was more like Harry's an insult slinger.....ya know? To our intelligence...s.... tsst tsst

My wife has fibromyalgia, nerve damage from a spinal block on a c section were the doctor used the wrong size needle,mussel spasms on her left shoulder that turn into a rock from a rear end collision while stopped on a red light,her bladder gives her piercing pain caused when an oblation was done and her urethra feels like theres a iron on it from a bike accident.Oh and she has swelling on her joints but can't take ibuprofen because she had gastric bypass. She cries most nights to sleep and the only reason she hasn't taken her life is because she has 2 small boys that are her wotld.She has tried all meds and all medical procedures and there's not anything anyone can do for her.She went to oregon and tried medical cannibis there and it numbed her pain from the neck down and she had a clear head.Medical canabis does work.It's hard seeing my wife this way and I know it will pass and hope they have something that can help her like the stains in oregon.I wish you and your family health and happiness and that you never have to watch a love one suffer like I have throughout the hears. Please vote yes for my Melissa.

Wake up, it's 2016, not the 1800s.


You're right. It is the Camel's Nose to full decriminalization or legalization in Florida, and that's a great thing.

"Florida's healthy reputation",,,,, LOL, I hear that Florida is considered a "pill mill" , considering the number of Senior citizens in the state I can believe it. Look into your average Senior citizens medicine/drug cabinet and you're likely to find enough dangerous drugs to choke a horse.

Wait...Florida has a healthy reputation? Please. With regard to Amendments have you looked at the recent Republican construction of an amendment to remove charter schools from the control of the school board. What you are doping is fear mongering to the uninformed and ignorant.

Let's see, how is the easiest way to say this without being too hurtful? Hmm, sorry no other way to put it? Your an uninformed, biased Idiot!

What ever are you babbling about? The only ones going to jail for no good reason are those who choose cannabis. As for your other incoherent ramblings...?????

Your an idiot


I guess what you are failing to tell the people is that in states where it is legal opioid use is down 35%. The real drug problem that America is facing day to day with legal Drugs dealers allowed to prescribe them, which we all know them as DOCTORS. In 2014 there was 14,000 death cause by opioid overdose, that 14,000 times greater than cannabis in the history of mankind. Would love to hear you argue that stat. Also, Medical marijuana saved Medicare about $165 million in 2013, researchers concluded. They estimated that, if medical marijuana were available nationwide, Medicare Part D spending would have declined in the same year by about $470 million. That's about half a percent of the program's total expenditures. There is a reason why since 2008 pharmaceutical companies of lobbied over $150 Million against it. I really doubt its because its " alleged magical, mystical drug" like you stated. As a country no one cant deny we are surrounded by corruption in every single industry and for that reason you want to vote no. How about helping the Veterans and sick people that need this plant. Are you that selfish. So you telling me there no corruption in the medical industry, Oil industry. I guess you don't go to the doctor or drive a car because you don't want to support the corruption. Please, I know you trying to target the gullible people to follow to your lies. But, I will be here in every corner looking to discredit your view. Which up until now you have failed to make a good point. If the federal government would have done its job for the last 70 years it wouldn't have gotten to this point. But since like you stated we are in a "Democratic REPUBLIC" we the people have that choice to make a change. God Bless this country for that RIGHT.

Mr. idealistic it's time to be practical. Law Enforcement officials estimate 3-7 million Florida consumers at this time. They are currently serve by the black untaxed unregulated market. 25,000 people a year die by government joint ventures with opiate-based pharmaceutical companies. The American Cancer Society supports all modalities for cancer patients. Tax it regulated and put 1 million Floridians to work or go your path of supporting the black market with ostrich mentality. Grow up get real.

Everyone is dumber for having read this comment. Get it together, buddy.

You can use your last name "D" (We won't tell anyone) Marijuana doesn't cure THAT you know !


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