Angela Graham-West Bounced from FAU Board

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: June 5, 2013 10:30 AM

Angela West

Angela Graham-West

Angela Graham-West, wife of former U.S. Rep. Allen West, has been removed from her position as a trustee at Florida Atlantic University.

Graham-West was absent from the FAU board of trustees meeting Tuesday, prompting chairman Anthony Barbar to announce her term had actually ended in May. Graham-West, meanwhile, blamed a Senate paperwork mishap as the reason for her removal.

The Senate failed to confirm Graham-West for two years after her nomination as a trustee by Gov. Rick Scott in 2011. An individual cannot serve on the board or even be considered for renomination for a year if they are not confirmed by the Senate, according to Florida law.

Earlier this year, the former U.S. congressman’s wife was part of FAU’s troubled academic year-turned-media frenzy. Protesters showed up at her office at FAU in March to speak out against FAU’s $6 million stadium deal with the private prison group, GEO Group. Graham-West charged one of the protestors with stalking her after they showed up to a meeting she attended in April.

GEO Group withdrew its donation April 1.

After months of controversy, FAU President Mary Jane Saunders resigned May 14.

Former U.S. Congressman Allen West became involved in the fray when he took to his Twitter to warn FAU students to keep away from his wife. His tweet read “To FAU students stalking my wife at Bd of Trustee mtgs, end it now. If u believe you can intimidate her, u are mistaken. Nxt time u face me.”

Allen West Twitter Screencap

Allen West's tweet

The university’s board of trustees is now short one member with an education degree. Graham-West was also the only woman on FAU’s BOT and was expected to remain on the board until 2016.

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Comments (4)

12:40PM JUN 5TH 2013
Obviously, no threatening, no intimidating bones in Allen West's body . . . . wonder what his responding tweet will now be to the Senate . . .

Pathetic . . .
6:26AM JUN 6TH 2013
So a husband should not stand up for his wife?
Richard F
11:35AM JUN 6TH 2013
There's a big difference between a husband standing up for his wife and very publicly threatening harm to people who are "harassing" your wife. Especially for a former public employee who, it should be remembered, is still paid by the public vis-a-vis his Army pension.
10:40AM JUN 8TH 2013
Yes, there always seems to be an inconvenient 2nd side to the stories the Wests tell . . . . as the Broward New Times concluded in their article on this issue (and the FAU stadium deal):

"Students attended yesterday's Board of Trustees meeting to hear the President and all the Trustees, not just West. There, she harassed FAU students and instructed two FAU police officers to question them about the meeting (they refused to do so). Allen and Angela West are harassing and threatening FAU students, not the other way around." . . . .

There was only one complaint filed over these circumstances . . . by a student against Allen West since she feared his intentions after his bullying tirade . . . . especially after his supporters shouted out on social media that they were coming to his support . . . and bringing guns . . . . .

And the result of the GEO deal . . . . the President (and Board member West) supporting the $6 million dollar stadium deal are now both removed . . . . make your own conclusions . . . . .

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