Pam Bondi Asks Feds to Obey the Law and Media Watchdogs Go Nuts -- Why?

By: Lloyd Brown | Posted: February 18, 2014 3:55 AM
From the Right Coast

Big Environment is outraged over the fact that Florida is opposing Big Government's latest outrageous power grab.

So, what else is new?

Big Media, predictably, is piling on. Stories, columns and editorials permeate the liberal media, all claiming that the attorney general of Florida and the governor are in league with evil polluters.

What's really going on? Nothing of the sort.

President Obama is a serial job-killer. His Environmental Protection Agency is one of the weapons he uses to keep the economy stagnant and put people on the dole.

Obama is killing the coal industry. He refuses to allow the Keystone pipeline to be built in spite of the fact that it is no threat to the environment, according to his own administration, and for political reasons has blocked a safe storage location for hazardous nuclear waste.

Within the past few years, the EPA tried to impose water nutrient standards on the state that would have cost Florida families millions of dollars. It failed when Florida stood up in protest.

Attorney General Pam Bondi recently filed a brief joining 20 other states in litigation protesting the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint.

This is a plan to require reductions of more than 20 percent for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment entering the Chesapeake Bay.

That is a laudable goal, perhaps. The problem is that the federal government is inclined to demand the impossible by setting standards that are beyond what is technically feasible, or so expensive that it will shut down industry.

For example, it has demanded that electric power plants retrofit pollution controls without regard to the cost to consumers or the job losses.

Bondi notes that the federal Clean Water Act does “recognize, preserve, and protect the primary responsibilities and rights of states to prevent, reduce, and eliminate pollution, [and] to plan the development and use ... of land and water resources.”

That means the federal government sets standards and the states decide how best to meet them.

What EPA is doing is exactly what the outlaw president is doing: claiming authority to do what Congress expressly said they could not do.

Florida has done a good job of protecting its environment. No one, conservative or liberal, wants to foul our own nest. It is a question of methods.

Liberals worship the federal government and are inclined to treat as gospel any edict emanating from above. But more rational people question authority and realize that local decisions by those most affected generally are best.

The caterwauling by liberals also is tainted by the fact that they are trying to run Gov. Rick Scott, Bondi and all other Republicans out of office this year. This current flap is just part of that yearlong effort and has less to do with protecting the environment. It also is a distraction from the governor's stellar record on supporting the creation of jobs by the private sector, despite the harmful efforts by the Obama regime.

Don't be distracted.

Lloyd Brown was in the newspaper business nearly 50 years, beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville. After retirement he served as speech writer for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Comments (7)

Like it is
6:34PM FEB 19TH 2014
Apparently all of the knee-jerk liberals are fine with the main point of this column, which is that the EPA is not obeying the law. For the left, only winning matters because the means justify the ends.
8:17PM FEB 19TH 2014
Sigh, unfortunately, no matter the science, facts, or reality, you appear destined to always be in denial about the science, the facts, and the reality of the situation . . . . . . . . you appear unable to even check out for yourself from non-GOP spin doctoring, what the Chesapeake debate is all about . . . . . . . . and so, you further demonize a twice elected President by de facto supporting Lloyd Brown's characterization that Obama's an "outlaw president" without even knowing what you're talking about . . . . . . . not as bad, perhaps, as those witchdoctor or even more racist characterizations . . . . . but trusting in Bondi and Scott to actually be concerned about eliminating pollution in Florida is just headshakingly . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Salvadore Almedia
1:33PM FEB 19TH 2014
You know, all those jobs to finish Keystone are temporary and will reduce the current total of full time jobs in current oil transport. Additionally, the oil that is processed in the Gulf Coast refineries will be sold on the market to China (probably). That sale will be tax-free as the refineries are in a free-enterprise zone. Such a deal!?
2:21PM FEB 18TH 2014
Delusional and lame,,,,out with all of FLA GOP
9:25AM FEB 18TH 2014
That Lioyd Brown, he is quite the clown. No Obama is not killing the coal industry. Natural gas is. Now the commonality is coal was priced too low as natural gas is now because the energy producers have mastered the political process to optimize their profitsd and pass through the certain long term costs of the adverse effcts of their business practices. See Duke Energy and the coal slurry in North Carolina and the Orwellian Freedom Industries in West Virginia as examples. The overreach is on Attorney General Bondi's part, who admitted in a UF presentatation by the way that she has never had ambition on her own, has always benefitted from who she knew, and has never earned any success she has obtained because it was given to her. A model Republican politician I would say.
11:41AM FEB 18TH 2014
Obama has stated he will bring the coal industry down by making it too expensive through Federal regulation. If green energy was ready for the masses someone would be producing it without the billions of dollars subsidies from the taxpayer that is given to failing companies like Solyndra. I for one am glad we have had Boni and Scott to be the Florida watchdogs. All too often the Feds use departments like the EPA for power control and has nothing to do with protecting the environment or the US citizens.
10:20PM FEB 18TH 2014
Yes, yes, you must be right . . . "Boni" and Scott are Florida's environmental watchdogs . . . . that's why we have springs running dry and polluted, and have waterbodies, such as the Indian River Lagoon, that constantly have dying fish and in which our children get sick in if they go swimming . . . . yes, it's all the evil EPA that's to blame and those darn Clean Water and TMDL laws, etc. etc. . . . . and not the Florida GOP Legislature's weakening of environmental laws and the current administration's non-enforcement of our remaining environmental laws and the culling of its agency scientists . . . . . obviously, you've been watching too much faux news on FoxNoise . . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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