Backroom Briefing: Rick Scott Goes Warm and Fuzzy

By: Dara Kam and Brandon Larrabee News Service of Florida | Posted: June 6, 2014 3:55 AM
Rick Scott

Rick Scott

To the delight of his handlers, Gov. Rick Scott departed from his much-mocked, on-message, talking-point mantra last weekend during a gaggle with a handful of reporters after a Republican Party of Florida meeting.

Scott revealed his softer side when asked about how campaigning for re-election is different from his first time on the stump four years ago.

Scott immediately mentioned his wife Ann, who was perpetually by his side in his 2010 bid for governor. This time around, the first lady is traveling the state on her own, Scott said, promoting reading at schools and visiting children in hospitals.

"So she's not traveling with me as much this time. So that's probably the biggest difference. But she likes what she's doing. She likes going to schools. She loves reading to the kids. She's got a summer literacy initiative. She likes talking to new parents. She likes being a grandma. She likes all that," Scott said.

Scott said "it was fun" riding on a campaign bus in 2010 with his mother, Esther, who died two years ago, and his two daughters. He said he hopes his three grandsons will join him this summer.

Some have derided a recent television ad featuring Scott and his oldest grandson, Auguste, but the governor said he's received positive feedback.

"People like it. He's probably one of the most well-known 2-and-a-half-year-olds in the state now. One of the cutest things, though, one of his friends the same age, his mom called my daughter Allison. His name's Will. He started talking to Auguste on the TV. He was talking to Auguste, and Auguste didn't talk back. Then I think it was about two months ago a friend of my daughter called and said, 'What's Auguste doing with the governor?' She didn't know that Auguste's grandfather was the governor," Scott said, grinning.


If you needed a sign that the politics surrounding the debate over same-sex marriage have changed in recent months, you don’t need to look any further than Attorney General Pam Bondi’s efforts to tamp down the belated uproar over a legal brief asking a federal court to throw out a challenge to the state's ban on same-sex nuptials.

The controversy has its roots in a May 12 filing by Bondi's office telling a federal district court that "disrupting Florida’s existing marriage laws would impose significant public harm."

For whatever reason, it wasn’t until last week that Democrats and gay-rights groups seized on the comments. Both of Bondi’s Democratic opponents in her bid for re-election blasted the attorney general's arguments, and Safeguarding American Values for Everyone -- a South Florida-based gay rights group -- used the “significant public harm” argument in a fundraising email.

This week, Bondi tried to distance herself from the legal brief she says she was duty-bound to file.

"The brief does not argue for or against same-sex marriage as a matter of policy, wisdom, or fairness," she said in a lengthy statement issued Monday. ... "We are defending this amendment based solely upon judicial precedent and not the personal views of anyone in our office. Anything else would be bad lawyering -- just as in all cases, the personal opinions of the advocates and the judges involved are utterly irrelevant."

It wasn’t that long ago that a Republican attorney general in Florida would have trumpeted a filing against gay marriage and Democratic opponents might have shied away from criticizing it too strongly. But a majority of Floridians -- 56 percent -- now favor same-sex marriage, according to a Quinnipiac University poll in late April.


Don't expect to see much of Scott in Tallahassee this summer. From the looks of the daily schedules his office emails to reporters, Scott is in full campaign mode.

Since last Thursday, Scott's schedule has listed official events on only one day. That came Monday when he had two events in Pensacola, including a hurricane-preparedness news conference. On three other days, Scott had no scheduled events. On four days, his schedule listed only the catchall "staff and call time."

TWEET OF THE WEEK: "How hard can it be to run Apopka? 'No, I want the Arby's to go over there!'" -- Florida Trend Associate Editor Jason Garcia (@Jason_Garcia), on reports that Apopka's new mayor will make $150,000 a year.


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Rick is just following Charlie's Bush Footsteps
3:25PM JUN 8TH 2014
Harry Sargeant, the former RPOF Finance Director has proven to be a key figure thus far in the trial of Jim Greer. Sargeant has previously escaped significant notoriety among politicos in the lead up to this trial yet he was without a doubt an important factor in much of the nonsense that went on in Republican politics between 2006 and 2009. Sargeant has been brought up in reference also to the decadent junket the RPOF had in the Bahamas as the private planes that jetted lobbyists and other officials were owned by him and he may have been heavily involved in the planning and execution of the junket with Greer.

Sargeant, a former Marine is a billionaire thanks to his investments energy and shipping. The Palm Beach County based investor has been friendly with Charlie Crist since they were fraternity brothers in the 1970s at Florida State. Sargeant has been accused of war profiteering using his Republican contacts to his advantage during the Iraq War. But others claim Sargeant has been more of a victim, blackmailed by politicians in both the Middle East and Florida due to his extensive business contacts, and access to money. He’s had issues in Jordan but who is at fault there is unclear and he has also played a critical role in raising money for Republicans in Florida. Some of the Pentagon contracts he received thanks to his active Republican fundraising have continued to arouse suspicions including among Congressional Democrats who have indicated he is the worst type of war profiteer.

On the federal level Sargeant gave money, lots of it exclusively to Republicans (with the exception of a few contributions to his local Congressman, Democrat Robert Wexler - post published edit) in the 2000s. Some of his bundled contributions to Charlie Crist were flagged as “illegal” by the feds
Several links have been uncovered with Sargeant going back several years. These links may help to complete the puzzle related to the Greer should have been trial (that just evaporated and went away!) and RPOF scandal including all those charges that disappeared on Ray Sansom and his friends.
Rick is just following Charlie's Bush Footsteps
9:11AM JUN 8TH 2014

The most damaging issue for Crist and McCollum is the Stanaki Land Scam in Volusia County . One of his donors Mori Hosseini of ICI Homes was offered 3.4 million for 225 acres of land by FDEP in May 2006 . Crist granted his donor development rights on the land while the state was in active negotiating to buy it with Florida forever Funds. (FLWAC may 31 2006 cabinet meeting). The result was an increase in cost of 2.5 million for Florida taxpayers ( FCT Grant FF- 08 -004). Now we are learning that the donor is contributing much of those additional tax dollars to Crists campaign. Now we see that a Court had advised Crist not to grant those rights if the result would be an increase in the price the state would have to pay his donor ( DOAH 05-001852). He did it anyway!! Now we are funding Crists campaign with state preservation funds
Posted by: Baloney For Breakfast | November 29, 2009 at 08:02 PM
Forough B. Hosseini is the wife of Mori Hosseini – Both are Iranian immigrants
Crist names developer and environmental lawyer to water management board

May 19, 2009

Volusia County - Gov. Charlie Crist has picked two new people to serve on the regional water management district board for Central Florida – a Volusia County engineer with development ties and an Alachua County law professor with environmental ties.

Crist named Maryam H. Ghyabi, 50, of Ormond Beach, and Richard G. Hamann, 58, of Gainesville, to the St. Johns River Water Management District governing board, which controls water consumption permits, approves wetland permits and decides how much water the local utilities can siphon from the St. Johns River. The district includes parts of 18 counties, including most of metro Orlando.

Ghyabi is president of Ghyabi & Associates, a transportation engineering and planning firm that has been a consultant on many local transportation issues. She is a sister of Mori Hosseini, a big-time developer based in Daytona Beach. Hosseini is a Republican super-fundraiser, ranking as a “Ranger” who raised at least $200,000 for President Bush's 2004 re-election campaign. Hosseini and his array of companies frequently show up in many elected officials' campaign finance reports.

Hamann teaches water and ecosystem law at the University of Florida's Center for Governmental Responsibility. His professional affiliations include the Florida Defenders of the Environment and the Alachua Conservation Trust.

If approved by the state Senate, Ghyabi would replace David G. Graham of Jacksonville and Hamann would replace Ann T. Moore, the Flagler County representative.

Why have a board when they are only there to parrot the powerfull's interests?

Note: Both appointments were approved
stop the child abuse cover ups by Lake Sheriff Borders
3:57PM JUN 6TH 2014
Rick Scott, it is interesting that you would do political advertising with your grandson after you were a party to covering up the cover ups of the Green isle Boys Ranch rapes by Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders for his friends who owned Green Isle (Don Brown who is also the DOC Vendor –Bridges of America collecting millions for his early release programs and prison ministry)
We are sure you remember this very well. The crimes occurred before you took office. Just a little reminder of the facts.
On November 21, 2009 five little boys ages 12-15 reported to the Green isle Administrator Rev Stephen Zepp that they had been molested by an old boy then 17 from July to early Nov. when he left the ranch. He had viciously sexually assaulted them over and over, used a weapon (a drum stick) and threaten their lives if they told anyone. Only after he left did the five victims feel safe to report his abuse.
But, the results was Rev Stephen Zepp was fired within two days and Gary Borders, the Sheriff of Lake County who was also a founding Board Member of Green Isle did not immediately arrest the rapist who was immediately identified by all victims involved. From then until Feb. 3, 2010 these five victims remained at the ranch, during which nothing was done for them and some of them attempted to commit suicide. Again Sheriff Borders had deputies respond, but no reports was taken and nothing was done for the boys. On Feb. 3, 2010 house parent hired in Jan. 2010 was able to get the breaking news of the boys plight on all Orlando TV stations. Then low and behold the next morning Sheriff Borders sent two detective teams to Citrus County to interview the rapist who should have been arrested and jailed 75 days earlier! The Sheriff’s detectives updated their report which plainly shows no arrest was made and the case was closed for a lack of probable cause. And, the sheriff and his friends in the 5th circuit of Florida faked up an arrest, prosecution and sentencing of this rapist. Around this time some insiders at Green isle release some photo’s on the internet of Sheriff Gary Borders pictured with the rapist in July 2009 at the ranch – the same month the victims said he started abusing them. You go figure!
Concerned citizens contacted your office and reluctantly your legal advisor had your FDLE look into this matter. They spent more time trying to figure out who the concerned citizen’s were than they did covering up the sheriff and friends cover ups!
Their white washed report did not address why the sheriff did not immediately arrest his now known to be little friend the rapist. But according to your FDLE the sheriff arrested the rapist on Feb. 9, 2010. He pled no contest to 5 felonies on May 20, 2010 and was later sentenced to “community control.”
But that don’t hold water because while he was supposed to be on “community control” according to Citrus County Sheriff’s reports and court records he was out getting traffic citations and having victims file an injunction for protection against dating violence against him. In which details outline he also committed the criminal act of assault with a motor vehicle against the parents of his victim.
Any of these actions would have violated the probation of a person on community control and obviously when Citrus County Deputies confronted him for those violent acts he was not in the system as being on community control or probation!
And then we found out that Mel Sembler was somehow involved long ago with some similar houses of horror to Green isle and that in fact Green isle was one of those Religious Exemption schools that sprouted up as a result of Sembler’s political connections. Now we heard you have already made your sabbatical to Mel Sembler’s home for him to spread the cash of his ill gotten gain from the abuse of children. And it makes us realize you don’t give a rat’s rear end about how many children are abused by your Republican friends and supporters, just as long as you can turn your head and not have to hear about it. Well I hear tell lawsuits are coming, and they are coming from lawyers you and your buddies can not control and going to federal judges who reported are just about as sick of this organized child abuse as the parents and children who have first been victimized by their rapists and them victimized by so called law enforcement people like Sheriff Gary Borders covering up for this friends and then they have to be abused by someone like you who dares to flaunt his own little grandson on TV in his political ads.
Rick, there can be no human on this earth lower than one who abuses a child except the ones who band together to protect those abusers.
If you want to be governor of Florida so bad you are willing to work for a penny a month, will you please get off your behind and get your head into the air and demand your lying FDLE lick they calf over on the Green isle Ranch cover ups. All you have to do is tell Mel Sembler to stick his money where the sun don’t shine and grow some nads and stand on your on two feet. Actually if you did and become a man the real people of Florida might find they like you and they might even vote for you in spite of all the crazy things you have done with their retirement and such.
Stop Common Core Now!
3:02PM JUN 6TH 2014
Rick Scott's "handlers" have already assigned him a Lt. Governor running mate right out of the Jeb Bush Batista family friends.

And when the rise of resistance to Jeb Bush's Common core coupled with his massive public school to charter school conversions (many who which are Muslim schools [see Gary Grappo and Gulen charter schools] became a reality Jeb Bush let his co-governor Rick Scott change the name of Common Core in Florida, but a snake is a snake by any name and Common Core is both advanced Muslin teachings [see Pearson -Prentice Hall World History book] coupled with the push towards homosexuality [see the requirement for your child to read "the Bluest Eye" by Toni Jennings 1970 in the junior year!

The governor of Oklahoma like Rick Scott tried every way possible to save the establishment's darling Common Core project, but in the end the Oklahoma legislature voted to correct the massive mistake they made in 2010 by sucking up to this scheme to defraud the parents and children of the USA.

Everyone can make a mistake in this old world! The measure of great ethical moral human beings is when they have the guts and intestinal fortitude to stand up and admit it and correct that mistake. After all haven't we destroyed enough of America's youth on oil wars and other rich man's wars and poor man's fights?

Oklahoma repeals Common Core education standards
Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill on Thursday to repeal the Common Core education standards, getting rid of the new guidelines for math and English scheduled to go into effect in Oklahoma schools in the upcoming school year.
The bill, overwhelmingly passed in the House and Senate on the final day of the 2014 session, requires the state to return to old standards in place before 2010 and directs new ones to be developed by 2016. It requires all new standards and revisions to be subject to legislative review.
Initially adopted in Oklahoma in 2010, the Common Core standards are part of an initiative of the National Governors Association, which is currently chaired by Fallin, to clearly outline what students are expected to learn and know by each grade level. They have been adopted by more than 40 other states, but there has been growing concern, especially among grass-roots conservatives, that the standards represent a federal takeover of state education.
Fallin tried to placate those concerns in December by signing an executive order stating Oklahoma will be responsible for deciding how to implement the standards, but opposition continued to mount.
Rick Scott charged the name of Common Core as a means of disguise. But Common core is copyrighted and no matter what it is what it is, federal education standards designed to program America’s youth for the New World Order.
Common Core standards were supported by big business including the politically powerful State Chamber, as a way to help better prepare Oklahoma students for college and a one world government.
friends in high places
4:07PM JUN 6TH 2014
Gov. Rick Scott continued to hit the campaign trail Wednesday, making a stop at Mathias Foodservice Equipment Co. in Leesburg.

After his speech, the governor cited how Mathias Foodservice, owned by Lake School Board member Bill Mathias, which designs kitchens for the hospitality industry worldwide, is an example of a small business. Very good assessment!

Present at this semi top secret event was Lake County Commission Chairman Jimmy Conner, state representatives Marlene O’Toole, R-The Villages, Larry Metz, R-Yalaha and Sen.(Dixon) Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, all endorsed the governor at the event.

Where was all the rest of the local Bush machine? godfather and Tax Collector Bob McKee, Former Senator (and now) Lake Property Appraised Carey Baker and Sheriff Gary Borders? Why were they not there to put their noses in the right places?

Conner spoke about the importance of jobs, emphasizing that kids suffer the most when their parents don’t have jobs

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