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Bernie Sanders' Supporters Give Trump the Edge in Florida Poll

October 6, 2016 - 11:30am
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has the slightest of leads in Florida, a new poll finds--thanks in part to some to unlikely allies. 

Emerson College released a poll of likely voters in Florida on Thursday which finds Trump taking 45 percent and Hillary Clinton right behind him with 44 percent. Gary Johnson pulls 4 percent as the Libertarian candidate while 3 percent are for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. 

One of the key’s to Trump’s lead in Florida, which in increasingly looking like a must win state for the Republican nominee, is around a fifth of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are backing him in November.  

The poll shows Clinton has not been able to nail down all of Sanders’ old supporters. She gets 62 percent but large segments of them back other candidates as 18 percent of them are for Trump and 17 percent for Stein. Johnson reels in only 2 percent of Sanders’s supporters. After losing to her in the Democratic primaries, where he exceeded most expectations, Sanders has endorsed Clinton.

Both Clinton and Trump face challenges in the final weeks of the campaign, the poll shows. Majorities of Florida voters see both Clinton and Trump as unfavorable, the poll finds. Fifty five percent of those surveyed see Clinton as unfavorable while 43 percent see her favorably. Fifty four percent see Trump as unfavorable while 42 percent view him in a favorable light. 

The poll shows a racial divide in Florida as white voters break Trump’s way while minorities prefer Clinton. Trump takes more a third of Hispanic voters in Florida--36 percent--while 59 percent of them back Clinton. The Democrat does better with African-American voters as 77 percent of them support her while 18 percent of them are for Trump. 

The poll of 600 likely voters in Florida was taken from October 2 though October 4 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percent. 


Trump does not have my vote as a Bernie supporter. I can't understand how any of the Berners could go that direction. He's obviously a huge conman maniupulating everyone and pandering to us Berners. We know Bernie has teh true path to progress. Trump spreads lies and conspiracy theories and is a horrible character. Just look at the CORE of his character. He denies actual evidence of things he's said all the time. He said he wanted other countries to arm up with NUCLEAR weapons. And he said US should better our stock as well. He dodged all questions in regards to fighting ISIS and changed subjects. So he is trying to avoid it because he wants to make Hillary look worse. I don't find that any more comforting to be honest. He's pot calling the kettle black. He has bad intentions and hope to God someone hacks HIS emails and the GOP. He is Bernie's archenemy we must defeat him. Sure he may make changes but pretty much all changes DISASTEROUS #nevertrump He is below the baseline of human decency.

keep the faith Trump heads...NOT!

Now, now Jerry...maybe you should get off the meth and try some Colorado cookies? Certainly see your Obabasaba care mental health doctor about your anger issues? I always liked ol Bernie. Everything was going to be free! But like Slick said the other day about Obabasaba's nuts! 25 million poor people now have insurance but the folks that are paying for it are seeing their premiums double while coverage cut in half. $15 minimum wage to start at Burger King sounds great till the minorities that bother to try to get a job find that the job has been taken by someone with a college degree. Or a robot. The things I liked best about Bernie were that he was not obnoxious about his silly ideas and he was NOT Hillary.

Trumps ahead, jeep believing that you Trump chumps...........Even here in Florida trump imports workers to take Florida jobs, renting his name to Tampa scammers on the Trump Towers here that never got built and most investorx lost $100k and up........... That you can't see what a scammer he is and just how bad a businessman he is like how badly his foundation, Trump U and many other schemes was done and you want him to be the most powerful person in the world? ............. That sounds more like treason to me helping destroy the US. Ypu should be so proud. ...... Didn't 2000-2008 teach you anything?

Actually - we'll ALL be getting whatever it is that Hillary voters deserve when Trump wins. I saw it coming back in the summer and warned the Hillary supporters then - how much the white working class despises the so-called free trade deals and what all the failed promises from the political elite had wrought over the last 30 years. But they didn't listen. I never believed that tripe about how Sanders people would all fall in line behind her.

That's right, hillary, it doesn't pay to make fun of your opponent's ideas before stealing them. F all hillary voters, they will get what they deserve when trump wins. If only it didn't have to apply to the rest of us.

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