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Betting the White House on President Donald J. Trump

February 16, 2019 - 7:00am

Does anyone recognize the Democrat Party anymore?

It is not the party of John F. Kennedy any longer.  In fact, it has become a platform for extremist voices to amplify their message of far-left ideology that was once considered taboo even to the most liberal activist within their party.

Sadly, today, these same misguided and dangerous voices have hijacked the Democrat Party and given carte blanche in the halls of Congress.  They are relentless and persuasive in their pursuit of “transforming” America.  So convincing, that lawmakers in New York are celebrating the passage of its newly enacted late-term abortion bill.

If this isn’t alarming enough, look no further than “Old Dominion”.  The Commonwealth of Virginia, led by its tumultuous Governor Northam, who actually advocated for legislation allowing termination of a child’s life up until the point of birth.  Ludicrous.

For some reason, the Democrats have convinced themselves that their policies of barbarism, extremism and socialism are mainstream.  They don’t hide their true feelings anymore.  They flaunt them on national television, as if they believe everyone agrees with them.  But we don’t.  American’s know better.

It is this type of tone deafness that will keep them overreaching.  And, it is this type of miscalculation that will cost them dearly at the ballot box with many voters.

Yes, the party of JFK has been commandeered by the radical left.  They have traded common sense for irrational ideology lobbying for open borders, “free” healthcare and tuition for all and a full embrace of socialism. They are ignoring the voice of reason and have turned their backs on moderate Democrats and Independents alike.

After last week’s late-term barbaric abortion bill, the Democrats moved from “safe, legal and rare” to defending infanticide and media voices on the left have failed to realize one thing— come the 2020 elections, this dangerous and morally repugnant trajectory Andrew Cuomo dubbed a “historic victory” will translate into big problems for their party.

Why, you say?

Look no further than the United States Supreme Court.

Nothing gets Republicans motivated more than the court. Nothing.

The constitutionality of this abortion law surely will be challenged.  And, with the length of time it takes to make it to Supreme Court justice, paired with the age (85) and ailing health of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this next election will, once again, be a referendum on the makeup of the highest court in the land.

That gives Republicans an advantage.

Do you believe Republicans are going to leave an eventual late-term abortion ruling up to chance? Never.

Moreover, Cuomo’s “Reproductive Health Act” will also serve as an insulator against the billionaire Howard Schultz.

Will the Republican base leave Trump and the Supreme Court to vote for “Macchiato Man”?  Don’t bet on it.

You think moderate and conservative Democrats in swing states, who think that their party is too extreme, will leave their nominee and vote for the CEO of their favorite “Pike’s Place” purveyor.  Absolutely.

And to make matters worse for Democrats, let’s imagine someone like Senator Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee for President.  Remember how she treated Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing?

Republicans surely will.

However, as usual, the Presidential election will come down to a handful of states, swing states that is.  States that have many moderate Democrat and Independent voters, who will undoubtedly reject the extremism of their Party and find a home in Schultz.  And states, in which Republicans rely on turning out the base, will effectively have the Kavanaugh fiasco and Ginsburg’s replacement fresh on their minds.

To put it simply, while Democrats struggle to regain control from the radical left of their own party and Republicans capitalize on every mistake, the numbers become increasingly clear.

Add it all up and it points to the reelection of President Donald J. Trump come November 2020.

Rep. Blaise Ingoglia is a Republican Strategist and former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. This column first was published in 


Thre really IS no "Democrat" party at this time. Obama made sure of that. The "Splinters" of dozens of Leftists has them so spread apart that the only recognizable ones left are the pure Communists, the Confused, the ones drifting RIGHT, and those who simply take a stand on WHAT they are. Most Pure Commies don't give a thought to Russia, China, Argentina, Cuba, etc. The Canadians are in the "Moderate Socialism" stage, where their "Healthcare experiment" has left most Canadians waiting in long lines to see a Doctor, while the well-off Canadians come to America and pay the going price if they are seriously ill. The proof is in the pudding folks - In established Socialist States, there is the "BIG BROTHER" Class, while commoners eat from troughs and can NOT "move up"!

problem is, anyone would be better than the criminal in office now...

And what office is that? Yours? You are simply not keeping up with what is happening in America. Try catching up on NEWS.

I haven't seen the Democrat party this angry since the Republicans took away their slaves.

It's the Republican Party that has gone off the rails over the last 25 years ... initiated by Newt Gingrich and his politics of personal destruction ... followed by goofball extremists and zealots like the Palinites, the Teabaggers, the Freedom Caucus, the white nationalists ... and sorry individuals like Trump and his clan of TrumpNuts (deplorables and rabid reactionaries).

As a Democrat, MY money & support is on Trump and Republicans: Democrats "have gone over the wall to the enemies of America"! ((AND, If you are so adamantly opposed to Trump building a WALL on our Southern border,.. PROVE IT BY LEAVING YOUR FRONT DOOR UNLOCKED AND OPEN *UNTIL 2024* WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP LEAVES OFFICE ! Democrats are "so full of it" ("it" being, themselves !) They NOW emulate the "extinct DODO bird" and/or flapping headless chickens, "circling the drain"... ))

you are no Dem tiny and certainly have no money except what the Gov't gives you. Take your fat can back to NY and get a job Repub imposter...

Tom should take himself and his ilk on an extended stay in Venezuela and soak up all the wonders his socialist Democrat misfits embrace. As for our President and his Pro-American, Nationalist administration, just check out the economic 'truth' (numbers don't lie but Dems do), troops coming home, border wall being built, traditional family values being restored, hell, we can even wish each other 'Merry Christmas' again. Dems going down the toilet where they belong. Maybe Tom doesn't recognize the Republican Party any more because it's the #MAGA Party now and for the next 12-16 years.

I do NOT recognize the Republican party any more. No fiscal conservatives. No truth tellers. All willing to blindly follow their hero as he lies daily, running the Country deeper and deeper in debt, offending friend and foe alike, claiming fake news, when the facts are plain as day.

So sorry for your mental delusions. Please seek help from a good psychoanalyst - I'm pretty sure they could help you.

"Freedom of choice": The Democrats are looking for more blind morons; run on down to your local Board of Elections and "join up". The Republicans won't miss you at all; (and as a "recovering Democrat" myself,...I couldn't even begin to defend nor make excuses for YOUR stupidity).

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