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Nancy Smith

Bias of a Clueless Media Helped Propel Trump to Victory

November 10, 2016 - 6:00am

Voters delivered a humiliating rebuke to America's political establishment and to the hangers-on — the pollsters, the pundits, the celebrities who surrounded Hillary Clinton, even as Donald Trump stood alone -- and especially the biggest hanger-on of all, the media elite. What an Election Day.

I'm convinced the media created the Donald Trump we will inaugurate in January.

And by the way, though I'm hardly an "elite,"  I'm not excluding myself as part of the problem. At times I behaved as badly as the others.

It was the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of Trump's every word for more than a year that powered his victory.

I Beg to DifferThe press didn't even pretend to treat him like a normal candidate: CNN’s chyrons fact-checked him (but not Hillary Clinton) in real time; the Washington Post reacted to being banned from Trump with a shrug; BuzzFeed News published a memo telling reporters it was fine to call him "a mendacious racist" on social media; the New York Times published a viral video in which it simply quoted the most vile statements it heard from Trump’s supporters.

"When I see Donald Trump, I think he wakes up every day knowing that 20 of the best investigative reporters in the country working for The Washington Post are assigned to find dirt on him," Geraldo Rivera said during a TV interview last month. "Every day the best investigative reporters at The New York Times are assigned to find dirt on Donald Trump," Rivera said. "He wakes up to that every day. We talk in general terms about the mainstream media and bias but (until now) I have never in my half century of doing this seen actual proof."

The bias through the campaign was like a dissonant crescendo. The media felt increasingly free to cover Trump as an alien, dangerous, and dishonest phenomenon. CNN, for example, never made an attempt at its usual faux-evenhandedness.

Is it any wonder pollsters are now admitting Trump supporters, when contacted during a survey, were lying to them, unwilling to admit they favored the "bigot" Trump? When the worst revelations of the campaign came out about Hillary Clinton, CNN commentators would jump in to defend her, even before her surrogates did. Their tone was always, always respectful. When Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway challenged a CNN attack on her boss, commentators quickly ended the discussion, interrupting her. "We have to go to break now," they would say. This happened over and over.

And even when Clinton came out with her "basket of deplorables" remark, did a single network make an effort to bring in the ordinary Americans who committed so early to Trump, who showed up at his rallies carrying signs and wearing hats? Not that I saw. Not even once.

I saw news-show guest appearances by Hispanics, Muslims, African-Americans, LGBTs, disabled people, anti-Trump veterans, aggrieved women of every description -- tokens from any group Trump had allegedly wronged. But never were the "deplorables" invited in. Never were viewers given the chance to understand them, hear their pain, share their aired grievances. 

All the while, America was watching. Taking it in and reacting.

Meghan McCain, John McCain's daughter, got it right Wednesday on Fox News when she said the media need to take a cold, hard look at themselves.

"How can you talk about this election when you don't know a single Trump supporter?" she asked a Fox commentator. "I know many, many" she said. "Going forward, we can't have (as reporters) just these elites, people who make millions of dollars, people who never leave Manhattan, people who never leave the Beltway ..." (Have a look at the McCain video clip on this page.)   

We now can see that over the last full year of nothing else on news channels but round-the-clock Trumpbusters, the true independents viewing at home were quietly making up their minds, working up from annoyance to a slow seethe.

This is why I say the media created Trump's victory. The backlash against irresponsible "journalism" in presidential campaign coverage began long before Voting Day. 

In line at the polls Tuesday, I struck up a conversation with the woman ahead of me. "My husband and I didn't decide who we were going to vote for until two weeks ago," she told me. "We figured, yes, we do need change and the deck is stacked against the one candidate who wants to bring it to us. So we decided for Trump."

How painful it must have been for Hillary Tuesday night. She had expected to win. For months -- day after day -- the media, not just the pollsters, were telling her she would.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


Nancy, I'm hoping you're including your own SSN in the "media" category. But while you and Barney, and others may believe what you wrote here maybe, just maybe the PEOPLE have had enough of being told what to do, how to do it, and what WE are all paying for. Perhaps we ALL have simply had enough? One thing Barney says, which I oddly agree with, is that the media was clearly biased AGAINST President Elect- Trump. NO candidate, in the last 30 years (that I can recall) were ever hounded like the media did Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary allowed all the hot air and smoke to blow up her dress and actually believed she was going to be elected! Her cocky attitude and in-genuine answers to questions regarding her role as Secretary of State led people to firmly believe she was NOT to be trusted.

Did you read this, Mark? Seems to me Nancy is saying nothing BUT the media was clearly biased against Trump. She said it in other commentaries over the last few months too. I didn't want to hear it but she was right.

My only point, Larry, is that SSN also contributed to biased reporting, and was simply pointing it out to Nancy. GO TRUMP!!

The gap between the people and the political "establishment" including its fellow travelers and biased media was huge. They ignored completely the growing anger and frustration among working people over a government taking ever increasing amounts of money from those who earn it to give to those who don't.

Many comments here are repeating the false narrative that vilified Trump. The media told you he was a pig, sexist and bigot and people still mouthpiece the media and prejudge actions that haven't even occurred ... still brain washed by the oh so clearly biased media. Independents researched and formed opinions from facts, not press sound bites.

Trump owes the broadcast media a great big "Thank You." Every time he spoke, it was broadcast live in wall-to-wall coverage. The cable news channels, yes, even CNN, were his lap dog throughout the campaign. No editing, not much analysis. Just a pure live stream of everything he said or did. He didn't need to buy any air time, it was all given to him for free.

Well yeah because he spoke! The guy hustled and campaigned tirelessly putting himself out there every single day giving speech after speech almost non-stop. He put himself out there. Hillary on the other hand mostly hid in the final weeks.. only showing up occasionally to speak. Ask yourself which one wanted to win more?

The media is the media, but be honest with yourself. These were the most hated candidates in history. One a career politician and likely criminal and the other a reality TV pig, businessman? and maybe criminal? I think Trump's election is not really an endorsement of Trump, but more an indictment of Clinton. We are likely the most divided country we have ever been and if we are expecting politicians to fix that for us, we are doomed. Love God, Love your family, Love your neighbor and work hard. The rest will take care of itself...

So where is Jerry? Been looking all over for him, generally he is quick to weigh in......

Trap, He may be in a corner of his parents basement, in his pajamas, curled in the fetal position sobbing quietly! More likely Soros is no longer paying him as a professional Troll!

An interesting, thoughtful and realistic analysis. In retrospect it appears to be true that Mr. Trump didn't need to raise and spend millions on advertising, television news did it for him, and for free. If you examine the English press you find unapologetic endorsement of political stances--here the broadcast press play the game of the coquette. I am holding my breath to see of Trump the president is a better guy than Trump the trumpeter!

Titanic, now boarding.

Interesting summary Ms. Smith: But, too little, too late. Most all of the Deplorable Electorate, long ago, understood and embraced the bias of the Media, as well as the corruption in WDC. While I appreciate your acknowledgement of same, it is like reading about a tremendous college football game UPSET - by discussing the condition of the playing field and how it was not very good.

I have been thinking the same for ever months: the media's bias for the Clinton campaign not only created President Elect Trump, but also killed any legitimate republican's chances of actually getting the GOP nomination. Remember, the GOP started with over 15 qualified or experienced candidates. In my personal opinion, the mainstream media were totally opposed to a republican victory, and it didn't matter that the democrat they were propping up was in many ways as flawed a candidate as the eventual republican nominee. You're right, our journalist failed us. Everyone fotgot that it is the American people who decide an election. God bless.

Most election fun in 30 years of being involved was Tuesday night with a remote alternately flipping between fox and the other news shows. Fox was real time, others were reluctant time delay broadcasts. Great fun to watch the realization of Trumps win sink in

Media owes America and Mr. Trump a huge apology.. Never once giving accurate poll numbers. All of Hillary so called supporters were from the grave or made up names and addresses.. 180,000 here in Florida at one location alone.. and in spite of all her crooked efforts and bribery, harassment, and intimidation.. Donald Trump won. This publication was no exception... so many lies... you should be ashamed.

Nancy thanks for reminding us that the mainstream media is biased and they showed it every day...even on Election Night, Fox was way ahead of NBC and CNN is giving Trump the Electoral College votes he was earning in a timely fashion...I switched back and forth among the three channels and Fox never once called it wrong, but NBC and CNN consistently wouldn't give Trump the votes he had earned - this is outright, prima facia evidence of bias b the mainstream media against Trump

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