Bicyclists Descend on Capitol to Underscore Driver Carelessness

By: Dave Heller | Posted: April 13, 2013 3:55 AM
Cyclists at the Capitol

Survive the Drive cyclists biked to the Capitol on April 12, 2013 | Credit: Dave Heller

Some very motivated cyclists have pedaled hundreds of miles across Florida this week to try to get lawmakers' and fellow Floridians' attention about traffic safety.

When they finally finished their trek from Central Florida to the state Capitol Friday, they remembered loved ones killed in traffic crashes and urged Floridians to take some easy steps to make everyone safer on the road.

This was the third annual "Survive the Drive" bicycle tour.

Connie Russell remembered her son Matthew, a senior at Florida State University, who was killed by a drunk driver.

“We can all say no," said Russell. "We’re not going to make it OK. It’s not the oops crime. It’s not OK. I do all this to make my son proud and make it so that another parent doesn’t have to stand up here and talk about their child who’s up in heaven now.”

Russell continued, “Those crazy drivers don’t have to kill our kids. We can all do something about it. It’s not acceptable and it doesn’t have to be.”

Connie Russell's husband Jim said this “An easy thing is reaching across and putting your seat belt on. An easy thing is stopping for a stop sign. An easy thing is obeying the speed limit. An easy thing is making the smart choice not to drink and drive. An easy thing is making the smart choice not to text and drive. By comparison, that’s easy. There’s no reason why we all can’t do that.”

The Survive the Drive campaign is sponsored by the Dori Slosberg Foundation and Geico.

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Video Credit: Dave Heller

Dave Heller is a Tallahassee freelance reporter/videographer. 

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Share the Road--With Horses!
7:52AM APR 16TH 2013
I find these spandex bike crowd people to be totally hypocritical and morally disgusting. When I am out riding my horse, I have found these spandex-clad idiots to be ruder, and more arrogant than any bad driver you could possibly imagine. Not only do they shout out rude comments and make horse noises, they have no regard for the fact I am riding a live animal that could kick the crap out of them and whizz up behind the horse without any thought to it. They don't stop to realize they are completely silent until they are about 10 feet away, and by then it's too late--but they could care less what resulting accidents and damage their absolute stupidity can leave in their wake, as long as they can do their stupid bike thing. I could care less what happens to them. These arrogant hypocrites get exactly what they deserve on the road--NOTHING!!
12:07AM MAY 14TH 2013
Take your meds, please.
Follow the Rules
7:40AM MAY 23RD 2013
When we are unfortunate enough to have our eyes assaulted with you idiot bicycle fairies sporting your spandex tutus, we have no other choice!

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