Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio Differ on Why Obama's to Blame for Immigration Crisis

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 19, 2014 3:55 AM
Marco Rubio, Barack Obama, Bill Nelson

Marco Rubio, Barack Obama, Bill Nelson

The two U.S. senators representing Florida looked at the immigration crisis this week and pointed the blame at the Obama administration for why it’s continuing. 

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., took to the Senate floor on Thursday and said the Obama administration was failing to grasp why tens of thousands illegals -- including more than 52,000 children who have been caught since October -- are crossing the border. Nelson called for the Obama administration to ramp up operations and aid in Latin America to assist the war on drugs.

“The administration sent several Cabinet secretaries and high-ranking appointees to brief all senators last evening on the crisis of the children on the border, and what it appears is that they are getting their arms around addressing the problem of the children in the crisis, the humanitarian crisis on the border,” Nelson said. “However, it is the opinion of this senator that they do not recognize the root cause of the problem. And if the administration would listen to their four-star general, the head of United States Southern Command, General Kelly, and the testimony that he has already given to the Armed Services Committee of what is the problem, then we could get to the root cause of the problem and stop these future humanitarian crises.  

“The problem simply is that we are not devoting the time and the resources, the money, to the interdiction of the big drug shipments coming out of South America into Central America,” Nelson continued. “They come in big shipments from Colombia through Venezuela by air or sea on the eastern side, from Colombia through Ecuador or originating (in) Ecuador out on the western side coming into three Central American states: Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. As a result, the drug lords have completely taken over those countries. As a result, the violence is the highest. Honduras is the murder capital now of the world.

“And as a result of that drug violence, of which there is very little law and order, you have the whole system corrupted, and with parents, with children, is it logical that they would want to send their children to a safer environment?” Nelson asked. “Mr. President, the administration has got to address this issue with regard to going back (to) what we did so successfully in Plan Colombia. Interdict the drug traffic before it gets to those Central American countries, because once it does in the big shipments, then they break it down into smaller packages and it goes north.”

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., also blamed the Obama administration this week for the border crisis, pointing toward the White House’s immigration policies. Appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News, Rubio said Obama’s executive orders helped undermine immigration policies.

Rubio, a potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, said if he was president things would be very different in terms of immigration.

“I never would've signed an executive action granting deferred action to those who were in this country illegally," Rubio said to O'Reilly.

Rubio said Obama’s policies showed “tremendous amount of compassion” however  “that wasn't the right way to do it” and caused more harm than good.  

“It sent the message that actually invited people to come, and you see the disaster that has followed,” Rubio said.

Rubio called for using technology -- including drones and sensors -- and fencing to secure the border. Noting that “40 percent of our illegal immigration problem are people that enter the country legally and overstay visas," Rubio said more companies should use E-Verify to ensure the legal status of employees.

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Miriam Serrano
2:32PM JUL 24TH 2014
As a CONSERVATIVE who was born in SOUTH CENTRAL CUBA a wonderful bayy city right on the CIENEFUEGOS BAY a city started by my people from BORDEAUX & LOUISINA, YES many of us are of LOUISIANA ancestry and we LOVE this land, we had to apply to the Cuban authorities in 1962 to leave the " PARADISE " that FIDEL CASTRO brought to th eland I was born, it was a DISASTER OF EPIC PROPRTIONS !!!

Our homes, business and everything we had was taken away from us and we had to WAIT for many years to be abl eto leave that Island, it was the only way my family would leave that island and we waited.

Finally we got a GREEN MILITIA MAN knock on our big LION KNOCKER on my front door and th eman told my mother that he had been granted our righ tto depart the island.

my parents were HIGHLY TECHNICAL PEOPLE, mother is still alive but senile, she is an ARCHITECT and my father was an AIRCRAFT ENGINEER and MIG AIRCRFT INSTRUCTOR and it was VERY HARD to leave CUBA.

Why all the UNEDUCATED & THEIR CHILDREN come here like if this land is their own ?

THEY CALL IT.................LA RECONQUISTA !!!



Fran k
2:53PM JUL 23RD 2014
Don't forget Mr. Amnesty here, Marco Rubio. He can't be trusted with immigration.
2:24PM JUL 21ST 2014
At this stage in the Obama administration there are so many options available to show that he is in over his head and to blame for much of the problems in the US and the world. His party and the opposition party are blaming him. No downside to identifying Obama administration as the cause. Obama will go down as second only to Carter as being the worst president's of the 20th/21st century.
Robert Samuel Kaplan
4:03PM JUL 20TH 2014
I am fighting a battle District 74 Sarasota County, Florida. I am a serious Strong Candidate for Florida State Representative District 74. Marco Rubio endorsed Julio Gonzalez which is expected because they both came from Cuba. Always remember this: Cuba is only 90 miles away from Miami and when I was in Third Grade, I remember quite well the Cuban Crisis when they were thinking about attacking Florida. My President Kennedy was in office and Julio Gonzalez and Marco Rubio could never fill President Kennedy's shoes as I cried like a baby when he was assassinated and was the first President I only knew, then Johnson, because I have been a native of Venice, Florida since 1955. I told Sarasota Herald Tribune that Marco Rubio and Julio Gonzalez lost my vote due to Jeremy Wallace's comment: "Who ever wins the Republican Primaries is an automatic shoo-in. My opponents are bickering over a one-dollar donation I gave to Richard DeNapoli and I am bickering over the shoo-in remark. The moral of the story is this: Ask not what your country can do for you, as what you can do for your country. Fire all progressive social liberals from both sides of the Isle. Respectfully Robert Samuel Kaplan serious Strong Candidate Florida State Representative District 74 Sarasota County, Florida Native since 1955. Shame to Sarasota Herald Tribune and Shame to Sarasota Memorial Hospital thinking about Privatization. When this happens Sarasota County, Florida and my future constituents is over.
H.E. "Pete" Ashley
8:58AM JUL 20TH 2014
When the rewards to illegal aliens trump the penalty for their illegal presence why would they not come?
Esther Rachwal
10:38PM JUL 19TH 2014
The problem is that Obama does nothing to stop illegal immigration except
to let these countries know that if the children come here they will be able
to stay. Certainly he knew this was coming as Gov. Perry has been warning
this Administration of what was happening. Obama appears to be more
interested in political campaigning, which is what he does whenever we
have a crisis. While in Texas, instead of going to the border to check it
out, he was shown to be playing pool. Can you imagine what the press
would have done if it were Pres. Bush? He was demonized when he flew over after Katrina hit New Orleans instead of going down there even
though he could see the damage more clearly from the air. Didn't matter. Where is the press when Obama is absent for all the crisis that
occurs? The only thing he knows how to do is to throw more money at
it, forgetting what he said when Bush was President and criticized him for raising the national debt by borrowing from China. He needs to check over his campaign speeches when he was a Senator.
3:15PM JUL 19TH 2014
Reagan's chickens in Central America are coming to roost. Of course, it wasn't just Reagan (specifically arming the contras by selling arms illegally to Iran) , but US policy since the 20th century. We've supported US-friendly despots who have sold their people and lands as cheap labor to US corporations. We love our cheap produce and bananas. Now Drug lords have taken root who at least protect and reward their people for their loyalty.

Our policies based on Corporate interests instead of American values will be our undoing.
10:58AM JUL 19TH 2014
Rubio is spouting the conservative talking points. Nelson is falling back to deploying military on foreign soil and the totally failed war on drugs. Seriously?
Larry Linn
10:40AM JUL 19TH 2014
Why is it that anyone fleeing the violent and corrupt Cuba, crosses the Gulf and steps foot in the United States is automatically given amnesty, and public assistance? However, anyone fleeing violent and corrupt Communist Venezuela, Juarez, or other places in Latin America, crosses the Rio Grande is arrested, jailed and deported back to the violence from which they fled?
fred flintstone
4:13AM JUL 20TH 2014
Larry my friend; How many million juarez. and other south of the rio grande illegals never get deported.?
Are these brown people something special ?
BTW; If the illegals from the south.were white; i would say the same thing. Go back ! Enough.
fred flintstone
4:11AM JUL 20TH 2014
Larry my friend; How many million juarez. and other south of the rio grande illegals never get deported.?
Are these brown people something special ?
BTW; If the illegals from the south.were white; i would say the same thing. Go back ! Enough.
fred flintstone
12:50PM JUL 19TH 2014
Buddy; the United states cannot help the entire world's poor.
If you want to know of a location on this globe where people are opperesed
look at north korea.

Let these people you want to help experienc that hell.

Not everyone in this country are in good shape.

Hell i'm white and. "Privledged" you think.

Illegals leave now.

I will bet i can guess your ties to all south of our border.
H.E. "Pete" Ashley
10:36AM JUL 19TH 2014
I believe it was also Rubio who in the past was waving the amnesty flag also encouraging just what we are seeing at the border.
The Flash
12:17PM JUL 19TH 2014
I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers that little tidbit. Rubio WILL be on the GOP ticket in 2016, probably as the VP nominee, because he is a good little GOP soldier who does what he's told. He wants the power and the money, and THAT'S what will guide him if elected, not the needs of Americans. If "we the people" benefit from anything Rubio does, it will just be an unintended side effect.
9:15AM JUL 19TH 2014
Of course the people of the United States have been lied to! WE have been lied to for years except that now, the lies have become even more obvious than before. Trouble is, neither party owns the lie title. Republicans whine about issues that have long been passed and adopted, and Democrats lie to cover their own mistakes. (and that's just this 2014 year!)
What's even more troubling is we, as voters, continue to return these liars to their office which they've held for too many terms already. Until the voters of our country smarten up, we will always have these liars in office. I, as one individual, continue to vote for the "other" guy/gal hoping to change out the old for new, hopefully new and more honest than the past!
8:22AM JUL 19TH 2014
Any one else notice how President Obama wanted 2 billion dollars then quickly changed that figure to 3.7 billion dollars to combat this central America invasion of illegal children along with family members where we see family members yet they don't count. So the House approves and passes the hundreds of billions of dollar highway fund and we hear nothing from Obama concerning the 3.7 billion dollar immigration bill. Obama ill steal the money he wants from the highway fund then blame the house republicans for not giving him enough highway fund money in about 6 months from now. Also, those illegals crossing the Border from Central America 40-45 day journey look well fed and watered for being so poor like were being told. Something very wrong here and we are being mislead and lied to.
10:54AM JUL 19TH 2014
I agree. You are being misled and lied to. So stop watching Fox.
Fran k
2:52PM JUL 23RD 2014
Oh please! Stop watching Fox? Really! The liberal garbage the 3 networks spout is not news but 100% slanted bias. If you can't see that then you are really unintelligent.
9:58AM JUL 20TH 2014
Sorry Diane, this is what I see and will not give credit to any news media organization for my own incite.
fred flintstone
12:52PM JUL 19TH 2014

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