Bobby Jindal Nixes Common Core, Distances Himself from Jeb Bush

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: June 27, 2014 3:55 AM
Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush

Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took a giant leap away from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush last week when he signed an executive order pulling the Southern state out of the national Common Core State Standards.

Jindal’s decision comes as a significant break from the policies of top Republicans like Bush, who have fully embraced Common Core as the answer to the country’s future in education.

Jindal’s not alone, either. Two other GOP governors -- Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma -- have signed off on pulling their states out of the standards, too.

Jindal was once a passionate supporter of Common Core during its inception. But as time elapsed, the opposition to Common Core has grown significantly. Expressing concerns over a nationalization of education, the Louisiana governor has done an about-face on the education standards.

Jindal’s decision to part ways with the national education standards could ultimately prove there’s poison in Common Core that might, little by little, hurt its most fervent supporters.

Rep. Debbie Mayfield, R-Vero Beach, who filed legislation to scrap Common Core in Florida, called Jindal’s withdrawal from Common Core a “bold decision” and one that could reverberate across the country.  

“Gov. Jindal looks more and more like a candidate for the GOP nomination for president in 2016,” she told Sunshine State News. “That means that in the next two years his vocal opposition to Common Core will ensure this issue will be a very active one nationally.”

Karen Effrem of Florida Stop Common Core Coalition agreed -- she told SSN this was only the beginning of a schism within the Republican Party.

“[Common Core] is going to continue to be a major issue for the party,” she said. “It is going to highlight the rift between grassroots conservatives ... and the corporate, elitist establishment represented by the Chamber of Commerce ... and Jeb Bush.”

In Jeb Bush’s home base of Florida, opposition to the standards has grown by leaps and bounds, especially among the diehard members of his party.

Over the last year, what once was seen by many as a small group of tea partiers has swelled into a statewide gathering of thousands of teachers, parents and members of the public who say Common Core is the wrong step for the future of education in the Sunshine State. Support for the standards is down significantly in polls, and opponents called upon elected officials for solutions.

Their pleas didn’t seem to fall entirely on deaf ears. Gov. Rick Scott responded to the growing voices by requiring public hearings on the standards, resulting in nearly 100 changes and a new rebrand of the standards. Florida opted out of the Common Core-aligned assessment test, PARCC, and instead decided to pursue testing through another company, the American Institutes for Research.

Little by little, Florida has taken steps away from the standards Bush has essentially championed as the best thing since sliced bread.

Prominent legislators in both the House and Senate began to speak out against Common Core, with Rep. Mayfield being perhaps one of the most vocal, if not the most vocal, against Common Core.

Jeb Bush and some top Republicans aren’t retreating from the standards, however. When asked about Gov. Jindal’s decision to pull out of Common Core, Gov. Scott’s office didn’t back down from the standards, saying Florida’s education system “has a lot to be proud of.”

“The State Board of Education has focused on creating the nation’s highest standards for Florida students so they can get a great job when they graduate,” said Scott spokesperson John Tupp. “Last year, the governor rejected federal overreach into Florida’s education system by withdrawing from PARCC.”

But to opponents of the standards like Mayfield, Florida hasn’t done enough.

“The reality is that Florida is still very much in Common Core,” she said. “We need to totally scrap Common Core and rewrite its state standards so that they're higher than Common Core and reflect all of what the best evidence and research says our students need to improve academic achievement and competitiveness.”

For the future of GOP politicians working overtime to seek re-election this year, like Scott, Common Core just might prove to be the tipping point for their much-needed Republican base.

“I think Gov. Scott can still become a major hero to the parents of the state,” said Karen Effrem. “[He could] just win this election running away if he would follow the example of Govs. Fallin, Haley and Jindal.”

Reach Tampa-based reporter Allison Nielsen at or follow her on Twitter at @AllisonNielsen.  

Comments (18)

Marilyn Z
11:03AM JUL 7TH 2014
I always celebrate when another state comes to the realization of what Common Core is doing to our children. Schools should be held accountable to the local standards...not what a bunch of left-wing bureaucrats want.

Now if the rest of the country will just realize how horrible Common Core is.
John Botkin
11:18AM JUL 4TH 2014
When are Americans going to catch on that the Federal takeover of education aims to indoctrinate the next generation to accept global governance? It was the aim of George Herbert Walker Bush to make the UNESCO World Core Curriculum the guide for American schooling. His Goals 2000, engineered to incorporate global education standards by then Governors Lamar Alexander and Bill Clinton, would set the course to realize UNESCO founding Director General Julian Huxley's goal of education future generations for global citizenship while abolishing all vestiges of national identity. Arne Duncan's flaccid leadership of the Dept of Education is the only thing holding off this evil plan to institute a global government based on institutionally approved human rights that would replace our government founded upon the immutable God-given natural law and attendant natural rights claimed in our Declaration of Independence.
Now that a few governors have cast Common Core out of their states, they need to speak long and loud of the dangers that insidious plan poses to freedom and good government. We all need to look into the origins and development of Common Core as well as to contemplate its effects on civilization.
2:08AM JUN 29TH 2014
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1:51PM JUN 27TH 2014
Representative Mayfield is a hero for Florida Parents, Teachers and students. Jeb Bush should never be elected to any office ever again, especially dog catcher. His support of untested theories of education that transfer power to the Federal Government and enrich crony capitalists shows he would recklessly harm children without thinking of the consequences.
4:56PM JUN 28TH 2014
Bill......... What a wonderful statement you have made here. Every Floridian should read and reread this one until it soaks into their feeble minds. The only people the Bush's are interested in is their family, their friends and as George W. once said; "you can fool all of the people some of the time and those are the ones we want to concentrate on!"

First of all Jeb Bush has a terrible history with anything children to begin with. 6000 children went missing in Florida under his Child welfare system when he was governor.

In 2006 Jeb Bush appointed a known pedophile Gary Borders the sheriff of Lake County. Knowing full well that Borders and some of his well connected friends had run the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Lake County where rumors of the rapes of the little boys was on the streets for over a decade. In Nov. 2009 five little boys reported to the school administrator they have been brutally raped over the summer by an older boy. He immediately dialed 911 to report same to this sheriff's office. What happened? He was fired the next day for calling 911 and insiders at the ranch got so mad they released pictures of the sheriff and the rapist claiming they had been friends all summer long as well. The end result, the rapist was never prosecuted and they closed the ranch to stop the locals from talking about it. Jeb Bush new this guy was a pedophile from the beginning.

Interested parties can do their homework if they are so a mind. A pedophile sheriff in Arapaho County, Col named Pat Sullivan and his antics with the boys there caused the Columbine School shootings.

What crisis will it take to bring all this child abuse and perversion to light here in the state of Florida? God Bless the little children for they can not protect themselves against the monsters among us!
for sure
2:55PM JUN 27TH 2014
All a person has to do is research the Franklin Scandal and Straight, Inc. Their Clearwater Republican money machine Mel Sembler has been destroying the lives of youth for decades! The Bush's rewarded with with two ambassadorships one in which got his a building with his name on it!

In fact it was Mel Sembler who had his Florida political friends pass a law exempting "so called religious Jesus camps" from state licensing and inspections by the DCF. All because some good, honest, moral people at DCF wanted to shut down his Florida houses of horrors.

DCF has gone to heqq since Jeb Bush and his gang took over the state of Florida. Haw many times have they been "overhauled" with more and more millions. Jeb's co-governor Rick Scott just announced yet another DCF makeover to save children! Lord only knows if they have ever saved even the first one, that is doubtful. Millions and millions to their privatized DCF contractor (community organization's like Kids Central) friends in every circuit who primary goal is to adopt out the babies from those in DCF control.

Remember the troubles Jeb had with the state boot camps? Remember how 6000 children were reported to be missing from the DCF program?
Have you ever heard of the Coggins Farms? Do you know why the USA is importing thousands of very young children into this country and ICE is contracting with insider friends to move this about the USA?

Do you know how the unauthorized media is reporting thousands of these small children being illegally imported into our country by our government are being sexually abused and even murdered.

Have you ever heard of the Republican insiders Green isle Boys Ranch located not far from Disney World near Orlando? Do you know how many of the little boys some as young as 9 years old were reportedly sexually abused over and over for decades by house parents, older students and others right here in Central Florida? Do you know that our so called government covered up the abuse of all these children for decades and the list of officials that have been deeply involved in this pedophile organization goes to the very top of our government.

Do you care how abuses the little children? Of course not, that is unless it's one of your kids or grandkids!

Rick Scott sure was a party to covering up the rapes of the last five little boys at Green isle by his friend the local sheriff who ran the ranch.

But, Rick Scott has no problem showing off his little grandson for all to see, because he's from the elite side and they will protect him!
12:00PM JUN 27TH 2014
I love you Governor Bush but I HATE common core.
say what?
1:39PM JUN 27TH 2014
Take a deep breath and look around you. Saying "I love you Governor Bush but I HATE common core" Is exactly like saying "I love the devil but hell is too hot for me!"

This family dynasty has been starting wars, furnishing the money and ammo for same for the better part of a century. Samuel Bush WW! - Remington Arms! Prescott Bush WW2 and his Union Banksters financing Adolph Hitler's build up off WW2 from 1939 until after the USA entered the war. Bush financed ammunition killing our WW2 Boys!

Do we really need to go into 9/11 and all those 4500 dead troops and until thousands of VETS returned to the USA with missing limbs and destroyed for life? Remind me again why we done that! Remind me why the first Mr World Order himself George HW Bush after Adolph Hitler (the first to claim the term) sent our troops to Kuwait to defend Kuwait against his Texaco Oil partner Saddam Hussein's invasion.

The Bush dynasty has a legacy of starting wars, peddling oil, mind control antics, controlling people with any method they can find and destroying the ones that get in their way and they can not control.

George W. Bush started NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND a funding for COMMON CORE.

Barack Obama started RACE TO THE TOP and funded COMMON CORE with money from his 2009 stimulus package.

Jeb Bush and his non-profit education goons like Jim Horne and Gary Grappo have been busy for years finding parents reasons to demand our public schools be turned over to his charter friends (like the Muslim Gulen) Our buildings, our money free to his friends to destroy the youth of America. Jeb Bush is the father of Common Core by using the Republican Governor's Association as the catalysis. Then he and his New World Order friends have the canny ability to blame the Left for destroying America's education system. The entire Bush clan might be registered as Republicans, but in the world of reality they are in the same party of Obama, they made him, they pull is strings for their Saudi friends and they hire their goons to program his teleprompter!

Did you hear Obama's New World Order speech in May 2014 in Belgium?

This Obama speech was given at the Bilderberg Group conference in Brussels, Belgium, on May 23, 2014 "ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. Individuals must surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign."

This has got to be the most quick and blatant declaration of the New World Order I have ever seen, delivered with practically robotic precision.

US puppet-president Barack Hussein Obama explains with cool indifference to individual rights and liberties, in a statement that not only reflects what is in store for the American people but for people all around this world as they literally surrender their rights under what is sure to be terrible penalties otherwise.

This is seriously one of the most disturbing things Obama has ever said and given what we have had to put up with from this drone-wielding, whistle-blower incarcerating, freedom of speech suppressing sociopath that is really saying something.
Gene Ralno
11:49AM JUN 27TH 2014
Many areas willing to accept facts about public schools are moving gingerly toward a better system. Public schools are arrogant, abusive, biased, lavishly funded and poor educators. Further, they support only the democrat party and are represented by the largest union in the nation. Informed communities now recognize that a voucher system ends most of the problems and produces better prepared graduates.
S.A. Croft
11:30AM JUN 27TH 2014
American Institutes for Research needs to be looked at more closely. They appear to have an agenda of their own that on one hand is to encourage kids who think they might be homosexual to come out of the closet. This company is very much involved in the progressive movement.
9:48AM JUN 27TH 2014
The author of this piece, ALLISON NIELSEN, must be new to politics or is engaged in defaming Conservatism. Jeb Bush, to my knowledge, could never be said to have "ultra-Conservative policies. The closest he comes to Conservatism is he is in the Republican Party, the leaders of which are actively fighting their Conservative base.
8:00AM JUN 27TH 2014
I am a teacher in the state of Florida. I 100% support common core. Again, because it seems to be a comment few say, I 100% SUPPORT COMMON CORE. Let anyone come into my classroom and tell me what I am doing is not in the best interest of my high school students. We need to support the core and stop some of these other anti right wing NON EDUCATORS who are so outspoken.
8:45PM JUN 27TH 2014
Beth, my kids go to school here in Volusia County. They are not right wing zealots. They are my kids and some of CC has been implemented. It is not the standards that I object to but the one size fits all mentality by liberals. Look at Obamacare, how is that working out.

I am a dad and I will debate you and any other clown who thinks CC is great. What I find is that those who support CC usually do not have kids in public school or their kids have graduated.

Finally, Beth if you are really a teacher you should support the idea that teachers should be able to teach their students with the experience and education that helps students learn academically. By you supporting a restrictive systems makes me wonder if you really know how to teach.
10:01AM JUN 27TH 2014
Very well, Beth. Challenge accepted. What school and when do you want to do this? I'll need a little time to travel and prepare. What grade(s) and subjects are you teaching?
1:54PM JUN 27TH 2014
Please announce to us all when you will be debating this Common Core educated union zombie. I want to be there.
Gene Ralno
11:51AM JUN 27TH 2014
7:53AM JUN 27TH 2014
It is time for Rick Scott to join Jindal and NIX Common Core. It is nothing more than a gambit in the establishment of the New World Order where we lose our sovereignty and our freedom.
Richard Riker
7:31AM JUN 27TH 2014
It's about time for Gov. Scott to stop straddling the fence on this issue. Either support Common Core or get rid of it all together, stop all these window dressing changes that fool no one and insult everyone.

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