Buddy Roemer Insists 'I Run to Win' as He Seeks Americans Elect Nomination

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: May 14, 2012 3:55 AM
 Brady Carlson - NHPR

Buddy Roemer

Former Gov. Buddy Roemer of Louisiana is in an odd spot. He plans to continue his bid for the White House as a minor party candidate -- but he refuses to be called a spoiler.

Roemer has pulled in more supporters than any other declared candidate for the Americans Elect nomination in that organization’s online primary and he is also a favorite for the Reform Party nomination. Yet, he will not classify himself as a spoiler to either Barack Obama’s chances for a second term or Mitt Romney’s opportunity to become president.

“I run to win,” Roemer insisted on Friday. “I am not a single-issue candidate or someone who is merely trying to make a statement. I am not Ralph Nader. I am a former governor of a corrupt state that I helped clean up; I am a former four-term congressman who worked closely with President Reagan to help our country; and for the last 20 years I have been a successful businessman creating jobs.”

First elected to the U.S. House as a Democrat in 1980, Roemer went on to become governor of the Pelican State in 1987. During his tenure in Baton Rouge, Roemer switched over to the GOP, but he lost out to former state Rep. David Duke, best known for his affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, in the Republican primary in 1991.

After campaigning for John McCain in 2008, Roemer launched a dark horse bid for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2012 election cycle. Refusing to accept contributions of more than $100 and praising the Occupy Wall Street movement, Roemer made political reform the centerpiece of his campaign. While he focused on New Hampshire, home of the first primary, Roemer was shut out of the debates and stumbled in the Granite State, pulling 0.4 percent.

Roemer pulled out of the race for the Republican nomination and set his sites on winning the Americans Elect nomination as well as the Reform Party's. Announcing on Thursday that it will be on the ballot in Oregon, Americans Elect currently has access in 26 states and is in a strong position to make the line in around 20 more states.

The deadline to register for the Americans Elect online primary is Tuesday, and Roemer leads the pack of declared candidates for that group’s nomination, with more than 5,575 supporters -- giving him a comfortable margin over former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who is also running as the Justice Party candidate and who has more than 3,150 supporters. But neither Roemer nor Anderson has as many supporters as U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who counts more than 9,225 supporters at the Americans Elect website. Paul is still running for the Republican presidential nomination and has expressed little interest in leaving the GOP.

Roemer is also angling for the Reform Party’s nomination, which will be determined in August at a convention in Philadelphia. The former Louisiana governor faces a field of political unknowns for the Reform Party nod. While the Reform Party has backed prominent presidential candidates before -- Ross Perot in 1996, Pat Buchanan in 2000, Ralph Nader in 2004 -- Mississippi businessman Ted Weill, who has since passed away, won the nomination in 2008 but only appeared on the ballot in his home state, where he pulled fewer than 500 votes. Pointing to a number of reorganized state affiliations, Reform Party leaders insist they will have more ballot access in 2012.

Roemer insists that he is gaining momentum and points to a recent poll from Democracy Corps, a group affiliated with prominent Democrats, showing him at 7 percent.

“This election is wide open, which is exactly as it should be for a nation in trouble with the nominee from both major parties addicted to and controlled by the special interest checks of the favored few who continue to steal our future to feed the greed of their present,” Roemer said. “I am currently polling at 7 percent in the most recent national survey and I am confident, once I receive the Americans Elect nomination, that I can attain 15 percent standing which will then qualify me to participate in the national debates this fall. Obama, Romney and Roemer.”

Still, Roemer hedged his bets a little, insisting again that he has no desire to serve as a spoiler come November.

“Again, I run to win,” Roemer said. “If, during the last month of the campaign, I discover I have no realistic chance of winning, I will ask my supporters to vote their conscience or for their second choice so the issue of spoiler can be dropped once and for all.”

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9:26PM MAY 14TH 2012
Roemer is notorious in Louisiana for being a strange and unbalanced person who lies for the enjoyment of seeing if he can get away with it. Look at this well-documented history of Buddy Roemer explained in articles and books by independent and reliable historians and journalists cited in the comment of “Say Amen” at this webpage:
Go to independentpoliticalreport.com and search for buddy-roemer-says-he-has-list-of-23

As can be seen from Roemer’s history, he would never drop out, because he loves the chance to pontificate and have people listen to him. He has no aptitude for performing in public office, but loves to campaign and bask in the adoration of his supporters. He does not care whether he wins or loses; he just enjoys the action of the campaign.

Roemer now claims that he is polling nationally at 7%. Actually there was only one single poll done by a small privately hired firm and the only choices given to the few people called were Roemer, Obama, and Romney. It is obvious that Roemer paid for that poll and it is not reliable. Even with no other third-party choices, only 7% would choose Roemer. That is pathetically small. That poll is not something for Roemer to brag about.

Roemer claims that if he is on the ballot against Obama and Romney, he will receive some votes from both major parties, Democrat and Republican, and will receive the independent voters, giving him 41% of the electorate, which will win the election, because Obama and Romney will divide up the rest, each in the 20% -30% range. So for him to receive only 7% in this set-up poll shows that his BIG STRATEGY is a fantasy. Actually, with other independents in the race, such as Libertarian, Green Party, etc., Roemer’s 7% would almost disappear.

Roemer attempted to win the Republican nomination but had a pitifully inept and ineffective campaign. He failed in both the polls and the Republican primaries, especially in New Hampshire, where he campaigned personally almost every day for months and spent over $100,000 on TV and radio ads, but could not even win just one-half of one percent in the election. He will not take personal responsibility for this failure, blaming it on evil forces within the Republican party and the political system that excluded him from the debates.

He has invented a false conspiracy theory for the reason he was not invited to any debate. The debates were run by the networks and they set the rules, not the Republican party. The networks announced that the candidates must have received only 1% at least on several national polls (as the debates went on, they increased the thresholds). These minimum, totally objective standards have been used since the 1960 s. They keep the debates relevant and meaningful by keeping out candidates who have no significant campaign or following and would only detract from the serious candidates. Buddy claims the Republicans intentionally kept him out although he had 4% or 5% on national polls. The truth is that he never had anything close to 4% on any national poll. He did not make the debates because he could not meet the reasonably set minimum standards on the national polls. If he had 4%, as he falsely claims, he would have been on all the debates.

Roemer falsely states that he would give up the campaign “if [he] has no realistic chance of winning.” He never has had any realistic chance of winning! His own poll, maximizing his count at only 7% with Roemer as the only third-party choice, confirms he never will have a realistic chance of winning. No third party candidate has ever won, not even the very popular Teddy Roosevelt. It is already apparent that Roemer has no realistic chance to be the first third-party candidate in history to win the presidency. Yet he still refuses to give up — (because he enjoys running more than winning).

Roemer does not even have a realistic chance of qualifying for the AE nomination, according to its rules for the minimum supporters. Yet he still refuses to acknowledge the truth and even fabricates a false state of the voting. He says he needs only 10,000 support votes at AE and that he already has over 5000. The truth is that he has over 5000 total supporters from all 50 states but only about one-half of those are from the 10 states with the highest votes– the 10 states from which he must receive 1000 votes each in order to qualify. His voting has consistently been about that ratio: one-half in those 10 states. So he is not half-way to qualifying; he is only one-fourth of the way, after campaigning for the nomination for months. The reality is that he has no chance of obtaining just 1000 votes from each of 10 states. He cannot possibly beat Obama or Romney. So why does he not quit now?

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