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Business Community Rallies Behind Rick Scott's Proposal to Cut Commercial Lease Tax

December 17, 2015 - 1:00pm
Rick Scott
Rick Scott

The business community is going to bat for Gov. Rick Scott’s call to cut the state’s commercial lease tax. 

As part of his plan to reduce taxes by $1 billion, Scott proposed cutting the commercial lease tax from 6 percent to 5 percent, saying it would lead to $339 million in tax cuts over the next two years. State Sen. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, is spear heading that effort in the Senate. 

A coalition of business groups have launched the “Cut My Rent One Percent” campaign to urge the Legislature to back Scott’s proposal. The Florida chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF), the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Florida, the Florida Realtors, the Florida Retail Federation (FRF), the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) and the Florida United Business Association (FUBA) started a website to rally supporters behind Scott’s tax cut. 

“Florida is the only state that charges a business rent tax,” the campaign notes on the website. “​Let's work together to reduce it.

“​We’re fighting alongside Gov. Rick Scott in support of a $1 billion package of small business tax cuts,” the site continues. “Gov. Scott’s tax cut priorities are focused on the business community – there’s something in Gov. Scott’s package to benefit almost every business owner in our state. One of the focuses of this tax package is cutting the business rent tax.

“We need all business owners to join the fight,” the site reads. “It’s up to us to get the Florida House and the Florida Senate to pass this business tax relief by the end of legislative session on March 11, 2016.”

Some of the groups behind that website teamed up with other leaders of the business community, including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, to launch the Business Rent Tax Coalition, which brought out its own website on Thursday. 

The coalition also unveiled a Web video to promote the tax cut. 

Scott made the case for the tax cut when he proposed it last month. 

“I want Florida to be the small business capital of the world,” Scott said as he released his proposal. “Our state is already home to 500,000 small businesses. The more we can cut taxes – like the one on commercial lease – the more we can grow our small businesses in Florida and further diversify our economy to invest in our future.
“Florida is on a roll,” Scott added. “Our businesses have added almost one million new jobs over the last four years, but we have more work to do. We can’t only create jobs when the national economy is good. We must cut taxes and diversify our economy so Florida can grow even when the national economy is bad. Florida must compete with Texas, and diversify our economy to guard against another recession.”

Besides promoting the commercial lease tax cut, the governor called for ending the income tax on manufacturing and retailers, insisting it would lead to $770 million in savings a year. Scott also backed ending the tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment, noting it would save businesses almost $77 million annually. 

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Another 'WOW' article, this time by the always fashionable Kevin Derby! IF this news is a surprise to anyone well, then I'm happy they were able to get out from under that cement pad they were trapped in! Of course business leaders are behind their commander 'n thief, Scott! He seems to have written the book on how to screw the taxpayers so why stop? Now, he's got businesses behind his thrill seeking tax cuts for the rich so they all will be pressuring the town of Tallahassee and the group of idiots called the State Legislature to demand their support for Ricky's plans. Meanwhile, we taxpayers will continue to pay, pay, and pay some more without actually doing ANYTHING about this situation, such as voting them ALL out of their comfy offices! Meanwhile, little Ricky continues to talk about all he's done but fails to give the credit to those who deserve it the most.....US! Too bad but all of us will continue to bitch and moan, but when it's time to walk into the polling station, most minds will turn to mush and vote the way they always have! Not to mention that Florida will send little Ricky to Washington D.C., continue paying all his bills, while he continues to suck and suck on the public's teat! Seems it's a natural position for him and his corporate pals. Well, as a current registered Republican I swear that I will NOT vote for ANY incumbent on election day! May I have a deadly heart attack if I do! My only wish is everyone else wakes up before it becomes too late!

Another tax cut for corporations paid for by increased burdens on the others. Will people of the state ever get a break?

You know anyone with a storage unit? maybe they won't have price increases. maybe you my get a price break. unless the gov't raises the taxes COMPANIES of goods and services that YOU go to...maybe you will never "get it".

Spelling problem AD? Great point....but I don't think Jerry "gets it".

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